The first time I ever ran Trenbolone I ran 200 mg/wk and I only shot it twice a week since I didn’t know what I was doing. It really needs to be injected 3x a week, Mon/Wed/Fri minimum, and some will find that every other day injections serve them better.

It’s very important to inject a drug with a short half life often enough to keep hormone levels in the body as stable as possible. The side effects are a lot worse if you don’t inject it enough.

One side effect that I experienced from only injecting Trenbolone acetate twice a week was my skin became absolutely terrible. My back was so broken out that when it was said and done I had to see a dermatologist and I was put on 3 different acne medications to clear it up, and my back stayed scarred up pretty bad for a couple years following that cycle.

Now, when I first used Trenbolone acetate I had purchased the Finaplex kits online and did my own conversion which basically consisted of breaking down the pellets with benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate and then mixing with oil and running through a couple of filters. It was easy, it worked, and it was pretty fucking powerful!

I had used testosterone propionate with the Tren and again, not knowing what the fuck I was doing I only shot the test prop twice a week as well. This was long before I had the internet or knew anyone that I could get solid advice from in regards to gear.

When you got a hold of gear back then you held it up as the almighty and you weren’t sure if you’d get anything again anytime soon. What did that mean?


There simply was no half-assing anything when you were on cycle! You trained as though your life depended on it. Nothing else mattered; you simply went through the motions to get through the bulk of the day and then when gym time came, you were alive!

No pre-workouts, no motivational videos before the gym, the only motivation you needed was that vision in your head about what you wanted to become!

Shortly into my Trenbolone cycle I realized that this was some very potent shit! The night sweats were bad, I would wake up in a pool of sweat and have to shower off at 3am on a routine basis. I would flip my pillow over to the dry side halfway through the night and I was washing sheets and pillow cases 2-3x every week.

I got more of an edge to me, I put up with a lot less bullshit. I began to feel as if I was turning into a savage animal that was on the prowl day and night.

I must warn anyone considering Trenbolone to have a chick around to screw on a regular basis, a few chicks if possible because they’ll be sore and you’ll need to have them on a rotation.

So I ended up going to the strip club one night and having a few drinks about halfway into my Test/Tren cycle. That’s where I met…


Sorry about that, I’m back (the dog was harassing me to go outside).

Oh yea, so halfway into my Tren/Test cycle I decided to go to a local strip club. That’s where I met Sarah, the stripper who had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and was looking for a new guy to get under.

So I get a lap-dance from this chick in the back room, and like so many strippers commonly did with me, she sat on my lap for about 2 hours after the dance had ended. I knew she was into me and I left her with my # before I had left.

We were all over each other that night and for the life of me I cannot remember a single thing we talked about other than the fact I probably told her I was going to bang her into oblivion.

It was that night that I had to ask myself, “Do these bitches sense something about what I’m running here? Am I putting off some type of pheromones’ that are unique to men using Trenbolone?”

Well, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, YES, when you are running Tren women can smell that shit and become attracted to it!

So a couple days later she called me up and we arranged a night where she could drive an hour to my apartment and spend the night. She had told me on the phone the day that she was coming to see me that she went to Victoria’s Secret and purchased an outfit to wear for me that night.

It was that moment that I KNEW I HAD A REAL SLUT ON THE HOOK!

Thank-you Trenbolone!

Yea, looking back on it she was a real slut, but this chick was straight up bangin’! This was the type of chick that even in all my years of the gym I didn’t think I could land (NEVER PUT A GIRL OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE ON TREN!).

So she gets to my apartment and stupid me, trying to be Mr. Special, suggested that we go to the grocery store so I could buy spaghetti sauce and cook dinner for us.

Looking back on it that was too nice….nowadays I would have swung that bitch through McDonalds and got right to nailing her without all the bullshit in-between.

But I was younger, less experienced, and I held myself to a higher standard than grabbing a bitch a Big Mac and shoving my dick down her throat 5 minutes later. You live and you learn that not every stripper is worthy of Newman’s spaghetti sauce and a hot cooked meal.

So I’m in the grocery store and at the checkout paying for my sauce. This girl is standing behind me rubbing my shoulders as I’m checking out at the store. She couldn’t keep her hands off me and the Trenbolone aroma was flowing through the air straight into her nostrils!

We get back to my apartment and I’m boiling the sauce and we start kissing each other in my kitchen. Things start getting real, and I’m so distracted that I forgot I was cooking anything at all. The sauce began boiling out of the pot and splashing all over my kitchen walls.

I thought to myself, “Oh fuck, the sauce is boiling all over the place!” I quickly shut the burner off and salvaged what little sauce was left in the pot.

I made 2 plates of spaghetti and we sit down at my dining room table to eat. Again, I cannot remember anything we talked about but it probably wasn’t a very intellectual conversation.

I don’t think I had ever wolfed down a plate of food that fast in my entire life, and come to think of it I think she had finished before I did!

But it was a good thing I had eaten some carbs, because that night I needed my carbs more than ever! The Trenbolone fuck session would soon turn into the Boston Marathon of banging a stripper slut that was down on her luck!


There was nothing nice about the way I took the bitch that night (aside from dinner), and that’s what she liked so much about it. It began in my living room on my leather couch and when those clothes came off I saw the outfit she had purchased for me with her stripper money.

“What a nice outfit. Now I’m gonna take this shit like a wolf who hasn’t eaten in a month!”

Now, as most of you have probably experienced before, it’s tough to drown out the sound of a girl screaming in your apartment. I walked over to my cheap Casio boombox, and put on an album by the Beastie Boys and cranked that shit!

Now, I don’t remember my first pair of shoes, and I don’t remember the first time I fell off my bike… but I’ll never forget the sweet screams coming from a bitch as the song “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys blasted in the background!


After throwing it to this chick for about 30 minutes on the couch we moved to my bedroom, to my ghetto 10 count thread sheets, my dresser I pulled away from outside a dumpster, and my framed pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger on my walls.

Now it was getting more aggressive. This chick looks at me and says to me, “CHOKE ME! COME ON, FUCKING CHOKE ME!”

Now, I’m not saying I choked the shit out of her, but I’m not saying I didn’t choke the shit out of her either.

Condoms? What the hell was a condom? The only thing my brain could think at that time was, “FOOD, IRON, ANABOLICS, GROWTH, FUCK BITCHES…ME FUCK BITCHES GOOD!”


Now, as much of a hot slut as this girl was, the sexual compatibility and energy was incredible. I will say that when you are on Tren, it puts you in this state of euphoria that is just unreal when you are fulfilling the basic instincts that nature had intended. I believe those instincts are:

  • rage
  • aggression
  • sexual fulfillment
  • a positive self image that says “there is no competition right now”
  • food
  • hunting for prey and killing it, whether that prey be money, bitches, or gains!


As a youngster there is a certain level of apprehension that most young men have. It may be hesitating to make a move, not speaking up for yourself enough, or you just take people’s shit and are easy to walk on. I wasn’t one of those people at the time, but I still didn’t possess the confidence that I have now.

Okay, on Trenbolone these apprehensions and hesitations just aren’t there. You become like this sniper who aims, shoots, and kills the target. One shot, one kill.

Yea right, one shot that night my ass! Try 6x with this girl throughout the night! I couldn’t help it, it was like this force had taken over and my mission was to put this girl in a fucking wheelchair after a night with me!

I remember she said to me, “Talk to me, talk dirty to me!”

This was something I hadn’t really done as a 22 year old who hadn’t been around the block yet. The only thing I could manage to come up with was, “You’ve been bad, do you know what bad girls get when they come to apartment #206?”


It was like my own cheering squad, it was fucking awesome!


Then I started telling this chick everything I wanted and how I wanted it. Have you ever had some chick sucking your dick for so long that you actually start to feel bad for her jaw?

Now, this next part of the story is something I’ll never forget. I walked out into my kitchen around 3am hungrier than a hostage after exerting so much energy on this chick. THE ONLY THING I HAD IN MY REFRIGERATOR WAS YOGURT.

I swear to God I think I ate like 9 yogurts back to back! But all was good, who really cared that I didn’t have any groceries? After all, I had a smoking hot bitch in my bed and Trenbolone in my blood!

For all I knew my next meal was gonna be killed with my bare hands and consumed in the woods!

So that night was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have happened on just testosterone, but it wouldn’t have happened like that without being on Tren!


And if you manage to get yourself a girl that is into muscle, they’ll do whatever you want. And if you get a girl that isn’t into muscle, they will be pretty fucking quick.

You just take what you want on Tren. I can tell you all that being assertive and aggressive in life comes more from taking chances and experiencing life.

It comes from taking those chances and winning when you take them. You become more reassured that YOU ARE SOMEONE THAT GETS WHAT HE WANTS.

When you become confident to that level, you just don’t have to try too hard anymore. People can sense the alpha attitude and they know you’re higher up on the food chain.


Well, for starters it helped me get a lot leaner without losing any size. Seriously, if you are looking for a bang-for-the-buck cycle that only takes 2 compounds to get shredded with, then Tren and test prop are going to be it! 100 mg of Test Prop on Mon/Wed/Fri and pair that with 100 mg of Trenbolone on Mon/Wed/Fri.

You can load them both into the same syringe for added convenience and less poking.

I took on a harder appearance and it seemed like being on Tren helped my body burn through calories much faster. Now, this was during the summer time and since I already had some good size to me I decided to use the cycle to harden up with rather than strictly grow from.

But I will say, Tren can make you pretty damn strong as well, and I think it could help you grow without the watery appearance of doing something like too much testosterone or heavy orals such as Anadrol or Dbol.

Now, I will admit that although this was a nice story I brought you all (If you didn’t think it was nice you may not want to follow me) Tren made me an edgy motherfucker!

Little things that I would normally ignore made me just want to snap.

Tren can make you want to crawl out of your own skin at times!

Something like a baby crying in a store can make your blood boil. Someone in the way in a grocery store aisle can make you want to ram their cart with your cart to move it (which I’ve actually done before).

Tren can stress you out pretty bad and it always made me look pretty tired in my face. It sort of goes against most things that are health and fitness related. You can have terrible insomnia and you can feel as if you’re dragging ass throughout the day up until you’re actually in the gym and going to work on the weights.

It can certainly be a love/hate relationship while you’re on Tren.

I’ve seen countless marriages destroyed by guys running Tren. For myself, I was single at the time of this story I’ve shared with you, if I was married there is no fucking way I could stay faithful while running Trenbolone!

It’s like this demon that lurks within you and you need to just get it out at any cost.

Tren also has the tendency to make you say and do things that you wouldn’t normally say and do.

Are any of you guys familiar with the story of ex-UFC fighter War Machine and porn star Christy Mack?

For those who don’t know the story, basically this guy walked in on his porn star girlfriend in bed with another man, and he beat the guy up pretty bad and then beat his girlfriend within an inch of her life. But here is the thing about it all… after he beat her to a pulp he fucked the shit out of her.

I guarantee that guy was running Tren.

I would put money on it that he was on Tren at the time. The stuff can make you straight evil.

I get asked about the steroid Trenbolone more than I get asked about any other steroid there is. Every week I receive question after question about the steroid Trenbolone.

So I decided to write this article to share an incredible experience while using Trenbolone, but also talk about the negatives of using Trenbolone.

To answer the general question of, “Dear John, I’m thinking about using Trenbolone, what do you think?” I will give you my best answer and let you decide what you want to do after reading this article.


  • Someone single who likes to have sex and feel like they’re conquering the world
  • Someone who is not as assertive and aggressive as they’d like to be by nature
  • Someone who doesn’t have a lot of responsibilities on their plate right now. They don’t have kids to take care of, they aren’t in a job that requires customer service or being cheerful with strangers (someone that’s a waiter probably wouldn’t want to run Tren!)
  • Someone who is just experiencing life and fun at the present time and each day is like an adventure (trust me, on Tren it will be!)
  • Someone who has a life that couldn’t get much worse and they could use the aggression from Tren to make shit happen!
  • Someone who doesn’t get the respect they want from their wife in bed
  • Someone who blows their wad in 2 minutes and their partner rolls their eyes at them
  • Someone who has no regard for anything in life but gains in the gym and conquering bitches
  • Someone middle aged who doesn’t think they’re worth a shit anymore and has turned into a pussy


  • Someone established in life with a good relationship with their spouse and/or children
  • Someone with a good career/business that needs to be a pleasant person to be around to generate a good income and working relationship with others
  • Someone with a psychological issue that requires medication to control
  • Someone dealing with personal problems that they cannot face head on (trust me, using Tren in this case will only sweep problems under the rug while on cycle, unless the personal problem involves being a little bitch, in that case USE TREN)
  • Someone who has anger issues while not on gear at all
  • Someone who has been in the gym less than 2-3 years and hasn’t built a solid foundation naturally (I’m sorry, 160 lbs at 5’11 is not a good base yet)
  • Someone who cannot get lean naturally first
  • Someone that is on probation or house arrest
  • Someone who has a restraining order put against them
  • Someone going through a divorce and/or custody battle
  • An alcoholic or recreational drug addict (no, I’m not talking about marijuana here, that may actually help out on Tren)
  • Someone who isn’t disciplined enough to inject at least 3x per week


Honestly… no.

Tren was a fun ride during the times I was using it but my life isn’t the same circumstances anymore.

For starters, I have a good relationship at home and I don’t need to be on anything that hinders that. When I didn’t have much in life and I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, Tren was fine.

When my only responsibilities in life involved paying basic bills for myself, going to a job in a dusty fabrication shop and working in solitude most of the day, and focusing on killing the gym with nobody to answer to, Tren was manageable for me.

But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized, that although Tren was highly effective for my body, there are other compounds that I can look really damn good on that don’t make me as irritable.

Now, with that being said, I trained a guy for 2 competitions back to back within about 6 weeks of each other. The first competition he didn’t place as well as we thought he would have.

The second competition he won, and the only factor that changed for show #2 was that he added Trenbolone for the 6 weeks leading up to it. SOME PEOPLE LOOK DIFFERENT ON TREN. SOME PEOPLE HAVE A REACTION TO TREN THAT OTHER DRUGS WON’T PROVIDE.

I’m not going to come out here, write an article that is supposed to be some kind of life lesson, and tell you about how Tren will most definitely ruin your life. It’s not like that for everybody.

I’m simply explaining the realities of Trenbolone from my own experience and perspective, as I have also done with all performance enhancement drugs in my e-e-book Straight from the Underground.

Tren to me is a bang for the buck steroid and one that shouldn’t be used often. It’s also extremely hard on your lipids, kidneys, and your cholesterol. You definitely want to use a liver cleanse/detox supplement while on Trenbolone.

Remember, health is #1, without health you have nothing!

Another factor to consider here is how committed you actually are to diet and training. You see, I would say that 75% of guys running Tren just won’t look much different on Tren than they would using Test/Winstrol, or test/deca, or test/equipoise.

Hell, some wouldn’t look any damn different than they would running a Dbol only cycle! Why? Because no steroid is some magic fix for you; if the work isn’t being put in with diet and training then it really doesn’t matter what the fuck you use!

I mean, if you do decide to run Trenbolone and your life ends up falling apart anyways, AT LEAST GET SOMETHING OUT OF IT!

What I mean by that is to at least get something different that another compound wouldn’t provide for you, and again the only way to ensure that is to make sure your diet and training is on point!


If there was one thing about my first experience on Trenbolone acetate that will always holds true… it’s that I tore that smoking hot bitch apart that night back in 2002 in apartment #206!

I may not have had the nicest car, the best job, the nicest clothes, or enough money for a 5 star dinner…

I may have been living the best life I could just for that day…

I may have been going to work in that dusty fabrication shop, pounding cans of tuna fish and counting the last twenty bucks in my wallet, and then KILLING THE GYM REGARDLESS!

Using that shit $1 toothpaste from Walmart, stealing toilet paper rolls from that apartment community clubhouse bathroom, doing whatever I had to do to keep pushing forward and KILLING THE GYM REGARDLESS!


Nah see, I wasn’t like all the rest of them. I was the type of guy that could walk up in that club with $20 and pull the type of ass out of there most guys would drop a G on!

Why? Because when those bitches sat on my lap and grabbed my pecs and saw those abs it was game over!

One thing was certainly for sure that evening that blonde slut drove an hour to my apartment to spend the night…




(If you enjoyed this story and would like to hear more about my past life as a degenerate bodybuilder just trying to be somebody, be sure to check out Becoming the Bull, which contains more stories about my life and my informative experiences with bodybuilding, nutrition and anabolics.

Becoming The Bull ebook

For more information on steroids and other performance enhancement ancillaries, pick up Straight from the Underground today! Read something real that isn’t just written by some armchair theorizer pencil-neck!)

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  1. enjoy your honesty. I’m a 68 yo cancer survivor actually in pretty good shape. Been lifting since my Dad bought me at age 14 that very first Joe Weider 110lb weight lifting set (always wondered why it was 110lbs and not just 100 lbs??). Been through many ups and downs in life, marriage, divorce, jail time, deaths, kids, etc. But my inner peace was always found in the gym.

    Thanks for your candid advice.

  2. When I was on a test cycle it was like that. I didn’t have to worry about the things other guys worried about with being accused of assault. Women just about rape me. Women would come right out and ask how big my dick was or just grab it. Not your typical single sluts either. Moms.. married women.. Didn’t matter. They were like animals. I had no idea how horny women were until I got on gear.

  3. I understand tren is harsh but I’ve always thought about a cycle of
    All run a 200 mg per week
    Inject test and Deca M/F
    Long ester and tren M W F Su
    Sure it’s not crazy cycle but nice gains without crazy sides.
    And maybe the possibility of running it 12 weeks.

      • Ok I was wonder if because you only using 200/200 if was any worse then running 400 Deca as far as prolactin goes?
        I do have prescription caber,Test and Deca
        on hand and always include caber if running any 19. What do you think about this cycle or better off just running 400/400 test and Deca?
        As always thank you!

        • 400 and 400 would most definitely be worse on prolactin levels, however everyone is different. Some may not have any issues at all, others will. I say that if you have caber on hand all the better. Even a small dosage of it a cpl times a week would help as a safeguard against any potential issues

  4. Sorry off topic
    John have you ever tried the Deca only cycle. Sounds crazy on paper but it does seem to hit the same receptors as Test. The homework I’ve done seems to show as long as you control progesterone and Estrogen the the dreadful DD isn’t a problem…
    Just asking because I’ve learned a ton from you and trust you. Still competing at 50

    • One time, back when I had no idea what I was doing. My dick didn’t work for the life of me, even popping a Viagra….nothing

        • Personally speaking I’ve never had an issue with progesterone myself, I’m speaking based on what many ppl do experience running both compounds together, or even one of them if they’re progesterone sensitive

  5. I appreciate the honesty and vulgarity of this post! Real casual and it’s just like talking to my jerk friend from the next town over. Hilariously enough the dialogues kinda sound like him and I can really hear his voice from these. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing yet another entertaining story that lowkey brings us to an informative conclusion!

  6. Im readin this shit an thinkin dam, the test how much was u shootin LOL so all in all it was about 600mgs? 300 of the test and 300 of the tren? Im gonna get ya book n see wat u gotta say about different cycles etc. i got like 6 bottles of test low T, diabetic n im tryin to figure out how or where to start.
    Took sustanon 250 n anavar a long time ago but had no idea what I was doing so now i just wanna be more prepared n know wat to look for. Thanks JD for info!

  7. That’s some real life shit my man! I’m 63 years old and have lived throughout many of the situations you describe and it’s absolutely the closest to the truth that I have ever heard. When we run tren, we call it “having the cape on”. The superman cape! You’re basically invincible if you want to be. You’re 100% correct with the attraction from women. You’re a stripper magnet without a doubt! The only problem with the whole situation is that once you experience what you did or something close with a smoking hot stripper you’re hooked! You just fucked yourself for life. Sex with any other woman is uninteresting and not for filling. You will crave for the repeat Of the sex you have with her. But you can always do what I did. That is to keep the stripper as your own for good. Most of the time this cannot be accomplished because you cannot trust those dirty little whores!. But if you find a good one which is possible, but not very common you’re set for life. You can go about your life and accomplish anything you want knowing that you’re coming home to the hottest piece of ass that exists. Nothing like that, trust me on this. Your infatuation with that dirty little slut will have you doing things that you never even thought possible. Becoming wealthy will not be that hard. You’ll just lay out a plan execute it, and Bam you’re a millionaire! Nothing will stop you. In addition that hungry cock starved dirty little slut well no doubt become very loyal to you and stick around for the ride forever. It’s a roll of the dice my man, but if you are you able to accomplish it, its without a doubt the most awesome feeling that you’ll ever experience in your life!
    Ha, just when I thought I was doing some unicorn shit I stumble upon someone else just like me. Quite refreshing! By the way I bought your three books. Great reads. Anybody that wants to be involved with anabolic steroids definitely needs to read your shit. Awesome job my friend!


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