Why You Should Treat Your WORKOUTS Like FIGHTS!


I couldn’t wait to get into the gym this morning and destroy shit! I’ve been in a high stress environment lately and around people that are exhausting to speak and listen to. Today I was about to lose all sense of logic if I didn’t get my ass to the gym! Have you ever had …

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The 5 Most Effective Ways to BUILD LARGER MUSCLES!

The 5 most effective ways to build larger muscles

When it comes to building larger muscles people tend to want to over complicate the process. In a world full of resources, knowledge, and technological advances that are supposed to make nutrition and working out easier to manage, they have often done the complete opposite of that; they’ve made it TOTALLY CONFUSING FOR PEOPLE! I’M …

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These RESULTS from Shredded Ops are INSANE!

Shredded Ops gets results

Most people I talk to get excited about a new program and diet. They seem ALL-IN for the first couple weeks. Then, as soon as they realize that shit gets hard and they have to eat the same foods over and over again THEY FUCKING QUIT! For some, the process is just too much to …

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The #1 BEST WAY to continue bodybuilding while injured!

The #1 Best Way to Continue Bodybuilding While Injured

I recently was asked if I could talk about good ways to train around/through injuries in the gym. It would be impossible to elaborate on every little change in training for each specific injury someone could suffer from. So my approach to this is going to be about how to change your mentality when it …

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2 GIANT TIPS that can SUPERCHARGE your workouts!

Supercharge your workouts

I used to follow all of the “rules of bodybuilding”: “Make sure you eat within 20 minutes of your workouts” “Simple sugars and EXACTLY 50 grams of protein post workout” “Cardio will keep you from gaining size” “Low reps for growth, high reps for definition” I could go on and on with this list and …

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