Why You’re Weak and Depressed (Because your life lacks movement!)

It's not always random life factors when it comes to depression.

Have you ever thought that people may be depressed because their life lacks movement?

Look at the type of people that sit on their porches and drink all day; do you think they're happy?

No, they're not.

Why not?


When you don't move you don't sweat.

Toxins build up in your body and you feel worse and worse.

That shitty feeling now becomes the momentum for further depression.

You wake up depressed and because you know you're depressed it becomes harder to take action to do anything but continue to be depressed.

I'd like to use high school as an example of continuous movement…

In high school it's hard to sit still because you're not in a class for much longer than an hour before you walk to your next class.

When you walk to your next class there isn't a lot of time to get there right?

You have a few minutes to walk from possibly one side of the building to the other!

This sense of movement and urgency keeps you awake and in a better mood.

Most nurses that I know are usually positive people.

Even in a high stress job they're usually positive people because they WALK, WALK, AND WALK SOME MORE!

Not to mention a lot of them work out on top of the walking they do at work.

People who work downtown and walk are usually more upbeat people also.

I rarely see a man in a suit who is carrying a briefcase while walking, with a look on his face that reflects thoughts of possible suicide (I'm sure they're out there, I just don't see it).

I'm sure by now you get my point; constant movement keeps us happier and more lively.


This isn't that difficult to figure out here; when you don't move, your body doesn't produce certain chemicals such as human growth hormone, testosterone, glucagon (which helps turn fat into readily available energy), serotonin and dopamine.


Have you ever thought about how stupid some people's day's pan out to be?

Alarm goes off…

Fuck I don't want to get up. I cannot wait to get in my car so I can stop moving again!”

In car, repeatedly pulls out phone…

Fuck I cannot wait to go eat something and drink coffee!”

Whips the car into the drive-thru, fuck getting out because that takes too much effort…

I'll sit in line for 20 minutes instead. Shit, now I'm late for work. But it's ok, I'm tired.

Fuck I cannot wait to sit down at my work desk and pull my phone out to do my own personal NOTHINGNESS ON!

Let's see what other people ate for dinner last night on social media. That looks really good, I cannot wait till lunchtime to go sit back down to eat again!”

Lunchtime rolls around and I go eat with other fat coworkers and talk about people at work…

Fuck, now I have to walk with this stomach full of food and it's that time of the day again, the after lunch sleepy stretch!

I just want to get home so I can sit down again and watch the new season premier of zombie fuckers!”

Pulls back out phone during commercials to check social media…just decided that people that are into fitness are shallow and all about vanity…

“I've also just decided that my life sucks because I'm fat and single and I need a pill for depression and a therapist to talk to.

“Wait…never mind that for now, commercials are done and my show is back on!”

Commercials come back on, I check Tinder to see if I can find a suitable match…

This person looks good but they want to meet tomorrow and I'm busy eating, watching television, and doing a bunch of nothing. I think we should plan to meet next Friday instead.

Hopefully she doesn't have an STD by then. Never mind, I don't have a sex drive anyways and sex takes effort”


It's not just important to keep movement throughout your day so you don't look like a blob of shit, but it's important for your success and outlook on your own life too!

When you feel good you will look at your life as being good.

When you feel like shit your life will be an absolute piece of shit!

Your kids will look at you like you're a fat loser.

They'll stop asking you to do anything with them because they know you're too fat and lazy to actually say yes and go do it!

Do you know why my son trusts everything I tell him?

It's because I'm the guy that showed him…

  • how to swim
  • how to jump his bike
  • how to roller-skate
  • how to throw and catch a football
  • how to do push-ups and lift weights
  • how to mow the lawn
  • how to use a bow saw to cut tree limbs
  • how to ride a skateboard
  • and more “how to's” than I could shake a stick at!

I'm not telling you this to toot my own horn, but the reason I'm the guy that taught him all of this is because I never stopped moving!

The reason I have validation and trust is because everything I've ever talked about was usually something I COULD DO AND WOULD DO, because being a lazy fuck wasn't appealing to me!

Standing still gets nothing accomplished! A rock will always be a rock; it will sit there, it won't move, it'll be in that same place 50 years from now!

Keeping movement throughout the day is vital to your success and well-being. It goes far beyond just not wanting to look fat!




Sometimes even the cardio equipment at the gym can be boring and get us in a rut.

It's like this hamster wheel system that we get on and despite going through the movement we just don't move like we would outdoors.

I think the stairmaster is one of the better pieces of cardio equipment, but even that makes walking stairs easier than it would be if you were walking real stairs!

Real stairs don't move; your legs need to power the body upwards onto the next step.

If you walk or jog real stairs then your legs may be shaky, you'll be sweating within a few minutes, and you'll be breathing harder.

Get your fat ass out into the real world once in awhile and do real activities!

Go for a brisk walk or jog on the pavement once in awhile.

Go do a workout outdoors on the playground. Who cares how it looks to other people, if I gave a fuck how this looked to others I would have quit a long time ago!

One of the best things I ever did for myself was getting lost in a giant state forest while jogging.

It was my first time ever going there and I got really lost and it was getting dark. Now, it's not just exercise, it's true discomfort.

It's the true unknown, and this experience only helped build me stronger.

I would later go into other large scale forests, mountains, and swamps as the lead person on search teams to look for missing persons.

You may find it beneficial to start your day off with movement just to get in a good mood for the rest of your day.

Whether it's the woods, the streets, or the parking garage, find something outdoors to go do in order to keep yourself going.

When midday hits, try to take a 20 minute walk or do some sort of physical activity as a pick-me-up.

Life will be better when you move throughout the day, trust me!


This isn't a necessity but sometimes the human brain works easier when we have programming.

I've talked about the Red Sniper stack in the past and it's a really good way to supplement your diet with energy and focus.

When you take a supplement that provides energy and focus, it's a little harder to stray off your program because you know that if you stray off then you've wasted your money!


But what they can do is make you more committed to putting in the work since YOU WANT TO SEE THE RESULTS!

Therefore, if I know that my own intensity, focus, and drive could be higher from supplementing a routine with something geared towards energy and fat-loss then it may be easier to have that MOVEMENT on my mind throughout the day!

I don't bullshit people, sometimes when you're sedentary for a long time it's actually a bit more difficult to get in movement.

The reason for this is because the chemicals in your brain aren't where they need to be in order to feel good.

It's a case of “Which came first? the chicken or the egg?”

Develop some sort of system that works for you. An example of something I may do would be:

  • 5am: wake up, take 2 capsules of Red Burner and 2 capsules of Red Focus, hit the streets for cardio! GTF outside and start moving!
  • 6am: shower and eat a light breakfast
  • 7am: arrive to work
  • 12pm: Find a neutral style lunch (a neutral lunch would be eating at a restaurant but eating something that doesn't hurt my progress. This is more about getting back out and moving than it is about a specific place to eat. Just be wise with your options, ie: sushi bowl, half a sandwich, fruit, grilled chicken salad, etc etc.)
  • 3pm: mid afternoon meal, possible a whey isolate shake in water and a few handfuls or almonds. This is something quick and easy
  • 5:30pm: Go home, shower off (yes, I shower before I lift weights to help wake me up, cold showers work even better!) Eat a preworkout meal, some form of faster acting preworkout carb such as cream of rice, white rice, half a sleeve of flavored rice cakes, small 6oz portion of meat such as steak or chicken


  • 7:30pm: meal #5
  • 10:00pm: meal #6

***Once I'm already leaner, I'll split the Sniper stack up and do 2 capsules of Red Focus in the a.m. with black coffee, and save the Red Burner until RIGHT BEFORE GOING TO BED! ***

I know it sounds crazy, but when I pop a fat burner right before hitting the pillow I get insane results because it begins working in my body in a fasted state!

I'm actually going a decent 6-8 hours on an empty stomach while the fat burner is active.

You have to do this right before you fall asleep or you'll have trouble falling asleep.


It's easy to make excuses to be sedentary. Many people will use the weather as an excuse and I've even been guilty of this in the past myself.

I found that sometimes it was easy to tell myself that it was simply too hot to do anything outdoors in the summer time where I live.

Don't get me wrong, it's hot as fuck here in the southeast, but what am I supposed to do about it? Live like a recluse for 8 months out of the year?

No, although it's hot out my body will adapt to it! It's no reason to stay inside and do nothing!

This is anywhere you live; it's either going to be too hot, too cold, too rainy, or too much snow!

Fuck that, break that stupid mentality and adapt and overcome the elements!

Wouldn't it be nice to actually be strong in other places in your life besides an air conditioned gym?



9 thoughts on “Why You’re Weak and Depressed (Because your life lacks movement!)”

  1. Great fuckin post man very inspirin. The story made me laugh aswell but your right a lot of ppl make so many excuses up i myself am kinda sedentary i dont like goin outside or bein around groups of ppl really bad anxiety but i had a bench and a bar n some plates which I use i just today got even more plates and a squat rack so my room like my very own gym now fuckin quality so happy. I’ve been tryin to make myself go out n run n stuff but kinda not there yet but i have been occasionally doin stair runs on the back stairs of the flats coz it’s quiet there but yeah man I’ve been readin your stuff a little while now but never commented every post ive read been fuckin gold n im glad u still doin this n tryin to help ppl n give good advice

  2. It feels good to move in some fresh air. Only thing that gets to me is loneliness sometimes still looking for a decent friend. Most of my long time friends are in another state. Also please dont hurt yourself with those burner pills at night they most likely have caffeine. You need good deep sleep to build muscle.

    • Thanks for reading. Taking them at night is a very short term approach to getting that last 2-3% bf off, competition look or something. Definitely not for everyone and thank you for pointing that out to the readers. Yea, definitely don’t want to do that long

  3. Hey been following you for about a year the reason for my contact is due to my girlfriend breaking up with me I deserve it honestly i lied a lot I have an amazing inheritance but currently not employed but she did not mind driving my Porsche with the top down here is the skinny on how I been trying to get her out of my head I go to the gym six days a week. Go to karate classes have two black belts. Ride me bike run and do laps on m my pool bit can’t get her out of my f head. The issue is this is my high school sweetheart and we reconnected my good friend is a computer engineer soy boy so can’t him for advice using the p word lightly for him. Him me with what you would offer as advice not holding back. Thanks bro

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Yea, go find new chicks to date. Is she in your head because you’re used to the situation? Dude, you probably fucked up because it’s the same person from high school and it’s human nature to want to explore other shit. Nobody stays with their high school girl, and if they do they are always wanting to try something new anyways. Sometimes we think we want something but reality is we truly don’t know. Yea, staying busy is good, self improvement is good, but I don’t believe in anyone that is a soul mate. It’s a business relationship,it works or it doesn’t. If she isn’t sucking random dick, getting fat, or racking up debt, everything else can be worked with. Also, these chicks that weaponize sex are a no no also. My question is how did you fuck up? If it invoked talking to other chicks it’s human, you’ve been waking up and eating cheerios every fucking day and cheerios are all u know. Go try some apple jacks!

  4. Lots of white lies caught me with another girl and she got a tummy but for some reason can’t stop thinking about her had much finer ladies and did not give a f when broke up this is a first for me Hanging out with a tren and test Friends and thinking of employing your services to get stomach into shay

  5. I loved this post John, thank you.

    My girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend on my birthday, my car caught on fire the next day, and the next day my parents told me my aunt was diagnosed with cancer.

    For the past two weeks I’ve hardly been eating and been sleeping way too much. It was obvious to me that some forms of depression were developing.

    I’d been taking the bus to work thus far, but it was beautiful out today. I said “Fuck no, I want to get my blood flowing.” And I rode my bike instead. On the way home from work, I stopped at a playground and did pushups, dups, pullups, and bodyweight squats. I took my shirt off in the sunlight and felt the air and sweat. I saw that the hard work and dedication had stayed with me for years, and that I was going to get throug these circumstances just like any other.

    I came home and took a cold shower. Then I cleaned the whole house; dishes, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, emptied the trash, did my laundry, and made a big meal.

    I thought I was trapped because I couldn’t go to the gym, my main outlet, because it’s far from where I live. But it’s really just a matter of dedication. And I’ll be damned if this shit knocks me down.

    Love your blog. It’s helped me so much over the years.

    Thank you.

    • What a shitty friend. That’s breaking guy code. She was a slut anyways, so at least you found out. Time heals man, stay in motion and keep bettering yourself and things will fall into place. Remember, God created sluts so we would know what to nail and what not to marry!!!


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