God help us all, Grandpa is on Trenbolone! Chapter 6

older man holding syringe in front of a motorcycle

This is the sixth installment of God help us all, Grandpa is on Trenbolone! Click the links here if you missed Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four or Chapter Five The following story is part fiction, with non-fictional events included. This story is strictly for entertainment purposes only. CHAPTER 6: WAREHOUSE PROTOCOL We arrived at the location …

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Stop Talking and START EXECUTING!

stop talking and start executing

Working out was really the first endeavor I ever took part in where my mind actually stopped focusing on everything else other than what was right in front of me at that point in time. Like the Metallica song “Nothing Else Matters” nothing else other than the workouts truly mattered in that moment. Sure, at …

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The BASIC JDB Physique Coach Screening Process

JDB physique coach screening process

Creating a basic JDB physique coach screening process has become necessary. Some people THINK that they want to make a change, but once they see the level of commitment and discipline required, their inner pussy takes over and doesn’t allow them to make changes! They then bitch and whine about their training program and get …

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man doing pushups

There isn’t a day that passes lately without somebody asking me, “So, how is everything going?” I’m assuming that many of them are expecting me to bitch about how all of the gyms are closed down and that my workouts and diet are have been suffering. But you see, that isn’t the answer they’re gonna …

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How do I get Motivated to go to the Gym?

gym motivation

I have a lot of people always ask me, “How do you get motivated to go to the gym?” I can usually answer questions a lot better if I write them out after I’ve had more time to think about what was asked, so here you go… HOW DO YOU GET MOTIVATED TO TRAIN?  EASY. …

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10 Honest Ways to Gain Muscle Mass for Beginners!

Gain Muscle Mass

With so much available at our fingertips online it’s now easier than ever to educate yourself on lifting weights, proper nutrition, and bodybuilding supplementation. However, one major problem with much of this information is that it’s coming from people in different phases of physique development than you may be in, and often times it’s coming …

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