Project Shredded is Finished and The Results Are In!

The results of the Project Shredded contest are in!

For everyone who participated in this online contest, I seriously commend your efforts.

I was in training for a competition myself and the day of my competition was about 3 days after the end of Project Shredded.

Here’s what I learned:

It takes an awful lot to change your lifestyle and to pull out self-discipline on a daily basis that you may not have thought you had.

Bodybuilding or “fat loss” is the hardest thing that most people could partake in, because it’s with you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

This is’t like a basketball game, and when the game is finished you can leave the court and forget about it for the night. This is with you all the time, and that is what makes it so difficult.

I want all of you to know that life isn’t about how you place; it’s about the leaps and bounds you can make to move forward.

I did not win my competition last weekend, I took 3rd place.

But I put on my best routine ever, got in my best condition ever, and felt a great sense of fulfillment from sticking it out no matter how I ended up!

Regardless of how you may have finished, I want you to know that having the guts to go through it all and put in the discipline and hard work makes you a winner in my book!

Without further ado, here are your top 3 placings from Project Shredded

3RD PLACE TIE – Andrew K. & Mike M.

Let’s start with Andrew K. Andrew was your typical “skinny-fat” physique who wanted to lose some serious body-fat and develop a foundation for packing on muscle.

Project Shredded third place winners

Here are some quotes from Andrew K:

I work 40 hours a week as a Chef for a non-profit. My hours are usually between 8-9 am , leaving around 5 pm  I have been working out hard since Oct. 7.  I like to go at 6am before work. I really gives me energy for the rest of day.  I have a trainer that really helped me at first but I’m starting to see less and less gains lately. I work out for an hour and half 4 days a week strength training.  i do about 30 mins cardio 3 times a week.   I’m 37, 5’11, 203 LBS, 17% bf.

Just did day 1, it was brutal but I loved it!

I start osta shred tomorrow!  I wasn’t here to sign for it so I have to go pick it up @ post office in the morning.

The diet is going great. I’m really liking the way the olive oil makes me feel. Thanks for your help dude!

Well I stuck to that diet for over 2 months! This is what I got to show for it ! So much leaner ! I can see my 6 pack, I’ve never been able to say that before. My body fat went from 17 to 13% since June 1. I’m down about 20 lbs @ 186.
I feel I’m ready to bulk! I’m pumped about. I got super mandro and want to start asap.

Andrew had slashed his body fat down while building new muscle and strength within the first 8 wk time frame.

From that point he emphasized to me that he wanted to build back up, so we tweaked the diet and he began taking Super Mandro and Dermacrine.

Congrats to Andrew for one hell of a job and sticking it out!


Project Shredded third place winners

Mike M. had started the diet looking to shred body-fat. He only took protein powder and no other supplements.

He didn’t stop living his life and even told me that he was going to El Salvador for a vacation and wanted to know how he could work out with no gym around.

Here are some quotes from Mike M.

Weekends so far my schedule has been to wake up early usually no chance to cook myself anything. What can I eat from the outside that would work? Lately it’s been a slice of whole wheat and two eggs but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I compared calories to a cup of rice to make sure it was equal. Got some tips?

Progress otherwise is great. Starting to feel the ability to move up in weight but not compromise form. When struggling I tone down the weight just a bit to get form right. Noticing my cheat meals are getting smaller? It’s like my body doesn’t enjoy the meal as it may have use to?

Project Shredded third place winners

Mike definitely made the diet work with his lifestyle and did not stop doing what he had been doing; he simply adjusted his lifestyle to a much healthier one.

Project Shredded third place winners

Good job on staying focused on everything Mike! He was also honest with me about times where he screwed up on his diet, but he held himself accountable and did his very best!

I had to make 3rd place a tie, both of these guys came a long ways and they will both be training with John doe an additional 8 weeks at no cost, along with some T-shirts from Strong Supplements. Nice work gentleman!

2ND PLACE- Mike D.

Project Shredded second place winner
Project Shredded second place winner

Mike D. made an awesome transformation in his 12 weeks of training with me. I had no idea that he would end up being 2nd place in this competition.

Usually I get a gut feeling about a guy from the beginning, but Mike D. seriously shocked me as he continued to send updates and communicate with me on his progress.

Mike started off with heavy water and body-fat retention and clearly had lower back issues with holding fluid/body-fat. Here are some updates throughout his transformation!

Doing great, no missed meals or deviations, no missed workouts, and got the cardio all in.  Weight has jumped around but going pretty low carb to higher carb I expected a bunch of water the pile on, and as of today settled a little below where I started.

Will say the increased reps and taking your advice to really stretch the rep out time wise and focus on negative was a killer.  Forced a lot of humility on me, was used to lifting for much lower reps so could do more weight.  I had been neglecting abs so that one was particularly challenging.

I trust you, been reading your blog for a bit and I’ll do whatever you say to best of my ability!  Food has taken some getting used to but that part has been ok, mainly me messing with eggs and trying not to add fat while cooking stuff.

Struggling a bit with ab workouts but everything else seems to be going well.  No missed workouts or cardio and meals are all according to plan.  Cheat meal was larger cut of steak (12 oz fillet migon) potato with cheese and some ice cream.  Weight is slightly lower and arms seem little better defined so far. Sending this weeks pics, felt pretty good Friday and scale came up at 224 but went a little crazier on 4th than should have with the cheat.  Otherwise everything is going according to plan.

Feel much better about this week, cheat meal wasn’t to insane and worked about as hard as I could.  Weight came down and feel like I can see improvement from past week.

Committed to putting in the work now and I can live with it.  After all I want to see how far this summer program can get me with me putting in some real effort.

Awesome!  Very glad to hear I placed, I was just happy with results even with me straying a bit more than I would have liked.  If you want to distort my face a little that would be cool…more because looking back man at those first pictures not super proud of those.  When I started diet and carb changed I was 243 or so and when contest ended was 207.  I have continued work and last plan you sent and came in at 203 this morning.

I want to say was lot of work but life has improved.  Never had same level of female attention, or have them compliment me about my looks and build, including new girls I had never met!  Feel like a new man!  So thank you for the work you do and having this program.

A big congrats to Mike D. for placing 2nd in Project Shredded!

It sounds as if he has totally changed his life and the way women look at him as well!

Man, hearing that sort of thing just makes it all worth it to me!

I’m so proud of Mike for breaking through to the other side and busting ass even when times were tough!

I’ll be working with Mike for the next 4 months on continuing to shred up and then transition into building slabs of new muscle mass with his new foundation!

Looking forward to it Mike!

1ST PLACE- Ryan K.

Project Shredded first place winner

Ryan decided to go the total opposite route of losing weight and decided to pack on over 20 lbs of muscle mass in 12 weeks, totally transforming his body and keeping fat gain almost non-existent(if less than before).

This kid gained over 20 lbs in 3 months WITHOUT THE USE OF STEROIDS!

When you guys read my articles on nutrition, now you know why I tell you biggest part of the equation is the diet!

However, he did use Anafuse and Osta-shred for the first 8 weeks, ad then he switched over to Super Mandro the last 4 weeks of the competition.

Ryan was only up 10 lbs total in his first 8 weeks, and he had packed on another 10 lbs in just his last 4 weeks while including Super Mandro into his regimen.

Ryan gained more than a lot of guys gain even on steroids!

Ryan is part of our armed forces and it’s good to know that we have some beasts out there representing!

As the winner of Project Shredded, Ryan will be training under me for the next 6 months, as well as receiving a $250 gift card to Strong Supplements and a T-shirt.

A big congrats to Ryan for all of his hard work and dedication. He is a prime example of what someone can do in just a few short months with the right knowledge and dedication!

Everything is going well. I can definitely tell I’m building as all my weights are going up from workout to workout.

I’ve noticed that I’m staying relatively lean while putting some weight on. I started at 160 and I’m at 170 now. I gained a lot of weight initially and its leveling off now. The initial gain was probably from the increased food intake and some water retention (creatine). I’m going to start super mandro and andro the giant near the end of the July.

My energy levels are good. Not feeling tired at all. I have been going up 10 pounds every week on my deadlift and squat.

Unlike before,  I’ll start to get a little hungry between meals on days that are pretty challenging (back/chest and leg day). I’ll eat an apple and some almond butter to beat the craving, but I haven’t started to binge or eat an additional meal or anything.

I’ll be starting the mandro/andro on Tuesday for the last 4 weeks of the comp. I’m up 10 pounds from where I started and still have managed to lean out a bit and increase strength on all my lifts.

Thanks for all you have done so far. I have trained for a few years and have never made such great gains in such a short amount of time.


Well guys, there you have it, your top 3 (ok, 4) winners from Project Shredded!

For everyone who participated, a big thanks and I’m glad I could help you reach some of your fitness goals and change some of your lives!

Bodybuilding is about knowing that when you’re working hard, there is someone else out there who is working harder.

Life is the same way; when you’re sitting on your ass playing video games, someone is out there handing out business cards or shaking hands at a chamber of commerce meeting.

When you’re in a recliner watching a movie, there is some guy out there who is pressure washing his house.

The difference between the successful and comfortable is the difference between constantly breaking out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself, or blaming life on everything and everyone else.


Look, this is a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people, but as soon as you can hold yourself accountable then good things begin to happen.

No more excuses, no more bullshit, and when you fuck something up you need to own it.

I’ve been late on this article and bringing forward the top 3 of this contest; I have fucked up, I’ll own it.

I got back from my competition with a lot of loose ends to tie and things to catch up on. Also, it took a few days to look at photos and make a decision on the top 3 guys in this competition.

Pointing your finger back at yourself is something that nobody wants to do and is one of the hardest things you can do.

But just know that if you can learn to do this then the quality of your life will get much better in due time.

I saw a lot of changes with some of you guys during these last 12 weeks. I had a few drop out, a few who stopped communicating with me, and a few who were out for blood and hit me up on the regular.

There became a direct correlation between the ones who constantly stayed in touch with me and how they placed.

There also became a direct correlation in placings between the ones who just did what I told them to do, and the ones who wanted to manipulate everything and almost tell me how they wanted to train and diet.

For anyone looking to make a serious life change and cut through the bullshit, sign up for training today!

You’ll get almost 2 decades worth of knowledge and experience from someone who has been in the trenches and done it!

Stop spinning your wheels and let’s start kicking ass and taking names right now!

It’s time to get it done, not tomorrow…



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8 thoughts on “Project Shredded is Finished and The Results Are In!”

  1. Wow, so glad I found you guy! Im 54 & am a walking miracle , was a toxic 145 lbs only 7 years ago, looked like a holocaust poster boy! I am 240ish & huge now, I would like to move on to the next level & perhaps co op some things & exchange ideas, I am a former businessman & I can fully appreciate what you have done & what you are attempting to create.
    I hope to hear back as I have major tweaking to accomplish & would love your assistance brother.

    In Iron,

    Jack B.

  2. Hey, all these transformations are great. I have a question though Joe regarding the progress Ryank K. made. I’m not sure your nutritional philosophy but i follow an IIFYM. For his inital 8 weeks while on OstaShred and Anafuse what degree was his caloric surplus? LIke how much over maintenance was he?

    Thanks for the help in advance, and once again good job to the clients on your progress.

  3. Good job guys! Very motivational!

    Anyone give me some advice?

    Just did 4 weeks of osta shred.

    Are side effects common? (cotton mouth, fatigued, poor sleep, loss of morning wood)

    Was eating 2800 to 3000 calories a day. (5’8″, 172 lbs, 18% BF, early 30’s)

    Gym every other day. Bench went from 160 to 175. Deadlift from 190 to 210.

    Squats dropped from 185 to 135 because I over did it. (I have tight hip flexors!)

    I gained 7 pounds in 4 weeks. I estimate that half of that was fat. (BF went from 16% to 18%, roughly)

    Should I lean out before I try again?

    Feel like I just get fat, even though I don’t think I eat enough, and I leave it all in the gym! Full muscle failure on all lifts except squat…

    Any thoughts are appreciated!


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