The demise of men and low testosterone!

demise of men

I was leaving the gym today and one of the girls at the front desk spoke to me on the way out. Now, this girl wasn’t necessarily speaking to me in any specific sort of way outside of just the normal courtesy of gym employees at the front desk. I honestly don’t care who you …

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A BIG REASON why your steroid cycle can stop working!

why your steroid cycle may stop working

This is a topic that many fail to talk about and isn’t part of normal cliche information involving performance enhancement. What I talk about in this article all revolves around general health and when overall health declines so does your body’s ability to benefit from performance enhancement. I was talking with a friend of mine …

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2017 Operation Shredded Results!

Operation Shredded 2017 Results

In the past I’ve hosted a couple online transformation contests. One was geared towards getting lean and I did another one called “Operation Mass Monster” which was geared towards growing. I decided that it was easier to just do a transformation contest where the judging was based on whoever made the most visual transformation. I …

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Healing Shoulder Injuries Caused By Weightlifting

Healing shoulder injuries caused by bodybuilding

If you revamp your training strategy and begin taking care of yourself then you’ll find that most injuries will eventually heal. MOST SHOULDER INJURIES WILL HEAL IN DUE TIME IF YOU TRAIN SMARTER Yes, sometimes surgery is required, but most of the time you can avoid this if you recognize the problem when it starts …

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