What Readers Are Saying About “Becoming the Bull”

I have to tell you guys, I get so many questions on topics Becoming the Bull covers that it’s beyond ridiculous.

Those who have read this book probably know exactly what I’m talking about. There is no possible way I can give someone everything that I want to give them emailing back and forth.

I have been doing this for so long and have so many different ways to skin a cat, that I can hardly touch on the tip of the iceberg when I reply to some of you guys.

What I’ve found throughout the years with bodybuilding, is there really is no one best answer you can give someone. You really want to give them the education and you cannot without going into details and long answers that would be impossible to explain in one sitting, nor would they be able to be absorbed or comprehended by many guys without seeing the layouts on paper.

I wanted to give my readers more than just one answer to their questions, and more than just one plan of attack to build their physiques. I want to give you the education. When you pick up any bodybuilding book or reference guide, what you read about is exactly the way they want you to do the routine. Exactly how to eat, exactly how to train, and exactly how many days per week to be in the gym.

What you’re missing with this is the education.

Half of these routines and diets I’d be willing to bet the author of the book hasn’t even done before. They tell you “Eat 6 oz of turkey and an apple at 2 pm”. Really? So this guy ate exactly 6 oz of turkey and an apple every day at 2 pm. He never got in a jam, he never had kids to pick up from school, and life never fucked with his 6 oz of turkey and his apple at 2 pm.

Yeah right, that is a load of bullshit. I’M THE GUY TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO WHEN LIFE GETS IN THE WAY. I’m the guy who says go to Wendy’s, grab a grilled chicken sandwich and toss half the bread, substitute a potato for the fries, and get a diet Coke to drink. I’m the guy telling you that you’re wasting your fucking money on product xyz, and to spend your money on what really works.

You know what this industry is good at selling? It’s great at selling people false hope, that’s what.

I don’t sell anything but knowledge here. I could have had affiliate sites with bullshit links to products a long time ago on Johndoebodybuilding.com, and I could have made money from it. You know why I haven’t done it yet? Because I don’t sell people on bullshit at any cost!

I hate being lied too, and I especially hate being lied to from someone who could care less about giving me true knowledge and answers on the results I’m after. I wish I had someone who was honest with me when I first began this journey.

Guys, save yourself time, money, and headache, and start growing and getting shredded today!

Here is what some of my readers have said about Becoming the Bull...

Just started the back power routine today and it was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. I was drenched in sweat the entire workout it took me about an hour and half. Got home and took creatine with 10 grams glutamine and 10 grams BCAA. Can’t wait to get into this program! I think I’m gonna need to buy protein powder to hit my macros.

Hi mister, I just wanted to write to you and thank you for all your blog posts.

I started reading your blog around x-mas last year and your articles has truly inspired and motivated me.

I bought your e-book Becoming The Bull a couple of days ago and really enjoy reading it.

Your honesty and knowledge and straight forward writing is really captivating and great to read.

Mr. Doe,

First off, the book is great. I’d been planning to buy it since you announced it, just to support your blogging efforts alone – after three years of getting bad info and not really making much progress, I’m finally starting to see some results because of advice that you shared for free. So kudos, man. I’ve got a young family, so cash for building is definitely limited but I hope to do either a gold or silver training course with you as soon as I have the scratch.

Awesome! Thanks for the prompt response.

Your book is great btw. Best life advice I’ve had. Thank you for it I really appreciate it.

Hey John, pleasure talk to you.

By the way, sorry about my english. I’m actually brazilian but I have been here in Australia since 1th august to learn english.

So, i purchased your book And really liked it. Good stuff! Congrats!

John, great book man. Read it in one night. I think the section about “having balls” is worth it’s weight in gold, especially for the younger guys out there. Sometimes you gotta just let it go and go for it. Personally, Everything I ever achieved was when I stepped out of my comfort zone. (Women, athletics, jobs). That’s just a fact. At 38, I found you have to constantly fight complacency in training… and in life.

I’m a 67 year old x bodybuilder, I still love to train. I have a son in college that has been training for 3 1/2 years, he is very serious with it. Over the last year he has not made any gains. He is asking me about steriods which I took in the the late 70’s and 80’s that I used to compete. You and I know that eventually he will use them in the future because he is like me and he has more potential then I had. He is very symetrical just lacking the size and patience to put in the years of training. My question is; are the prohormones more dangerous? I believe you mentioned a product called Super DMZ 2.0 a while back. We are looking to do a 4 week cycle with an on cycle and post cycle. The internet is so full of ya’s and na’s. My son is asking for my help so I’m trying to go the best route. He knows the dangers, he knows he should stay natural but he still wants to take the next step. Hope you can help. Maybe you can do an article for us old guys who still dream. Thanks, we liked your book very much. Keep it up.

Hi John,

I have been reading your blog and have bought your new book. I have a question for you. Do you consider 67kg at 169cm good progress for a 16 year old who has been training for about 3 years? If not, what should be my number 1 priority if I want to get bigger and maintain my body fat levels?
I have attached a progress picture so that you can better understand my situation. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question!

Greetings Brother! Wanted to thank you for not only the awesome book but the the blog as well that I have been following for about a year now. You said we was entitled to one question if we bought the Bull before Sep 2 so here is goes… don’t have one set question perhaps I just need to STFU and lift and follow your advice you see I’m at a turning point in my life I’m 44 years and about to retire later this month after 24 years in the Navy. I have lifted weights since high school but not as consistent as I should have don’t like to make excuses but partying and 15-18 hours a day at times on the flight deck of a aircraft carrier I made excuses. I love how it makes me feel but I would be going good for a few months and then stop for awhile then start the cycle all over again but now I’m older I’m more discipline and at 44 it’s fucking go time now! I really don’t care about competing at this point I just want to well become the BULL… really trying with the diet and supplements just taking liver tablets right now you and Victor Pride woke me up about supplements I have done a cycle with DMZ which I liked and I love the chapter on roids but since I live with my girlfriend who is a deputy sheriff I will not put her in the situation. I know Bro I’m rambling but my question is what do you say to a 44 year old dude who wants to be the BULL… advice and pointers you may have not mentioned in your book? I won’t take up anymore time I’m sure you are getting blasted with emails. I wish you and your family the best. Take care Brother.

First of all, congratulations for your new book, its very interesting and full of useful resources, plus, the design is really good looking.

At one point you talk about taking your confidence in the gym in your everyday life to reach your goals. I like this part a lot because it is something that I would like to improve. How can I take that confidence I feel during and after a big workout and use it in my life? I always find I lack confidence at my job and with my interactions with others, I’m more timid, But when I hit the weights I’m totally different.

I also liked chapter four… any specific advice to hit on older women? (late 20, 30+) I find myself attracted to older women :p I’m 22

Hi John,

Just purchased your book and love the fresh new approach for a beginner’s program. My question is this: I have to travel upcountry for a week soon; what can I susbtitute in lieu of dumbbells/barbells for the concentration curls/shoulder presses?

Great book bro. I like how you added the bodyweight workouts to your
routine. I’ll be starting the mass building routine tomorrow. Hearing
your boy Dave’s story makes me never want complain about anything in
life. If I have any questions your my go to guy. Thanks bro

I needed chapter 4 the most after the victory I had this weekend. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend of 1 year and in a month I replaced her with the lady I have now. This was our first night we had sex and I knew I replaced that ungrateful bitch with a pleasant and prettier girl. In fact, I showed her what you said about deep tissue massages and she gave me a great one after sex tonight, hahaha

I bought it this morning and am reading it in one sitting after a BBQ I just had

Hi, I have emailed you before, and I thought that your advice was sound, so I bought your book and read it. I like the proposed routines, how most of them focuses not only on looking strong, but also on actually being strong. However I am interested in Olympic lifts as well, and something I have been thinking about a lot recently is the old bodybuilders, who were just all around strong as well as big, Franco Columbo, John Grimek, Reg Park Arnold, Marvin Eder and Clarence Ross etc

Hi John!

Recently discovered this site and have appreciated reading your insight very much. I think it falls in line with a lot of my own beliefs, as well as my previous coach and mentors, who’s opinion I valued greatly. Lower dosages, hardcore training, and great nutrition always beat a gram of test a week. and it looks AWFUL. So that’s why i thought you’d be good to ask as you have more experience then me in the drug area.

THANK you so much John. Really appreciate your insight in to this. I’m still relatively inexperienced so it’s good to get some feedback from people like yourself.

Hey John,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve read the book and it’s freaking awesome! I love it.

Hey man,

I just finished reading your book. Good job man! I’ve been keeping up with your blog for sometime now. I have a few questions regarding training that I hope you won’t mind answering.
A little background first…

I’m a 35 year old male who works in construction. For the last few years, I’ve felt really tired and beat up. Turns out I have low testosterone. Up until that point I never did any PEDS. Not sure why my levels got so low (low 170s), but I recently found a doctor that has Rx’d testosterone, HCG and Pregenolone along with an AI. I have been feeling much better and am ready to get back in the gym. That said, I have quite a bit of fat to lose. I’m 5’10 and weigh 235. BF% is probably around 25-30%, based on chart pics I’ve found on the internet. So my questions are…

Where is the best place for me to start regarding weight training? I’m looking to make a body transformation as opposed to win a bench press contest. How should I structure my workouts?

While I do admire a ripped physique, my goal is more to get into the 12-15% bf level. Working a labor job, really low carb and calorie diets make work much more difficult. How would you structure a diet for someone who wants to look good, but not necessarily a body builder?

Lastly, my doctor mentioned Sermorelin. He said he would Rx me the medication if I wanted it. I wasn’t really sure if it was something that would be worthwhile for someone in my situation. He says it helps patients slim up. Any thoughts.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

Take care,

What’s going on John Doe. Quick question I like your routines in your new book

But I’m kind of thinking a full body routine 3-4 day a week plus a bodyweight day would get me bigger quicker. And of course eating a lot, just wanted your take as to what routine would be more beneficial. I’m 6,2″ 176lbs. And pretty lean. Thanks bro.

Hi John Doe,

First off, big thank you for this special offer and the rest of the book. It was a great read! While I have no interest in getting into steroids at this point in my life, the sections dedicated to training, life and diet were all really good. You definitely should keep doing what you are doing, despite the hard work involved.

I read in your book that you have always had big shoulders but it was your chest that lacked size. You see, for me I’m the other way around. I managed to get a big chest straight away from going to the gym. But the shoulders are more difficult to grow. From your experience, what do you feel works best for shoulders. higher reps vs lower reps? hitting them every day? presses vs raises and upright rows? I also do have a wide back as I am aware this makes me look wider but the shoulders I’m still not happy with. I just want to hear your thoughts on this.


Man, I’m so pumped right now, I won’t be able to go back to sleep! :)

I’ll update my dietary approach as per your recommendation and I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Stop spinning your wheels and getting nowhere!

My knowledge and straight forward approach will change your entire outlook on building muscle, living life, and finding balance.

If you’re a fan of old school muscle, a newbie, intermediate, or even an advanced athlete, there is something to gain with this book! N

ot only do I talk about building my physique, I tell a story about building my life and my character, and how bodybuilding provided me with the tools that I needed to become a totally different person.

You can benefit so much with this lifestyle if you’re willing to put in the work and go the distance. If you’re willing to take the hits, and keep moving forward, then I can give you the battle plan! Stop following the pack like a lost sheep, and start roaming the pastures like a bull!

Becoming The Bull ebook


33 thoughts on “What Readers Are Saying About “Becoming the Bull””

  1. Hi.im from india.my question is out of this topic.i want to know your measurements chest,arms,wrist,forearm,calves,thighs,waist…and im small framed coz my wrist is 16.5cm or 6.5inch.

    • Yes, you probably have a smaller frame if you were basing it on wrist size. But keep in mind, Arnold Schwarzenegger had smaller wrists and he got pretty big don’t you think? My measurements are arms 19″ cold, chest 51″ cold, quads 27″, calves 19″, waist size 33″, forearms 14″, neck 18.5″, not sure on wrists but I have big wrists. Most watches I buy need an extra link added to them

  2. i will give my body measurements then tell me how is my genetics and body frame.chest 36inch,thighs 19 inch,arms 12inch,calves14 inch,waist 31inch.bodyfat 14percent.im still 17.and i have never lifted weights till now

  3. what do you think what will be your measurements now if you remained natural.if u were just working out and eating balanced diet plus supplements.no hormones and steroids

    • damn near close to the same thing, because I’ve totally changed my genetic structure and physiology over the course of almost 20 years.

  4. then what is the benefit of steroids u have taken?and one cant change his genetics.one can overcome his genetic muscle limit only by steroids.lets take a example,one person lifting for 20 years and natural and other one also lifting for 2
    0 years but take steroids also.both have same average genetics.im 100percent 2nd one will have more muscle.both cant have same physique

  5. then what is the benefit of steroids u have taken?and one cant change his genetics.one can overcome his genetic muscle limit only by steroids.lets take a example,one person lifting for 20 years and natural and other one also lifting for 2
    0 years but take steroids also.both have same average genetics.im 100percent 2nd one will have more muscle.both cant have same physique.now what u say?

  6. First off, I wish there was I like button for your comment ^.
    Steering things in a different direction, your book rocked. I love the blog, but the book had it all. Gave me some new things to try and motivation to keep hitting it hard. As long as you keep writing I’ll keep reading.

  7. I read Victor’s review of Becoming The Bull and remembered the first day I bought your book. After skimming through it I ended up on Chapter 4 and immediately grinned widely. As I looked at my lady, I remembered how two months ago I ended it with a toxic bitch and replaced her with a cute shy girl. I read your entire book in one sitting (technically 4 or 5 since I was having sex between pages and chapters… but I finished it before I went to bed, hahaha) that night after a BBQ and even showed her what you said about deep tissue massages. That was the best damn massage I ever received and I am happy we contributed to eachothers’ victories that night. In fact, the highlight of my September was seeing that my testimony was comment 13 of these reviews.

    I am also happy to report that I completed 30 Days of Discipline on November and did your 125 Routine as the exercise. I lost about 15lbs. and am eating a lot better than I used to plus I am happy to have finally joined a gym. I admit, your exercise routines seem too complicated for me to do, but Victor and your books have motivated me to break so many plateaus both in the gym and in life.

    Keep writing kick-ass articles John. I look forward to purchasing “Straight From The Underground” once you release it.

    – Fred Mason

    • Thanks brother, “straight from the Underground” is on the way, it’s taken me a little longer than I thought it would. I decided not to make it a reference guide, but more along the lines of everything I’ve personally done to help get me to where I’m at. How I used it, dosages, problems, troubleshooting, etc etc. It’s coming man, thanks

      • Your reference guide is your experience, nothing else is needed beyond that. The readers don’t rely on the eggheads and their studies due to their lack of experience. That is why “Straight From The Underground” will hold more authority than whatever the hell scientists wish tell us.

  8. Hey John!

    I’m really interested in following Becoming the Bull, but I have “concern.” Is steroid use really that important? Because I’m more interested in just being strong and healthy, and so I don’t really want to use anabolics. Will the training program still work without chemical assistance? Or will you just end up overtrained and fatigued?

    • Yes, it will still work fine and you can do a hell a lot naturally. I just had a 42 yr old hardgainer complete 12 wks of training and he packed on 14 lbs of mass with my diet and training assistance, all natural with no supplements. This is more than many guys do even on cycle. Yes, it can be done!!!

  9. A friend bought the book for me. It’s got lots of great information in it. I have read it 3 times. Wish I had read the book when i was with my ex. I am now in the process of simplifying my life. I have already changed my work environment as no.1 priority and now culling a heap of shit out of my life including possessions i no longer need. Next step is to reevaluate my relationships in my life. This is stuff i knew in the back of my mind but your book confirmed it and got me organised…. Thanks.

  10. Read the book twice, bought it right after Victor recommended, I suggest you guys buy the damn book, great information and worth the money, great life lessons and I especially loved reading part of your struggle I really resonated with some of it, it touched the old heart, keep up the great work John doe, I appreciate what you have done for me, on a personal level. Your words have magic in them and can touch the reader. Thanks for all you do – Scooter P.S I love you. “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

  11. Great book! Thank you very much for all the information John!

    Which L-arginine is better to be taken in capsules or powder?

  12. John, I can’t understand what “lipton side dishes flavoured rice” is.

    Is it for example one dish of chicken breast and rice?

    I know it is stupid. I can’t find this brand in the market where I live.

    What do you suggest?

    Thanks man

    • It’s just these bags of flavored rice that take about 10 minutes to cook. Hell, they may not even make them anymore, but in any event just get yourself some rice, flavored is fine for now

  13. Hi John Doe,

    I’m 23 and I’ve been training for two years know. Don’t follow a diet yet but train my ass off in strength training / bodybuilding.
    I’ve bought your book a couple weeks ago and read it twice. It’s really a gold mine of informations. The training programs look really solid and the diets not overcomplicated.

    I’m following Victor Pride’s Body of a Spartan training routine right now and it feels good, so I don’t gonna switch immediately to yours. But I will definitely follow your diet advice and try to alternate 2 weeks of the low carb “kick start” with 6 weeks more higher in calories, following your meals schedule.

    The best thing, in my opinion, about Becoming the bull, is that, beside sharing precious knowledge, you share a part of yourself and very inspiring life experiences. That’s what makes the book UNIQUE!

    Thanks for making such a good work with your book and your blog.


  14. This is pure gold! Both for beginners and pros, the best 9.99 dollars you can ever invest for your fitness goals and the best book about body building I have ever read by far. If you read this one alongaside with Bigger, Leaner, Stronger and then Beyond Bigger, Leaner, Stronger from Michael Matthews you have all you want to know about the rest of your body building basics life!

  15. This book is amazing. Tons of info! Im currently stacking Ostra Shed with Anafuse and following the SCT training and nutrition and i already see results on my first week!! Even my girlfriend says i got bigger yet still skinny. She’s always clinging on my arms now.

    • right on man!! You can’t go wrong with SCT!! A lot of instinctive principles, certainly not the easiest guide to training, but it works!!


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