Bodybuilding… Period.

man holding weight plates

Quit being so consumed with whether a guy is natural or not. Worry about you and you only. Chances are that the guy you are criticizing for using steroids is working harder than you and would stand in front of you and make you disappear even if he was natural. It JUST SO HAPPENS he …

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The Actual Cost of Being Huge

stack of money

OK, by no means am I Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I’m a pretty big dude. I’m currently 221 lbs and very lean and vascular. A lot of the younger guys want to know what supplements to take, that’s an easy one to answer. VERY LITTLE! You can get just about everything you need from food, but …

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Seek Out Advice and Critique from a Select Few

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One thing I have found with bodybuilding is that the more advanced you become the more people talk about where your body is at at any given time. The problem with this is 90% of the guys offering you their opinion don’t know a fucking thing about bodybuilding. I can look at a guy who …

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Beware of Multi Level Marketing Health Schemes

snake oil salesman

I’m fucking pissed off, and do you know why? Well I’m going to tell you why… Assholes everywhere are selling people false hope to make a buck! Regular looking people, fat fucks, and string beans everywhere are selling the latest health craze bullshit supplement, diet, routine, whatever!! That’s right, stupid assholes who look average at …

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Stop Multi-Tasking and You May Reach Your Goals

stop sign

Every place you look now someone is multi-tasking. The world is full of people with no quality of life anymore. Just take a look around at everyone lately… texting while driving, trying to hold a conversation in person while texting at the same time, eating while working, trying to play with your kids while chatting …

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Medical Experts Know Nothing About Bodybuilding

doctor using laptop

I’m getting tired of people in half-assed shape trying to tell people in good shape exactly what they need to do to be healthy. Let’s face it, if any of these so called “experts” really knew anything they’d look better than they do. They’ve never lived what they’ve studied. All they hold is a piece …

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Disposable Heroes

He-Man and Castle Grayskull

I was a child of the 80′s, and as you know the 80′s and a good part of the 90′s were all about action flicks and heroes. It all started with my He-Man action figures. If you were going to be anything worth a damn in this world then you better look like He-Man. He-Man looked …

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Bodybuilding Affordability

Capsules and cash

It’s 2013, and it’s getting harder than ever to afford anything anymore. Groceries are absolutely fucking ridiculous now! Those dreams I had of becoming a 250 lb monster are starting to dwindle away as I try to keep my family afloat and pay for basic necessities. We live in a world where it costs $5 …

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Nothing is Ever “Just Perfect”

the great outdoors

You know, the more I walk around and listen to people, the more I realize that as a society we have grown accustomed to having everything lined up before we pursue a damn thing. Think about it, how many people are waiting to have children until everything is just right? Or they make enough money? …

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The 20-Minute Hangover Cure

man with hangover

So here I sit at 3:38 PM starting to feel a little better. I went to a Christmas party last night and drank about 8 beers, then with impaired judgement I came home and ate some pizza and chocolate chip cookies. I have not drank in a long time and I’ve been dieting tighter than hell …

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