10 REAL TIPS for Getting Jacked in the Gym!

Tips for getting jacked

When it comes to getting jacked in the gym (or “toned” for the ladies) it’s no secret that it’s going to take a lot of hard work; but how much hard work is really involved and where do most people fail? You may be surprised to learn that the majority of people fail at their …

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Stop questioning everything and PULL THE FUCKING TRIGGER!

bullet fired from gun

We all have our downfalls, character flaws, whatever you might want to call them. One of my own personal character flaws for a number of years was constantly questioning everything rather than just pulling the fucking trigger and sorting the shit out after the fact. Now, I’m sure bodybuilding had helped with becoming a person …

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The demise of men and low testosterone!

I was leaving the gym today and one of the girls at the front desk spoke to me on the way out. Now, this girl wasn’t necessarily speaking to me in any specific sort of way outside of just the normal courtesy of gym employees at the front desk. I honestly don’t care who you …

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A BIG REASON why your steroid cycle can stop working!

why your steroid cycle may stop working

This is a topic that many fail to talk about and isn’t part of normal cliche information involving performance enhancement. What I talk about in this article all revolves around general health and when overall health declines so does your body’s ability to benefit from performance enhancement. I was talking with a friend of mine …

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What does your body say about you?

muscular man looking at mirror

I don’t care what position you may be in right now in life, your body tells a story. Your body is the first thing people notice, the thing that is presented front and center when you speak to people, and it clearly explains to people whether you’re someone of hard work and discipline or just …

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My Tips for Major Leg Growth!

My Tips for Major Leg Growth

For several years I had trouble getting my quads to match my upper body in terms of development and separation. That struggle lead to trying a lot of different things to get results and I want to share some tips for leg growth. It wasn’t that my legs weren’t strong and it wasn’t that they …

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Why You Should Treat Your WORKOUTS Like FIGHTS!


I couldn’t wait to get into the gym this morning and destroy shit! I’ve been in a high stress environment lately and around people that are exhausting to speak and listen to. Today I was about to lose all sense of logic if I didn’t get my ass to the gym! Have you ever had …

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