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Let The Blood Spill is the best bodybuilding program for the experienced gym goer because it’s packed full of different ways to generate higher levels of training intensity as you battle your way to an incredible physique through this hellacious regimen!

This training program is a complete program with everything laid out for you to follow so there is no guesswork involved!

Bodybuilder Level : Experienced/Advanced
Publication Date : January 8, 2020
Last Update : July 25, 2020
Page Count : 50 Pages
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Let The Blood Spill is going to change the way you think about training in the gym!

You see, one thing I started to realize after spending over two decades in the gym, was just how training intensity needed to change from what it once was in the beginning.

It's absolutely imperative that you find new ways to bring on training intensity in order to continue to progressing as you become more experienced with lifting weights and dieting.

If you continue to train in the same manner indefinitely, you won't be in this game for the long haul!

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Let The Blood Spill is the best bodybuilding program for the experienced gym goer because it's chocked full of different ways to generate higher levels of training intensity as you battle your way to an incredible physique through this hellacious regimen!

What this training program is to you, is a complete program with everything laid out for you to follow and no guesswork involved!

This program is highly effective if followed properly!

The layout is well explained and very intuitive and I explain things in a manner that makes sense, simplifies parts of the process, and allows you to make any modifications deemed necessary to your own stature.

Let The Blood Spill isn't just a one-size, fits-all sort of diet and training program.

Bodybuilding programs like that just aren't realistic because the dietary measures for someone over 200 lbs. are different than someone who is just 150 lbs.

My program is intuitive because it allows you to learn your own body while still being able to follow a structured plan that will get you from points A to Z!


Let The Blood Spill ebook

That common bullshit on weight training and dieting that you read everyplace you look?

Yea, you can forget about that with a program like this.

That shit is geared towards the majority of people who won't last long in the gym anyways.

This is a much different approach to transforming your body. This program will turn you into a fucking machine!

Workouts and rep schemes that were once considered normal will all seem like kiddie stuff once you get underway with Let The Blood Spill!

The points of doubt during sets and reps that you once had will soon be shattered like a glass.

You will be breaking through barriers that you never imagined possible after you open your mind up and go through this program!

With brutal workout intensity, frequency, specific exercise and workout periodization/timing, your body will have no choice but to morph into higher levels of physique development!

Think of Let The Blood Spill as your battle strategy to move forward and crush the opposing forces that are holding you back!

Everything is laid out in a manner that will propel results by shredding away body-fat and building/retaining muscle in the most efficient means possible.

This program is the essence of unleashing all-out-war on the gym!


How many times have you gone to the gym only to go through the motions and say, “Yeah, I made it to the gym today.”

You see, we go through these motions on the regular because it's a habit, but often times we never really COME ALIVE in that gym!

With Let The Blood Spill you will be a force in that gym.

You will actually come alive and tear down those walls of limitations in the gym!

As you battle through the brutal workouts you will dump an insane amount of endorphins and actually feel high on life as you continue marching forward through these demanding workouts.

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I know through experience that bodybuilding can make other problems in life fade away, and this program will do just that by creating positivity, discipline, and transform you into a force that simply cannot be stopped!

I've learned that by using bodybuilding as my foundation in life, other life issues that may have seemed to be a big deal just no longer seem like that big of a worry to me.

When you continue on the steadfast path of results and positivity it's like saying, “You can't bring me down. Life may not be perfect and this may be the hand that I was dealt, but I'm throwing out this deck of cards for a new hand to play!”

We aren't like everyone else.

We don't need all of the artificial bullshit in our lives to feel like we are winning. It's time for something different, something new!

I look around me and I see all these people chasing something that simply isn't there.

Like a dog chasing its tail, they continue spinning around and around in circles, only to come up short each time.

We aren't like them and we don't need to conform to average thinking. It's time to feel alive again and let the positive bleed out only more positive!

When the workouts, diet, and optional performance enhancement are all put into place, everything leaks out over everything else and it creates a force in motion!


For starters, nothing that is part of the entire program is left out of the mix.

Because this program is so demanding it was absolutely necessary to include EVERYTHING THAT I DO!

Everything from diet to workouts, nutrient super-shuttling tactics, pre-workout regimen, and the top performance enhancing steroid stacks to compliment this program with are included in this book!

This book is an extension of myself written out for you.

It's not just something that sounds good, it's what I really do when it comes to putting my body through hell in order to get the results I'm seeking!

I didn't write this with the mentality of, “Well this is the basic workout structure, but they can figure out the rest of the gray area shit nobody talks about.”

No Sir, this is the entire recipe laid out for you with nothing hidden that goes on behind the scenes.

I think we all know by now that it doesn't matter how much motivation someone gives to you, it simply doesn't matter if you don't have the right tools to get where you want to go!

Let The Blood Spill isn't just what sounds good, and it wasn't written with the intentions of trying to get everyone to actually complete the program.

It's extremely demanding and the truth of the matter is that many will quit, as many people quit everything they attempt.

This was written with the intentions of applying to the audience of warriors, the ones that are prepared to go through hell to get what they're after, and just want the battle plan to do it!

Most people are accustomed to all of the usual workout splits that they've seen time and time again, simply regurgitated to sound different, but not really that much different.

I have a different outlook on physique development.

My process is to hammer body parts and force them to adapt, then knowing when to back off of them while hammering out others.

This is when the routine goes beyond the basics and it truly takes some forward thinking to strategically plan out a program that is this in-depth!

What you do today will be the extreme results that you'll see tomorrow.

This isn't instant gratification or a claim to lose “X amount of body-fat or gain X amount of muscle in 30 days.”

This program is a process that will yield incredible results based on the extreme training/dieting stimulus that you may have done several weeks prior!

Don't fall victim to anything that claims that most people can do it. Most people are not willing to do it!



Everything always sounds good at first doesn't it?

You need to seriously ask yourself if you're willing to go through a war in the gym to achieve greatness.

Are you willing to ditch bad habits and vices that are holding you back with training progress?

Are you willing to ignore that which does not matter in achieving your goals?

Things like spending too much time on social media, going out drinking instead of getting sufficient recovery from workouts, and eating out all the time rather than going through the effort of food prep are all going to derail you!

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If you cannot give these things up then quit lying to yourself.

This program is only for the true warriors who simply will not stop fighting to get ahead!

But one thing is for certain; I can promise you that if you tough it out and follow what is involved in Let The Blood Spill, then you will see some kick ass results from the best and most honest bodybuilding program to hit the scene!

1 review for Let The Blood Spill

  1. 5 out of 5

    mitchell sulak (verified owner)

    First impression:
    Just started my second week of Let The Blood Spill so I will only give a review for guys looking into the book, but are looking for maybe a little feedback first. Not on the whole book since I have yet to do the program to it’s full 12 weeks yet.

    Let me start off by saying I have more of a John Doe attitude about lifting or bodybuilding in general. I don’t complain about eating the same foods, dieting, lifting and all the shit everyone whines about when it comes to trying to look good or be in decent shape. Sometimes it sucks but it’s what it takes to look better than all the other fuckers in the gym and set you apart from your friends, looks wise. So if u can’t do this or eat that or stick to a diet everyday, the book may not be for you.

    I have been lifting serious with dieting for different goals for maybe 10 to 12 or so yrs. I’m 33 with a full family and have had a physical job most of my life so I feel beat up sometimes and have torn both rotator cuffs and hurt my back and knees doing stupid shit in the past. I was looking for a book that would give me a mix of body weight and traditional bb style lifting with good intensity by other means than just adding weight to the bar, which is what this book does. There are upper and lower mixes of push-ups, pull-ups, benching, regular weight room lifts, dips, slow negatives and positives all integrated into the workouts. I got real tired of doing a chest day where u have to do incline then flat the fly then something else to murder your shoulders while also hurting your flexibility. A lot of guys bench 315 but can’t do 30 push-ups in a row. I wanted both. I’m currently 5’8 180 lbs at maybe 11%bf so I look decent but in my mind I want to be bigger and even leaner so I figured what better book to buy than one that John Doe wrote. The diet is laid out exactly how you should be eating too, but with advice just in case you are going to Change the food up a little for your needs. A lot of instagram trainers and social media crap now a days is just stole from someone else and given to you as your “personal” regime. Overall the first week and a half has been a good change with not just a typical lifting routine but still putting in work and changing up the intensity. Kind of like prison workouts with a weight lifting involved. This must work if those dudes parole out looking jacked af.

    The pump is real!! I may do another review when I’m done with the book, but for now I tried to give some of what I have seen going through the book.
    Thanks all.
    Stay ready!

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