Medical Experts Know Nothing About Bodybuilding

I'm getting tired of people in half-assed shape trying to tell people in good shape exactly what they need to do to be healthy.

Let's face it, if any of these so called “experts” really knew anything they'd look better than they do. They've never lived what they've studied. All they hold is a piece of paper called a degree and a few years of studying for shit they don't even remember.

I'm not impressed by that. Not to mention, how many of these arrogant dip shits walk around talking to everybody they come across like they are beneath them? They talk to people in a condescending manner wherever they go. If you're someone who knows his/her body or anything about health and fitness you can forget it, you will be treated like shit and quickly interrupted by a doctor, nurse, or self-proclaimed expert.

On average a doctor will interrupt his patient within 18 seconds of the patient explaining his chief complaint to them and he will make a snap diagnosis and decision before the patient is finished talking. They do not give a shit about your health, I repeat… they DO NOT give a shit about your health.

As long as they can keep banging that insurance card that is all that matters. Let's be real here, have you ever met someone who went to the doctor and was cured and didn't have to keep going back? Nope, “OK, let's see you back here next week” and on top of it all the motherfuckers like to schedule 5 people at the same time, killing half of your day to get about 2 minutes of their time.

Do not swallow everything they give you whole!

When I have an issue I will research the hell out of it, talk to people who know more than me in a particular area, then take all of the pieces of info I've gathered and apply it towards myself.

But one thing I never do is listen to one person exclusively and take 100% of their advice. You will notice that anytime you talk about something health related with a “medical expert” they are very quick to interrupt and get defensive, and the better you look the worse it gets.

They feel threatened by your conversation and rather than going back and studying or having an open mind to the topic, it's easier to get defensive about it and try treating you like shit since you're a patient. If the motherfuckers could just give me the script pad I'd be fine about 90% of the time.

And for God's sake, they could at least have a decent argument to back up their bullshit. The first thing they want to say is how “they went to school for this and you don't know shit.” “No asshole, give me a physical reason and explanation of why you make more sense than I do, because you haven't made one good point since we started talking about this all Doc.” Don't listen to them, fuck em! They want your money, plain and simple.

I cannot say this is all of them, but a large majority. I'm going to pick up a book tonight. It's called “How Doctors Think” and I'll give a review on it when I'm done.  Oh yeah, the diet layout is to come too, forgot about that… train hard!


6 thoughts on “Medical Experts Know Nothing About Bodybuilding”

  1. well said man.

    I had similar experiences wen i was injured ( shoulder and lower back)

    theese experts wanted to put fucking iron rods in my back and shoulders . i amost went thru it. decided to try some yogic postures and trigger point therapy. It cured me ..

    Keep on writing man.

  2. Good article. When my brother-in-law was going through medical school, he mentioned how little education they got about nutrition, exercise, and healing the body through helping someone become healthy. They did get a lot of bullshit about what drugs to prescribe and how to push them on patients.
    I’m convinced that Big Pharma owns most if not all of the medical schools in this nation and mandates their products be trafficked by their medical doctor minions.
    I also think that our society is to blame for this. Everyone wants a pill for a quick fix and to feel good or not feel at all.. I guess you could say supply and demand.
    Get this fucking bullshit: my wife and I had a legitimate M.D. we took our children to. Her husband was a P.A. They treated the body holistically and suggested natural remedies along with the mainstream solutions. We rarely had to fill a prescription or give our kids drugs to get well. The natural solutions worked. Well, our insurance gave them the boot because they weren’t “toeing the line” with being mainstream. They were also becoming very popular and more people were going to them instead of regular doctors. Even though she went through medical school and had a license to practice medicine, they were ostracized by our insurance because they truly cared for their patients and their health. I was livid! There’s an agenda to keep people sick and reliant on Big Pharma.

  3. They piss me off too, like some fat guy telling you to eat more proteins.

    What is even worse is that these kind of people who call themselves doctor tell people how to deal with depression without ever having experienced it…


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