HIT Training, Food, and Dbol! Major Gains on a Budget

Yesterday I went and trained at the gym. My routine took me about 25 minutes and here is what I did; 1 set of leg extensions, 1 set of squats, 1 set of close grip pull-ups, 1 set of lateral raises, 1 set of machine shoulder press, 1 set of barbell curls, 1 set of high row machine (hammer strength machine) and 1 set of shrugs.

Now, that doesn’t look like much does it? And I’m sure many of you are wondering “Where are the warm up sets?” Easy, my warm ups are within my work set on the first few reps. My form is so strict and slow, and I’m so in tune with my body that I can get away with doing this. Therefore, there is no light or moderate sets to tax me any before my work set. I’m able to take a weight that most people would fail at just a few reps, and push that weight well into the teens and 20’s on reps!

Your body responds to a stimuli, period. My body doesn’t say “Now wait a minute, he put me through hell with this large amount of weight, but he only gave me 1 set!” No, it just doesn’t work that way, you expose yourself to something new and you respond, end of story.

I don’t train this way all year long, but I always revert back to this for about 6-8 week blocks. Usually by week 6 or 8 my body can’t handle anymore, and I need to back off for a while. But a good, hard couple months of training this way will yield some damn good results. I’m sure many are wondering about injury here right? You’d think I was more prone to injuring  myself without those warm-ups huh? It’s actually quite the opposite, I’m less prone to injury because I’m coming back into the gym fully recovered every time.

Everyone thinks you need to do all of this crazy shit in order to grow, but sometimes it’s exactly the opposite. Giving yourself enough of a shock to grow, but allowing for adequate rest yields serious results.

But intensity is the key, you have to treat those sets like it’s your last workout ever. I may only do 8-10 sets total in a workout, but I leave everything I have on that gym floor. I’m dripping with sweat, I’m pumped up, and I’m beat up after I train. For that brief time frame, it’s a level of intensity nobody could possibly match training for 2 hours straight.

And the beauty is, I’m hitting each muscle group about 3 times a week and still making gains! I sort of look at this like an inmate getting let out of his cage for a brief time frame, you just go nuts.

If you’re not making progress in terms of reps or increased weights or both, you’re wasting your fucking time. If you’re cutting up for a competition that is a different animal, but I’m speaking in terms of growing here.

It is my belief that this is the absolute fastest way to grow that there is when it comes to training. It actually takes more discipline to train this way than to go to the gym every single day, but mark my words if you do this you will grow rapidly!

It’s results you’re after right? Then listen up! I want you to pick 8-10 different exercises that cover your whole body, and train 3 times week. It’s OK to switch them up each workout too. If you did flat bench on Monday, there is nothing wrong with incline bench on Wednesday. A couple muscle groups like legs and back take a couple different exercises to cover since they’re large muscle groups, but the biceps, triceps, chest, and occasionally delts can all be stimulated perfectly fine with just 1 exercise per workout.

Let’s talk about food…

Food is getting expensive, and it’s getting hard to find any way around it. Forget about egg whites, fillet mignon, and avocados here. This is building and those foods cost way too much money for a routine like this. This article is geared towards growing, period! Fuck getting a little soft here, fuck having perfect abs (yes, still train them!), this is all about slapping mass on your frame!

For foods you should be buying ground beef, pasta, whole eggs, oats, whole milk, rice, and potatoes. This isn’t anything fancy here, we want calories!

A diet for gaining mass for most people around 150-180 lbs would be as such:

Meal 1 – 5 whole eggs, 1 glass whole milk, bowl of oatmeal (the milk is for the calories and protein, don’t worry about the sugar right now)

Meal 2 – 1/2 lb ground beef, cup of rice

Meal 3 – large glass of whole milk, half-1 box of macaroni and cheese

Meal 4 – 1/2 lb ground beef, large bowl of oatmeal, salad

Meal 5 – homemade weight gain shake, made from whole milk, peanut butter, oats, 2 eggs, chocolate syrup

Fuck eating clean right now, go this route for 6 weeks! Your new strength will help burn more calories anyways, you won’t add much fat in just a couple months on this. Keep cardio brief, just 20 minutes a session 3 times a week!


When it comes to steroids the cheapest one that will put on the most strength in my book is DBOL aka Dianabol.

I’m not one of these guys that says you NEED TEST in every cycle. I’ve done a few Dbol only cycles in the early years and had good results. My sweet spot was 35 mg/day.

You should be able to get a couple hundred Dbol’s for $100-$200 gym prices. Sometimes much cheaper depending on where you go.

Grab some Dbol and Clomid, if budget is an issue this is fine and it’ll get you by. You can easily pack on 20-30 lbs in 2 months by combining this style of training with the food and the Dbol tabs.

Personally I don’t use Dbol anymore for other reasons, but as a beginner I did and it got me big and strong! Dbol will make you stupid strong, give it about 5-6 days to get in your system and you definitely know you’re on something.

If budget is an issue, and you still want to pack on some mucho muscle, follow my advice!

Over and out!


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22 thoughts on “HIT Training, Food, and Dbol! Major Gains on a Budget”

    • I have always had better strength gains when I took then evenly throughout the day, if u have 5 mg tabs and you’re using 25 mg a day, you wanna dose it 5x a day. I’d take it with meals myself

  1. Why don’t you use Dbol any more John ? Due to liver toxicity ? For somone possibly Gyno sensitive would you advise against this cycle? What type you of PCT would you run on this?

    • Dbol just makes me feel ill, it kills my appetite, and I don’t handle it as well anymore. I didn’t have these issues when I was younger and using it. But I write articles for everyone, just because I don’t do well with it anymore doesn’t mean someone else may not love it. If you’re gyno sensitive you need to stay the hell away from dbol. For PCT, nolvadex and clomid for 3-4 weeks

  2. Hey john,

    Great article, I’d really like to give the full body Hit routine a try. I noticed that you didn’t train your chest in the workout above, just wondering how u set up your three days. Also what would you rotate this with?


    • I believe I was dealing with a pectoral micro-tear back when I wrote this. For chest definitely dont neglect it, some form of incline or flat press would be good, then alternate between those on different days, or possibly just do flys ansbstretching on another given day

  3. John, if I train first thing in the morning, should I eat the Meal #1 before the workout or Meal #1 as a post-workout?

    • I don’t place a lot of emphasis on this, the body is great at adapting to meal timing and training and early morning training on an empty stomach can help promote fat loss. You may find you feel weaker at first, but give it a couple weeks and you’ll probably see no difference as your body adjusts to it

  4. Dianabol is fantastic. Feel good on it, and massive strength/size increases. Coming off of it sucks, lose a lot of water and its pretty easy to get gyno if you do not know what you’re doing.

  5. John, I run test (low dose) year round, I’ll be stacking dbol pretty soon to add some mass. Never had a problem with gyno in the past, but I keep nolva on hand, just in case. Will this be enough to keep gyno under control? I don’t have clomid, cuz like I said, I never come off test. Should I get some before I start?

      • Okay and how slow do you workout here- because you just wrote “my form is so strict and slow”…

        how slow is it when you are doing this type of workout ( I know that in one article you wrote that for bench press you sometimes do a 10 second positive and a 10 second negative)

        So, could you give one example how you train here- maybe how many seconds for bench press here and what weight you would use in that case? thx

  6. Meal 1- 5 whole eggs, 1 glass whole milk, bowl of oatmeal (the milk is for the calories and protien, don’t worry about the sugar right now)

    **Protein **

    • Being on cycle makes no difference in rate of development compared to other bodyparts when you have trouble areas. Training is training, cycles are secondary to training

  7. How did you run the dbols and how did the dbol only cycle feel when you were younger ? As to now ? If you were to stumble upon a dbol included cycle

    • split them up and ran it for periods of 6-8 weeks at around 35mg/day. I felt very strong and powerful but it really didn’t do much to look better. As for now, nah man…sluggish and lazy, shit results in every other aspect besides strength in the gym


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