Badass Shoulder Workout with John Doe Bodybuilding

muscular shoulders

Today we are going to cover shoulders. These tips will help you get the size and definition you are looking for in your shoulders. Just because everyone does things a certain way in the gym doesn’t mean it’s the right way! Let’s go against the grain and really improve your progress. First things first, whenever …

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Straight from the Underground e-book

After much anticipation from many of you and a ton of work and effort to write Straight from the Underground, it’s finally complete and available! I’m really excited to be releasing this e-book on performance enhancement because it’s knowledge to you from personal experience! You see, unlike the rest of the internet community who are …

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Back Workout Tips with John Doe Bodybuilding

muscular back

Today we are going to cover a good workout for the back. When working the back, you have two kinds of exercises: Exercises for back width – these exercises work your lat muscles, i.e. wide grip pull ups Exercises for back thickness (size from front to back) – i.e. rowing movements If we had to …

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How Big Can You Get Naturally?

How BIG can you get naturally

A lot of guys want to know how big someone could get naturally, that is without taking steroids OR pro hormones! Before I talk about how big you can naturally get, I’m going to talk about the size of MOST GUYS who use steroids. This will give you a more realistic reference point. I have …

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Project Shredded is Finished and The Results Are In!

The results of the Project Shredded contest are in! For everyone who participated in this online contest, I seriously commend your efforts. I was in training for a competition myself and the day of my competition was about 3 days after the end of Project Shredded. Here’s what I learned: It takes an awful lot …

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How to Prep For a Men’s Physique Contest

How to Prep For a Men's Physique Contest

I was contacted recently by an individual who wanted to do his first ever Men’s physique contest. In one of his first couple emails he sort of chuckled and said “I know, I know, hold the comments.” My reply back to him was “There is no shame in that, I think it’s a great idea.” …

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The Poor Man’s Guide to Getting Shredded

So you’re poor and you want to get shredded. Look, I’ve been there. A lot of us have been there, and sometimes it’s just life. I’ve been poor before, and I can remember certain weeks where I was forced to try cutting up because I just didn’t have the money to eat a lot. I …

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What to Do About Shoulder and Joint Pain

man's shoulder

Here’s a question from a reader… What do you recommend for joint pain especially rotator cuff and elbows due to overhead movements and bench presses? This is annoying especially since I am an active guy. Thank you. First off, drop heavy overhead pressing for good. It’s absolutely worthless other than ego lifting. The overhead press is the most dangerous …

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How to Blast Your Chest into New Growth!

man working out

So I’m going to let you in on a little workout I’ve come up with which has given me astounding results over the past month or so. It’s so effective that I almost don’t even want to let this cat out of the bag, it’s like my secret little chest workout. Forget everything you’ve read …

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