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How to Make Money as a John Doe Bodybuilding Affiliate in 3 Steps

Step 1) Submit your application for the John Doe Bodybuilding Affiliate Program.

It's quick and easy. Answer a few questions and submit your application. Applications are reviewed daily and typically approved within 24 hours.

I'm not a hard ass on applications. You don't have to be an affiliate marketing whiz. If you are just hoping to share your link with a few friends to help fund your own e-book purchases that's fine by me. I also offer optional payout by store credit if you wish to accumulate credits to spend at JDB.

Step 2) Generate links for the e-book(s) you want to promote in the affiliate area.

It's easy to create links directly to the specific product page you wish to promote. Even if someone visits the site from your link but decides to purchase a different e-book than the one you are promoting you'll still receive the referral credit. You can actually link to any page on the site but I'd recommend sticking with product sales pages to increase the likelihood of a purchase being made.

Coaching/training packages do not qualify for affiliate referrals.

Step 3) Share your link on your website or social media then sit back and collect your money.

DO NOT SPAM YOUR LINK. Please read the Affiliate Program Terms of Use before signing up to understand what is not acceptable.

How much money are we talking about here?

Affiliates earn 50% of single e-book sales and 30% of bundled e-book sales.

For example, Straight from the Underground is my most widely promoted and successful e-book and at $29.99 that will net you a referral commission of $15.00.

I also offer LIFETIME COMMISSIONS. This means once you refer a successful sale that customer will be linked to you as long as you remain an affiliate. Even if they come back a year after their initial purchase and buy something else you'll get the referral credit. I typically release a new e-book once a year so this gives you a good shot at earning some long term passive income.

I do not award affiliate commissions for coaching/training products.

How do you track referrals?

When you use your unique link(s) a cookie will be inserted into the browser of the person that clicks the link. This cookie has a 90-day lifespan. As long as they make the purchase within that 90 day window I can track the referral.

You'll be able to log into the affiliate area and view referrals and their current status (paid/unpaid/rejected).

How and when are payments made?

Payouts are typically between the 1st and 3rd of each month for referrals that are from the previous calendar month. Payments are made by Paypal or store credit if you wish. Note – store credits cannot be redeemed for cash so make sure you intend to use it for future purchases before choosing this option.


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