Old School Steroid Cycles for Badass Results!

I’m old school, through and through! My ideal look is that of 1970’s Mike Mentzer.

I care nothing about looking like the next Mr. Olympia, nor am I going to put my body through all of the drugs and bullshit it takes to even try.

Of course anabolics are part of the game. I believe there is a happy medium with them that can allow for both good looks as well as good health.

Guys now use way too many steroids, they just have it all wrong. 90% of them could achieve what they’re going for with less than half of the doses they’re using.

mentzer pic
Mike Mentzer

The biggest issue people have is dieting. They have never dieted hard enough to see what they’re using is doing for them. Once diet is keyed in, then you will see the changes.

The next issue is their choice of what anabolics to use. Guys seem to think that 500 mg/week of testosterone is a beginner dose. They pop so many oral steroids that they could never shed the layer of fat/water to see the muscles if their life depended on it.

They become their own worst enemies. In their quest for a good physique they essentially destroy it.

I figured it out about 5-6 years ago, and since switching to this way of cycling gear I haven’t looked back. For starters, you only get one set of organs, so taking care of them is top priority.

Did you know that a healthy liver burns fat at a much faster rate? Have you ever seen a competitor who looked great for a few years and then all of a sudden looked like shit? They are punishing their bodies to the point they actually regress, and nobody wants that.

If you’re going to use orals then my advice is to keep it brief and limit using them to once a year.

I’m not a fan of Dbol or Anadrol, they make me feel awful and take away my appetite, and the water retention is terrible.

Anavar on the other hand is mild, and can be used for periods of 8-12 weeks with very little effect on the liver.

My compounds of choice are limited to:

No Trenbolone, halo, testosterone suspension, Anadrol, Dianabol, or Sustanon (it’s not a steady release and too much water retention) – amongst numerous other harsher compounds that I don’t use.

Now, the biggest thing you need to realize when cycling this way is your hard work and diet plays the biggest role. We aren’t looking to throw on 20-30 lbs in 8 weeks here.

We are looking for smooth and steady results while not feeling like total shit. This is more of a re-composition plan than a sonic boom of garbage weight added on.

How Much Testosterone?

Keeping testosterone dosages on the low side is key for developing a rock hard physique with nice lines and aesthetics.

I keep my test low, just enough to stay anabolic in nature. It’s not high enough to cause excessive water retention, acne, or the ups and downs most go through when running higher doses.

200 mg/week of testosterone works fine for me. I have not been over 200 mg/week in probably 2 years now, and I see no loss of size or definition.

Since I keep my testosterone doses lower, there are only certain compounds I will run higher.

I would never run Trenbolone at 500 mg/week and testosterone at 200 mg/week (not that I use it any more anyways).

Something like Deca or Equipoise can be run higher, but not too significantly. I see nothing wrong with 300 mg/week Deca alongside 200 mg/week test.

Other compounds such as Primobolan or Masteron can be taken up to 500mg+/week with virtually no unwanted sides while keeping test lower.

Here is My List of Old School Cycles for Badass Results:


     Weeks 1-10 –  50-100 mg/day Anavar, 200mg/week test e, 200 mg/week Deca


     Weeks 1-8 – 500 mg/week Masteron, 200 mg/week test, 50 mg/day Proviron


     Weeks 1-12 – 500-700 mg/week Primobolan, 200 mg/week test


Weeks 1-12 – 1000 mg/week Primo


Weeks 1-8 – 30 mg/day Anavar, 50 mg/day Proviron, 100 mg/week Test, ECA stack everyday (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin)


Weeks 1-2 – 800 mg/week EQ front loaded, 200 mg/week Test

Weeks 3-12 – 400 mg/week EQ, 200 mg/week Test

WINNY/DECA/TEST (poor mans old school contest cycle)

Weeks 1-4 – 200 mg/week Test, 300 mg/week Deca

Weeks 5-12 – 50 mg/day Winstrol, 200 mg/week Test, 300 mg/week Deca (drop Deca at 10 week mark, 2 weeks out from competition, add in anti-estrogen at 8 weeks into cycle)


Weeks 1-12 – 700 mg/week Primo, 50-100 mg/day Anavar, 200 mg/week deca, 200 mg/week test (drop Deca 2 weeks out from show, use Arimistane for PCT daily).

That is pretty much how I do things folks. I run those compounds exclusively and see no reason to add in all the other quick-bang bullshit.

How Often Should You Run Steroid Cycles & Stay Healthy?

I have gone back to a traditional way of cycling, 2 cycles/year outside of my normal hormone replacement regimen.

Health is #1 here. Everyone should get bloodwork done to make sure your are healthy before you start any steroid cycle (and you’ve finished the cycle).

I donate blood as often as I can to keep hematocrit/RBC in check.

Occasionally I run some HCG to keep my nuts right. I run Arimistane 2-3 times a week to keep estrogen under control.

I consistently monitor my blood pressure and heart rate. I am usually doing some type of cardio 2-3 times/week at any given time during the year.

Health is #1 here. I would tell anyone to get bloodwork done to make sure things are on the up and up before embarking on any steroid cycle, and after they’re done.

Know what you’re fucking with before doing any of this. I’m not advocating anyone use steroids here… BUT, if you choose to, what I’ve listed above is a little safer than what most guys are doing nowadays.

Train hard!

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  1. Hey john,
    You are truly a fountain of knowledge and a champion. Health is number one because without it there is no physique. Great post and keep up with the great info. I am going old school as well.

      • Hi John,

        I agree with this guy. Great work!

        John I’ve been flirting with the idea of steroids for the last couple of years. But now I feel ready to try them.

        Would an EQ kicker cycle be well tolerated by a novice?

        I wasn’t to keen on the idea of a test only cycle because I want to keep the test as low as I can get away with. I was prone to acne growing up and suspect higher doses of test will cause me more problems then other compounds.

        Also in terms of pct would clomid be enough.



      • Hi mr. John… M 38 with HEIGHT 6 feet Weight 99kg i want to lose weight and gain muscle as well as at the same time n i hv used several juice in my past life to gain weight but i hv not gain muscle plz some1 guide me what is the best cycle to take …. i hv (thaiger pharma SUSPENSION, ECO Pharma GHRP 6, cjc deck, havoc winstrol , test Enanthate, deca 100mg ) plz help me out which 1 has to take at what time plz..🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

        • this is very difficult to answer because the cycle isn’t the issue if you’re not gaining, it’s the diet involved with the cycle, the food needs to be there in order to grow

      • Great sharing! Thank you so much.

        What would be your PCT for your test+primo 10weeks cycle? And when and what dosage you recommend HCG?

        Thanks again

        • 1250iu HCG twice a week x 2 weeks , beginning 1 week after last shot and continued for 2 wks straight. Either tamoxifen at 20mg daily x 10 days then 10mg the next 10 days, or adex at 1mg daily for 1 week, followed by half mg daily for another 10-12 days. Run the adex or tamox during HCG to keep estro spike down. Adex would be preferred, tamox if you cannot get adex

    • 300mg/week of EQ? THAT’S NONSENSICAL😅
      MAYBE 300MG/DOSE WITH UP TO 600mg/week; week 1-6, slowly increasing overall dosage over A Period Of 12 weeks( Min) Seeing A S!ow Initiating Compound. 300mg Is Not Even Worth Doing Unless Ur Doing Like 20 Weeks.
      BUT, in general EQ needs a higher mg NUMBER.
      In my humbled OPINION.
      I DO Rock THOUGH💪💪💪

  2. Hi John, awesome post. I am a subscriber and read all of your stuff very thoroughly thank you for the most recent post on geting big when strapped for cash, i have implemented that simple strategy already.

    One question, in the world of legal Pro hormones what can you loosley suggest as i do not have a guy to turn to for starting a normal cycle.

    Thx. Andy

  3. Great stuff. Love the blog. Really feeling the old school bodybuilding info.

    I’d love to see some articles on 70s style routines for both cutting, and bulking.

    For someone who weighs roughly 180lbs, about how much lean muscle should one expect to put on from a anavar, test, deca stack like you describe?

    P.S. I’d like to see the option to subscribe to comments on here so that I get an email followup when you respond to this.

    • Whats best way to give blood? Im on trt plus cycle twice a year. Knowing im just on trt, the blood centers wont let me donate so I know they wouldn’t when cycling. Thought I’d just keep the fact from them, but scared of trouble if I keep it from them and they test the blood.

      • Don’t tell them SHIT. Just donate. They should be so lucky to get the blood of a God anyways, I mean platelets get taken from heroin junkies, what’s worse rt? Fuck em!! -JD

        • Are you serious?? They give thsat blood to kids you stupid FUCK!!! You are a fucking RETARD and I NEVER read your SHIT again!!!!!!!

          • Exactly. Looks like I’ve helped a lot of ppl out huh? You do not understand the biochemistry of a blood donation. It’s ok, you just don’t know anything abt it, don’t get mad bro. Do you think junkies that donate plasma give ppl AIDS too?

      • I had my trt dr. write a therapuetic phlebotomy prescript. Can take it to red cross and most blood centers. They usually honor for once a week for a year. No cost, no questions asked

  4. Hey JD,
    just a side note, do you remeber Tim Belknap? like you, he had a fantastic physique and was totally a diabetic. I know though, that you still produce insulin as you noted in past posts so you are not a total diabetic but the fantastic physique part is still common ground on both of you.

    • Yea I’m familiar with him, we wasn’t around a long time but he had a good build. This doesn’t phase me at all really, I just pop some metformin and hit some slow release slin and I’m fine. Most of the time I don’t even need to take anything since I control it with diet alone, I actually prefer to take the metformin though. I look better when I use it

  5. There’s no such thing as legit Primobolan nowadays! Bayer Schering was the last to produce it and that was in Turkey. I wish I could get my hands on this compound as it yields great results with little side effects! Safe for women too! Also would be good in medical use for aids wasting disease over deca or test!

    • I’d have to disagree with you there, there is still legit primobolan floating around. I know guys who have done labmax tests on it to prove its real primo. It’s often faked with EQ, but it’s definitely still out there

  6. Great read, but a pic of you would be nice, I mean you could look like my 85 year old grandfather for that matter. Proof is in the pudding dude, anyone cant write a great pep talk.

  7. John, I’m looking to start my First Cycle in a bit. I’m 35 years old, 6’1″ 225lbs and a legit 7% bodyfat. Scale weight is not really my goal. I just want to enhance my physique, add a little side, and keep my lines. Would the test/eq or test/masteron/proviron combo above be a good place to start?

    • go w/ the test/eq run, if your not trying to get extreme (as in competition) the masteron/proviron combo is not cost effective. You can still get in excellent condition on test/eq

      • John, thanks for replying! So, how does this sound? 250mgs of Test E with 600mgs of EQ for 16 weeks? I heard Equipoise would great for vascularity, especially when you’re lean.

        • That sounds like something I would do. Eq is about the most versatile compound there is, I’ve used it probably more than any other compound

          • if it were myself I would do one or the other, either primo/masteron/test or test/EQ, but you don’t need all that at once. Primo is similar to EQ anyways

  8. What do you think of Test-only cycles?

    Like 300-600mg a week of test enanthate? Or 100mg of test prop every other day for 8 weeks?

    Just trying to get bigger, harder and lose some fat while bla bla bla same shit every guy wants.

    Also, pct? Your thought on how to do it right.


    • test only cycle is great for a beginner, what you have proposed is fine. Clomid should be fine, if you were using anything else I’d suggest nolvadex and HCG. Actually in future cycles I’d suggest both,but for first cycle you’ll be fine with just clomid if a test only 300-600mg/wk cycle is all you’re doing

      • Hey john
        I’m running a test cyp cycle 400mg a week it’s my first one! Just want to be clear you say all I will need is clomid for pct? And what about ai’s during? I don’t want to bloat or anything like that and what about hcg at the end or is that not nessasary?
        I’m 27 5’8 wieght 162 bf% around 9% I just want my recovery to be fast and smooth as possible thanks alot

        • A small dose of AI during cycle certainly won’t hurt, but probably not necessary. But if you feel better being on the safe side, go with 1/2 mg of arimadex every other day. You def dont wanna overkill your AI’s, this should be sufficient enough for you. HCG isn’t necessary but again it’s more beneficial to have it than not to have it. Once you start doing more and more cycles, or longer cycles and higher amounts, then it becomes necessary. A first cycle of 400mg/wk isn’t going to kill you not to have it

    • The first thing you need to know is Masteron is something you only want to use if you’re already very lean. Its not worth the money and will do very little if your not already sub 10% bodyfat. The way I’d do it is diet very hard and get as lean as I could while using test enanthate at 2-300mg/wk and deca at 200mg/wk. I would use an anti estrogen such as aromasyn at 10mg everyday. The aromasyn will help keep you dry looking and keep any water retention off. I’d run this cycle for 14 weeks, using just the test and deca the first 8 weeks. Weeks 9-14 I would use Masteron with the test and Deca, and I’d use 300mg/wk of Masteron, pinning 100mg on Mon/Wed/Fri. Continue to use your test and deca in low amounts, and continue to take your aromasyn. For PCT I would use 200iu/wk of HCG the first 2 wks following your cycle, with 1mg/day of arimadex for those 2 weeks. 2 wks post cycle I would drop your arimadex to 1/2 mg/day and begin using clomid at 50mg/day for the following 3 wks. Me personally, that is how I’d do that cycle.

      • Thanks bro much appreciated your time n effort to post.
        Has am already quite lean round 10/12 body fat as really wanted to add the masteron in my cycle to lean up and keep estro in balance and keep the bloat of and keep armidex in hand if notice sore nips etc

        And how much test e should I use as u said in ur previous cycles keep the test minimum possible example 250 mg a week n keep the main compound high as like the masteron at 450 mg and deca at 300 mg a week.

        And for the pct how would this be drop the deca n the masteron out 2 weeks before the test n den 2 week after the last pin of the test e start your clomids 50 mg for 4 weeks n wen shall I use the hcg during the cycle or in my pct

        Thanks bro keep me posted please

  9. Thanks bro much appreciated your time n effort to post.
    Has am already quite lean round 10/12 body fat as really wanted to add the masteron in my cycle to lean up and keep estro in balance and keep the bloat of and keep armidex in hand if notice sore nips etc

    And how much test e should I use as u said in ur previous cycles keep the test minimum possible example 250 mg a week n keep the main compound high as like the masteron at 450 mg and deca at 300 mg a week.

    And for the pct how would this be drop the deca n the masteron out 2 weeks before the test n den 2 week after the last pin of the test e start your clomids 50 mg for 4 weeks n wen shall I use the hcg during the cycle or in my pct

    Thanks bro keep me posted please

  10. What about a vet in the sport. Someone who has been in the game for 20+ years? I’ve been cycling on and off (more on than off) since i was 20 years old. Im probably as big as im going to get (right now 5-10″ 250lbs @ 10-12% bf, contest shape 224lbs) can someone do only 250-500mg test, with 300-400mg primo, and tren ace at 225mg per week. Could I hold my muscle coming down on a lighter cycle? (Past was 750mg test, 300-400mg tren, 300-400mg mast prop, 200mg winny per week) just curious if I can look better, with less water weight to drop at the end on a milder cycle.

    • I believe you can, yes. I’ve seen plenty of vets in the sport use very little as they got older and hold practically everything. I’m close to your stats myself, and do you know what I’m running right now? I’m using 200mg/wk test, 300mg/wk NPP, 50mg/day of proviron, and a little aromasyn. There come a point where you could use anadrols, dbols, tren, high does of test, whatever, and at the end up the cycle you haven’t even budged the scale!!! So with me, I started to wonder why the hell I was using so much and just dumping shit into my body when I could take very little and look just as good if not better, but feel better!! There comes a point when you don’t feel healthy anymore ya know?

      • i know this thread is old but im curious is to aromasin only and no prolactin regulator while both npp and deca being mentioned ?

  11. Hey John,

    Could you please elaborate more on the Anavar, Deca and test cycle you mentioned? I’m curious about the amount of shutdown someone might get from that low dose of deca and test.

  12. Nice article John. At some point in time I have read about Anadrol and it’s use in the last 3-4 weeks before a contest. I remember reading that when used at a point where the bodyfat is around 8% it can give you a very hard look, solid as rock sculpture. I want your opinion about this and also the dose in case you are agree. I’m 6Ft 3” and around 235 Lb.

    Best regards

    • I wouldnt do it man, no way in hell would I chance it after dieting my ass off that long. I’ve heard of guys doing this as well, but I’m sure they’re hitting the shit out of diuretics to negate the water weight. Me personally? Hell no!!!

  13. Hey JD

    Hpe you good ..!

    I Hpe this ain’t no dumb question. ..is anadrol the same as anapolin?
    if not the same ? What is your view on Anapolin?

    Can you have a test with anapolin combo as a cycle?

    Thanks bro.

  14. Hey JD

    Im 40yrs old doing my 2nd cycle ever and its TestE-300 and Deca300 how would you suggest this cycle ? Im worried about
    ” deca di*k” and a PCT for this?
    Thank You for your advice!!!

    • Doubt you’d get DECA dick off 300mg wk run respectively with same dosage of test. If you do experience this it’ll be more towards the end and short lived. As for recovery, read my pct/recovery article

  15. I’m more confused by the day with all the articles I’m reading on steriods.im 59 ,been working out 20years and would like to do a simple cycle for strength and definition. Any help.

  16. Hi John

    I really love your blog! Thanks

    Before my contensts this year, I did a serious cycle.
    I’ve never shared my cycles, but now it’s time.
    I planned the cycle for 22 weeks, then I qualified to nationals and had to continue 4 more weeks.

    ( after 4-5 month off ) I started light with 30mg anavar ED for 4 weeks with a solid 2-3 lbs gain clean diet.

    Then I decided to get started with my BIG cycle.

    All 26 weeks, 0.5 Arimedex ED

    Week 1-26 Test E 250mg E5D (350mg /wk)
    Week 1-4 Dbol 30mg ED (210mg /wk)
    Week 1-12 Primo 200mg EOD (700mg /wk)
    Week 8-12 Dbol 40mg ED (280mg /wk)

    Week 12-22 EQ 250mg E3D (650mg /wk)
    Week 12-26 Test P 100mg EOD (350mg /wk)
    Week 12-25 Mast 100mg EOD (350mg /wk)
    Week 25-26 Tren 50mg ED (last week, Androxine from Alpha Pharma) (350mg /wk)
    Week 14-26 Wins 50mg ED (oral) (350mg /wk)

    Bulking cycle first 12 weeks about 1000-1300mg /wk
    Contest cycle next 14 weeks about 1600mg /wk

    Day after last injection:

    Day 1-10 HCG 500iu ED
    Day 1-10 Nolvadex 40mg ED
    Day 10-20 Nolvadex 20mg ED

    Actually I had no bad sides, a little acne on back/shoulders (came the last weeks, the tren was a stupid idea the last week but ran out of mast) – not something bad, and no problem with my libido under the cycle, my girl have never been happier! No libido problems on pct or after my cycle. I haven’t been sick with flue or anything for over 1 year. Before this cycle I always experienced 3-7 days in bed with illness in every of my cycles.

    I know it’s way too much gear but I had to try it.
    My bodyfat day before contest 3.4 % 188 lbs on stage. height 6.1. 25 years old. This was my 6th cycle.

    How long off period do I need to go down to this 10 weeks cycle:

    Arimidex 0.5mg ED

    Test E 250mg/wk
    Deca 250mg/wk
    Primo 400mg/wk – maybe 600mg primo?

    No orals this time!

    I never tried Deca, because many friends got dick issues. Should I go higher test than deca to prevent this, 200mg deca? 250mg test.

    Or should I give your EQ KICKER a try instead?

    I really like EQ, but my main goal with this cycle while “lean bulking” is to build strenght – heavy squat, deadlift, benchpress.

    My bodyfat while bulking is under 10% all year. I never miss a meal/workout. I don’t do drugs/alcohol.

    Appriciate your blog and all the effort you put into it


    /Alex D

  17. Hi John

    I really love your blog! Thanks

    Before my contensts this year, I did a serious cycle.
    I’ve never shared my cycles, but now it’s time.
    I planned the cycle for 22 weeks, then I qualified to nationals and had to continue 4 more weeks.

    ( after 4-5 month off ) I started light with 30mg anavar ED for 4 weeks with a solid 2-3 lbs gain clean diet.

    Then I decided to get started with my BIG cycle.

    All 26 weeks, 0.5 Arimedex ED

    Week 1-26 Test E 250mg E5D (350mg /wk)
    Week 1-4 Dbol 30mg ED (210mg /wk)
    Week 1-12 Primo 200mg EOD (700mg /wk)
    Week 8-12 Dbol 40mg ED (280mg /wk)

    Week 12-22 EQ 250mg E3D (650mg /wk)
    Week 12-26 Test P 100mg EOD (350mg /wk)
    Week 12-25 Mast 100mg EOD (350mg /wk)
    Week 25-26 Tren 50mg ED (last week, Androxine from Alpha Pharma) (350mg /wk)
    Week 14-26 Wins 50mg ED (oral) (350mg /wk)

    Bulking cycle first 12 weeks about 1000-1300mg /wk
    Contest cycle next 14 weeks about 1600mg /wk

    Day after last injection:

    Day 1-10 HCG 500iu ED
    Day 1-10 Nolvadex 40mg ED
    Day 10-20 Nolvadex 20mg ED

    Actually I had no bad sides, a little acne on back/shoulders (came the last weeks, the tren was a stupid idea the last week but ran out of mast) – not something bad, and no problem with my libido under the cycle, my girl have never been happier! No libido problems on pct or after my cycle. I haven’t been sick with flue or anything for over 1 year. Before this cycle I always experienced 3-7 days in bed with illness in every of my cycles.

    I know it’s way too much gear but I had to try it.
    My bodyfat day before contest 3.4 % 188 lbs on stage. height 6.1. 25 years old. This was my 6th cycle.

    How long off period do I need to go down to this 10 weeks cycle:

    Arimidex 0.5mg ED

    Test E 250mg/wk
    Deca 250mg/wk
    Primo 400mg/wk – maybe 600mg primo?

    No orals this time!

    I never tried Deca, because many friends got dick issues. Should I go higher test than deca to prevent this, 200mg deca? 250mg test.

    Or should I give your EQ KICKER a try instead?

    I really like EQ, but my main goal with this cycle while “lean bulking” is to build strenght – heavy squat, deadlift, benchpress.

    My bodyfat while bulking is under 10% all year. I never miss a meal/workout. I don’t do drugs/alcohol.

    Appriciate your blog and all the effort you put into it


    /Alex D.

    • That’s actually not much gear at all for national level. Personally speaking, I don’t have issues with DECA dick until I get to 400mg per week. As long as the test dosage is close you should be fine. For example, I’ve been 200mg wk test and 300mg wk DECA many of times and was fine. My body responds extremely well to nandrolone and its one of the best compounds I could use. I love it so much that my last cycle included NPP, and what’d I do for the upcoming one? I turned right back around and put NPP in there again!! eq is good as well, but not same strength gains as DECA for me. But NPP is king in my opinion. I Have had awesome cycles with it

  18. hey bro! jus need your advice on this cycle. 750mg cyp/week, 300 mg tren ace/week, 20 ius insulin, 50 mg anadrol ed and 120mcg clen ed.

    • I myself would not use the clen, for the simple fact it’s basically worthless while using that much test cyp with anadrol. Those 2 compounds retain water easier and you’ll look puffy, clen would be a waste to me. Unless your goal is to try leaning out while eating tight as hell and taking aromytase inhibitors, I wouldn’t use the clen. Clen is one of the worst things for your heart, much worse than anabolics will ever be in my opinion.

  19. Hey bro! just one quick question, what are the precautionary measures for liver, kidneys, cholesterol, blood pressure one shall take while on gears ?

    • As for cholesterol, its gonna getbthrown out of wack to some degree no matter what. Take a liver protectant for your liver and id suggest cranberry extract for kidneys. As for blood pressure, monitor regularly and keep in mind certain compounds that can elevate it more than others. Id also keep cardio in the mix a few times per week

  20. John,
    I never heard much about getting blends
    I got a Blend bottle of Test E-350 and EQ-350 …. How would You suggest running this? Once a week or break it into two doses? Thanks!!!

    • With a clean diet water retention with NPP is hardly any more than that of test prop. Run some arimadex alongside it(1/2mg/day) and you’ll hardly notice it. I’m stacking it right now with 100mg/day of anavar and I’m a fucking beast. If I were prepping for Men’s physique here is what I’d run; I’d start dieting at 14 weeks out and run 300/wk NPP, 50-100mg/day anavar, and 2-300mg/wk test prop. I’d run the anavar up until 6 wks out and at that point I’d drop it and switch to 50mg/day winstrol. At 3 wks out I’d drop the NPP and continue on prop until 10-14 days out. Drop your test at 10-14 days out and up the arimadex to 1mg/day until showtime. Just go on winny and arimadex the last couple wks to showtime. I’d stay clear of things like masteron, halo, and trenbolone for Mens physique. Remember, you want to be hard and defined but not to the extreme of bodybuilder defined. It’s Mens physique, they are looking for a healthy 6-7% bodyfat with a good/healthy look. I fucking love NPP and respond extremely well to nandrolones. You can’t go wrong with this stack for Men’s physique bro

  21. Bro your a genius!! Fucking spot on.. I totally agree with you and I will follow this regimen you stated above.

    What about primo? Would primo be good for men’s physique ???

  22. Dear John,

    I f****D UP badly. My guy let me down on bringing me a second vial of test prop – on week 4, was going to run it for 7 weeks. Anyways I have about 0.5 – 0.75 ml left of my test prop which I am pinning MWF.

    The place I am on vacation doesn’t really have gym junkies BUT the pharmacies are quite leaniant. I managed to find some medical grade Test Sust from a pharmacy that they will sell to me over the counter but per 1 ml./
    Ratio is: Test P 20mg
    Test Phenyl: 40mg
    Test Isocpriate: 40mg
    Benzyl Alchol IP: 0.1ml
    Arachis Oil IP q.s.

    So I have two options, considering this is only week 4 and I want to finish this cycle.

    Option A – Buy the sust and jump onto that from next week. If so what dosage would you recommend?
    Option B – Buy online, MAYBE get it in 10 days if I am lucky, and if NAPS isn’t a scam website.
    Option C – Cut the cycle short, run some M-Stak and PCT.

    This is my first cycl to.

    What would you advice?

    PS On my shot tonight, the nurse pinned me on the side of my left glute close to my hip and it burns and hurt so much. Haven’t felt PIP like that since the first couple ones. Is this natural? Thinking maybe virgin site, short needle and also its the end of the vial so probably loads of oil leftover?

    PPS considering I was travelling I didn’t bring needles as would look dodgy, thats why I used the nurse.

    • In the future make sure you have EVERYTHING up front. I would just use the sustanon at 1.5ml 2x/wk from here on out. As for the shot, I’m sure it’s just sore from being new to you. If it gets red and hot for a few days then it’s infected, but you’ll probably be ok. In my 15 years of using steroids I’ve never had to go to a Dr. for an infection, have anything drained, or any of that mess

  23. Hi I just started lifting weights 5 times per week for 1hr. I also do about 1-2hrs of deep stretching for contortion.
    I weight 134 and am 5″5″ tall. Im 45 yrs old and I am female. Started eating cleaned:
    CARBS 40g /DAY
    PROTEIN 40-80g/DAY
    TOTAL CAL 1000-1200/DAY

    ITs been so difficult to lose any weight and I can not build any definition or muscle. Before lifting I maintained weight now I am getting thicker.

    I want to start using 1U hgh and ephedrine 8mg 3xday.

    Will this help me lose weight/fat and gain muscle?

    • diet is way too low in calories. anything under 1200 cals a day isnt even enough to be considered a balanced diet. HGH at 1iu/day is worthless unless your a female and it’s pharm grade HGH. Most is underdosed and 1 iu a day wouldn’t even be that, more like 1/2 iu. Not worth the money. If you’re going to use it then I’d go 2-3 iu/day, but you don’t need it. Looking at what you’ve given me, it’s your diet thats the issue and your body is in starvation mode and holding fat stores

  24. Couldn’t Agree more John great work.!!!!
    Competitive physique competitor in Masters division. Looking for recommendation with this cycle and keeping water bloat down. Never used Deca but have a script. Of course like every guy worried about Deca Dck and also looking like the Michelin man with Deca

    Test Cypionate 300/400mg per week
    Deca 200mg per week
    Armidex .5 ED
    HGH 2iu ED
    Anavar 60mg ED have a script 6 weeks
    I’m 44 yo
    Diet spot on
    Want to run for 8 weeks with Var at 6 weeks
    I’m 5/10 212 lbs stage weight 198
    Thanks for all your help

    • all about the diet bro, deca won’t put hardly any water on you if you’re eating tight and killing it in the gym, especially with arimadex!!!! All those dudes back in the day, they all used Deca and looked phenomenal!!

  25. Cant thank you enough John…excited to try Deca for the first time plus knowing its 100% legit
    I can tell you from expierance guys listen to John and using lower doses with old time gear
    I get my labs done every year for my job tons of tests. I’m always told my numbers are incredible and I’m a 44 yo type 1 diabetic since age 11
    My cholesterol looks like I’m 20yo
    I maintain a tight carb controlled eating plan were I get most of my carbs post workout has worked incredible and yes I have high glycemic index carbs post workout. No brown rice here give me white rice lol take care!
    I would post a pic if I knew how too.

      • My Dr knows I’m a competitor and I asked him for something to help put some more muscle on and he recommended Deca. With my TRT
        Yes I have an awesome Dr!!!! Thus is how Drs should be since we’re going to use it anyway so allow me to get the cleanest product and watch my labs.
        No insurance doesn’t pay for it.

  26. just curious if you could use 250 cyp 500 to 600 of primo and 300 to 500 eq and add masteron at 300 a week for about 12 weeks.
    i train crossfit style twice a week bodybuiding 3 times a week and mma 2 to 3 times a week

    also can one use tren ace at around 25 to 50 mg without sides eod.

    • Sure, sounds like a good cycle to me actually. As for the trenbolone, 50 mg eod is a good dosage, but side effects really all depends on how you react to it. The side effects like night sweats and becoming an asshole from it can really happen at lower dosages as well. But its really person specific dude.

      • Yeah that’s the issue with tren as much as I want to I’m nervous about the sides I have heard that some respond well to . 25 mg a day with no sides. But for the workouts I do I think the eq primo test masteron is better. I was trying to figure out the way to go. Was on this last year from May to about end of August I did 500 primo 500 eq low test about 250 and the masteron was at 200 a week. I’m looking at either running the primo higher at around maybe 500 to 600 and keeping the eq at 300 to 400 too avoid too high RBC.Test would stay at around 200 to 250 May switch to ethanate I read that with cyp you only absorb like 67 %. Would may through August be too long 12 or 26 weeks ? I am. 42 and on test cyp at 250 and high at 2 iu 5 on two off. May keep the hgh going as well. Just trying to figure out the best way to cycle this

  27. Hi john. I’m gonna be running testosterone enanthate 250mg per week for 10 weeks. Could you tell me what pct I should do. And what I should run along side it to minimize sides if anything. Cheers man

  28. Hi John,

    I’m 37, 205 lbs, 6 feet in relatively pod shape with AAS experience. Do you think 250 Cyp with 300 EQ a week and 40 anavar daily is ok. Does one need to take 490-600 mg of EQ?

    Thank you.

    • 300/wk of EQ is fine if your diet is tight. You won’t gain hardly any water weight with that and you should notice some increased strength and vascularity. The anavar will only help stay harder, but again the diet is the deciding factor here. It’s 90% diet!!! I’ve found 400/wk to be the sweet spot with EQ for me personally, I do OCCASIONALLY take it to 600/wk but it honestly doesn’t get me much more than 400/wk, and I’ve been juicing for about 15 years straight now. If it’s your first run with it then keep it at 400/wk

  29. Would I need arimadex with this cycle

    50mg npp eod
    50mg prop eod

    I’m not gyno sensitive either, just wanna avoid taking a lot of shit. Let me know thx John

  30. Hi john
    I’m on TRT myself what is a good test level to be.I read that 800 is optimal for muscle developing is that accurate . What is your test level on TRT? Do you use arimadex during TRT or just when you doing a cycle .
    My doctor won’t give me HGC but I can get it . How much and how opten do you use it ? Do you use it during a cycle or in between cycles . What do you recommend for oily skin and zits on my back from the test. You mention that you give blood often can you explain that in more detail. Thank you very much this is the best site I’ve come across I appreciate your honesty.

    • On 200mg per wk of test my range is between 700-1200ng/dl. The day after my shot I’m around 1200 and by day 6-7 I am down around 700. Anything over 800 is optimal and you can float around 1100-1200 with usually no health issues. But I would make it a point to donate blood on the regular. As for arimadex, I got away without any the first couple yrs of trt but then estrogen started elevating a tad and I began using just 1/2mg 3x a week and it keeps me in good range. As for hcg I usually just hit a whack of it every 10-12 wks for 2500iu x 2 wks, and this is mainly because it comes in 5,000iu vials and to use the standard 250iu twice/wk means the shelf life of 30 days aftet constitution will expire before I use it all. I dont want to waste it and preloading pins and sticking in freezer to prolong shelf like after constitution is a pain.

      Sometimes I will use it on the regular but most of the time I just run through a vial after 10-12 wks without it. Its pretty much like this; I look down at my nuts and say “ok, its time to blow you guys back up” when I need to. Now with that bring said, my hcg usage isnt limited to either just TRT or a cycle, its whenever I feel like I need it

  31. Hi John , I was curious that can I run winny as my 2nd cycle by itself after test to make contest and which pct do I need after winny!

  32. Hey John the game needs more guys like you. Now my question to you is….if I’m planning to pin test prop 50mg eod how much anavar would you recommend?

  33. Hello John.

    I’ve been following your advice for all my previous cycles instead of listening to the “500mg of test a week minimum bullshit”

    I’m planning my next cycle and would like your opinion:

    1 – 4 weeks 30mg dbol a day
    1 – 12 weeks 200mg test e p/w
    1 – 12 weeks 200mg eq p/w
    1 – 10 weeks 200mg deca p/w

    I’ll be consuming around 4000 calories a week on a strict diet.

    What do you think?

  34. Hello man.

    Looking to do a 12-15 week cycle running through to the summer with weeks 1-8 lean bulk then 9-15 cutting and trying to get shredded as possible. Thing about Test E, Decca and winstrol after week 9. This will only be my third cycle (ran test E 10 weeks first time and d-bol for 4 weeks then test prop and cyp 1ml of each a week for twelve) was just looking for some advice on dosage and what you would advise as I am trying to build an old school 70s/80s style physique one day.

    My current stats are…

    Age: 23
    Weight: 170lbs

    Cheers in advance.

    • it’s all diet man, it really is. The way I would personally run that cycle is all 15 wks of Deca at 300mg/wk, 15 wks of test at 300mg/wk, then just throw in winstrol at 50mg/day the last 6 wks with it. I would also include .5mg ed of arimadex or 12.5mg ed aromasyn (exemastaine) just to help look a little dryer. I don’t use high amounts of test myself, 300/wk would be my limit and I think you look better on less test

  35. Hey John,

    Big believer in how you run your AAS. You may have to work harder with less compound but in the end you retain it better and just feel better. Anyway, I got a question on how you feel about my next reboot cycle.

    Wk1: Test P – 200mg / Npp 150mg
    Wk2-9: Test P -300mg / Npp 300Mg
    Wk10: Test P -200mg / Npp 150mg
    Wk 11: Test P- 100mg

    12days later

    Wk14-18: nolva 40/40/20/10
    Clomid 100/50/50/25

    Airimasin on hand for estrogen issues IF they pop up. .25 e3d or .5 EOD if they persist

    I’m a fan of tapering, because I don’t like to just start and stop abruptly. Rather have some time for my body to figure out what the hell is happening. Anyway, I was going to through some anavar in there but I’ve been off AAS for almost 5years so I thought if slowly rejoin the community. That’s why I’m asking if this seems like a good cycle nowadays. Any suggestions? Tweaks? Appreciate any response!

  36. Hi John, I’m currently 29 years old I’m 5’8″ and roughly 240 lbs. I’m not lean but I’m not fat. I’ve been on TRT for almost a year, I’m on it because of low T and sex drive not because I wanted to excel further in the gym. However it has it’s place there to. I’m currently doing 300ml EOW or 150ml a week. My question is if I want to run a cycle of Dbol for 6 weeks or deca for 10 weeks when I’m done do I just taper down the deca or Dbol and just keep on injecting my TRT as I always have done or do I need to do a PCT. if so what would my PCT look like. My natural levels are 290’s so I figured I’d just go back to my TRT. Much advice is needed being I’ve never done a “steroid cycle before”.

      • nah, sorry man I just stay extremely busy sometimes. As for your original question, PCT is not needed because you’re on hormone replacement and there is no coming back, it’s pointless. HOWEVER, I have found that taking HCG still helps and keeps my nuts blown up. The testicular shrinkage mostly comes from when you discontinue test and your body makes nothing, its worse coming off cycle than being on cycle from my past experience. Using an AI such as aromasyn or arimadex combined with HCG still has it’s place with even though you’re on PCT.

        My new book covers all of this, and it also goes into cycles that work well with hormone replacement and low dose bridges. It sounds right up your alley. Hope this helps and sorry for the late response

  37. Hey john, great blog you have going on!
    Im really into the low dose cycles. I have been off the juice for 2 years but returning back again. Ive been working out all along, 3-5 times a week and trying to maintain what i have. Also doing HIT cardio and lots of cardio every other day and mixing it with playing sports which is my passion. Iam currently 5′ 8” 160Lbs about 14% body fat. My diet was ok for the past few weeks but now begining to diet very well. Deca, test, anavar and masteron are always my choices. This time around Im gonna do NPP, test E, of 300mgs a ML/week but knowing most of the stuff is under dosed then usually is 200mgs or so. Anavar from week 6-12 at 60-80mgs. Im thinking about taking primobolan depot as well. Ive heard great things about it and also I read about your primo article. Should I mix primo and masteron or stick with one? Im also gonna be taking aromasin starting around my 5th week. which dosage do you recommend for aromasin?

    • You can use both at the same time if you’d like, 300 and 300 respectively works well. As for the Aromasyn, I’ve always used about 12.5mg each day if doing a moderate cycle and 25mg daily when precontest and drying out was more of a concern, and maybe compounds were a little heavier

  38. With your choice of compounds ” test, deca, NPP, EQ, masteron, primobolan, proviron, and winny” I was wondering if you could give a break down of time waited until pct .

    Shorter ester compounds like test prop and masteron P I rate it would be 7-10 days after your last jab?
    But with longer esters like Eq ,Npp(much shorter then Deca) ,Primobolan and masteron E I rate it would be like 14 + days ?

    And will the length of the Pct change because of the ester (long or short) of the compound selected ?

    Thanks JD

  39. If only there was more people like yourself around the gear would nt get stigmatized as it dose with the uneducated idiots with no clue a very good forum would rec you to all the young guys if i could keep the flag flying bro
    Mikey (SCOTLAND)

  40. hey JD im thinking of 400 of eq 300 of masteron and 250 to 350 of test cyp 2 iu of hgh from may through august. then just trt 250 of test 2 iu of hgh. Id like to add primo in but wasn’t sure if necessary or could i run it after with the trt at about 200 a week

  41. John,

    Starting 3rd Cycle Tren E 200/Test E 250/ EQ 300 starting w/1cc of all three. whats your opinion of how to run this cycle? just curious in your opinion.
    Thank You

  42. When i was a senior in high school i was really into working out. I always been stalky even before i started to lift weights. So my senior year i was taking all kinds of weight gainers and Gnc products and i was stuck at weighing 168. And i met a dude who introduced me to steroids i knew he had been doing them for awhile and he was older and i knew nothing about them. He made trips down to mexico like every month i gave him a bunch of money and we started a cycle that lasted until my arrest like 3 months i think. i never Injected myself so he loaded up the barrel 3cc and injected me like every 3 days said we were gonna do like 3 cycles at once anyways i didnt know any better. So i went along with it. Make a long story short i did way way to much. in 4 weeks i went from weighing 168 to 205 and 5’9 my bench press went from 175 to 315 and i went crazy lost all my friends cuz i turned into an asshole to be around. I ende up getting arrested and going to the youth authority for 2 1/2 years where i continued to lift. When i got out at almost 21 i weighed 201 and worked out flat bench with sets of 385 and incline bench 325 sets of 10.over the years i got married had kids and then i stopped and start back at the gym over and over again for 15 years. Then in 2011 i noticed that i had no energy chest started dropping to my belly and started having sexual problems i went to the dr. turned out my test levels were barley even registering. Then i started with hormone replacement injection bi-weekly i did that for a year than i got into a car wreck messed my back up had surgery. So where im at today is im going to be 40 next week and im gonna have to be on test for the rest of my life. So i ended up talking the dr. into letting me come in every week to get my injection which is 1/2 cc or 100mg of test cypionate. And that is so i feel normal. a couple months ago i was weighing 285 5’9 big bomes and stalky people say i hold my weight well. I started working again like a month ago and ive dropped like 23 pound been doing alot of cardio. My question for you is i want to do a cycle correctly this time and burn 50 pounds of fat and gain muscle also. What kind of diet?,And cycle of what would you suggest? Thankyou
    for your help.

    • Right now if your on test replacement then being able to drop bodyfat without anything else is feasible. I’ve had guys I’ve trained in the past who lost weight dieting but not as much as possible since test was naturally low and they weren’t on replacement. But you’re not in that category. Right now you should focus on losing what you can on just TRT, and if done properly muscle loss should be very minimal if any. You want to use a cycle to try to preserve that last little bit of muscle that could be lost when dieting gets further and further along. This is a point most people won’t ever reach because lack of willpower will prevent them from doing so. I’ve rarely ever seen a guy who starts at over 15% bodyfat and runs a cycle look that impressive when it’s over with, simply because they never get to that point where they can actually see the muscles clearly due to diet issues and possibly training hangups. So my advice to you is to get on that cardio, start lowering your calories now, and then once you’ve lost 30 lbs on your own, THEN, AND ONLY THEN run something alongside your test replacement. It’s just a waste of money to use it now, you won’t really grow in a caloric deficit and depending on what you use it may even make dieting harder due to water retention. One thing I would recommend now though, maintenance usage or aromasyn or arimadex. This will knock down any excessive estrogen levels which can promote bodyfat and can help jack your test levels a little higher. You’re basically changing the ratio of test:estrogen levels in a more favorable way to help accommodate fat loss and fluid retention. Arimadex at .5mg 3x/wk or aromasyn at 10mg/daily while dieting. You may find this highly beneficial. I hope this helps answer your question

  43. Hey john, i have been contemplating on wether or not to take nandrolone Decanoate or NPP, and i just came to my conclusion of including a half cc of Decanoate 250 every week into my test 250/week and Anavar 50-80mgs(daily) cycle. So I just pinch on mondays 1 full cc of test E and 1/2 cc of deca with anavar daily. I love the results of deca, i just dont want to get much bloat. My question is, how much of aromasyn should i take daily or EOD? and is half a cc ok?

    Thanks in advance

    • 1/2cc of deca per week is actually what the old timers did. It’s enough to get something out of with if you have a good diet and train hard. As for aromasyn, 10mg per day will keep you really hard looking. You could go every other day or everyday, I’d say 10mg eod is enough to keep things at bay, 10mg ed is a dose for staying harder looking though. I’d go ed if it were myself, no more than 10mg per day though

  44. hey john love your articles.
    im 43 yrs old. been lifting for a couple years now. im wanting to add strength and some size to keep.
    im currently on androgel trt 75mg daily due to extremely low test.
    I want to add strength and muscle that I can keep when im off a cycle.
    thought about anavar and eq.
    any suggestions would be great.
    thanks in advance.

    • About the best thing to use to change your physique and really keep anything off cycle is primobolan. I would run primo, anavar, and a low dose of deca for 15 wks. It will be an expensive cycle but if someone asked me what they could retain more off cycle this would be it

      • What you said JD on *About the best thing to use to change your physique and really keep anything off cycle is primobolan. I would run primo, anavar, and a low dose of deca for 15 wks*

        This sounds good. I was thinking of a similar thing but with Eq over Primo (* As I am not 100% sure I can get real products of Primo)

        Lean Mass Recomp cycle (slow steady lean mass gain / fat loss and maximum Post cycle recovery) :

        Test 200-250 mg / wk ( Cyp of E) week 1 – 18
        (running test 2-3 weeks longer to give eq time clear for Hcg Blast then Pc)
        Deca long 200mg / wk week 1 -12 (dropping Deca to focus more on fatloss last 6 weeks)
        Eq 600 mg / wk week 1-15
        Oral kick Start week 1 – 4 (Tbol 50 mg Ed)
        Oral Finisher week 12- 15 (Winni oral 50 md Ed or jabs if oil based e2d)
        G2501516 20 mg Ed 12 weeks on 2 weeks off repeat
        Aromasin 12.5 mg Eod on cycle

        Fat loss aids / Energy
        2 weeks on / off 2 – 3 pills max Eca , 80 – 100 mcg 2 – 2.5 pills max Clen combo then off 1 week then repeat

        Hcg 500 iu / wk (250 iu x 2 a week) 5 weeks on one week off repeat

        End of Cycle :
        Pct (4 week may take it up to 6 weeks )
        Hcg blast 2 weeks before post
        Nolva 20mg ed till done
        Clomid 100mg first 10 days /50mg till done
        Mk 10 mg ed
        Aromasin 12.5 mg ed
        Gw 20mg ed Pct

  45. Hi, I am looking at doing a Deca, Test cycle. It will be my second cycle and I am looking to add strength, quick recovery and most importantly I want stronger joints. I am 32 years old, I play baseball and basketball for fun and I believe Deca will help tremendously. I am also thinking about adding primobolan to the cycle. Please let me know what you think.

    10 or 12 weeks?
    200mg Test, 200mg Deca, option 500 mg primo

    PCT (HCG? if so, when and how much?)
    week 15-17
    Clomid 50 mg

    • HCG is never going to hurt and can only aid in faster recovery. A lot of cycles I don’t put it in there because it’s not a deal breaker, but if you can get it then use it. I always go 2500iu/wk for 2 wks myself, splitting shots up into 1250 iu twice/wk for 2 wks (since typical vials are 5,000iu) Personally I have found HCG to work better taking larger whacks of it for shorter durations, just my .02

      • Thanks JD. I appreciate your feedback. When would I take the HCG? In weeks 13 and 14 before I start the Clomid? Also, can I take Masteron E instead of Primo?

        • I like to begin hcg right after the cycle without the wait, because I want to stimulate my LH production as fast as I can while the drug half life of the cycle is falling off.

        • yea, mast e is good too and less faked than primo is. Remember it’s all diet!!! Honestly someone who diets hard and trains his ass off will prevail over someone half-assed using all the best compounds.

  46. Hey Doe, One anabolic i rarely see described or utilized is turinabol. Do you have any experience with this combo? Most agree it is prevented from aromatizing…..could this be used as an alternative to oxandralone?

    • Turinabol doesn’t even compare to oxandrolone in my book. I used it a couple times with very minimal results and it’s not something I’d waste my money on again

      • Thanks brother. You kill it with the fast responses, much appreciated.

        Have you noticed that dht derived anabolics cause more acne issues for folks? I am running 25mg 2x day proviron along with my cycle (200mg test cyp, 700mg primo, 25mg 2x day anavar) and i swear proviron puts boils on my back like nothing else. any advice?

        Ecstatic for the new book man.

        • Yea, your acne is coming from the combination of primo and proviron, but more from the primo. The good news is your primo is probably legit. How much longer is the cycle? A couple things you can do is take an extra shower or two each day, exfoliate and scrub (get someone to help if you have someone around) and cut it back to 500mg/wk and maybe try to find a happy medium with it. Your acne is most definitely coming from that primo though and if it’s big boils that can scar you then lower the dosage now, it’s not worth fucking up your skin

          • Hi John. I’m going to run my cycle in a few weeks.
            Weeks 1-12 Test cyp: 500mg/ week
            Weeks 1-10 Deca: 300mg/ week
            Weeks 1-6. Dbol: 25-50mg/week
            After my cycle I’m back on my TRT so I don’t need PCT
            I was reading the old school methods here and I just want to ask your opinion about
            lowering the text dosage and the dbol as well, what would u suggest? I’m 38 now , 5’10 around
            14% bf 203lbs training 5 days a week with weights and some cardio.


  47. As a semi-veteran user, I am having a hard time coming up with a cycle to run this summer. I’ve been researching for months but really can’t find anything that satisfies me with regards to dosage and combinations. I stumbled across your site today and it opened my eyes. Simplicity and moderation may be the best route. This being said, here’s my issue. I have test e, tren ace, primo and anavar but cannot settle on a combination to run. Can you please point me in a generally direction as to what combination you would try? I also have aromasin and clomid for pct. I’m 44, very active and workout 5 days a week. This will be my 6th cycle and I only run during the summer. Thanks.

  48. John quick ? Do you ever consider concentrations. Cypionate is about 60% testosterone the 40% left is the Ester. Propionate is 84% testosterone so a 200 mg shot will differ quite a bit depending on what u are using. Should I compensate with Cypionate to get a true 200 mg of test per shot. These percentages I found on Internet and were confirmed by my pharmacist. Thanks again your a huge help!!!!

    • You are correct, a shorter ester will yield more total testosterone absorbed by the body. For me it all comes down to what I’m doing and what I want to spend on a cycle. Being that most propionate is 100mg/ml it usually takes several vials to get to 300-500mg/wk and this is something I’m only really concerned about if I was trying to contest prep. I feel perfectly fine on 200mg/wk of test e or cyp, so that is what I will usually use and if water is an issue then it’s cheaper to just throw in some arimadex or aromasyn. You can get very lean and look sharp while still using long chain test, you just don’t want to go too high. The biggest mistake I see guys make is taking test to insane dosages and then having more issues with bloating and shitty looking skin. I’m more of someone who keeps his test lower and takes other compounds higher, such as EQ, Masteron, primobolan, and maybe throwing in something like anavar alongside it all.

  49. Hello again John. Have to say thanks. Been diabetic for 34 years type1. I tried your recommendation and lowered my T to 200mg per week with Deca at 300mg per week. The results have been incredible! I’ve been as high as 600mg per week of T and 60 mg of var but never got results like this.
    Anyway have a show Sept 5 and have Cypionate–Deca–and Var on hand all prescriptions so its legit. Can you tell me how you would use this for my show. I’m thinking var 60mg per day 6 weeks out but not sure when I should cut my Deca and T. I’ve had ZERO sides at this point 5 weeks in. Thank You as always!!!!

  50. Hello John!
    I fucking love your website!
    I’m looking to do a full on bulking cycle (Im 14st 4 ounce – my aim is 18 stone)
    I’m thinking of doing test c 400 mg a week and deca 300mg a week.
    Would you change it any? Or have a better cycle in mind?

      • How about test and deca or test/boldenone or test with primo,witch better for muscle mass,cycle only 6 weeks,please let me know

        • I would really try to get the cycle to 8 wks. Long chain test, deca, EQ, or primo; none of those really start banging until week 3, so you’ll have basically 3 wks of getting a full shot, not even worth doing a cycle man, go 8 wks of test/deca or test/primo

          • Great “been around the block” info u give here, thank u for your time and knowledge. Im kind of the opposite of what you might be used to offering advice to. Was wondering which cycle from this article u would suggest ? Im 48…a true 6-8% bf….always been this way, high metabolism, very vascular…average weight of 125-135, 5’7″, very athletic lines.
            Did one 8 week run Test E when I was 28, great results….over the years lost about all of it, especially the last 5 years where terrible low T symptoms have eaten me up….muscle atrophy, mental sharpness gone, libido down, performance down, etc. As of 10 weeks ago, decided to (self admin, for now) TRT (Test E again)
            So, for now Ive been 250mgs/wk for 5 weeks, then the last 5 weeks (to present) Ive been on 500mgs/wk….(debating to stay on blast next 5 wks or drop back to 250mgs/wk until October, for another blast during cooler weather!!! heats been kicking my ass) Ive gained about 22lbs the last 10 combined weeks, no doubt some water, been eating double what I used to so a few fat lbs too….but seems Im still very receptive to Test. (3 panels done in these 10 weeks, all good.)
            Question is….which of the above cycles would u suggest for someone with my stats….just looking to hit between 150-160lbs, dont mind getting a little “smooth” during, if need be… as I should have no problem shedding what I might need to, etc In the end, just want to get around 155 or so, stay hard and feel right.

            Thanks again for putting out quality info here!! Take care!!

          • if using EQ kicker, go do a blood donation right before the cycle, EQ can raise red blood cell count and it can be worse as you get older. Donate blood just as a safeguard first

  51. Hey John whats up? What are your thoughts on a cycle of test e 200mg weeks 1-16, primobolan 600mg weeks 1-16, and npp 300mg weeks 1-12. 0.5mg eod Arimidex then back to trt dose.
    Stats 42yrs
    Weight 245

  52. Goal Recomp / Classic bodybuilding slow and steady 16 week cycle , lean mass gains while cutting body fat , fat loss more focused on last weeks out *know diet is key)

    Test E / C 250 mg a week (Test family *) week 1 – 16
    Eq / 600-800 mg a week (*Test family *) week 1 – 16
    Mast E / 400-600 mg a week (Dht family *) week 1 – 16
    Tren E 250 – 300mg a week 1 – 10 (19 Nardo familiy)

    On Cycle support
    AI EXEMASTAINE 15 mg Eod
    Hcg 250 iu x 2 a week (5 weeks / one bottle then 1 week off repeat)

    Week 11 – 16
    Test prop 50mg Eod
    Winni 50 mg Ed (tabs)
    Eq stays the same
    Mast stays the same
    Tren prop last 6 weeks 50 – 75 me Eod (19 Nando family )

    Fat loss aids (Eating plan / Cardio is key )
    T3 * heard tren lowers thyroid levels so was thinking of adding in 1 and 1/2 – 2 pills 37.5mcg – 50mcg in for 3-4 weeks on then 2 weeks off
    Clen/Eca * 2 weeks on / off sample routine as stated in your comments *2-2.5 clen before bed for 14days then eca for 2 weeks break . Also looking at SARM S4 Andarine to use over clen

    Hcg Blast
    Looking into SARM (Mk2866 and Gw5015016) for extra Pct boost

    • Hi JD , any other suggestions for the above stack ? Think Npp over Tren *depends on individual I take it
      I also wanted to know your opinion on Sarms ( S4 , Gw501516 and Mk 2866) .

  53. Hi John,

    I really like your website, I am a new subscriber and I couldn’t sleep last night until I read almost all your blog posts!

    Currently I am running (Primo 200mg + Test P 200mg + Winstrol 100mg) EOD for 8 weeks (I’m on week 6) and I got really nice results, but I get crazy night sweats and I suspect that the Primo is faked with tren or something causes sweats, even though it was expensive!

    After I recover from this cycle I’m planning to run 14 weeks Cycle:

    Test P 300 mg/wk Week 1-13 Mon-Wed-Fri
    NPP 300/wk Week 1-11 Mon-Wed-Fri
    Anavar 100 mg/ed week 1-8
    Winstrol (injection): 100mg eod Week 9-14
    Masteron P 600mg/wk week 9-14 (Will this make any difference?)

    -My questions:
    – Would you change anything?
    – What ancillary drugs during the cycle?
    – What would be the best PCT and how to run it?
    – How long should I wait after my current cycle to start the new one?
    – What result should I expect if I run this cycle with a low carb, high protein diet (Carbs only around workout)?

    I’m 30 years old, 196-200lb, fat is around 15% (but I have nice abs though). I don’t want to add weight, just lean muscle gains, strength, and less body fat


    • Possibly faked with tren, also could be a ramped up metabolism or something in the diet causing sweats, occasionally happens to me when I’m not using anything besides test. Take winny down to 50mg eod if you’re not getting ready for a bodybuilding competition, it will wreak havoc on your cholesterol. The Masteron will harden you up if you’re already lean enough. As for ancillaries, 10mg aromasyn every day should do (or 1/2mg eod arimadex) but you don’t need much on that cycle at all in the way of ancillaries. Masteron acts as it’s own anti-e. Really just a tiny bit for the NPP in there, but I’d keep it conservative and dont overkill it. Time on should = time off (not counting PCT)

  54. Just curious, why not Trenbolone? There is no evidence that Trenbolone causes any liver or kidney damage. Their was a scare that it did at one time do to the change in urine color. However it has been discovered that the change of color is due to the metabolites leaving the body. Primobolan actually shows to stress the kidneys more so then most steroids, due to its rediculously high nitrogen retention. It makes the body hold on to a lot more protein than usual. Trenbolone also doesnt cause any water weight or fat gain, but actually helps in the removal of both. The negatives are based on the individual and are usually pronounced in high doses for long periods of time. Sweats, acne, insomnia, slight cardio decrease. In lower doses none of these are an issue though. In terms of quality gains Trenbolone far by tops all.

  55. Hello again John quick qeustion
    U say u only use 200mg per week of Test normally is that in addition to the TRT dose or 200 Total.
    So if your TRT dose is 200mg per week are taking the TRT dose of 200 plus an additional 200 making it 400 per week total or when u say your taking 200 mg of test per week that is your total dose including TRT thanks take care.

    • No, I’m speaking in terms of 200mg/wk TOTAL. You see, once you’ve been at this for as long as I have you’ll realize that gains pretty much come to a halt no matter if you’re using 1000mg/wk or just 200mg/wk. The only time I go outside of 200/wk is if I’m using testosterone propionate (since it holds less fluid) and the very highest I’ll go is 300-350mg/wk on that. But I do use other compounds at slightly higher amounts, such as EQ, primo, masteron, anavar. For example, it’s not uncommon for me to frontload EQ at 800-900mg/wk for 2 wks and then drop back to 400- 600mg/wk an additional 8-10 wks, all while keeping testosterone at just 200mg/wk. High amounts of test can lead to a bloated and shitty looking body, I’ve learned to keep my test on the lower side

  56. Thanks and your correct. I swear you and me are brothers lol. I completely understand about once you’ve been at it for a while no matter your dose it’s extremely hard to continue making gains. Thank god when this happens you generally should. Be looking good.. Ive changed my overall muscularity but as far as physically getting bigger without fatter is difficult. How are your liver enzymes and kidneys performing. Thanks again!

    • last bloodwork showed pretty good. As far as getting bigger without gaining fat, once you get to a certain point I personally feel like it’s more rewarding to stay shredded. I could use a heavy cycle or just TRT, either way I’m not going to gain more than 5 lbs on the entire damn cycle nowadays. So its just not worth cycling heavy to me

    • Looking for a Slow and Steady Re comp / comp ready cycle , could you please comment on the following idea with your experience.

      1-16 Test cyp / Test E 200-300 mg week (1-1/2 cc a week) *test family
      1-16 Eq 600 mg weeks (2cc a week) *test family
      1-16 Mast e or Primo 400-600 mg week (2 – 3 cc a week) *Dht

      *Whats your take on Primo vs Mast E looking at 400mg of Primo or Mast E but sources online say at least 600mg of each .

      I enjoyed Npp gave great roundness/fullness , just need AI from the start as I bloated but aromasin will use from next course and I used Adex but was not impressed .
      If I had to run Npp again would do a low dosage of 200mg a week (2cc) 19 nog family.

      Looking at about between 1400 – 1800mg (low test , higher Eq , Mast or Primo ,Npp ) a week which I still think is reasonable as I know some guys doing 1000-1500 of test alone a week :/

      1-18 aromasin 12.5 mg eod

      Orals / (Think Sarms over Anabolic orals )
      I think the Sarm Lgd over Tbol / Dbol kick start
      and Sarm S4 over Winni/Var as they are both none liver toxic , give similar benefits , can be ran longer , joint health

      Provirion 50mg * feel its a great add on as it makes a person feel great and low to none liver toxic and greats a synergy with other receptors

      1-12 LGD 4033 10mg day / am
      7-18 GW-510516 20 mg days dosed all at once 30 minutes before workout
      7-18 S4 50 mg days… split doses… 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg in the p.m.

      15-18 hcg 1000 ius week
      or 250 iu x 2 a week /5 weeks on 1 week off repeat
      Hcg blast before Pct * depends on the half life of compound used

      Fat loss aids
      Clen / Eca cycle 2 weeks on / off
      T3 * I believe Sarms has more benefits over T3 and its muscle wasting ability

      Pct 19-22
      Clomid 50/50/25/25
      Nolva 40/20/20/20
      Aromasin 12.5 mg eod
      Mk-2866 25 mg day
      Gw-501516 20 mg day
      Cjc 2000 iu a week

  57. Whats up bud. For the past year I’ve been trying to recomp my body. Last cycle I did was 300mg Test E and 300mg Deca. I’m really lean at the moment and want to stay this way and maybe gain some more lean mass. Running GHRP 6 7 days a week igf-1 lr3 3 days a week and mgf 6 days a week to hold gains. I finished the test and deca 2 months ago and plan on fire things up again in another month or so. 2 weeks break off the peptides as well before running a primo cycle. And maybe switch those peps out for 3iu a day of HGH.

    I wanted to know what your opinion is for next cycle.

    1-10 Test E 250mg
    1-10 Primobolan 500mg
    1-10 proviron 50mg a day
    3-12 HCG 1000iu split fridays and mondays.

    PCT Nolvadex 40/20/20/20

    I’m running clomid my current pct and holy smokes I’m seeing double. Like my vision is really weird. initially
    i thought I was hallucinating. Then I read that it can cause vision issues.

    I also have a ton of anavar lying around but, I don’t know. I feel like it might be better off for another cycle?

    What do you think?

    Age: 25
    Height: 5’7
    weight: 162 lbs Super lean (30inch waist atm with 6 pack) I have to atleast be in the single digits atm.
    Going to get my bf checked soon.

    • I think your proposed cycle looks good. You dont need a lot of arimadex in there at all, if any. I don’t see a high enough dosage of test to aromatize and you certainly wont get that with primo. you also have proviron in there, I wouldnt even worry about arimadex if it were me, not on that cycle

  58. I’m 35 been lifting on and off since I was a teen.
    Never took steroids before but last month I got Anavar and Deca. Just been reading up on them. But I keep reading that its not a good combo and test is necessary. Not really concerned about no getting up as long as its not permanent. I just don’t wanna grow breasts or have to take steroids forever.
    Is it okay to run a Deca and Anavar cycle without test at the lower doses you showed? Is it Necessary to run Anavar a 50mg ed or can the Anavar be lower like a 10 or 20 mg?

    • you might not have erectile issues if the dosage is conservative, say 200mg/wk of deca. On Anavar you’d be wasting it at only 10-20mg/day, that’s a chick dosage, you need to bump to at least 30mg/day and even that is low, 50 is really better

  59. Hello John,

    Site is fantastic and the more I read the more I realize I need to make sure I’m prepared. Its my first cycle and I want to make sure its solid. Its low dosage I believe but don’t want to do it if you think it won’t get results, ( I put the time in the gym). I don’t have Test issues at the moment runs around 400-500 and I am 51. I’ve been working out for years and always had a strict nutrition plan, 5’10” 178 about 10-12%BF on the meter. Here’s my thought on the plan

    250/wk Test C for 10 weeks
    at week 7 start Anavar, 50/ed for 2 weeks then 60/ed for 3 weeks (1 week past last test shot)
    I have seen it at the beginning and at the end so some advice on Anavar would be helpful.
    .05/Arimidex eod.

    PCT- When should I start? both are liquid form.
    clomid- 50 ed 4 weeks
    Nov- 20 ed 4 weeks

    Let me know if you think its to low/high for my first time and if you think the PCT in good enough. Thanks again.

  60. Hi John, Great stuff. Thank you for the good info, not always easy the come by. My question is this: I started the Primo/Test E cycle last week and have noticed some hot flashes and was wondering if I should take an AI with this or is this normal for Primo? Im running the Primo at 800 and the test E at 250. Any Info would be helpful and thanks again. JH

    • if you feel hot it’s most likely metabolism or the bodies reaction to the onset of testosterone, primo doesn’t aromatize and I highly doubt you’re going to get much conversion from only 250mg/wk of test e, AI not necessary but certainly a low dose of arimadex or aromasyn won’t hurt, keep it low like .5mg 2-3x/wk a-dex or 12.5mg 3x/wk aromasyn

  61. John on the olds school stack of test/masteron/privorn,how would you lay that stack out ?,an would you take the privorn on cycle or on pct,an would any hcg be needed on cycle or after ?

  62. Hi John:

    Love your site, bro! It’s been a major help to me.

    5’11”, 190

    I’m 44 years old, very healthy, experienced lifter and I have 6 various cycles under my belt. Two years ago I ran legit HGH for 9 months and absolutely gained belly fat and love handles. I was 12% bf before and 16% after. Back down to 13% now and falling with a caloric deficit and cardio. No more hgh for me. (I tested it with bloodwork before and after etc)

    So, now I’m getting my body back to where it needs to be I’m thinking about cycling again. I like your old school anavar, test e, deca cycle. I read your protein article and it blew me away. I was doing 300 G protein daily on cycle and 200 off–did the same on GH. Could this have converted to belly fat?

    I’d like to run the cycle at normal calories, not defecit, and sup with your recommended liver pills. Does this sound okay? Do I only need 155-165 G protein per day?

    Thanks John!

    • I believe the #1 reason for the over-exaggeration on protein intake with bodybuilding is because of the lack of carbs and fats and the added protein makes up the remaining calories needed for a proper deficit. What I mean by this is it’s never been scientifically proven your body uses more than .8 grams per lb. of bodyweight in protein, however most people don’t want to take in 200 grams of fat a day to try and get conditioned. Therefore protein is the best thing to elevate since it helps you stay leaner and not too far from a normal deficit (about 500 cals/day below maintenance amount) So my best advice is to cycle your protein intake and don’t be afraid to have a week here and there where protein is cut in half. But for 190 lbs, I’d stick to the 200 grams/day of protein, because it’s also safe to say that not all of this protein will be synthesized and a routine protein consumption throughout the day may provide more protein that is actually used by the body and not excreted.

      HGH is definitely overrated and it can throw on water weight. It’s certainly not the end-all-be-all of performance enhancement. I think your cycle idea that you’re proposing sounds great, it’s really all diet man. Diet tight on that and you will be pleased with the results. Extra calories can convert to fat, but not extra protein. you probably went over maintenance without realizing it

  63. Hi John I just find your site and I think it’s great!
    Can u please look at my cycle
    I want to do something like this
    1-4 50mg anavar ed
    1-16 400mg boldenone e5d
    1-16 250mg cypionate e5d
    12-16 50mg winstrol eod

    I don’t care about big gains I want loose some weight get some strength and keep muscle ;)

    • use an aormatase inhibitor with HGH, it’s more effective. I remember reading something about nolvadex not being the most suitable thing with HGH, it somehow counteracts the effects to a slight degree. Run a little adex, like 1/2mg every other day is good enough. If you cannot acquire this then order Red Supps PCT and use just 1 cap/day throughout, the arimistane in that works very well

  64. Hey john this article was so music to my ears and exactly my thoughts! I started my cycle 3 weeks ago and started hold so much water do to the test cyp. I looked like a wale in my t shirts and couldnt stand the bloat. My cycle was 500wk cyp, anavar 60mg ed, and masteron 250×2 wk.

    I decided to drop the cyp to 200wk and do 60mg ed var and 400mg wk of masteron.

    Im looking for that hard look not that bloated huge look, im already a big guy just wanna be leaner and harder

  65. Wonderful goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff
    previous to and you’re just too wonderful. I
    really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re
    saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to
    keep it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you.
    This is really a great website.

  66. John first off thanks again for all your knowledge it’s been a huge help. I’m 8 weeks out from my next show. Going for my pro card so this one is really important for me. Everything is coming along great with one exception. I’m off my Deca and my tennis elbow is flairing up again. Makes working arms difficult and back. Can I do a small dose of Deca say 100 to 200 mg per week for joint relief or will the potential water bloat be to much to risk. I know you say it’s usually controlled by diet. I just don’t want to make a stupid mistake. Thank you Sir.

  67. Your low dose cycles are interesting, but I have a few questions for clarification.
    Example – your 200 mg/week of test, is that long or short ester? Because I’m assuming it’s long ester but that causes more bloat and water retention so short ester could also be a viable assumption.

    Secondly, depending on the ester from my previous question, how many times do you pin yourself per week? 200 mg of test e could be done once a week, but I’ve heard it’s better to break it up into atleast twice a week. Have you tried anything related to this and found different results?
    Thanks in advance!

    • I’m speaking in terms of long test esters, propionate would need to be shot at minimum Mon/Wed/Fri, however most go eod with it. I honestly believe the twice/wk injection schedule for long acting test that is suggested by many to be over-exaggerated in my book. The only reason I could see doing this is for when you’re using more testosterone than 1 pin can handle, other than that I have never seen an advantage with this or experienced one as I’ve done it myself

  68. Really nice reading.
    Im 39 years old never done a cycle before but been working out for around 20 years.
    Weight currently 200 pounds try to eat as clean as possible.
    For the last 12 months been reading a lot about cycles and i think im read to start,
    I’ve learned that Testosterone is the base of all cycles and Test E should be a good start for a beginner. I plan to use Anavar as well. Please take a look on my cycle and tell me your opinion:
    1-10 Enanthate 500mg (Mon-Thu)
    7-12 Anavar 50mg
    13-16 Clomid (100, 100, 50, 50)
    13-16 Nolva (40, 40, 20, 20)
    1-10 Adex 0.25mg (EOD)

    Should i use also HCG?
    Additionnaly i plan to Use Cycle Support during the cycle and PCT to protect the organs.
    Waiting your opinion

    • I think your PCT is a bit overkill, everything else looks good. If the cycle was heavier then I’d say your PCT is fine, but on just test and var it just looks like too much to me. I’d drop the clomid to 50/day for 4 weeks, keep nolva where it’s at. If you can get HCG then it’ll only help but it’s def not a dealbreaker to me on that cycle, as well as it being a first cycle

  69. Hi John,

    Need your help regarding following cycle WINNY/DECA/TEST. I only have 250mgs ampoules of Deca and Test Cyp. Please advise if the below cycle is good. I can also get 100mg of eacg test and deca ampoule if required.

    I have been training since 5 years and have used steroids mainly testosterone only few cycles and also with anavar or deca in the past. My body fat is 12% , My bloodwork is okay. Total cholestrol is 83 ( range upto 200) LDL is 46 ( range is < 150 ) HDL is 26 . Liver enzymes are good.

    Weeks 1-4; 250mg/week test, 250mg/week deca or 250mg/week test cyp and 350mg/week deca

    Weeks 5-12; 30mg eod winstrol, 250mg/week test, 350mg/week deca ( winstrol is new for me so i wanna run at low doses )

    I also have cabergoline and letrozole ( aromasix and adex/red PCT are pretty costly at my place – India ) in hand. I am not prone to gyno. Please advise if i can use Clomid post cycle and at what dose?

    Please advise ASAP. Appreciate yuour assistance.


    • cycle looks good to me, you probably don;t need caber or letrozol on those dosages, I’d just keep them on hand in case of prolactin issues which is HIGHLY, HIGHLY unlikely on that cycle. 1/2mg adex 3x per week should suffice. As for clomid, 50mg/day for 3 weeks post cycle, start it at 2 weeks after your last test injection, continue to use adex at 1/2mg 3x/wk directly after cycle and 1 week past the clomid use (4-5 weeks total on adex)

  70. Hey john. This is my cycle.

    500mg test e
    600mg mast e
    50mg proviron
    60mg var last 6 weeks.

    Should i run some aromasin with this cycle? Maybe half tab eod. Also when you run high mast with low test do you ever crash your estrogen and feel like shit. I like low test but i upped it for that reason.

  71. Why no dbol? I know people suggest insane dosages like 50mg a day, but what do you think about 20mg a day for first 3-4 weeks? Starting with low body fat with test e 500mg / week for a nice bulking cycle?

    • yea, I see no reason why not. I personally don’t handle Dbol as well as I used to but when I used to run it I got serious strength and mass gains, its a good kickstart to a cycle

    • It’s a hardening agent, but one that isn’t prevalent until you get really lean, sort of like masteron. It can also be used for libido between cycles or as a bridge between cycles. In the mentioned cycle, it’s sort of an old school kick on top of the masteron for hardening. Thats pretty much it

  72. Hi was wanting to know if the cycle I’m about to start is good. Deca 300mg a week testosterone E 500mg a week an dbol 40mg a day or is that to much an a waste.

  73. Found this article and this site looking up low dose cycles. Definitely an eye-opener and confirms what I’m experiencing right now.

    I did a competition last year and my coach had me on a ridiculous cycle. 400mg test eod, 300 deca ew, 150 tren eod, 50mg adrol ed, 50mg dbol ed. adex 1mg eod. I felt like complete shit. I was puffy, pimply, oily, moody and couldn’t sleep. And I wasn’t making gains. I think the huge amount of gear just caused my body to push back with estrogen and cortisol… not really sure but either way it was a giant waste. I got clean for a couple months and got my diet dialed in. I recently started a low dose cycle. 100mg prop, 100mg mast EOD and 60mg anavar ED. In 8 weeks I’ve gained 8 lbs and stayed hard and lean, I’d guess around 10%. I have good strength, good vascularity good pumps. I’m getting almost zero sides, just some night sweats but nothing like what I had before. I’m thinking of replacing the var with 50mg win simply for cost. 50x50mg win costs me the same as 40x20mg var. What would be the downside of that?

    • elevated cholesterol and possible joint pain, but more dramatic results on winstrol over anavar. I’d just limit the winny to 6 wks, it does elevate cholesterol a good bit

  74. Hi,

    Any recommendations would be appreciated, current stats
    31 years old

    After my first cycle I put on a sold 15-20lbs
    Test E 200mg 2x/week
    Deca 200mg (1/2cc 2x/week)

    I’m about to start my second cycle next week and would love some advice.

    Would you recommend I try
    Test E 200mg 1/2cc 2x/week
    Deca 200mg 2x/week

    Side note: never had any issue with deca dick, felt like it was quite the opposite haha

  75. What do you do when you live in the middle of a state that doesn’t allow private lab work done? Since I’m so young (25), won’t it raise eyebrows if I go to my primary doctor and ask for a script for a female hormone panel?

  76. Sir Doe, John:

    I read your brief detail breakdown about the cycle. You are very informative with helpful educated about these products. I would like to have an conversation with you about some products because im an 26 year male adult who suffers from Low T, having an pluntary glands blocking my ascent with an 0.05 to be close in numbers by only receiving 50% of my natural testosterone as it is. I been on testosterone cypinate 200mg/1cc weekly since i was 20 years of age. I have a few questions about adding deca with my test and var as well for an additional support for harder mass size. Any recommendation besides what you have listed from healthy, clean results and cycle as mentioned

  77. Thanks a lot for the info and sample stacks but I have two questions:
    Which of them would you recommend most while dieting to lose 1-2lbs a week?
    Which of them would you recommend most for dry, lean gains?

    I’m 45 and using 175mg test enanthate per week for trt and 10mg mk-677. The mk-677 has been fantastic for my sleep and recovery but has caused ~5 lbs water retention.
    I am 185 and 19.5% bf (started at 212lbs and 25.5%). My total daily energy expenditure is 2532kc and I am intaking 1912 (-620) which is about the limit I can stand hunger wise on a Gironda style keto diet.

    I look forward to hearing your answers as well as any other advice you have as currently the best advice I’ve found is to use test/tren/mast @ 350mg each per week but I have concerns about tren at my age.


  78. Hey John. I do t know if you still go on this page.
    For a eq / test run or a primo / test
    I take doctor prescribed trt now at 100 a week.
    What pct should I take and how much.

  79. This thread still lives lol. John ? I’m on Test 300mg and Deca 300mg per week. All is good with labs until I add Anavar at 60 mg per day. 10 mg tabs. Then my liver enzymes go up. Ast and Alt are both in the 60s to 70s with high being anything above 44. Should I worry about this or do you see similar results when adding Var. Thanks again!

  80. Hello I’m so happy I funded this site its amazing , and I always didn’t agree with people taking such a high doses of drugs ,
    I have a question about cycle I want to do and would like to hear what u thinking about it .
    I’m planing to run
    Omadren 250mg wk
    Masteron e 400mg wk
    Eq 300mg wk
    All cycle for 8 wks long I added boldenon just for joint pain cus I’m worried as I’m doing CrossFit and last running winstrol done some damage ,what u think it’s any sense adding eq or I should stay with proviron as u show i masteron 8 wk cycle ? Thank you so much in advance

  81. Hi John and much respect for sharing and caring for us all from Eastern Europe! Great fountain of wisdom, much appreciated brother.

    Have a quick and easy one for you i believe. I’m currently on a bit higher then trt dose 250mg/wk test enant bayeer pharma grade and added deca 250mg/wk 3 weeks ago. Also take caber 0.25 every 3 days or so. Wanted to ask what else would you put on my cycle like aromasin or arimidex and for how long would you hold deca for best gains? I’ve been lifting 11yrs, weighting 93kg and around 13% bf. Manipulated my diet now so want to shred for summer for that harder look.

    Thanks in advance brother if you find a couple minutes for me;)

  82. Hi John

    First of all thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge. It is a welcome change from seeing people on forums shitting on low dose cycles and claiming the only way you’ll see results are via massive doses.

    I’m interested in following something similar to your WINNY/DECA/TEST pre contest cycle. I’m 5’8, 195 pounds and around 17% bodyfat. Looking to lose as much fat as possible with retaining as much muscle as possible.

    I have bought 2 vials of a Test E/NPP blend which equals 200mg Test E/150mg NPP per ml. Its higher than your prescribed cycle, but would this cycle be okay:

    Weeks 1-4; 400mg/week test E, 300mg/week NPP

    Weeks 5-12; 50mg/day winstrol, 400mg/week test, 300mg/week NPP

    Kicking myself buying the blends now after reading this blog! But would the slightly higher than prescribed dosage still be okay?

    Thanks for your time, much appreciated!

    • Yes it will be fine. Just take the stuff, don’t overthink it, just ass. There is no perfect cycle, ultimately it’s hard training and diet

  83. Hey john
    Ive finished a course of sust an eq ran it for 3 months i don’t want to be of long as i have a deadline to meet. Ide like to know if it is worth doing a 4/5 week pct or better to cruise before starting my next cycle?

    • Depends on whether you’re open to TRT or not. Time on should equal time off, not counting PCT. If you cruise you are still on. Levels will diminish and one day you’ll need test replacement

      • thank you john. how do i email you?

        i have test-e 300 and deca 100 and anavar 10mg. and clomid 50 ready for pct. i just dont know how to stack these. ive only done test e 300 and dbol, nolva as pct and thats where my knowledge ends on stacking steriods. and ive read online on how to pct with clomid ait says 2 weeks of 50mg and next 2 weeks of 25mg. can i cut the clomid tablet in half cos i only have 50mg clomid. haha tnx in advance for the time.

  84. Hi John

    Which testosterone would you recommend?
    And if propionate, how would be the administration per week.
    Big fan bro

    • And I’ll run your recommended cycle of PRIMO, TEST

      Weeks 1-12; 500-700mg/week primobolan, 200mg/week test

      Would I need PCT after and Arimidex during the cycle?

      • If you aren’t on TRT a PCT is always recommended. Adex is pretty person specific, I myself wouldn’t need it on 200mg week test, but everyone is different. As a safeguard .5mg 2x weekly, shouldn’t need more than that. Estrogen is easier to crash than ppl think

    • Thanks. Any single ester test is good, I myself not a fan of blends of short and long esters. I hate sustanon. If using prop minimum is mon/wed/Fri pokes. A longer ester such as test e or cyp once a week is fine, unless you’re using a large enough volume of other oils paired with it, in that case twice weekly+ injects are needed simply for sheer volume of oil but not due to half life

  85. John,
    I have listened to almost all your podcasts and read most of what’s on your site. Thank you for being transparent. I love the information and it’s entertaining. I am 50 y/o and I have done TRT cycles only. I really like the results and want to run a cycle. What do you think of this cycle:
    wks 1-6 200 mg test prop per week
    wks 1-6 100 mg test cyp per week
    wkes 1-12 250 mg HCG per week
    wks 7-12 Winstrol 50 mg per day
    I have all of these compounds already. I was thinking of adding another compound such as Anavar, EQ or Decca. What do you think?

    • I think it’s ok, but you’re going to be feeling ill running winny those last 6 wks with no test in the mix. I would keep test throughout. Not a fan of high test, but you want some if on those other compounds. You could add any 1 of the other ones you’ve mentioned, but again, run throughout. I actually like the nandrolone/winny combo myself, say 200-300mg/wk deca wks 1-12 alongside it all . Best of luck -JD

  86. hi john how r u ?
    Please Recomend me.
    Going to Use First Cycle height 5.10 weight 90 kg bodyfat 40%
    Thaiger Cyponiate 250ml Monday Tuesday weekly.
    Anabol 2+2+2 daily 1st week and 1+1+1 2nd 3rd and 4th week.
    Provorion 1 tablet Daily
    4 week cycle is this good or anything wrong ?

  87. Hi John,

    Love your article and the way you write, am planning to run a EQ+ test( should it be short or long) +anavar 30mg /day. i want to run it for 12 -16 weeks. what are your thoughts on that?


    • Yes, 12-16 wks is good for eq. It’s not that it’s NOT BENEFICIAL running for any less duration. It’s just more beneficial if you can tip 12 weeks on it

  88. Is good cycle? :
    400mg testosterone proprionate

    300mg tren acetato

    300mg masteron proprionato

    What is the difference between a trenbol acetate and a trenbolone enanthate, masteron propionato and masteron enantato, test proprionato and test enantato/cypionato in terms of results? Which are the best for the draft?

    • Yea, that is fine. The difference is ester attached to the drug and rate of release/inject frequency.

      Tren acetate and masteron propionate needs to be injected 3× a week or every other day, an enanthate or cyoionate testosterone can be shot once a week. Test prop needs to be injected mon/wed/fri or every other day

  89. Nice blog friend, i got a question.
    Planning my 4th cycle ( i used only 400mg Test e cycles with Proviron and last time i added var at 30mg ).
    My cycle would look like:
    14 weeks
    400mg Test e
    400mg Primo
    50mg Proviron ( me and my wife loves the libido boost)
    3iu HGH
    30 mg var last 8 weeks.
    Does it looks ok?
    I got tren and deca and eq too, but health and mood is #1here. Im scared of tren sides with full shutdown, scares of deca dick and mood swings from EQ. What do you think? Thanks

    Pct is hcg clomid nolva as i used to.

  90. Hi John

    Long time reader and listener of your podcast. Just got a question that I’d greatly appreciated your help with.

    I’m 38 years old, got numerous cycles under my belt, and currently on 150mg Test E a week for TRT, which I have been on for over a year. I’m looking to cut up for the Summer, looking to drop about 16 pounds over 12 weeks whilst maintaining as much lean mass as possible. I’ll be following the routine from Shredded Ops.

    I’m looking to start the cycle you have mentioned above -WINNY/DECA/TEST (poor mans old school contest cycle). I was wondering, where you say to drop the Deca after Week 10, do you think it would be okay for me to carry on using the Deca til end of Week 12, then drop the Winny/Deca and reduce the Test back down to my TRT dose?

    Also, slightly stupid question maybe, but during the first Phase of Shredded Ops, for Press Ups, as I am lagging in my Lower Chest would I be able to do a mixture of standard press ups and Incline Press ups? I’ve heard that Incline press ups target the lower chest more.

    Thanks so much for your help, much appreciated!

    • Yes, you can carry on with the deca if you aren’t dosing it too high beyond the test.

      Yea, nothing wrong with the pushup variation either,go for it. Appreciate the follow! -JD

  91. Hello John.
    EQ is very toxic for your kidneys. It is kind of versatile but the question is why.
    I will explain it.
    EQ is metabolized in so many different metabolites. Some dose can elevate E2 while (probably a higher dose) will totally crush your estrogene. There could be interactions with the aromatase enzyme. It is the poorest choice of a compound, totally unpredictable.

  92. Hi John

    Just got a question about the Poor Man Pre Contest cycle. I’m planning on using 250mg Test E and 300mg Deca, one shot on Monday and the other on Thursday. Would it be best to do the Test E on Monday, Deca on Thursday, or do 0.5 ml of both on the Monday and the other 0.5ml of both on the Thursday?

    Thanks for your help!

  93. Hi John

    Long time reader of your blogs and site! Just wondering if you could help me with my upcoming Summer cut cycle. Unsure what would be best to do.

    Little about me, I’m 5’10, 195 pounds and around 18% body fat. I’m looking to keep as much lean mass as possible,but want maximum fat loss. I’m debating on the two below cycles –

    1 – Old School Pre contest cycle as per this article, but instead of 50mg Winny, combine with Pussy Slayer oral cycle

    2 – 250mg Test Prop and 250mg Tren Ace a week, combined with Pussy Slayer oral cycle for 8 weeks.

    Any help would be great thanks!

  94. Hi John

    Long time reader of your site. Just wondering if you could give me some advice on what to do for my upcoming summer cutting cycle.

    A little about me, I’m 5’10, 195 pounds and around 16-17% body fat. I’m looking to drop as much fat as possible in 10 weeks, with as little lean mass loss as possible. I have a couple of cycle ideas, but wondering what one may be best to help with my goal.

    1 – Poor Mans Pre contest cycle with 30mg Winny/30mg Anavar

    2 – Test E – 200mg a week
    Deca – 300mg a week
    100mg Anavar

    3 – Test P – 200mg a week
    Tren A – 75mg EOD
    30mg Winny/30mg Anavar for 8 weeks

    4 – Test P – 200mg a week
    Tren A – 75mg EOD
    Anavar – 100mg for 8 weeks

    Thanks so much for your help

  95. Do you ever run HCG for the last week of cycle and first two weeks of pct, or as any part of pct? Otherwise, how often and how much?

    Also, for the 12-week cycle, 300 Deca, 200 Test, 50 Winstrol:

    1. Which test (cypionate or enanthate)?
    2. How much estrogen control from week 8?
    3. What pct regimen?

    Thanks a lot. I figured a lot of advice uses overblown numbers on these.

  96. Hi.

    Wondering if I will still get some guidance.

    I have been using Deca on therapeutic doses 100-200mg per week for the last 12 weeks.

    I started Sustanon @ 135mg p/w from week 8-12.

    Took my last shot Deca today, and I am considering to take Anavar @ 50mg per day for the next 4 weeks to dry out appearance before starting PCT.

    Will this be ok, and will Anavar and Deca hinder desired aesthetic goals?

  97. Hi John, 41 year old, 220 pounds, around 16% bf, done previous test and test & winny cycle, looking for advise with below for cutting. Overall goal: drop bf to potentially single digits while keeping overall mass, if not gain a little.
    – week 1-14 test-e 250-300mg p/w
    – week 1-12 primo 400mg p/w
    – week 1-6 40mg/ed var
    – week 7-12 40mg/ed winny

    Would you run 4 compounds, or would you just stick with 3?
    Also, would you run primo for 10 weeks @ 500mg, or 12 @ 400 ?

    Many thanks,

    • You are better off staying on primo longer, I’d do the 12 wks (honestly what I would do is order more of it), nah the cycle as its proposed is a great one, remember to diet hard man!! The results are 90% diet. Thanx for following -JD

  98. Thanks JD, appreciate the response. I have only got 5x10ml of Primo, although i’ll take your advice and try to source some more. Also a question around dieting: would you drop calories progressively, or go hard from beginning ( planning to drop to around 1600 and do carb cycling towards the end )? I would highly recommend your book to anyone considering AS!

    • drop them progressively. You want results with room to go further and it’s best to do this slowly but consistently. Thanks for following the blog! -JD

  99. I totally agree with your way of doing things, I am almost 50, 6.2,102kgs and sit between 10-13% body fat year-round. My favourite cycle which I do twice a year is 200mgs test prop/200mgs NPP and 500mgs Primobolan, I run this for 12 weeks. test & primo all the way and the NPP from week 1-8. This gives amazing results, no need for an AI, and I haven’t had to use Caber either. I am on trt 160mgs per week so no PCT. Guys are using way too high doses and unnecessary orals. (In case anyone is wondering why I use test prop, I find it better than the longer esters and use it daily for trt )
    Keep up the good work!

    • Very solid stack right there! I’ve found that a little nandrolone with primo provides an excellent pumped look and strength while reaping the quality look primobolan can give a user, and test enough to stay on the up and up and ward off any potential sides. I too am a fan of that combination you’ve mentioned, thanks for following! -JD

  100. Hi John.
    I’m Planning to use Sus250mg/week for 12 weeks, Deca 200mg/week for 10 weeks, with Dbol 50mg/day 5weeks. with Arimidex 1mg/week follow by pct with Arimidex 0,5mg/week ,MK2866,Gw501516, nolva and clomit

    Previous cycle i did was sus250 with DBol with just nolva and clomit for pct.worked great but ater pct lost half my gains.


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