Kicking Your Body Into Overdrive

I gotta be honest here with you fellas, I'm fucking beat up. I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night in the past 9 days now, and I'm training hard as hell and dieting tight. Today was about my breaking point. I couldn't be around people, I am irritable, and I needed some sort of release.

So I went jogging down by the river. I ran about 4-5 miles. It was a bitch, but being down there away from it all with just my headphones on was nice. I drank a few diet Cokes today, I hit a few wintergreen dips, but eating clean I stuck the path. Sometimes you just need to get away from all the bullshit, and there are other ways to do this besides eating junk. I'm not perfect. I wish I didn't dip. I wish I could quit caffeine, but in times of war and dieting for the win you gotta do what you gotta do.


As I was jogging, I got the idea for this blog post. One thing I've done lately is blast and cruise with my cardio. I may hit cardio 3 days in a row and then not do it again for 3 or 4 days. My body responds well to this, it's cut, cut, cut, fill back out… cut, cut, cut, fill back out. Just when I'm starting to go a little flat I take a few days break and I'm looking great.

This may be something you want to experiment with, it's working for me. As for jogging, I don't jog A LOT, but damnit I like to know I can still do it. At 220 lbs I can still manage a 6 minute mile, and it's a bitch but I can do it. Don't let any of these dumb fucks try telling you that you can't do things like jogging or cycling if you're a bodybuilder, that's utter bullshit. Maybe for them they see no point in it, but damnit I like to stay athletic. The trick is to keep it SPONTANEOUS AND BRIEF. There is nothing wrong with a 20-30 minute jog, an hour on your mountain bike, or rollerblading or whatever. I just wouldn't be doing it day in and day out.

OK, so you've been trying to cut body fat, a few things you should know. The further you get into it, the faster changes start happening. The first month or so you may not think you're doing much, and then all of a sudden it's like bang, shit just starts taking off! You have to stick the path long enough to see it. Once you see it you'll be so much more motivated to go for more. Going for more is all about what you can handle and manage.

Cracking eggs and eating fish is gonna get old. You're gonna get irritable. Try finding releases for yourself. Once a week get your ass in the woods for a hike or a bike ride, go swimming, run some stairs outdoors. There is something to be said for getting your feet out on real pavement or dirt and doing the damn thing, its different than a treadmill.

You can shut that treadmill down at any time and get off it, you go out in the woods and the only way you can turn it off is to get your ass back to the car, on foot! The only way to make the time go quicker is run or cycle faster. You can do anything, drag a weighted sled up the road, split some firewood, but fuck it just do something! The Stairmaster is great, the treadmill is nice, but keep it hardcore once in awhile.

Meal timing

Fuck meal timing! 2 hours? Every 4 hours? Who gives a shit, drop the nit pick nonsense and do the best you can. Some days I hit 6 meals, some days I hit only 4 or 5, I do not worry about this as much as I used to. Another thing you can do is take a day here and there and only eat when you're hungry, but eat healthy. This has also sparked progress for me before. Once in awhile drop the water intake. Just drink the shit when you're thirsty.

There is going to come a point where you're going to be very stressed, tired, and don't think you can keep going on for any further progress than this. But you can. You need to have days once in a while like I'm talking about. You ever do some dumb ass shit and look better the next day or two, and you can't figure out why? Maybe you added carbs that night, maybe you dropped them, fuck it maybe you ate a cake? LOL Who knows, but it worked. There are ways to stick the path while giving yourself a break. It becomes more of a mental break than a physical one.

If you're at John Doe Bodybuilding then we already know you can put yourself through some physical fucking warfare. I'm just telling you how to go to the beaches of bodybuilding fucking Normandy!

God damnit I'm pumped, let me hit this black coffee and go get this shit!



4 thoughts on “Kicking Your Body Into Overdrive”

  1. Haha, i know what you mean. It is always a satisfying feeling when you can eat some junk and look better for it the next day, i know i tend to look fuller and more vascular when i have done so and i also seem to maintain a pump for almost a day after a session.

    Just say that i have worked chest and bi`s i know 24 hrs after i have doen the work that if i have a certain traditional cheat meal i stay very jacked long after i have finished. can you shed some light on this at all John?

    By the way will you be releasing a training book at all soon?

  2. This is an awesome article!! Some awesome tips. Yeah its funny when you go out for a run or something you HAVE to follow through just to get your ass back home!

    Quick question what other kind of cardio do you do when you go hard for 3-4 days then take a break and get back into it?

    Im sure you have heard of plyometrics but thats some hardcore cardio. Itll improve your athleticism like no other. Glad to hear youre pumped!!

  3. Thanks for sharing :) I love your tips It’s workable Don’t be afraid to ask for some professional guidance. Make a fitness professional’s day by showing interest in maximizing your transformation.


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