Stop Multi-Tasking and You May Reach Your Goals

Every place you look now someone is multi-tasking. The world is full of people with no quality of life anymore.

Just take a look around at everyone lately… texting while driving, trying to hold a conversation in person while texting at the same time, eating while working, trying to play with your kids while chatting on the phone, just to name a few.

If people quit being so damn retarded and stopped feeling so important (when the reality is if they dropped dead the world wouldn't skip a beat) they may get someplace in life. And I'm not speaking of a destination as strictly financial success here, but they would be helping their spiritual health and stress levels immensely. If someone stopped texting while driving, they'd be better at driving. If they stopped watching TV in the gym they'd be better at working out, and if they got better at working out they'd be better at getting a girlfriend and better at sex.

Multi-tasking is a demon in my world. It's the enemy. Multi-tasking puts my mind in a stressful place and rather than focusing on doing the given task at hand 100%, I'm racing back and forth between things and it often gets done satisfactory or acceptable, but not 100%.

I want the 100%, and the only way to get that is to devote all of my energy and focus on the given task at hand. And it could be something as simple as driving with my undivided attention on the road instead of a phone.

WTF is so important to people anyways? Are the conversations we have nowadays even meaningful anymore? I'll tell you what it is, it's lack of a real social life. Now you can clearly see it in people's character flaws as well. They basically SUCK at being honest, making eye contact, and following through with anything. And then when some guy with any sort of build to him has good qualities such as a strong handshake, eye contact, or straight talking without jumbling his words, he is aggressive and intimidating? Man, get the fuck outta' here already!

You should never have to bend your character, “dumb it down” for people, or be “pretty please with a cherry on top” so they won't misjudge you. Fuck all that, be a man and show some qualities and the hell with everyone. Onto the gym, multi-tasking at its best! People are trying to hold a conversation while performing a set, do a set while watching TV, fucking with the MP3 player constantly, reaching around through their bags, and any other thing you can think of. If they just cleared their mind for a minute and did the task at hand they'd be so much better.

They'd even feel 10 times better when they left! Sometimes it's nice to clear your mind and just do things. This is one reason I'm such a big fan of basic routines, it's easy for me to slow down a little and focus more.

And let me clear the air on something right now, NO ROUTINE is strictly a “beginner routine”, there are ways to take any workout and make it advanced. A slower rep, stronger contraction, heavier weights, shorter rest intervals, rest pause training, static reps, deep stretching, you follow me here? But in your mind what routine would be easier? A circuit routine with 30 different exercises or a chest routine that was just 3 sets of bench press, and 3 sets of pushups. Obviously the chest routine would be the easier one to visualize and slow down on.

You can see yourself performing 3 damn good sets, and not rushing to get all these knick-knack exercises done so you don't miss anything.  You can see your 3 sets of push-ups going well, before the workout begins you already know you're going to be pumped because you're going to put so much into this simple little workout.

Well, this would probably be the workout that got you better results instead of the one that had you running around like a chicken with your head cut off. I love all these “advanced routines” advanced as in how? These exercises have existed for years! More sets? So it's more sets that make it advanced? BULLSHIT, what makes my workouts advanced is the way I execute my reps and sets, not endless volume.

Simplicity is key. It took training under an IFBB pro bodybuilder to get that in my head about 5 years ago. But this isn't just bodybuilding, this is everything. You may find that instead of just going through your day without purpose, you start feeling like all your day consisted of was tackling all these little goals since you prioritized each thing at one time and followed through, rather than multi-tasking.

And if it takes multi-tasking to accomplish everything you do, I guarantee you're out of your fucking mind already. So what does it even matter what you've done or gained if you can't clear your mind and focus?

Try focusing on one thing at a time, then moving forward, life may be richer and more enjoyable.

Train hard!


6 thoughts on “Stop Multi-Tasking and You May Reach Your Goals”

  1. Good shit. Everything I’ve been reading on your site is original and a breath of fresh air man.

    What are some tips to clear your mind?

    Sometimes my head is everywhere, especially when shit is going on. It fucks up my training.

    • Remember to be someone you want to be, not what conforms to society’s everyday bullshit norm. Let me give you a few examples here. I wear tanktops or wifebeaters everywhere, to many people I’m sure it looks like showing off or I have my head up my ass, but it’s my world and they are living in it. That is seriously how my mind functions, in my world its cool to wear a tanktop and be jacked and shredded. The other night in the gym I was wearing a pair of old jeans and work boots, which I occasionally do if I’m not training legs. Reason why? Simple, what do most people do who wear jeans and boots? They work!! It gets me in a good mentality for working in the gym. Now occasionally someone wants to comment on it(someone I’ll know), “Geez, why you dressed like that?” I cant explain why to these people, they dont have my mentality. But in my world its badass to do what you want, dress how I want. Throw on the headphones, blast the metal, and just say FUCK OFF to everyone.

      Everyone wants to go see the new Marvel movies when they hit the big screen, but trying to be a Marvel comic book character isn’t cool? That doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ll never be Wolverine, but I’m a hell of alot closer to him than most. Clearing your mind is all about being the person you want to be, and letting everything else go. Fight the war, fuck the norm!!

  2. The gym is actually a place with the least distractions.
    I only have to come home and work on my PC and I have 1000x more distractions, the overload of information really pisses you off.

    Adblock & focus app for chrome are a must have for me otherwise I can not concentrate on my work.

    And by the way, I walk around in wifebeaters too, but I wear white jeans to them too, completely white, and it’s badass.

  3. This is exactly what I needed to read man. I am currently at Drama School and my days are 9-6 and then when I get home I have so many lines to learn or a song to prepare, or a dance to choreograph. When I look at all the tasks I have to do it can be quite intimidating. I am going to start approaching each one with a 100% focused mindset, switch off my phone and get the task done and then move onto the next one.

    Thank you so much for this great article, I am working my way through all of your old blogs.


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