What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger


And if it did kill you? You shouldn’t have been training with me to begin with! Piggybacking off my last post, I’d like to talk about the differences in training between the new trainee and the seasoned. When I first got into weights, I started with bodyweight movements in my bedroom, and a few simple …

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Disposable Heroes

He-Man and Castle Grayskull

I was a child of the 80′s, and as you know the 80′s and a good part of the 90′s were all about action flicks and heroes. It all started with my He-Man action figures. If you were going to be anything worth a damn in this world then you better look like He-Man. He-Man looked …

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Adapt and Overcome

man checking blood glucose level

So right now I’m going through some major shit, I went to the doctor’s office for blood work and the results didn’t come back good at all. It turns out as of right now I am diabetic. My fasting glucose was 346, and my A1C was 10.4, very dangerous levels. Nobody wants to admit when …

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Day to Day Adjustments When Bodybuilding

pipe wrench

As years went by in the gym I always followed a strict diet, and by strict I don’t just mean food choices but eating times also. I listened to all of the hype and made myself eat every 2-3 hours like it was the frikken gospel. What a waste, and how miserable it was! In …

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Bodybuilding Affordability

Capsules and cash

It’s 2013, and it’s getting harder than ever to afford anything anymore. Groceries are absolutely fucking ridiculous now! Those dreams I had of becoming a 250 lb monster are starting to dwindle away as I try to keep my family afloat and pay for basic necessities. We live in a world where it costs $5 …

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Nothing is Ever “Just Perfect”

the great outdoors

You know, the more I walk around and listen to people, the more I realize that as a society we have grown accustomed to having everything lined up before we pursue a damn thing. Think about it, how many people are waiting to have children until everything is just right? Or they make enough money? …

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Supplemental Protein for Increased Muscle Mass

protein powder

OK, so has anyone else noticed the ridiculous cost of protein powder lately? Absolutely absurd, and it’s a tough call between saving money and spending enough to actually get a decent protein supplement! I’ve tried a ton of different brands of protein powder throughout the past 25 years I’ve trained. I think the worst one …

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The 20-Minute Hangover Cure

man with hangover

So here I sit at 3:38 PM starting to feel a little better. I went to a Christmas party last night and drank about 8 beers, then with impaired judgement I came home and ate some pizza and chocolate chip cookies. I have not drank in a long time and I’ve been dieting tighter than hell …

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Bodybuilding Cheat Meals (Part 1)


OK, so the longer you go without a cheat meal the better, in 90% of case scenarios. I don’t give a shit who says what about “re-feed days” or even “cheat meal to kick your metabolism in the ass” the bottom line is the longer you can go eating clean foods the faster results you’re …

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