Beware of Multi Level Marketing Health Schemes

I'm fucking pissed off, and do you know why?

Well I'm going to tell you why… Assholes everywhere are selling people false hope to make a buck! Regular looking people, fat fucks, and string beans everywhere are selling the latest health craze bullshit supplement, diet, routine, whatever!!

That's right, stupid assholes who look average at best are trying to sell YOU, THE BODYBUILDER, ON FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!! Some string bean liberal fucking asshole is waiting around every corner to sell you some retarded multi-level marketed BULLSHIT! I've had my fair share of BULLSHIT lately.

I've been approached with everything from Acai berry drinks to Visalis to Nutrisystem, and a couple other bullshit products I cannot even recall the names of. Nothing but stupid assholes who fell for the same bullshit as the other stupid assholes trying to make a quick buck off a world full of stupid assholes. Oh yeah, Isogenix was the other one I was approached with, took me a minute to remember the name.

I want you to ask yourselves this question, if the products were really that good then why wouldn't they sell themselves? Why do we have to sign up for a monthly debit to have the products drop shipped to our door? The answer is simple, the product is nothing but BULLSHIT and if they didn't snag your ass with a monthly obligation they'd go out of business!

Some of these assholes even have the balls to put on seminars promoting the bullshit. “Oh, I was a fat fuck and then xyz product saved my life!” No, you're a snake in the grass multi-level marketer who got in shape to sell the world BULLSHIT!

If you're making progress with your fitness goals and in your gym, keep doing what you're doing!! Do not fall into this trap of thinking that some product has changed the way humans grow, lose weight, or develop. And the next time some asshole walks up to you and tries selling you on BULLSHIT, flex your fucking arm up in front of him and sell his ass on something real! Motherfuckers!


4 thoughts on “Beware of Multi Level Marketing Health Schemes”

  1. chuckle chuckle
    well spoken mate, these mlm’ers are everywhere
    love the way their faithful hordes scour the forums and blogs, looking for anyone who might dare to disparage their beloved product and then post pronto something along the lines of “i was disabled/wheelchair-bound/mobility scooter-dependent until i found xyz and now my life has been turned around and i can see my feet/scratch my lower back/be awake throughout the afternoon”
    it’s so common it’s becoming a cliche
    still, good for an occasional laugh, if nothing else
    good luck mate, great blog

  2. The only MLM product that I think makes sense is the 4 life transfer factor for immunity,
    i am not a member of that though,,
    rest of the hordes are bullshitters some even sell stones with magical energy field

  3. “Nothing but stupid assholes who fell for the same bullshit as the other stupid assholes trying to make a quick buck off a world full of stupid assholes.”


    • I had to go back and actually read this article again, forgot about that one!! I read your response and was thinking “Did I actually write that?” Yep, I did…ha


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