Anavar: The #1 Oral for Quality Muscle Gains/Retention During a Diet!

Long ago were the days of cheap cycles with shit like Dbol. I know, I know, it’s what all of the “golden era” bodybuilders used right?

But you have to understand that old school guys didn’t use Dbol because it was the best oral available, they used stuff like Dbol because it was usually all that was available at the time.

Luckily there wasn’t a fast food joint on every corner back then and bodybuilders trained and dieted their asses off, so much of the puffy look from Dbol wasn’t quite as noticeable as it would be in normal circumstances with many guys today.

Dbol is cheap and there is a reason it’s cheap. It’ll pack on a ton of strength in a very short amount of time, but I’m here to tell you that if it’s a certain look you’re going for rather than just strength, Dbol is actually a pretty terrible option to turn to for steroid enhancement.

A much better compound to run that is milder on the body and actually builds more lean tissue is Anavar. Anavar used to be very expensive but because of it’s popularity and demand it’s just not that pricey anymore.

Sure, it costs more than most other orals but what you get out of it is much better in terms of quality results! Anavar is more of the smooth and steady game when it comes to results, rather than just a quick blast and then diminishing returns.

If there is any big con when it comes to more powerful oral steroids, it’s what they do to the body and the liver. Many people experience a huge loss of appetite from more toxic oral compounds, so besides the compound just causing massive water retention in the body (which is why they promote so much strength) the compound just doesn’t do a lot to build actual muscle tissue.

Not to mention, it’s much harder to stay consistent on a diet and feel like you don’t have the ups and downs when you’re suing harsher compounds. Water retention can fuck with your appetite and it can give you a false sense of actual results, ESPECIALLY WHEN DIETING DOWN!

I never liked having a blurry physique during a diet where I felt like my results were sort of a guessing game. You can look in the mirror when you’re on certain compounds and you honestly have no idea what the fuck you’re looking at.

It’s just so difficult to get an accurate assessment and how you’re coming along when you’re holding water like a mofo! Anavar isn’t like that at all.

With Anavar, strength will come on a lot slower than a heavy oral but it’s much smoother and it rarely messes with peoples appetites. It’s one of these deals where each week you come around more and more and it’s not such a shock to your body.

It’s also one of the few steroids that is safe for females to use without adverse side effects when it’s used in low/moderate doses. A good dosage for females would be 10 mg/day for a period of 6-8 weeks, and they could even ramp to 20 mg/day the last 2-3 weeks of the cycle and not experience any masculinizing side effects.

The muscle will be harder and denser and strength will be much higher during the cycle, meaning that they’ll retain more muscle during a diet, if not even gain some muscle during a diet!

With males a minimum dosage alongside a strict diet would be 30 mg/day and a moderate dosage would be about 40-60mg/day. Now, Anavar can be ramped up to 80-100 mg/day for men without causing issues for most.

I occasionally experience some stomach discomfort around 100 mg/day and when that happens I usually scale it back down to around 50-60 mg/day for a few days and then ramp it back up again.

The big determining factor on how I dose Anavar would be how many compounds I’m using during the cycle. If I’m simply using Anavar and testosterone then my Anavar dosage is typically on the higher side, but if I’m using another compound in the mix then my Anavar will often be used at 40-60 mg/day for a period of about 8 weeks.

I feel like splitting the tabs is a better way to use it. With the compound having a relatively short half life, I find it better to dose it 2 or 3 x per day to make sure it’s always active in my body. I always felt stronger splitting dosing up throughout the day with orals.

I’m not a fan of “boom dosing” or simply using an oral steroid once/day (boom dosing is when you take a compound on workout days only in higher amounts).


  • Can be ran for periods of 8-12 weeks without a lot of damage on the body (it will elevate liver enzymes, but not to the same degree other orals would
  • Does not cause loss of appetite for most people
  • It does not convert to estrogen, no special counter-measures are needed when using Anavar
  • Very good at retaining strength and muscle while dieting and in a caloric deficit
  • Compliments any injectable steroid quite well
  • Promotes a harder look and helps your body burn fat more efficiently by increasing your base metabolic rate
  • Increased endurance so you can train longer and harder
  • Reduced recovery time


I feel as though it’s necessary to explain the negatives of Anavar, but simply being honest, most of these are only going to come with prolonged usage and super high dosing.

  • Headaches
  • Stomach discomfort/nausea
  • Oily skin
  • Mild hair loss if prone to it (males with a genetic predisposition)
  • Legality
  • Risk of liver damage, although much milder in nature than other oral compounds


A good cycle for cost/benefit ratio for males would simply be testosterone/Anavar stacked together. This cycle won’t break the bank and with a good diet and hard work it can provide incredible results!

  • Testosterone is used for 12 weeks (or indefinitely if you’re already on TRT) at 200-300 mg/week.
  • Anavar is simply ran alongside the testosterone at 40-60 mg/day for a period of 8-12 weeks.

This cycle will provide great results and you won’t be combating water issues during the diet. Either use Test Enanthate or Test Cypionate at 200-300 mg/week shot once/wk and take the Anavar daily (split tabs up if you can so you can take 2-3 x/day)

My recommendation for post cycle therapy would be:

  • Clomid at 100 mg/day for 10 days beginning 14 days post cycle, and then 50 mg/day Clomid for another 10 days


  • HCG at 1250 iu/week x 2 weeks post cycle, began 14 days post cycle (so test is already starting to get out of you and you’re not wasting the PCT)

If you’re on TRT like myself, there’s no need for Clomid. Just run HCG at 1250 iu twice/week x 2 weeks post cycle, you can begin immediately post cycle if you’re on Doc scripted test for life. All you’re doing in this case with the HCG is preserving testicular size.

If not on TRT, then the HCG is used to increase LH and FSH levels and get the nuts firing again.


  • Anavar is used at 10 mg/day for 6 weeks, then bumped to 20 mg/day for weeks 7 & 8. Split dosing into twice/day if possible!
  • Ostarine is used at 12.5 mg/day for the first 5 weeks, then its bumped to 25 mg/day weeks 6,7 & 8.

The combination of Ostarine and Anavar should pack a major punch with females and the strength gains should be incredible!

In terms of PCT for females it’s simply not necessary, the body will normalize with adequate time off.

Those are just 2 sample cycles that include the usage of Anavar and won’t break the bank. Remember, when it comes to results (especially fat-loss) your diet is always #1. Without a clean diet and being conservative on caloric intake you’re wasting your money if you’re trying to get ripped up with Anavar!

(For more detailed information on the use of performance enhancement be sure to check out my e-book Straight from the Underground!

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53 thoughts on “Anavar: The #1 Oral for Quality Muscle Gains/Retention During a Diet!”

  1. Thanks JDB, always appreciate your thoughts on this subject. Hope you’re doing well, looking forward to more podcasts dropping and gyms re-opening.

  2. Hello John quick ? When u say liver values are elevated on Anavar. How much are you seeing usually.
    On labs
    AST high is above 40
    ALT high is above 44
    So if your running Var and you numbers are
    AST 45
    ALT 50
    Is this a major concern while running Var or pretty normal
    Not sure at what point in numbers should you start to be worried.
    I see we’re hard training and TRT can also raise liver values. How high is to high

    Thank you for your time Sir

    • Nah, no cause for concern there at all! Shit my liver enzymes have consistently been about 80 and 60 respectively for the past 10+ yrs solid. I think over 100 on ALT or AST is a cause for concern, maybe a liver detox or drop whatever you’re using. But 50 and 45 would be damn good for me!

  3. I have a question. Let’s say your on try of 150mgs test weekly. Now it’s time to do a cycle and your cycle calls for 500 mg of test weekly. Do you simply take the 500 mg or take 650 inc the trt doseThe premise being trt is to replenish low test and becomes your new putting it to the side doesnt make sense to me. Not to mention when cycle ends n you return to straight trt dosage. Your thoughts?

    • I don’t like high test cycles, even 500mg to me is high. I use compounds that I can get away with taking higher than test. But, my advice is to always put script test as #1 and the rest is added on. Becaise you know the script test is on the money dose wise. And yea, I would include the script amt into the equation, so in your case an extra 350mg week of whatever test added in

  4. Crazy I thought var was for cutting and not to bulk up with.

    I’m currently on ostarine and doing intermittent fasting to shed some body fat. I was doing keto but for some reason it just wasn’t working anymore like it used too.

    I split 13 mg into two doses in a day so as to keep a stable level of ostarine in my system. It’s barely been 1½ weeks so im not expecting anything so quickly but once it’s built up levels in my system the weight should come off fairly quick… Hopefully.

    This is my first sarm cycle so I don’t want to go too crazy with doses or stacks but I would love to stack it with cardarine for the endurance boost on my next cycle. I’ll probably bump up the dose to 20mg after week 5 or 6 and stay that way till week 10.

    It costs money but I think it’ll be worth it in the end. I’ve lost 4 pounds so far so it’s just beginning.

  5. Thank you Sir
    Not sure if you realize how much you help us. My liver question to a Dr would get me a long drawn out answer with thousands of dollars in more tests and of course the what are you taking that for!!!!!!
    Because we love the lifestyle. Average sucks! Thanks brother. 50 yo type 1 diabetic since 11 yo. Still going strong and competing in Classic Physique

  6. Hi Joe, great and honest advise as always. What are your thoughts on Epistane and Trenavar + Test for a shredding cycle? Living in Germany it is kind of hard to come on Anavar so I would greatly apricate your thoughts on this.

    Hope you and your family are well and will stay so during this crisis.


  7. Hi John, I’m on TRT and want to add another compound, went to buy your Underground book then see you also do another with TRT info. Which is more TRT biased?

    • No B.S. bodybuilding is going to be the one that focuses more on TRT with accompanying compounds, bloodwork info, and doing this for the long haul. Thanks for following!

  8. Hi JD!

    Just wanted your opinion on a planned cutting cycle I would like to start.

    I’m 34 years old, 5’8,205 pounds and approx 17-18% body fat. I’m looking to lose as much fat as possible whilst retaining or maybe put on a little bit of lean mass. What would be your opinion of this please –

    Test Enth at 300mg a week for 8 weeks

    Anavar at 50mg a day for 8 weeks

    Winstrol tabs at 50mg A day for 8 weeks

    Clen tabs at 80mcg a day For 8 weeks, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

    Arimadex 0.5mg twice a week

    My maintenance calories are roughly 2665 a day, I’m an office worker. So I’ll be eating 2000 calories a day.

    Will be following a PPL routine 6 days a week, and will do 20 – 30 minutes cardio 6 days a week. Macros will be a P50/C30/F20 split.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  9. Hi JD!
    I am using contraceptive pills for years now and do not want to stop. Can anavar and contraceptive pills go together?

    • It may mess things up for a little while. I would have whoever you’re with do it in your mouth for awhile just to be 100% safe

  10. Hello John Doe
    Im a 40 year old male, started training around 1997/1998. Been natural whole my life and made solid gains and strenght. Im about 5’10”, 205 pounds 14 % bf. Lately l have noticed that is very hard for me to maintain strenght and size,I am tired all the time…checked my blood, total test is 340 ng/dl, free test 0,196nmol/L which is low but not low enough to get prescribed TRT. My red blood cells are on the low side also…
    I am thinking to start my first cycle,but injectable is not option for now. Not that Im afraid off,but life circumstances are not allowing that now… should I do first cycle with anavar or should I wait and get injectable test. Im not into mass(200 pounds is enough for my frame),rather to harden up what I already have.
    Thanx for the answer

    • Wait, get injectable test, run a solid 10-12 week cycle. Get off, run no PCT and get labs done 6-8 wks thereafter and get a prescription for TRT. At your age it’s only beneficial

  11. Hi Joe,

    I’m on TRT and I got Anavar 50 mg for 6 week’s from my clinic. So I know it’s legit. I tried taking 50mg in the morning with breakfast but it’s giving me major lethargy. It’s kicking my ass. I don’t even want to workout. My appetite and sex drive is up but I don’t even want to exercise. What up? Any advice? I tried lowering the dose to 25mg but still feel crappy. Not sure I want to continue but I spent good money on it. One more thing, I am on keto diet do you think that has anything to do with it? I’ve been on TRT for almost 7 years so I’m in great shape and diet and exercise is my life. But Anavar is making my body feel like crap. Also, getting muscle cramps in my back. Please help! Thanks.

    • I dislike keto, it’s seriously a terrible long-term approach to being fit and healthy, you run on fucking empty all the time!

      Sometimes this can happen with any orals, not everyone reacts the same to everything. Some guys take Dbol and feel incredible, others feel like shit and so lethargic they don’t want to eat or move! The first place I’d look is your current labs/liver values, if things check out ok then maybe your body just doesn’t like the compound? It’s tough to say because anything new/foreign can take some getting used to. Also, sometimes there are things that happen at times that are sort of a coincidence, such as possible lack of energy from your current diet and the need for more available nutrients since you are adding something to the mix. I’m just giving you all things considered here, I can’t say which route to go here, you need to figure that out. I will tell you this much though, as far as feeling like shit and continuing on with something? NOPE! I’M DONE WITH THAT SHIT!! -JD

      • Thanks JD for the quick response and good advice. I came off for now. What diet would you recommend? I do have blood sugar issues and diabetes runs in my family. I do take one day a week off to “carb up”.

        • I recommend a diet with a good balance of fats, protein and moderate carbs. During “off periods” I don’t recommend depleting one specific nutrient such as extreme diets with fat or carb deprivation , but control the carbs if you can, moderate amount of 200 grams a day or so in my opinion. Thanks for reading-JD

  12. Hey John, recently completed a six week course of Anavar. First cycle in 22 yrs (I’m 42), I felt I made great gains – 7lb lean muscle and great strength increase…. I ran nothing with it but only dosed up to 30g before coming down…. Had some shitty side effects whilst my body adjusted – heartburn, bloating – drinking lots of water ended up helping a lot. Getting my bloodwork done this week – I had no baseline information, but have always felt ‘alpharish’ and healthy. Keen to do another cycle after a few months off – should I stack with Test this time? Do you think I will get similar results if I don’t?


  13. Anecdote, FWIW:
    age 66, 6’2″, 210, ~25% fat
    starting 1 sept, went on 200mg/wk test cyp sub-Q, plus anavar 10 mgs/day, plus other orals in very small doses (dbol 5 mg, anadrol 5 mg, winny 2 mg). Plus moderate calorie restriction (2000-ish), protein 200 grams/day, plus hour a day of speed walking. VERY gratifying results after 6 weeks. Trunk fat MELTING away, amazingly fast. Stronger, and muscles bulging on little bit of weight training (which I need to increase). Looking MUCH better. Feeling inspired to take to the next level with greatly increased volume of training, etc. Will increase my AAS doses if and as needed to keep the results coming AND when I feel like I “deserve” it because of much improved training and general discipline.

    Point here: you may not need as much as you think! Anavar at 50+ mgs/day? Maybe you can get the results you need on 1/2 or even 1/4 of that. Experiment with low doses. Judge by the results. Low dose = safer and cheaper, of course.

  14. Emmitt11– 66 , been off and on cycling for 15 years. very strict eating and exercising. I walk the line -not a body builder but athletic and hard. just starting back after 8 month rehab for torn bicep tendon. I have never done Tren but have some been holding. Still good until 2022. So, I am on 200 Test, and i was going to do 50/anavar/200 decca, and the test for 12-16 weeks, and add the Tren twice a week (100) the last six weeks. During the rehab my body fat went to 19% and it’s usually at 10%. Can I handle the Tren? I am disciplined mentally and physically.

  15. Hi john thanks for all of this information I’m 29 years old female I’m trying to build muscle right now I’m taking anavar 10mg and ostarine 20mg for day I’m not sure if it’s fine or I’m doing something wrong i really appreciate if you can give to me any advice

  16. Hey JD I thinking starting a cycle of Anavar and test in 41 and in decent shape do you think this is a safe cycle and if so in what amounts and cycle lengths …thanks in advance

  17. Hi John – I’m a 22 year old female, average size 5’5″ 120 lbs. I did gymnastics in college so my strength was pretty good I think. A friend suggested anavar, I was skeptical and even a little scared to try it, but I’m glad I did. Amazing what this little pill, along with a decent amount of lifting and proper diet, can do. I feel like my strength has doubled ( maybe not ) but my lifts at the gym have increased by 50% and I can outperform the guys at work ( I have a very physical job ) I really want to take this to the next level – would 20 mg a day be safe for me ?

    • I think 20mg is too much for a female to use. The only time I suggest bumping from 10 to 20mg a day is when a girl is in the last 2 wks of contest prep OR the final 2 wks of a cycle of anavar. 20mg is a far cry from 10mg for a female, I have seen some virilization sides from females using higher dosed anavar. Limiting to just 20mg/day the final 2 wks of a cycle helps avoid that

  18. Hi John, is it reasonably safe to take winstrol and Anavar at the same time?I’ve heard winny can be pretty harsh on the body so I was just curious about your opinion on taking two orals at the same time? Thank you

    • Yes, but it’s wise to lower the dosage of each and go for the synergistic effect as opposed to doing say 50mg/50mg or 100/100. A really good combo is 30/30 anavar to winny x 6-8 wks. My .02 anyways, best of luck! -JD

  19. Dear John,
    I am planning to go ahead with my first ever cycle, after more than 12 years of natural bodybuilding and good shape and 14% bodyfat, 35 years old
    i will do 300/week Testosterone propionate + 300 Primobolan/week + 10 mg anavar/day ——-> 12 weeks cycle

    wanted only your advise for my Lipids profile , at which limit i should say i should stop ?
    is it ok to do the lipi-profile and blood work every 3 weeks ?

    i am on Crestor 10 mg/day (since 2 years) + 6000 mg Omega-3 since long.
    LDL is 99 mg/dL – 2.58 mmoL
    TG is 63.8 mg/dL – 0.72 mmoL
    HDL is 63 mg/dL – 1.63 mmoL
    Total is 169 mg/dL -4.37 mmoL
    Cholesterol Ratio Total/HDL is 2.68
    i will not take you advise as medical, it is my responsibility , but i need your experience.

  20. Dear John,
    I only done one cycle in my life (30 mg anavar, 300 primo , 300 Testosterone enanthate) for 12 weeks, done very good quality gains, only quality, never used AI or anty estrogens, not required the test is so low and the rest are not aromatizables.

    I am planning my next cycle of 400 to 450 Testosterone enanthate
    Anavar-60 mg /day (8 weeks only)
    200 mg deca/week
    600 mg Primo /week
    how long you think I can run this cycle ? is it possible 16 weeks ? can I make it longer ? , do you have any comment on the quantities ?

    last question:-
    , please advise for the coaching as i am planning to pay so that i follow up with you on cycle, how will be the contact , is it through email or whatsapp or voice (skype and so on) so that i plan for it from now

    thanks John

    • yea, you could run that up to 15 weeks if you wanted to, I would probably just include the anavar either the first 8 weeks or last 8 weeks though, I don’t like to cycle orals that long


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