The BASIC JDB Physique Coach Screening Process

JDB physique coach screening process

Creating a basic JDB physique coach screening process has become necessary. Some people THINK that they want to make a change, but once they see the level of commitment and discipline required, their inner pussy takes over and doesn’t allow them to make changes! They then bitch and whine about their training program and get …

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man doing pushups

There isn’t a day that passes lately without somebody asking me, “So, how is everything going?” I’m assuming that many of them are expecting me to bitch about how all of the gyms are closed down and that my workouts and diet are have been suffering. But you see, that isn’t the answer they’re gonna …

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How do I get Motivated to go to the Gym?

gym motivation

I have a lot of people always ask me, “How do you get motivated to go to the gym?” I can usually answer questions a lot better if I write them out after I’ve had more time to think about what was asked, so here you go… HOW DO YOU GET MOTIVATED TO TRAIN?¬† EASY. …

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My Tips for Major Leg Growth!

My Tips for Major Leg Growth

For several years I had trouble getting my quads to match my upper body in terms of development and separation. That struggle lead to trying a lot of different things to get results and I want to share some tips for leg growth. It wasn’t that my legs weren’t strong and it wasn’t that they …

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2017 Operation Shredded Results!

Operation Shredded 2017 Results

In the past I’ve hosted a couple online transformation contests. One was geared towards getting lean and I did another one called “Operation Mass Monster” which was geared towards growing. I decided that it was easier to just do a transformation contest where the judging was based on whoever made the most visual transformation. I …

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Advanced Bodybuilding Rep Schemes

Advanced bodybuilding rep schemes

I’m sure it’s been drilled into your heads as much as it was drilled into mine, low reps and heavy weight for building and high reps and moderate weight when trying to get “toned.” What a bunch of bullshit! Do you have any idea how much I’ve gone outside of the box when it came …

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High Intensity Training vs. High Volume Training: Which is Better?

High intensity training versus high volume training

HIT VS VOLUME.¬†Which style of working out is the better approach for bodybuilding? It’s hard to discredit either style of weight training because there have been countless examples of people who have built incredible physiques using both. So my stance on it is pretty simple; I’m partial to HIT (high intensity training) for recovery purposes, …

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