About John Doe Bodybuiling

So you want to know…

Who is John Doe?

I'm a guy just like you, I have fucked up and continue to fuck up.

I live and I learn, last night I drank a deuce of Coors Light and 2 glasses of red wine, then ate a Reese's peanut butter cup.

I hadn't had a cheat meal in at least a week so I suppose I was due for something, LOL.

I'm a guy who has struggled working labor jobs before, I've had jobs where I had to sneak into a bathroom to get a meal in so I wouldn't get fired.

I've had to sneak off construction sites and hide under a trailer to eat.

I'm often up at midnight still cooking, so I can have my meals prepped for the next day, despite losing a couple hours of sleep.

I wake up early and cook before I leave to work sometimes.

I've vomited from training hard.

I went for a jog in the woods one time and got lost, and had to trek through the dark to get back to my vehicle.

I've gone to the gym still drunk from the night before with no sleep.

I do what it takes because this is who I am and this is whats important to me.

I don't live like a slob or make the above regular practice, but I'm telling you these things because like all of you, I struggle to try and walk a straight line, but when I cant I don't look for excuses.

I don't justify JACK SHIT.

I keep on keeping on, like a warrior.

I'm a modern day Viking, and fuck what people think.

Who is John Doe?

You're going to find out!

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