Masteron 101

Masteron is primarily used to give your muscle a granite hard, grainy look to them that no other steroid can duplicate. I really would categorize Masteron as a pre-contest drug.

Masteron is not very effective unless you’re already very lean. It’s not the type of compound you want to take if you’re over 10% body fat as you’ll see very little benefit from it, but when you’re already lean Masteron can make you look NASTY HARD!

Masteron is a steroid that just provides that finishing touch to an already polished physique, it’s that “icing on the cake” steroid. This compound is not one I’ve done a lot simply because I do not see the cost to benefit ratio unless I’m preparing for a bodybuilding competition.

Masteron Cycle: Length and Dosage

Masteron (Drostanolone) is expensive and most commonly dosed at 100 mg/ml.

Masteron is best used for cycles of no longer than 8 weeks in dosages of 300-600 mg/week.

It’s most effective at 400-600 mg/week but I’ve gotten by on 300 mg/week plenty of times.

The only other situation in which I’d run Masteron is if I was on testosterone replacement and using a milder dosage of Masteron for a longer duration that the last 6-8 weeks before a bodybuilding contest.

For those using Masteron in longer cycles alongside testosterone replacement or in lower amounts, don’t expect to see much from it.

Masteron is something that is mild enough to be used for 12 – 15 week long runs and I’ve personally used it as long as 20 weeks before at 300 mg/week alongside 200mg/wk of Testosterone Cypionate.

Since it’s usually only dosed at 100 mg/ml and pricey, my advice is using Masteron pre-contest is to roll with 300 mg/week for a few weeks and then bump it up to 500 mg/week the next few weeks leading into the contest.

That’s what I used to do anyways and it worked well for me!

Masteron Side Effects

  • Masteron does not aromatize, it causes no water retention and it acts like its own aromatase inhibitor.
  • Ancillary products like Arimadex, Aromasyn, and Arimistane often times are not needed if Masteron is in the mix.
  • If there is one drawback I’ve found with using Masteron it’s that my hair falls out. This shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t have a predisposed hair loss problem, but if you do then Masteron can accelerate the process (most of the time if your grandfather on your mothers side was losing hair… then you have a higher chance of losing hair as well).

Masteron Propionate vs. Masteron Enanthate

Stick with the tried and true, go with Masteron propionate when it comes to Drostanolone (Masteron).

I know a lot of these underground labs are constantly coming up with different esters and blends but I just don’t see the point in fixing something if it’s not broken to begin with.

90% of people have no business even using Masteron in the first place.

It’s only beneficial to get that granite hard look that comes at the very end of a diet and closing in on bodybuilding competition.

The only other steroid that comes close to giving you this harder look would be Halotestin which is very toxic.

Sample Masteron Cycle (pre-contest)

Sample Cycle Weeks 1 – 12: 300 mg/week of testosterone propionate, 600 mg/week equipoise (drop test prop & equipoise 10 days away from competition)

Sample Cycle Weeks 1 – 10 only: 75 mg Trenbolone every other day (which personally I no longer use but the stuff definitely works!)

Sample Cycle Weeks 5 – 12: 300 mg/week Masteron (increase to 500 mg/week the last 2 weeks before event), 50 mg/day of Winstrol

Masteron Post Cycle Therapy

HCG @ 2500 iu/week for 2 weeks in a row, beginning the day after your last injection (2 shots/week @ 1250 iu each)

Arimadex beginning day after your last shot @ 1/2 mg daily of Arimadex for 20 days

Clomid @ 100 mg/day days 1 – 10, 50 mg/day on days 11 – 20, then discontinue.

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49 thoughts on “Masteron 101”

  1. Good Read.

    What would a competition cycle look like that is safe on the hair line and not extremely toxic?

  2. Just finished phase one of my 24 week cycle of 500Prop, 500EQ . Just started 400MG of Mast two weeks ago and continued the 500 prop….can I add Primo in here? will it add to the tightening up? or should I wait to run Primo with 500Prop six weeks from now. I plan on running 600mgs a week with 500Prop to finish cycle. I also run apex .5 eod and T3 75mcgs since last week. I’m about 5′ 9″ 217lbs, about 10% BF.

  3. Clarification on my previous question: I Just finished phase one (8 weeks) of my 26 week cycle. 500Prop with 500EQ per week . Just started phase 2 ( weeks 9-17) 400MG per wk of Mast and the 500 per wk of Prop..….can I add Primo in here too? will it add to the tightening up? or should I wait to run Primo with 500Prop six weeks from now phase 3 (weeks 18-26). I plan on running 600mgs a week of Primo with 500Prop to finish cycle. I also run adex .5 eod and T3 75mcgs since last week. I’m about 5′ 9″ 217lbs, about 10% BF. Can Primo and Mast run effectively together with Prop? example 600mgPrimo, 400mg Mast and 400-500mgs Primo per week?

    • You can run them together but you may find they’re hard on your hairline if you’re prone to losing hair genetically. The combination of them took a toll on my receding hairline much more so than just running the primo. I went 500/500 on primo and masteron respectively, I did 100mg of each mon-fri and once a week I did a cc of test 200. Fuck yea I got hard as hell!!

  4. Thanks Joe, Your responses are great…I have no hair issues… least I didn’t get any yet I’m on Mast now 4 weeks 400-500mg a week. I have to do a One on One with you soon.

    Thanks, JimPro

    • yea, masteron won’t get you unless you have a genetic predisposition to hair loss and I do because my mothers father had it. Oh well, I could give a damn at this point

  5. Hi, im 56 years old, on trt , running 250mg of test e a week, bodtfat around 11%. want to run masteron to get harder, leaner and more vascular. what dosage should i run and for how long?

    • He Literally wrote exactly whst you’re asking for in the article…. He broke it down saying that the BEST dosage he has found is from 400-600mg a week of mast P….Also… depending on your financial situation, I will add, if youd like to toss some LEAN muscle gains on to add Parabolan (Tren Hexx) at 3-400mg/week but only run up to 5-6 weeks max, I would personally toss 600mg a week of EQ to the mix the Whole time as well and if possible, I personally would add 3 IU’s a day of HGH for as long as you can afford it, but NO SHORTER than 3 Months…. if that doesnt get ya where you want to be with the quickness… You are doing something wrong…. whether it be your diet, your sleep, your training or all of the above….

      Of course… always consult your physician… blah blahhh blaaaaahh you know the deal… haha. But really, get a check up to ensure your liver values are all solid before starting a cycle with multiple AAS… Also… Tren Hexx(parabolan) is highly hepatoxic…(tough on the liver…) so thst is why you shouldnt pass the liver values test up… its just lazy… also… if you can manage… I would get another test of values after stopping parabolan after 4-6 weeks and if your values are solid… you could even toss some Winstrol in there towards the end to REALLY push that Solid/ripped physique…

      so Ill put it together more comprehensively…. i know Im aalllll over the place on this here…

      But for SOLID lean gains and a finished SOLID RIPPED LOOKING PHYSIQUE WITH MINIMAL FAT %… It would go like this….
      week 1-5 Test 250mg/week Parabolan 4-600mg/week and Equipoise 600mg/week
      HgH 21iu/week
      weeks 5-10
      Test 250mg/week
      mast P 500mg/week
      Equipoise 600mg/week
      winny 350-700mg/week
      HgH 21IU/week
      HGH continue for as kong as possible… ideally for 3 more months after stopping your AAS cycle… WHILE doing your pct

      I hope this helps or gives you some more understanding of dosage ranges roughly….
      Remember be safe! AND DONT SLACK ON ALL THE OTHER ELEMENTS THAT NATURAL BODY BUILDERS have to have on point for the best possible outcome! and youll be amazed at whst your body will do!

  6. I just finished a short masteron propionate only cycle today. 100ml every other day. I’ve read conflicting information that says I need to do PCT even though I didn’t stack the mast with anything else. I only did a three week cycle. If I need to do PCT, what’s your recommendation?

  7. Masteron is the best anti E on the market, if you’re still munching anti estrogens you’re a goose, as goes for your post cycle treatment for mast, why would anyone use arimadex during pct? You’re already using masteron during cycle which acts as anti E and then you advice someone to take arimadex for pct? Stupidest thing I have ever read

    • Yes, PCT to help testosterone rebound after a cycle. Here’s a little newsflash for ya, when you discontinue testosterone after your cycle it’s easy to have your estrogen climb back up. The test drops lower and estrogen climbs higher and your ratio is totally fucked! Yes, I’m well aware of masteron lowering estrogen during a cycle, but this is no longer DURING THE CYCLE here, it’s when shit can become a mess.

      Here’s another bit of information for ya; HCG use increases estrogen while stimulating FSH and LH levels, which is another big reason to use arimadex during the PCT. This is the stupidest thing you’ve ever read because your knowledge base is obviously limited, I suggest you do more research before blasting someone over something you know nothing about -JD

  8. Taking 500 test every 4 days, I added Eq to my cycle at 500 every 4 days also , the Eq crashed my sex drive. Should I cut the Eq in half or stop taking it all together?

    • lower your EQ, it’s probably more than your body wants to handle. Also, high test can do this as well since it’s easier to have estrogen get thrown off when test is higher. I’m a lot like that myself if my test is too much, 500/wk and I’m golden but you put me at 750/wk+ and I feel like shit

    • if you’re already lean then go for it, masteron just proves better useful if you are already fairly lean -JD

  9. Hi John,
    I’m fairly lean (but not currently super lean).
    Planning on adding Masteron E (possibly just 200mg/week) to a bulking cycle consisting of test and npp, just as a replacement for Aromasin, which I might otherwise have used.
    I figure the Masteron will control my e2 a bit and I’m also getting more mgs of total anabolics as a bonus.
    What do you think of this approach, to use it on a bulking cycle with wet compounds, instead of using an AI?

  10. Hi I’m a week out from competing I’m on 300mg of mast p and 300g test p is it a good idea to drop test p down to 200mg and put mast p up to 500g for the last week

  11. Hey Vince…. Test/Mast is the SHIT if you are 10% bf or under. – ideally 8% or under…. But even if you are fatter or upping cals for bulking – Masteron feels GREAT and does indeed provide some strength benefits. You’ll make lean gains, easy a lb of muscle per week, provided you respond good to test at 300-500mg per week. This is especially true if you sprinkle in some Var.

    It will act as a multiplier to your Test/NPP and is a solid alternative to an AI – provided your bloodwork is good and you don’t exhibit symptoms of high estrogen. IMHO folks shouldn’t take AI’s unless necessary.

    They are way overused and just aren’t needed if you are lean, fit and aren’t prone to titties…. Lean. IE under 15%, ideally sub 10%

    Test/Mast at 300mg of each per week – M/W/F, 100mg per pin 📌 is the trick just as John recommends.

    You do have the right idea bro. Test/NPP/Mast or Test/DHB/Mast for lean bulks without the water and BS. Fuck Tren btw…. TBH I don’t even mess with 19-Nors or Wet stuff in general. IE no dbol, deca, Anadrol, etc etc.

    I’m more a physique guy who likes to feel good, be strong and look good with a minimalist protocol.

    You may be surprised at how good you take to 300/300 or 400/400 for whatever you wanna do. Bulk, recomp, cut etc. Mast is versatile shit, like primo or var. goes with everything.

    I agree with John. Most folks use WAY too much gear. AIs are also overused. You are better having a little more estrogen then crashing that shit. Test is best, period. Test alone puts on serious mass if you got the fundamentals down pat. Lift heavy shit, progressively overload and eat 4-5,000 cals if you are over 200 lb. You’ll grow brah for sure. Godspeed homie.

  12. Hi John thank you for that great article, can you advice me on my first time cycle on mast e and if 250 (I have done Test cyp in the past few cycles but never done Mast) per week is enought to start?

    • results will be very mild at that dosage, depending on what you’re running (or how many other compounds) you may want to kick it up around 500/wk, if I were just using test and masteron my dosage would be more like 500/wk masteron, thanks for following! -JD

  13. Hi John, it’s great advice you are giving and I certainly follow you a lot. I am currently running 750 mgs Sust 250, 500 mgs Masteron, and 25 mgs Proviron. I am planning on adding 500 mgs Primo and 10 mgs dbol soon. I see you are all about moderate test doses. I have to take 0.5 mgs Arimidex e4d to keep estrogen in check. I noticed lately that my estrogen may be getting too low due to my SHBG perhaps decreasing too low. It could be the Masteron and Proviron are too much DHT derivatives and I am affecting my anabolism and libido with lack of the estradiol in place. Can you give me advice? I am looking to put on a solid quality 10-12 lbs. I feel like my cycle is not conducive for that right now because I have seen strength gains but really not much size gains. I am 53 and weigh 200 lbs, bodyfat is below 10%. Please help. Thank you John.

    • Low e2 is definitely possible, and the sustanon is probably the only thing keeping it from tanking out even more. Brain fog, lethargy, feeling out of your own body/head, libido loss, all signs of crashed estrogen and crashed estrogen is almost worse than low testosterone from my own experience. I see no reason to add in 500/wk primo and it’s only going to contribute to the problem. Why not just add in the 10mg/day dbol, drop the proviron and keep rolling as is? Thats what I would do, either that or take a cruise for 6-8 wks and then roll out the primo/dbol, but cut the dbol after 4-6 wks and just keep going with test:primo. Also, I would switch esters to a single ester test, sustanon can hold fluid easier. Just me .02 -JD

      • Thanks John, your advice is much appreciated. I have dropped the Proviron and my libido and body/mind felt much better today. Before your response I had only two cc of Sust 250 this past week and dropped Masteron to 300 mgs. I definitely feel better. However, if you think I should go back to 750 mgs of Sust and take the dbol 10 mgs starting Monday. I dropped the Sust dose to 500 mgs weekly thinking the less aromatization with the combo of the Sust and dbol would be a good thing. Should I now bump dbol to 20 mgs a day since Sust is at 500 now? I do plan on starting single ester test Cypionate too. Thank you again!

  14. ***Have I just wasted my money?***

    Wish I had seen this before ordering a 10 week cycle of the stuff 😤
    I’m 37, morbidly and have been training 5 days a week for 5 months now but for the work I put in, I should have progressed quicker. So I’ve been advised by an “Ibbf pro” (apparently) to do a 10 week cycle of :-

    Weeks 1-10: Take Testosterone Propionate at 100mg/1ml, 3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
    Weeks 1-10: Take Masteron at 100mg/1ml, 3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
    Weeks 1-2: Take Clenbuterol at 40mcg/1 tab per day
    Weeks 5-6: Take Clenbuterol at 60mcg/1.5 tabs per day
    Weeks 9-10: Take Clenbuterol at 80mcg/2 tabs per day

    4 week PCT:
    Weeks 11-14: Take Clomid at 50mg/1 tab per day

    Have I just wasted my money?

    • No, I wouldn’t say you wasted your money. It’s not that masteron won’t have some effect on you, it’ll help raise your free test levels and help a little with strength, but you aren’t going to see much benefit until you’re already lean. For some reason there is this Masteron camp of cult-like followers (similar to primo) who want to include it in everything

  15. You contradicted yourself several times. You said that if we are using masteron in our cycle then there is no need for an A.I. But then you provide a pct with several AI’s after a cycle including masteron. Also you said that masteron is pricey….I don’t think so. There are several other steroids that cost alot more than mast. And why does a person have to be preparing for a show to use masteron? Everyone is entitled to look the way they want whether competing or not. So I say that if you can afford it and know how to use it…more power to ya.

    • The AI in that article was talked abt for PCT, not during use. You do understand that AI’s are used to combat estrogen rebound post cycle and to assist in natural testosterone recovery? When the cycle ends you no longer have a compound that is lowering estrogen and your own test is most likely in the dirt, and what often happens is the natural test:estrogen ratio gets totally fucked. Actually, it’s almost more common during off cycle time to develop gynocomastia than while on cycle for this very reason. People don’t have to be prepping for a show to use masteron, but lets face it, very few are getting that lean without something they’re prepping for, it usually just doesn’t happen. But yes, there are a few rare birds out there and to those I agree with you, roll with it! Thanks for reading, train hard! -JD

  16. Do you still believe walking the line with trt and 300mg of Masteron enanthate is worth it? You seem to favorite it for contest prep. In reality it’s believed to build just as much muscle as primo, eq, or anything else, but without the mineral retention. Just curious on your thoughts here. Ifbb pro Dr Todd Lee seems to only be using Masteron with Low test year around and says it’s the perfect compound for safely building muscle once you have you your test base in place. He believes no one should ever use eq.

    Another question is in your walk the line article you mention running 200-300mg eq with trt for 20 weeks. Then numerous times you mention that eq isn’t really worth it under 400mg per week. What are your thoughts on this?

    I respect you a lot and have read your articles since you started. We have even corresponded through e-mail years ago. I just notice you do contradict yourself sometimes which I assume your opinion just changed over the years.

    Would be awesome if you wrote an updated walk the line article titled something like TRT Plus which is huge these days and would generate some views. Gear it towards older trt guys who want to be healthy and look good. Walking the line. Your knowledge would be much appreciated.

    • Thanks for your input, yes I can understand where some of my past articles can seem contradicting. Allow me to explain a bit better here; some of the lower dosages work over a long cycle ONLY IF diet and training is spot on and although they work, at that dosage I don’t think someone using it is really going to realize it since the process is slower. That’s really what I meant by it, it’s not that there is no benefit at all, it’s just going to be harder for the user to see.


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