There isn’t a day that passes lately without somebody asking me, “So, how is everything going?”

I’m assuming that many of them are expecting me to bitch about how all of the gyms are closed down and that my workouts and diet are have been suffering.

But you see, that isn’t the answer they’re gonna hear from me!

I reply, “My workouts are going great! I’m growing more lately and killing it regardless!”

I understand that bodybuilding is all a mentality.

Is it tough to get into the right mind-frame to destroy a hardcore workout at home and not in the gym? Yes, admittedly it is tough, but IT CAN BE DONE!

You see, I just don’t have it in me to sound like one of them. I simply will not accept defeat due to some pandemic for 2 reasons:

  1. What other choice is there right now? I can sit here and complain or I can kill shit on the daily, those are the options!
  2. If I get sick then I get sick, and if I die then I die. I’m not living my life in fucking doom and gloom and paranoia like the rest of these clowns!

So to me, working out at home isn’t damage control or simply “maintenance mode”, it’s the motivation and hostility I need to propel myself forward to more results!

They all say to me,”But I don’t have any weights at home, and people are charging an arm and a leg for used weight equipment right now!”

And to that I say FUCK-ALL!

I don’t see the cost of cinder blocks going up! I don’t see the cost of metal piping going up!

I don’t see the cost of dirt in a fucking wheel barrow going up!

I don’t see admission fees at a playground or places that I can train outdoors, run stairs, or do push-ups and decline push-ups!

So to all of that bitching and whining I just have to say PLEASE JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

It’s all about how bad you want it. If people are going to use this bullshit as an excuse not to train harder than hell with whatever they have available, then these motherfuckers just don’t want it that bad!

Stay down then. Stay fucking weak!

But me? I’m gonna keep getting right back up no matter how many times life punches me in the face! Failure is not an option. Weakness does not exist!

Stop letting your inner bitch control you! Do you know what having fear, weakness and paranoia does to your household?

It makes your entire household fall apart, that fear is contagious to your family! But if people see you holding your shit together and pushing forward, it provides reassurance that you’re all going to be just fine.


There are 2 types of people in this world: wolves and sheep!

The sheep live in fear and expect everyone else to take care of them.

They are the ones that walk around talking about “how bad it’s getting out there” and what-iff’n everything to death on a constant basis, as if it somehow never gets old to them in their search for the ultimate answer to life’s problems!

The wolves tune all that negative bullshit out and remain on the prowl. They could give a fuck about a weak society, it just means easier takings to satiate their hunger.

So it’s up to you to decide which one you want to be. Do you enjoy complaining about losing your gains?

Do you enjoy using what’s going on as nothing more than an excuse to let your inner-bitch control your every move?

In the words of Metallica…”You’ve always been taking but NOW YOU’RE GIVING!”

That’s right motherfuckers, IT’S TIME TO SEEK AND DESTROY!



Now, I’ve written some hellacious workout programs in the past, but it’s time to give you all something to fight back with when the gyms are closed!



I don’t give a fuck if you have weights at home or not! (however if you have some light dumbbells or a barbell then use that, but it’s not necessary to do this!)

This is what you will need for this workout:

  • a  backpack (or weighted vest)
  • something to put in your backpack that has weight to it (books, 10 lb medicine ball, a water jug, I don’t care what it is as long as it’s weight!)
  • 1-2 towels (you’re going to stuff these in your backpack first, so when you put the weight in your backpack it sits higher on your back for better resistance for pushups)
  • either some light dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, or 2 pillow cases with some sort of weight in them to make homemade dumbbells
  • a deck of 52 playing cards
  • a chair (any type of chair, wooden, metal, I don’t give a fuck!)
  • a place to do pull-ups or inverted bodyweight rows (if you don’t have this then your back day can be at a playground or a place with a bar to do pull-ups, or you can simply buy or make something to do inverted body rows with)
  • a place to do dips (either use your chair or you can do these at a playground if you wish, since your back day and tricep day will fall on the same day)
  • something to wake you the hell up and help push through demanding workouts!
  • *optional* bucket for vomiting into

The workout’s foundation is based on the 3 major muscle groups: chest, back, legs!

These are your 3 large major muscle groups and these are the muscle groups that we are going to destroy with this workout program!

Yes, I do include accessory work, but EVEN IF the accessory work is limited, you’ll still get some insane results by following this workout program!

You may need to modify this program to suit your level of experience/development, this isn’t for the faint of heart!

What we are going to focus on here is CONSISTENT PROGRESS!

Therefore, I don’t care if you cannot do what I’m doing right now, I just want you to focus on steady progression throughout.

The right workout program for you is the workout program you make progression with!

(Again, this is an inside look at how I’m doing things right now. Adjust as needed!)

Day 1 – Chest, deltoids, biceps

Pushups – deck of cards push-up workout OR 600 push-ups total (I alternate between sets of regular push-ups and decline push-ups, put toes on a stool about knee height for the decline push-ups) I try to perform these in sets of at least 50 reps/set, and I’m currently using a backpack with 15 lbs in it)

***For the deck of cards push-ups, you simply flip through the entire deck and do whatever # is on the card flipped over, face cards = 10 reps/set (this is somewhere just over 400 push-ups total I believe)

Deltoids – light dumbbells lateral raises for 5 sets of 15-30 reps/set, if the dumbbells are too light then squeeze harder at the top. If you don’t have dumbbells then make then out of pillow cases or whatever you have to lift with!

Biceps – either standing curls w/ light dumbbells for 5 sets of 20-30 reps, or a seated concentration curl for same # of sets/rep scheme.

***the exercise selection isn’t important, my rule is 5 sets of whatever exercise you choose for accessory work (work besides your chest/back/quads)

Day 2- Legs

Deck of cards bodyweight squats, I alternate every other set between regular bodyweight squats and sissy squats until I burn through the entire deck of cards! When you can complete this easily enough, then you can hold a weight either between your legs or against your chest!

Ass to the grass is the rule, and you may find different foot positioning necessary to allow a deeper squat (I have to go semi-wide with feet at a 45 degree angle, however for sissy squats I go narrow in a duck stance similar to Tom Platz)

***Sissy squats can hurt some people’s knees, I used to be one of them until I learned to get my form down properly and emphasize quad stretch over knee force. If they hurt the knees then stick to all body squats!

That’s it, leg day is done!

Day 3- Back, traps, triceps, abs

Back – either deck of cards inverted bodyweight rows OR a mix of wide grip pull-ups/inverted bodyweight rows

***I honestly can come nowhere close to completing a deck of cards wide-grip pull-up workout, if I throw then into the back workout then I’ll do as many as I can physically complete throughout parts of the deck, while doing inverted bodyweight rows for the remainder/intermittently of the deck.

This alone will have your upper back absolutely screaming and pumped beyond ridiculous! 

Traps – either some form of shrug with wheelbarrow full of dirt, or an upright row (1 arm at a time) with light dumbbell or whatever homemade weight you may have, such as pillow cases. 5 sets of 15-25 reps/set, 5 sets is my rule!

Triceps – either 5 sets of dips, as many reps/set as you can get till failure on each set, or 5 sets of lying dumbbell extensions (bring dumbbells down next to head, both arms at the same time) of if you choose not to do dips on this day and do not have access to dumbbells, 5 sets of standing tricep extensions holding pillow case (performed 1 arm at a time)

***optional variation on this day- switch to 5 sets of back work and then do deck of cards dip workout (this is also where a chair may be handy if you wish to do these at home, simply put your hands behind your back and legs out straight w/ feet on floor and do dips!)

Different exercise selection can be used on any of the accessory body-parts. For example, handstand push-ups for shoulders, tricep kickbacks for triceps, band work if you have bands. Feel free to get as creative as you’d like to get!

This program is geared towards someone with little to no workout equipment, but anything you have that you wish to utilize then be my guest!

You’ll see that the workout is a 3 day workout. Now, these 3 days can be in whatever rotation suits your time and recovery ability! Some may do it every other day, some people will go 3 days in a row with a day off in-between, hell some may just do it daily!

You have to be your own best judge on recovery and scheduling, that I’m not doing for you with this program!


You see, it really doesn’t matter what kind of weights I’m lifting. If it seems too easy, I simply squeeze my muscles harder or slow down the reps and make the resistance feel harder. I’ll push out against the floor with my feet in place and make my quads contract harder on each rep.

This is something real and it’s called, “Creating resistance in your mind”.

Actually, to be 100% honest with you guys, I’m usually grabbing something that is lighter than what I know I can lift and MAKING THAT LIGHTER WEIGHT FEEL HARDER.

Often times by doing this, I’m actually stronger if I do choose to use a heavier weight later in my workouts!

As for supplementation, aside from my arsenal of HGH, Primobolan, and testosterone replacement therapy, its:

  • 5 grams of creatine monohydrate pre-workout and another 5 grams post workout (I have found creatine to be highly beneficial for high rep training! Not mention, HGH loves creatine!)
  • vitamin B complex once/day
  • An appetite suppressant/thermogenic aid as needed (sometimes once/day, other times 2 or 3 times a day)
  • Cialis at 10 mg/day, usually taken pre-workout

So there you have it folks, that’s what I’m doing right now currently. I thought to share this routine as a favor for the ones who are wondering what to do with the gyms being closed down pretty much worldwide right now!

As I was working out today on my porch and almost to the point of vomiting, I thought to myself ,”Let me let some of the readers in on this pain!








Let The Blood Spill ebook



  1. JD: Fuck yea!!!!!! I bought both shredded opps and let the blood spill they have not only have gotten me in the best shape of my life but have taught me how to continue to take my psychique to the next level even thru this BS were going thru right now so for that I’m truly grateful thank you!!!

  2. Thank you Brother 🙏

    I might have lost my job, however I can always train.
    This old man’s not going down without a fight!

  3. This is AWESOME!

    “It makes your entire household fall apart, that fear is contagious to your family! But if people see you holding your shit together and pushing forward, it provides reassurance that you’re all going to be just fine.”



  4. Awesome motivation as usual.
    I bought a few publications from you……was into my last 2 weeks of ‘Let the Blood Spill”
    I’m 60, that workout took me to new levels. I got the most ripped I’ve been in my life and I looked hard and REAL good in the gym.
    SO many great comments from people on how good I was looking and on how FUCKING HARD I was working.
    I told loads about you and the work out and showed them my log book……
    “Fuck…….you do nearly 400 press-ups BEFORE you start on the dumbell presses etc??”
    People just couldn’t get their heads round it……but it really works.
    So glad I found you.
    Love the podcasts too………and the rants! Hilarious.

  5. What up JD, like to see that fire man!! Quick question, in light of what’s going, what are your thoughts on using test/HCG as a way to combat what’s going around?? Reason I ask, I’m 44 years old, and have been going back and forth on the TRT issue for quite sometime. Just seems like everybody is ‘back on their heals’ right now, just kinda hoping for the best.. One thing I’ve learned over the years, when u go into a ‘defensive’ mindset, you tend to lose your aggressiveness, causing hesitation, anxiety, etc.. Just wondering if a more aggressive approach isn’t the way to go about now? Going against the grain so to speak..

    • Yes, I’m with you there, I like to use frustration and fear and convert it to anger and progression. In terms of any type of HGH or test, I just keep moving along with whatever I was doing or planning on to begin with. I don’t like hiccups when it comes to training. If a few units of HGH is gonna cause something you come in contact with to spread, you were probably doomed anyways, haha.

  6. John,can I do each of these body groups 2x/wk,like this:
    Chest,delts and biceps on day 1 and 4
    Legs on day 2 and 5
    Back traps and triceps on 3 and 6
    Day 7: rest?

    • great article! i was doing a similar workout at home before reading this. Glad to see great alpha minds think alike.
      i recently developed tennis elbow from several months of the 300-500 push ups, & tricep kickbacks @
      at high reps.
      Also i think i took an AI for too long.
      Hurts to do anything, & is fucking annoying. Any advice ? This is the first time its gotten so bad i can’t ignore the pain..

      • DITCH KICKBACKS FOR GOOD! Train any direct tricep isolation work such as pressdowns/extensions super light with higher reps, jump on liquid turmeric daily. Also, be sure to stretch the tendon with either a band overhead or holding a DB behind the head BEFORE AND AFTER any tricep work. Also, back off the direct tricep work and only do it about once every 10-12 days, at least till your issue resolves

  7. How would you progress on this program . For progressive overload would we just up the reps on the main movements every week say by 100? Would we add more accessory movements , or do both ? I love the program an appreciate that you put it out. It has kept me from just putting on fat like others have during quarantine . An it kicks your butt an is not fluff like soo many other programs right now. Just wondering how to move forward. Thank you !

    • I would put a backpack on and add a small amount of weight to your pushups going up in 5lb increments on my back. For squats I would do goblet squats holding some type of weight, does t have to be a dumbbell, just something for resistance. Same for pullups, however my main back movement had been bodyweight inverted rows and the rep count is hard enough with just bodyweight and maximum contractions on reps

  8. After reading this article when it came out then procrastinating(being a slob really). I started 30 days ago and ain’t missed a day of ppl no break. I’m so outta shape I just put 15 min countdown timer on and one day do as many knee push ups/nest day upright rows with somw light dumbells I got/next day wall sits and body weight squats.

    Trying super slow reps that hurt in a good way

    If any meathead saw me train they would laugh but I can already see I’m getting tiny a bit more in shape and doing more in the 15 mins than I could before.

    It was this article got me started.

    Love my daily 15 mins.

    Long way to go but thankyou so much

    • Get it man, remember it’s abt the work that goes in, not necessarily where you are at rt now. Your true value is measured by the work put in! Thanks for reading -JD


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