After much anticipation from many of you and a ton of work and effort to write Straight from the Underground, it’s finally complete and available!

I’m really excited to be releasing this e-book on performance enhancement because it’s knowledge to you from personal experience!

You see, unlike the rest of the internet community who are basically a bunch of talking parrots, I talk about things I’ve actually done!

I dispel the myths and the lies and steer you through the smoke. There is a lot of wrong information floating around now, and this information is hurting people more and more by the day.

Yes, the internet is a valuable tool for research and learning, but the issue with performance enhancers is that you pick up little pieces of info here and there and then try to put it together like a puzzle.

Straight from the Underground ebook

>> Straight From the Underground available here <<

What if you had a comprehensive guide that would drive you straight to the answers you were looking for?

Well now you do, Straight from the Underground takes you deep into the dark side of anabolic steroids, peptides, HGH, insulin, post cycle therapy, and troubleshooting issues such as injection infections and measurements.

Straight from the Underground covers unit conversions in an easy to understand manner that is like 1,2,3!

“This is how much water you draw out to fill this vial of peptide, and this is what you draw your insulin syringe back to when using this peptide every day.”

Straight from the Underground is so easy to read and effective that it took my book editor from knowing NOTHING ABOUT PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS to knowing MORE THAN MOST SEASONED GYM VETS after just a couple reads.

When he told me how much he had learned about anabolics, I knew right then and there that this was going to be a great book on performance enhancement!

Numerous cycle layouts are explained right down to the T; everything from how many weeks to what doses to when you switch compounds, to when you add in compounds.

For every steroid, peptide, or HGH, there are cycle layouts that directly follow.

Everything from beginner cycles to intermediate, to cycles a top bodybuilder would run are covered in this read!

Yes, I am biased towards old school cycles and moderate dosages, so you’ll see a lot of that in this guide, but you’ll also see some examples of peptide runs combined with steroid cycles that even I wouldn’t run, but someone else may, and I wanted to include everyone in Straight from the Underground.

Straight from the Underground is one of the newest reads on running steroids and peptides that you could get your hands on.

What makes this e-book so worth getting your hands on? That one is easy; it was written by the Guinea pig and not the Dr!

There are many guys out there with nobody to talk to on this topic, so think of Straight from the Underground as your steroid reference bible.

straight from the underground contents

Everything in this book has helped launch my physique from the 140 lb. skinny kid to the 220 lb chiseled beast in the making!

This ebook also takes health into consideration as well, because without health then there is no body right? Learn what to look out for while on cycle, what to look most at when getting bloodwork done, and the right way to go about testosterone replacement therapy.

Learn about low dose cycles that work well with testosterone replacement therapy!

I’m telling you guys, everything from the beginner who has never even touched a needle or pill, to the older guy who just wants to use something to look and feel stronger and more youthful, is covered in Straight from the Underground!

There is nobody online right now who is more straight-forward and no bullshit than John Doe.

No, I don’t have fancy videos or the same motivational bullshit as everyone else, but people who follow JDB follow JDB for real knowledge, not pipe dreams. I’m not selling anybody the fish here, JDB is teaching the man to fish!

My e-books and website have everything you need to gain an edge on life and stand out from the crowd.

I have been writing articles on fitness and life for a long time now, and I’m telling you that the money you spend on this comprehensive guide to using performance enhancers will be the best $29.99 you’ve spent in a long time!

There is NO SUPPLEMENT for the same price as this e-book that will ever take you as far as this ebook will.

Straight from the Underground is like “The Book of Eli” and once you have it, you better keep it safe and protected!

I don’t preach about performance enhancement on, and I welcome natural guys just as much as steroid users.

But there are a lot of natural guys who are ready to take things to the next level, and there is just nothing I can give you over website that would compare to the information in this all new performance enhancement guide!

Are you ready to get huge and chiseled? Are you ready for real answers from a real guy who has been there and done it? Then my friend, it’s time to get your hands on a copy of Straight from the Underground!

See you at the starting gate!

Train hard! – JD

Straight from the Underground ebook

>> Buy Straight From the Underground here.



  1. Everything works fine now, book is purchased! You can delete my previous comment if you want.

    The main reason I purchased this book is for the education on HRT so I have a good source to refer to when speaking to my father and educating others, as I think there are a lot of guys that need that info.

    Second, because I do like to the education of steroids and steroid like supplements, even though I don’t really intend to start taking any serious compounds. Education is great, and this looks like an AMAZING source for a world others are unwilling to openly speak about!

  2. I bought the book and read the entire thing on the same day. Whether you have never used steroids before or are a seasoned vet you should check this book out. It has something for everyone in it. From the beginner newbie cycles to full blown professional cycles and everything in between ( including my personal favorite, the Spring Break Pussy Slayer cycle, haha ). You are sure to find a cycle that works for you. And what’s better is the fact John himself has used a lot of these cycles and explains them in a straight forward, no bullshit way.

    As an older guy ( I turn 40 next month ) I was particularly interested in, and impressed by, the section that deals with guys in my exact situation. Someone who doesn’t want to be gigantic, but would like a little extra size with a little extra strength, increased energy, sex drive, etc. He explains that route in ways easy for me to understand and incorporate.

    All the major steroids are described in detail in this book along with auxiliary drugs such as HGH, insulin and Proviron. He tells you whats good to take and what you should not take and I appreciated his straight forward approach to explaining it all.

    I have been on and off steroids for years now and I honestly wish I had a book like this to read earlier in my life. It would have saved me from some mistakes I made. Having read this book now, however, I much more confident in my usage of steroids in a more safe and tolerant manner. A manner which will help me achieve my goals but be smart and safe about it.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who is even thinking about starting steroids. You will save yourself a lot of time, money and headache by doing so.

  3. Excellent book! Being a middle age guy on HRT, I was particularly interested in that section. I really like the idea of low dose compounds combined with HRT treatment.

    For my current HRT, I only use subcutaneous injections (test cyp and Semorilin). What are your thoughts on that versus intramuscular injections? From experience doing both, I prefer subcutaneous by far.


  4. What up John, I purchased your book and I got some questions. Here they are:;

    1- I’m pretty sure U are fully aware of this fitness models like Jeff Seid, What kind of cycle is necessary to have identical mass size as jeff seid? He is about 5’9 to 5’10 (claims 6’0 on stats) and usualy weights 190-200. From what I read on your book whats dangerous is maintaining extremely heavy physiques like 250lbs for a lot of years but 190-200 should not be that hardcore @ 5’9 right? But notice that this 190-200 are with single digit bf and thats why he looks rly good.

    2-Can 1 cycle fuck natural testosterone for ever?

    3-Do you need trenbolone to have a physique like jeff seid?

    Best regards.
    Josh Smith

  5. Hi John.
    First of all. I have bought your ebooks and they helped me a lot (I’m Italian and live in Italy, and in my country it’s very difficult to find valid knowledge about anabolic drugs).
    I loaded my syringe with Test from ampules. I injected in my glute. Then I changed the needle but not changed the syringe, I loaded my syringe with Deca from vial and injected it in the other glute. Finally, I noticed that there were drops of blood in the vial (I accidentally put the blood in the vial because I didn’t change the syringe, I only changed the needle).
    My question is: can this cause issues (infection, degradation of the substance stored in the vial, etc.)?
    This is my 2nd cycle and the first time I ever used a vial, so I’m not expert.
    P.S. I know my English is bad! Ahahah!

  6. Hi my name is Riccardo Alexander my home is UK Great Britain am wanting to purchase John Doe bodybuilding straight from the underground, Would be possible for me to get it purchased for you all?



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