Yoga for Bodybuilders

That's right. I said yoga for bodybuilders. You can think what you want, but definitely don't talk trash until you've tried it. It's brutal, I'd rather hit a set of 600 lb deadlifts than try to accomplish some of the shit they do in these classes. I'm serious about my physique goals, and I could give a rat's ass on how something looks if it's helping me.

If you're looking to feel better and take your build to the next level then I strongly suggest trying yoga classes a day or two each week. The first thing it does is helps you stretch in a way most people wouldn't be disciplined enough to do on their own. The second thing yoga can do is take you to a better range of motion with your muscles and I believe this will definitely stimulate growth when you get back into the strength phases of your routines.

Think of it as taking the governor off your car's engine. When your muscles can move more freely, then your body can grow easier. It also helps you sweat and releases toxins by pushing your body to its stretching limitations. All that stretching will help you release lactic acid and recover faster too. Of course, some guys will talk a bunch of shit and call it gay or think you're some nut eating tree hugger, but whatever.

I like to take care of my body. I frequently have days where I only do abs and cardio, the sauna, yoga class, swimming, whatever. This type of shit will only help you.  For some odd reason most guys think it will hurt you but it won't. This all plays into super conjucate training (growing and getting defined at the same time). Let me tell you that sometimes I deviate from my full body routines and take days like this where I don't weight train, but I always revert back to it.

I can make better progress with half the effort when I train in this fashion. I stay leaner, I'm more recovered, and I'm not as mentally burnt out. It gives my nervous system time to recoup, it helps me stay focused. If you had a couple days a week in the gym where all you had to do was abs, cardio, and stretch, you'd do just that. It's easy to run out of time or skip out on some of this stuff when you are throwing in weight training everyday.

Try to think outside of the box, open up your mind a little more, and you may get some better results. Seriously guys, give yoga a shot. It's done very well for me personally.


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  1. I’m a powerlifter. My new years resolution was to get more mobility because like most PLers, I am seriously lacking there, even though I do MOB work.

    Decided I was going to start doing Yoga Sat Am every week. 1/4 was my first class. In less then 2 months, I’m much more flexible and have better ROM. It works. I was more sore on Sundays the first few weeks then I have been in years.

    All my lifts have gone up too. Everyone at the gym who’s calling me gay can kiss my left nut.

    It makes it easier to go to when my Yoga instructor is a 100% grade A dick wrecker. Watching her slither around class, I can only imagine the things she could do to you…

    • ‘A grade A dick-wrecker.’ Too good, and too true.

      John, I agree 100%. I’m starting yoga every Sunday to do something other than weights. I’ve done this type of thing before and it’s brutal! Most guys who trash yoga can’t even begin to imagine how rough it is.

  2. I agree 100% John Doe! Its stupid to bag on it because it helps you in so many ways. It builds strength and endurance and improves breathinh and focus. This can totally help with lifting. If youre serious about fitness try as many things as possible to get you to the next level. I applaud you for this man

  3. Hahaha, perfect timing John,

    I have my first ever yoga class today (looking forward to increase my ROM and overall wellbeing) so this post’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect :)



  4. Hey JD,
    I could not agree with you more. Along with what you said in your post, I would like to add that it also adds variety. Variety in bodybuilding training is vital. I used to think yoga had no use. I was totally wrong. Yoga really stretches out the whole body and makes weight training more functional. Yoga is especially important as we get older. I noticed that my body would spaz out a lot especially the back. After performing yoga, it has not happened as of yet and I hope it does not. Muscle spasms are not fun but a real pain in the ass.

  5. I lift weights and do yoga all the time it’s a perfect combination. It’s true, yoga lengthens your range of motion ehich allows you to workout not on safer but lift stronger. Most lifts guys can’t even do the full extension because of how tense and unflexible they are.

  6. Sounds a lot like doggcrapp training. You stretch the fuck out of your muscles after hitting them hard. Supposed to stimulate growth

  7. Hey JD,
    Even though I commented on this post already, I would like to add that I dd not attend Yoga classes. I do yoga at my home using the DDP yoga program. This helps a great deal with my bodybuilding training.

  8. An article, on how bodybuilders should do yoga, that doesn’t contain any pictures or videos or examples of a couple yoga poses? How lame.

    What a weak site. This is just another goofball thinking they are going to get rich by writing a puff piece a week. Again, how lame. How incredibly lame.


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