10 REAL TIPS for Getting Jacked in the Gym!

When it comes to getting jacked in the gym (or “toned” for the ladies) it’s no secret that it’s going to take a lot of hard work; but how much hard work is really involved and where do most people fail?

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of people fail at their diets and workout routines not because they don’t recognize the need to get in shape, it’s because of outside influences that have nothing to do with the gym and nutrition and EVERYTHING to do with pulling you away from the gym and nutrition!

The thing that derails so many people from their physique building goals is MONEY. I’m not talking about not having money here, I’m talking about the obsession with money that so many of us have and how this obsession can destroy things in life that should matter.

You see, the problem many of us have nowadays is that we see more people but we don’t see directly in front of our own faces anymore.

What I mean by this, is it’s very easy to see what other people have whenever you log onto social media or go out on the town when everyone wants to show you what they have.

Not everyone has everything, but the problem is that when we see one guy with a certain car, another guy with a boat, and another person’s photos from vacation, it becomes easy to tell ourselves that we need to have everything!

Our brain simply tells us that life cannot seem complete until we have what everyone else has!

But not everyone else has everything; your brain is simply making a collaboration of this idea of everything you should own in order to be satisfied!

But let me ask you a simple question that you may actually find impossible to answer; “How much money will be enough?” You see, I cannot answer that question myself and I’m sure many of you cannot answer it either.

So the obsession to always put money before health and enjoyment will never allow you to stick to any sort of routine other than trying to make more money! This isn’t just the gym here, it could be anything.

You’ll never know your kids, you’ll never relax, and you’ll think you have hobbies when the truth of the matter is, you cannot do those things enough to even call them hobbies. You are a slave.

You may not be poor, but you’re still a slave. Your quality of life isn’t always good just because you have money.


I know what you’re thinking here….“But how can I have a good lifestyle if I don’t make enough money?” You need to ask yourself what your day-to-day living situation is like and how much happiness do you have when it comes to daily living?

Do you go weeks at a time without smiling and laughing? Do you feel like shit because all you do is eat garbage foods and drink? Do you spend more time living life or worrying?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself, and seriously evaluate how you’re living life before looking fit and feeling good is ever going to be a realistic part of your life.

If you cannot drop this obsession to make more and more money then you’re not going to be able to allow yourself to pursue anything other than that. And if you think that is the key to happiness then you’re chasing the horizon. What amount of money is enough?

At what point do you finally decide to begin living your life before you die? Listen, I’m not saying to not be financially secure here, nor am I saying to not have goals and aspirations that take a strong financial means to accomplish.

All I’m saying is that if money is your obsession and you never stop to enjoy life or take a breath, then there is simply no room for any change in your life. Money is nothing more than a short-term motivator.

You are simply fooling yourself by telling yourself that you’re going to get in shape and finally be happy with yourself once you finally make enough money. No you won’t.

Lifestyle to me means day to day living or the “majority of life.” This means being able to enjoy a coffee and a conversation here and there, being able to hit my cardio or walk my dogs, and being able to get off my phone for an afternoon to spend time with my family.

You do not have to be wealthy to do these things.

I like to be outdoors and I love hiking, mountain biking, and traveling. I just like being active and it doesn’t always have to be in a gym!

Now, the way I look at work is like this; I work to facilitate a lifestyle that I enjoy. I’m not working to simply feel better about myself by buying more shit and using others to compare myself to.

And guess what? When you stop living that way people will fall off quick. But they are the zombies, the ones you don’t need around anyways! Live for you, fuck everyone else. How’s the lifestyle going? That is the question you need to ask yourself.

Will your lifestyle even allow you to eat properly, be active, and enjoy the little things in life?

If the answer is no, then it may be time for a change. This may not only make your fitness and nutrition regimen easier to stick to, but it may improve your life drastically in several other areas and save you from a stroke or a heart attack in the near future.


I’ve found this to be a problem as we grow up; we forget how to do SIMPLE SHIT by any means necessary! I’m guilty of this from time to time myself, and every so often I need to do a gut-check and stop acting so stupid about simple shit!

For example, my stepdaughter recently moved out of the house. That meant that I now had a spare bedroom to do whatever I wanted with. I thought to myself;

“What could I turn that room into?

Would I make it a movie room?

Would I make it a spare bedroom for guests?

I know, I’ll turn it into a cardio room! Yea, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

I’ll hang a flat screen television on the wall, I’ll put a treadmill and a stairclimber in there so I have a couple different choices of cardio equipment, and then I can hit my cardio first thing every morning without fail since it’s right there in that room!”

But then the other side of me began to speak; the badass side of me that has always done what I could with whatever I had around me.

That side of me said, “Why do you need to do all of that in order to do your cardio? Why can’t you just go outside, adapt to the weather in any event, and simply get it done like someone that truly wants it? Why do you need to be a pussy that overcomplicates everything?”

You see, so many people overcomplicate shit.

They’ll spend beaucoup $$$ on something they don’t even know they like or not, they constantly tell themselves there is more involved in things than what’s necessary, and rather than just executing on a regular basis they question and contemplate everything to death before they get in motion!

Meanwhile, someone with just enough to stay consistent is killing it on the regular. Yet, somehow there is always a reason in people’s minds as to why someone has it easier than they do. Nah, they don’t have it easier…they just want it more!

I’ve found out myself that when we get to the point of overcomplicating things, forgetting how to do basic things to have fun, and making things more involved than they need to be before we get the wheels in motion, that is when it’s time to simplify shit and start with the basics again.

Basics could be anything from pushups at home instead of a large distracting gym, to simply jogging down the streets daily as part of your normal routine.

The point I’m making here is that sometimes we can get pussified by life’s conveniences and accommodations, and it’s that pussification that prevents us from just doing the damn thing!

Nobody wants to say to themselves, “I’m not doing it because I’m a pussy.” Nope, it’s always something else or someone else to blame.

But in all reality, you’re probably not getting jacked and shredded because you’re being a pussy. It’s nothing else, you’re just being a pussy. Stop overcomplicating shit, and I’m going to tell you how to stop doing that.

All you need to ask yourself are 2 things whenever you consider doing something; Is there a way? What is the fastest way to get started?

You can always add onto things later, but I believe it’s important to remember that you can still do basic things without much trouble if you can just stop mind-fucking yourself into thinking that EVERYTHING HAS TO BE MORE INVOLVED!


In a world of digital resources all at our fingertips, we have become used to getting everything quick. Bodybuilding isn’t quick, it takes years of hard work and consistency to develop a body that stands out amongst the rest!

So when you take a society where people are so used to having everything they want as quickly as possible, it only makes sense to see why diets that are more extreme in nature claim to give the fastest results, and they would, IF PEOPLE PEOPLE COULD STICK TO THEM!

I get such a laugh out of hearing people say things like “I’m trying to get in shape for spring break” or someone who says they’re trying to look good for a wedding or a possibly a reunion.

I can’t help but think to myself, “Wouldn’t you want to look good all the time? Why just for spring break or a wedding?”

This is what I’m talking about here; these types of people have the quick-fix mentality that will never prevail nor stick to anything because this just isn’t one of those quick-fix things here!

In all reality, the quickest fix is whatever system allows you to keep pushing forward. So although your diet may not be carb starved and although you may not be in the gym 6 days per week, you’re probably better off than someone who goes as extreme as possible and then quits when they don’t get what they want in as little as a few weeks.

So if you need to adjust a diet so you can keep eating clean then I say to make those adjustments and stop following everything in these fad diets! If a giant bowl of mixed fruit after the gym is what keeps you from craving sweets then damnit, eat that mixed fruit after the gym!

If drinking a Coke Zero once a day is what keeps you from going off the rails then maybe that little bit of carbonation and flavor isn’t a terrible thing? (Admittedly, I do this frequently) It’s better than eating 1,000 calories worth of extra junk isn’t it?

People want to believe so badly that there are systems that are scientifically superior than simply eating less overall calories than they burn to lose fat.

Whether this be a shorter feeding window during the day, cutting out a certain nutrient altogether (such as carbohydrates), or cutting out nutrients throughout half of the day and backloading the other half, people will fall victim to any method that is calming to be the QUICKEST!

IT’S NOT QUICKEST IF YOU NEVER GET THERE! I cannot fill my gas tank up just 1 time and make it to Las Vegas.

It doesn’t matter how badly I want to go to Las Vegas (which I don’t, I think it’s a shithole) I’ll just never make it there on only 1 tank of gas!

What these fad diets are doing with people, is they’re essentially only giving them 1 tank of gas to try to make it to Vegas. They can drive their cars faster, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to make it Vegas.

They’ll just run out of gas even quicker! This is how your body operates; it’s not going to make it any further just because you drove it faster on only 1 tank of gas!

A better approach to getting lean would be to ask yourself where the deficiencies are during your day. Chances are, if you don’t feel like eating breakfast then you have a slow metabolism and the first place in the diet to fix is to add breakfast!

If you are eating too many calories too late in the day/evening then you need to ask why. Chances are, you aren’t eating enough early in the day and you have your body trained to store as much as possible in the form of fat since you are starving the shit out of yourself the rest of the day!

Again, see breakfast!

One marketing tactic that fad diet masterminds love to use is to use celebrities as walking advertisements for a specific diet. It’s gotten so bad now that muscle and fitness magazines don’t even have men with their shirts off on the covers anymore!

Do you know why? Well, there are 2 reasons for this…



Therefore, if there is some sort of mystery to the photograph people will still probably purchase whatever it is. If you show their actual physique on the cover you’ve totally removed all doubt.

Some potential buyers may say “Well I’m never going to look like that anyways, on towards the ice cream aisle!”

The point I’m trying to make here is that fad diets are nothing more than sneaky little ways to give you dietary restrictions and guidelines that simply aren’t realistic or manageable in terms of a consistent and permanent lifestyle change.

Fad diets are geared towards the masses, the ones that just want to “get in shape for spring break.” Proper nutrition has everything to do with what is manageable and people can stick to the majority of meals throughout the week.

Is proper nutrition a chicken breast and rice, or is proper nutrition a protein shake and a granola bar? Well, it could be either, it depends on the person! I know which one I think is more proper, but that doesn’t mean Joe Blow from Idaho can stick to it daily.

Another thing to ask yourself when it comes to fad diets such as fasting, carb backloading, veganism (sorry, “plant based dieting”), is how realistic do you think it’s going to be to stick to those diets when you have just came from a long span (possibly your entire life) of following NO STRUCTURED EATING REGIMEN AT ALL?

Do you think it’s going to be that easy? Do you think you’re just going to starve the shit out of yourself or eliminate certain nutrients for several weeks on end and stick with it?

If I was a betting man I’d have to say FUCK NO!

Fuck fad diets, they’re recipes for failure in my book!

Real tip #4) JUST KEEP MOVING!    

This tip is so simple yet so many people fail to acknowledge the fact that human beings were MADE FOR MOVEMENT! Think about how sedentary people have become, yet how extreme they want to be with fad diets to try and get in shape.

Now, I’m not sure where this stems from, but somehow there are many people that have forgotten that movement burns calories! So for someone that has not been doing much movement in life, the easiest way to start losing fat aside from cleaning up the diet, is simply to keep moving!

Now, even as an advanced level bodybuilder, I place a huge emphasis on constant movement during workouts.

Sometimes rather than focusing on the weights used, rest periods involved, or logging sets and reps into a phone or a logbook, it’s better to just ignore that shit and KEEP IT MOVING!

That’s right, just keep the motion going! If you’re doing dumbbell curls, I don’t care if you’re using a 5 lb. dumbbell or a 30 lb. dumbbell, JUST KEEP THE WEIGHT MOVING!

If you don’t feel like doing cardio because you’re tired from work, or maybe you’re just not very motivated in this process yet, just start putting 1 foot in front of the other and move!

Don’t worry about what speed you’re walking, don’t worry about the perfect distance goal, JUST START FUCKING WALKING!

Because this is what is going to happen; after a few minutes you’ll begin walking faster. After a few more minutes you’ll probably start walking even faster.

After 10 more minutes you’ll be excited to lift weights and you’ll begin thinking about how what you’re doing will benefit you and change you.

Maybe 20 minutes ago you weren’t feeling great, but now that you’re actually moving it’s different! You feel ready, you feel positive again, you’re getting in the zone slowly but surely, and now you have a better outlook on the entire process!

See tip #2, Stop overcomplicating the process! 

Just start moving! Don’t always worry about how much weight you’re using, what specific exercises you either know or don’t know, because all that will come in due time. Sometimes you just gotta’ keep moving and everything else will come!

Remember, the one with less knowledge but a better work ethic will outperform the ones with the knowledge who have fallen lazy! You do not need to know everything about fitness and nutrition to achieve a muscular and lean body.

So keep it moving and you’ll see the body-fat start dropping off!


You’ll typically hear about which specified rep ranges are the most beneficial for strength, growth, or stamina. The common theme is that lower reps are more beneficial for overall strength, moderate reps are better for muscle growth, and high reps are only good for endurance.

For years and years I followed that exact train of thought and it only short-changed my results!

I believe that someone new to weights would benefit more from higher reps (such as sets of 15 reps) and then lowering the rep schemes ONCE THEY GOT STRONGER, rather than going the opposite direction and starting low and raising reps once they got stronger.

For several decades now, high school football programs have all had their athletes doing the same low-end rep ranges during a time when they were not only new to weights, but still in their developmental years of growth as teenagers. I disagree with this approach.

I believe that if high school football players/beginning weight lifters took a more consistent and steady approach to conditioning the body before attempting to lift heavier weights, they would be faster, stronger, and hit harder!

I’d dare to even say that if some coach decided to be the one team in high school football that started his players out with nothing but calisthenics, then graduated to a high rep weightlifting structure before stepping up to low rep sets and maximum attempts, his team would ABSOLUTELY DESTROY THE FIELD!

You see, building your body up doesn’t always mean working your way up in reps until after you’ve built the strength to do so. Building your body up can also mean working down in reps as your body becomes more prepared for it.

You do this by taking all of the steps necessary to begin with using your own bodyweight as resistance and then adding conventional weight training as your structure becomes more conditioned to handle it!

Most people don’t look at it this way though. They’re too busy drinking the Kool-aide that is being forced down their throats from mainstream fitness “experts”.

So whether you’re new to lifting weights or a seasoned trainer that just needs to break the common-core nonsense, I’m here to tell you that YES, YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM HIGHER REPS. When you go above sets of 12-15 reps it’s not “just for endurance training”.

Also, go back to real tip #4 in case you forgot already; sometimes you just need to keep things moving along. You aren’t moving your arms, legs, chest, shoulders and back for very long with a brief 5 reps/set and then 3 minutes of rest.

Try these heavier sets once you actually get in shape and at least have muscles to push heavier weights with!


While it’s nice to look at other people and pictures/videos for gym motivation, you have to remember that you were created to be you, the best version of you, not the person you’re looking at!

I don’t care how much you desire to look like someone else, at the end of the day you need to work with the hand you were dealt with from birth (or possibly a new hand that life dealt you unexpectedly).

So what I want you to focus on more than anything else is HOW FAR YOU’VE COME ALONG!

Not another person in the gym, not some professional bodybuilder or fitness model… YOU!

Maybe you don’t have visible abs yet, but rather than having a gut that hangs over your belt your stomach is now flat. That’s progress!

Maybe in the past people didn’t look at you twice and now you’re dating. That’s progress! (I think)

You still may not be using more than 50 lb dumbbells for presses, but they’re more than the 30 lb  dumbbells you used to use! That’s progress!

You see, positivity breeds positivity, but this doesn’t always have to come down between 2 different people. This can be your own thoughts too!

If you clearly see progression then it’s easier to keep pushing forward. It’s easier to say to yourself ,“I’ve come this far already, what else could I do?”

If you constantly focus on what you don’t yet have, you’ll develop a negative self-reflection that will clearly show in your attitude and the fact that no matter what happens in your life, you just never seem like a happy individual.

Even in my own experience competing in bodybuilding, I had to remind myself of the progress I had made despite my placing in the competitions at times.

Everyone wants to win and everyone trains hard for that sort of thing. It’s just not something that people can go and do without giving it serious effort.

Maybe you can slack more in other sports/hobbies or whatever you want to call it, but bodybuilding is different because it’s 24/7, not just the time on the field or court. I had to make my own progress reports and I had to be real with myself.

Maybe in someone else’s eyes they’re a loser unless they got first place in whatever they did. But to me, although maybe I didn’t win something, the only way I was gonna be a loser was to throw in the towel and not see it through!

So I learned that in the end, it’s you against you. It’s one thing to get defeated in something by others, but it’s another when you’re the one that defeated yourself.

Don’t defeat yourself, look at your own progress and the wins that you’ve had with yourself and it will only serve as motivation to keep pushing forward. In this game you’re eventually going to need to motivate yourself.

“I can’t find the motivation, I just can’t find the motivation” people like to bitch. Go back and read tip #4!

Sometimes you just need to force yourself to put one foot in front of the other and then the motivation builds off that. Sitting around just waiting for the motivation to come isn’t going to get you fuck-all!

Yea, that’s how it happens, the motivation fairy just drops by the house and leaves good luck under your pillow!


“1 foot in front of the other, 1 rep after another,

for failure and self-pity are no more,

it’s time to rise back up and settle the score,

piece by piece, day by day,

you can’t hold me back because even I can’t hold me back anymore,

embers turn to fire, and this fire burns hotter than it ever had before,

unleashing all legions of hell as I crush whatever stands in my path,

you can’t hold me back because even I can’t hold me back anymore,

you can’t hold me back because even I can’t hold me back anymore!” -JD


So often it’s easy to mistake a lack of hydration for something else. This gets worse as we get older and our bodies don’t always send the signal of just “Hey, I feel thirsty” when we need to drink more water.

Nope, you can sit around and wonder what the hell is the matter with you. You’ll ask yourself, “Why do I feel so lethargic and shitty?”

You’ll wonder whether you need another cup of coffee or not, an energy drink, more sleep, perhaps more calories?

Sometimes, it’s none of the above; you’re just short on your water intake!

I’m sure that most people reading this have heard that water helps burn fat. But that isn’t all it does!

Water helps shuttle nutrients and glycogen into your muscles, providing increased strength, muscle pump, and the ability to go further on with your sets before reaching true failure.

Have you ever seen someone who looks like they’re executing their reps with ease but then with almost no warning signs of fatigue at all, just stops the set?

Yea, their water intake is too low and the burning sensation in their muscles becomes so overwhelming that they cannot continue on!

But what you have to understand here is that they’re failing on a set prior to recruiting the maximum amount of muscle fibers available to do the work!

Bottom line is that if you’re not drinking enough water then you’re short-changing your workouts and your results.

Furthermore, you’re short-changing recovery and the removal of toxins and waste products from your body after your workouts. Enjoy staying sore much longer when you aren’t hydrating enough!

Although maybe a common theme with any sort of diet or workout advice, it’s often a needed reminder since it’s such an overlooked part of a workout and diet regimen!

I’ve been sitting around wondering why I’ve felt so lethargic and ill before, only to go drink a couple glasses of water and almost instantly feel better and more awake!

If you haven’t been drinking enough water and eating junk then you won’t feel thirsty at first. You’ll need to force yourself to drink it, since your body is storing so much fluid due to your excessive sodium intake.

It’s strange because you almost need to start the flushing process before you’re going to begin to actually feel thirsty again! If you need to drink calorie-free drinks just to get this process started then go for it!

Powerade Zero, Crystal Light, etc, whatever you need to do to start pissing and flushing your body then do it if it’s just for a brief period of a week or so.

“But John, those drinks have chemicals that will give me cancer!”

And being a fat fuck will give you a heart attack and/or make people laugh in your face when they see you naked!

I’ll take my chances and drink some Powerade Zero for a week or so just to get the flushing process began and get me feeling thirsty again. Then I suggest you switch to as much water as possible throughout the day.

I see nothing wrong with the occasional diet Coke or flavored water, but seriously try to drink mostly regular water!


Look, if there’s a way to improve results in the gym and with how you look, some people are just going to do it!

While it’s a pretty little picture to paint that performance enhancement isn’t necessary to attain a certain look or reach a certain level of development, I wasn’t born yesterday.

The truth of the matter is that you can look great without drugs and/or supplements in a relative manner. To most people, you appear to live healthy and you look strong when they see you.

But unfortunately, that “holy shit” factor just probably isn’t going to be there, and that is despite possibly your best efforts!

However, take away the work ethic and consistency in the gym and with nutrition and I don’t give a damn what you’re using, you’ll look like shit!

If I did a survey on guys in the gym who never took steroids versus guys who used steroids, I would probably have more guys collectively that never took them and looked great.

The few who used performance enhancing drugs would most definitely stand out, but as a whole there probably wouldn’t be as many who looked as muscular compared to the ones who never touched them.

Now, I’m talking about as a collective whole here. I’m not referring to the look that is achieved when someone who is committed to diet and hard training uses gear.

But the problem nowadays with drugs and even supplements is that people are obsessing over them too much. Rather than using just 2 compounds that worked extremely well together, they’re constantly seeking out the perfect 10 compound stack.

What you need to understand is that the more muscular guys aren’t the ones with the craziest steroid stacks. They’re the ones who are willing to go through hell and high water with eating and training to get to where they’re trying to go!

I’ve never met a guy who only ate a few bowls of cereal a day and some fast food that looked better than someone who prepped their meals regularly! And I’m not talking about the random teenager with a lightning fast metabolism who people say “doesn’t even have to try”.

Nah, I’m talking about that serious lifestyle bodybuilder who marches to the beat of a different drum here. Never have I seen someone who put in that kind of work on the daily look like shit.

Are genetics an important part of it? Yes. But funny how the ones always claiming the worst genetics are the same ones who aren’t putting in the effort that the guy next to them is!

Stop blaming genetics for a shit work ethic!

It makes me sick how much money people are spending nowadays on drugs. And a lot of these types hadn’t cooked a single meal all week or even went to the grocery store!

Yet, the reason they look like shit and someone else looks better is because someone else HAS TO BE on more shit than they are, or what they’re using just must be fake.

Well I have news for the haters and excuse makers out there; you couldn’t commit to the diet and gym enough to even know whether your shit was real or fake, so quit worrying about it!

Some guys will run into the nutrition store and drop $500, thinking that somehow if they supplemented hard enough they could look like a top level bodybuilder. This doesn’t mean you’re more committed, it means you’re fucking stupid!

The supplement collectors always have the shittiest physiques too. A whole pantry full of pills and powders and they somehow always look like sacks of fucking whale shit!

It’s usually always 1 of these 2 types with the worst return ratio for the emphasis they put on assistance in drugs/supplementation. It’s either the supplement collector or the “next level steroid guy” and rarely any in-between.

If you told one of them to go buy 8 lbs of chicken, steak, and fish they would run for the hills. Why cook? Cooking takes way too much effort right?

They don’t want the results, they just enjoy talking about what they want. But the follow through on their part sucks!

Staying committed to buying more shit as it relates to the gym is the easy part, putting forth the work…well not so many people want to do that one anymore!

I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for steroids and supplements concerning physique development. All I’m saying is that people spend way too much time obsessing over the type of shit that simply doesn’t matter unless they’re willing to do the real work first!

Pick out a couple compounds, maybe a few quality supplements that actually work, and let it roll. Quit obsessing over this stuff and get your ass to work!


This is one that the industry just loves to sell people on isn’t it?

Yea, somehow magically in a galaxy far, far away, it’s possible to continue feeding your fucking face while dropping insane amounts of body-fat at the same time!

“Never feel hungry” they say.

“Look great while eating the foods you love!”


(If you don’t like my swearing and you can’t tell I curse by this point, I’m sorry you got your feelings hurt. It’s not my fault, usually overweight people are pretty emotional and that’s probably what’s going on with you right now. Once you harden up physically you’ll harden up emotionally too. I’m being serious… pussy!)

That doesn’t even make any sense! Continuing to eat the foods that you love is what turned you into a fat sack of shit to begin with! How is it magically going to change?

Here’s your answer; it won’t….

But they DON’T CARE. Nobody expects people that fall for this stuff to actually stick with it in the first place anyways!

No, the truth of the matter is this; the level you’re able to take muscular growth and fat loss to, is largely dependent on how much you’re willing to go through in terms of discomfort.

Now, I don’t mean constant pain and agony here. I’m talking about moments when people want to eat junk and drink, and you stick to your own path instead because it’s more important to you.

Sure, to many people this sort of discipline would be portrayed as not having a life.

Well, what else is considered not having a life?

I don’t know, maybe not being able to breathe, not getting your dick sucked anymore, not being able to go someplace without kids being afraid you’re gonna fucking eat em’, not being able to properly wipe your own ass or shower, or looking like a sack of shit despite how nice and expensive your suit is!

Is rice and chicken still that bad of a life? Holy shit people, wake the fuck up already!

“OOOHHH, NO! This is exactly the type of shallow son of a bitch I’m talking about right here! He is body shaming me!”

You’re damn right I’m body shaming you! You’ve been lied to by people telling you to love your body no matter what!


“Never feel hungry” they say?

How has eating till you’re full been treating you so far? Because it doesn’t look like the answer is too good!

These types of sales gimmicky lies and phrases are 110%, the complete and total opposite of the truth!

You want to lose fat? Deal with getting a little hungry from time to time!

If you want to burn more calories then deal with an uncomfortable hour of sweating your ass off while doing cardio on the regular!

What I’m trying to say here (for the ones who discovered this article through an organic search and are new to this all) is that despite sounding harsh, I’m the one that is telling you the truth here!

You’re not getting the truth from mainstream fitness articles or magazine publications anymore.

And you damn sure aren’t going to get the truth from your moral support group that you cry to whenever you need reassurance to “Love thyself no matter how obese and nasty thou may be.”

Nah, some people just need a good hard dosage of fucking reality! The other day I had my son with me and we walked into a men’s clothing store to look at suits and ties.

I wasn’t necessarily in the market for a new suit, but he had never been to a Men’s clothing store before. We just left the barber shop and I explained to him that people treat you better when you’re dressed nicely and carry yourself to a higher standard.

Then I said something to him that I know he’ll never forget.

I said to him ,“The most important part of any suit a man wears is what’s underneath it. Your outfit begins with your build!”

Let that one sink in for all the love thyself crowd. Keep packing it in sweetheart, eventually it’s gonna either fall out or tear the fuck apart!

It’s not always that it’s even a measurable level of discomfort that is required to start seeing results; it’s that some people’s level of pussification is off the charts! Things that don’t hurt the majority of people are painful for them!

But hey, if they’re going through it then I commend them for trying to better themselves. Anyone trying to improve their situation in life has my applause.

You see, it’s not that I’m an asshole all the time. People have just been lied to for too long and it’s time they knew what was up.


I’ve talked about this topic in the past, but I’m bringing it back up in this article because of how important it is for achieving your physique goals.

This sort of piggybacks off the teeter tauter effect when it comes to progress versus falling off with the gym and nutrition. You have to have the ability to wipe the slate clean on the daily and accept that the past is the past.

Sure, everyone is going to get off track from time to time, and if they didn’t get sidetracked it would probably mean that they weren’t getting anything else in life accomplished outside of the gym.

But how many times do we dwell on the fuck-ups and let the thought of those fuck-ups derail us? What I mean by this is that dwelling on the fuck-ups just makes it more difficult to get it together and continue pushing forward!

Bodybuilding/fitness (or whatever you may call it) is one of the only physical things that is a 24/7 endeavor. It’s simply not possible to take it to the same level day in and day out when you consider all of the other things in life that we deal with.

The easiest way to continue progressing on is to be able to say to yourself, “I may have fallen short yesterday but that was yesterday. Today I’m going to try my best and forget about anything that happened before today with my diet and/or training!”

This will push that teeter tauter leaning to the side of positivity rather than the negative thoughts that keep it pushed over completely to the opposite side.

This teeter tauter effect is the very thing that keeps people from crawling out of the slump they may be in at times. They simply dwell on the past and the all the negativity and it only creates self-defeat and doubt!

As soon as you begin to doubt yourself and doubt your ability to treat the day like a new day, it only gets harder and harder to crawl out of the hole you may have put yourself in!

Remember, nobody is going to do it for you. This is the part of strength that isn’t seen in the gym. It’s an inner strength and a mindset that you develop over time.

See tips #1 and #4 if you need help with learning how to do this. It’s not always a pill or a break that’s needed to bring you out of a depressed state of mind. Building yourself up physically can also build you up mentally.

It’s a new day, the time to do it is now!


The mind is a powerful tool. These are tips that I feel like people could adopt and take with them throughout their fitness journey.

Sure, quick fix tips are all over the place, but until you get to the roots of the things in life that go hand in hand with the gym and nutrition then it’s a lot more difficult to keep on a routine!

You have to understand that exercise selection and “the perfect workout style” such as cardio, bodybuilding, CrossFit, or any other type of workouts, are just the tip of the iceberg.

It takes more than that to remain consistent enough to the point that you make drastic changes to your body!


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11 thoughts on “10 REAL TIPS for Getting Jacked in the Gym!”

  1. Great article, JD! Laughed my fucking ass off reading Tip #9. So true! Just saw the “Nutri System” commercial while reading your article, and I just laughed thinking to myself how many fucking fat ass morons will be joining that cult over the next few days, just to be disappointed and just as fucking fat a few weeks from now.

    As you said… eat real food & get off your ass! Simple as that!

  2. All points are spot on, but there are two key points that I had to do to stop being a fat ass couch potato. #1 I had to stop waiting to “feel good” to do something. My excuse was always, “I don’t feel good, so I need to get healthy before I start exercising.” How messed up was that? I learned that I had to go find health, the health fairy wasn’t going to plop down on the couch next to me and bestow some magical health elixir. #2 I have to keep moving. I have a desk job, so rather than shovel crap foods in my face all day like my neighbor, I shovel water and ice into me all day long, which makes me need to pee every hour and I take the stairs from the 3rd floor to the first floor to use the restroom and the stairs on the way back. I keep telling myself “Move, you lazy fat ass…” at 12% body fat now, but damnit, I’m fat until 10%… (mental tricks).

    Now, quit talking about Let the Blood Spill and release it already… ;-)

  3. Hi!

    I purchased your book “Straight from the Underground” and I am trying out the “Pussy Slayer” cycle without the testosterone base.

    Aka 30mg of Winstrol and 30mg of Anavar.

    What do you recommend for PCT and for how long?

    I have Clomiphene and Anastrazole here.


    • I would run Clomid at 100mg/day days 1-10, then 50mg/day for days 11-20. Anastrozol can be used at .5mg 3x weekly for 20 days alongside clomid. That’s all I would use, that is not a long cycle and you don’t want the PCT drugs to be a problem by going too aggressive -JD

  4. Cannot express how hard these points hit home. The moderate high rep scheme idea for beginners is underappreciated especially in those upper body movements where there just is no magic compound “deadlift” for upper body if you will. Bench is great but it’s overdone. Coming off the New Year’s Eve hangover, point ten, forgive then forget. New day, new chance to get trained up. Fuck that, your body is pumped full of calories, hit a PR, don’t think you can’t because of some beers.

  5. Your body is either running on carbs or fats. If your running on fats, your in ketosis. You don’t need to consume carbs if your fat adapted and in ketosis.
    If you stay on your carb metabolism, I totally agree, you gotta keep feeding yourself carbs. But if you have the discipline, there is a whole different source of vitality you can coax your body to tap into.
    The more you learn how to put yourself into ketosis, the better your performance will become. It’s the energy our body is designed to run on. It’s not just some “fad diet”.

    Check out Romano on YouTube. He’s a bodybuilder that advocates for ketogenic living. He’s got a video for basically everything about putting your body into ketosis.

    • If you can go into ketosis and still think clearly, have energy for demanding workouts, achieve a great pump in the gym (I don’t know how when carbohydrates get taken totally out for an extended period of time) then by all means do what works for you. Agree to disagree, thanks for reading -JD

  6. Dude, great post! No BS, just straight up facts.

    I literally got here after searching “bodybuilding overcomplicating things” on Google.

    And it’s true, fat people are fragile af. More mentally than physically. This is coming from a former obese young dude. I was pretty damn heavy and depressed during my prime years (from high school to university). One day I decided enough was enough. I dropped the meds and took action. I don’t have yet a great physique, but I’m already much healthier and happier.

    Thanks for the honesty, you truly brought up some great points with these tips.



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