10 Tips to Look Good All Year Long

muscular man

If you are anything like me, you want to look good all year long. There are no few weeks where you want to look great, and then accept looking fat the rest of the year, nada. You want to look jacked all the time. If you had to take your shirt off then you could …

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How Much Does a Bodybuilder Lift?

man lifting dumbbell

Listen, I’m not claiming to be Arnold Schwarzenegger here, I’m just writing this so some of you get an idea of the difference between a bodybuilder and a weightlifter. For years I pounded away at heavy weights, personal bests, and a bar that was bending because I ain’t pretending. It’s a stupid fucking way to …

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Yoga for Bodybuilders

yoga equipment

That’s right. I said yoga for bodybuilders. You can think what you want, but definitely don’t talk trash until you’ve tried it. It’s brutal, I’d rather hit a set of 600 lb deadlifts than try to accomplish some of the shit they do in these classes. I’m serious about my physique goals, and I could …

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Kicking Your Body Into Overdrive

man trail jogging

I gotta be honest here with you fellas, I’m fucking beat up. I haven’t slept more than 4 hours a night in the past 9 days now, and I’m training hard as hell and dieting tight. Today was about my breaking point. I couldn’t be around people, I am irritable, and I needed some sort …

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The Arm Circuit Workout from Hell


Here is a little something you can do to shock your arms into new development. Think of your arm training as a circuit, you pick about 3-4 different exercises and hit them in a row with no rest between movements. It’ll get your heart rate up good, and it’ll help keep motivation levels high because …

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Time For a Pit Stop!

race cars

I’m sure you’ve watched a race before, or if you’re like me you may occasionally go to races. Well, every so many laps they need to come in for a pit stop. Maybe it’s for new tires, more fuel, a small mechanical adjustment, etc. Then they go out there and average faster lap times after …

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Weight Training: Time Under Tension (Part 2)

bicep curl

So you’re slaving away in the gym, hour after hour and day after day. You’ve been hard at work for several months (or years) but now you’re hitting that brick wall. You’re trying to stay motivated, but it’s tough. You just can’t see any new way to make gains, you’re working with 225 on the …

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