John Doe Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

John Doe Bodybuilding offers a 75% affiliate commission.

So how do you make money?

Very easy.

How to Make Money as a JDB Affiliate in 3 Steps


Step 1) Sign up for the John Doe Bodybuilding affiliate program here.

See more about signing up for the affiliate program below.

Step 2) Make a video review (or a blog article review) of a JDB book and post it on YouTube or your blog.

In the review you just need to give your honest feedback on the book. You don't need to over-hype the book, just say what you like or even don't like about it. Honesty is key.

Be sure to paste your affiliate link in the YouTube notes section or in your blog post so people can purchase it after watching/reading your review.


Step 3) Collect your money.

Affiliates are paid on the last Saturday of each month. You are paid for the previous month's sales (minus any refunds).

Note: You may also post a blog review if you are the owner of a blog.

How to Sign up to the John Doe Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

1) Click this link –>

2) Register for an e-junkie account (if you don't already have one).


3) Activate your e-junkie affiliate account.


4) Register your affiliate details.


5) Get your affiliate code by clicking the “Get Affiliate Code” link.


6) Select John Doe Bodybuilding from the merchant list.

jdbmerchant7) Get your affiliate link to the product you wish to promote. This link will track all sales that came from your video or blog review. Be sure to highlight the link in between the parenthesis (starting with https), then copy your link.

afflink8) Shorten your affiliate link. The affiliate link is long and ugly so use to shorten the link. Long links are ugly and short links are pretty. People don't link to click long links so make it easy for them.


9) Copy your new shortlink and use it as your affiliate link. Be sure to put this link in the YouTube notes section or link to it from your blog.

newshortlink10) Copy and paste your new short link into the browser and test it to make sure it direct to the product you want to promote.

After you verify the shortlink works you are now a John Doe Bodybuilding affiliate and you are ready to post your video or blog review.

Happy hunting!!!

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