Stop Talking and START EXECUTING!

Working out was really the first endeavor I ever took part in where my mind actually stopped focusing on everything else other than what was right in front of me at that point in time. Like the Metallica song “Nothing Else Matters” nothing else other than the workouts truly mattered in that moment.

Sure, at times I may have had problems with money, relationships, work, and everything else, but the harder I pushed in the gym the more manageable some of those issues seemed to become.

As long as I could work out everything else was somehow always going to be better in due time. Working out like a maniac was my way of making real-life shit easier to handle.

I may have been down to my last $20 before payday, but it was okay because I had the gym!

I may have just had some bitch cheat on me, but it was okay because I had the gym!

You see, when I would get into those sets in the gym, everything in life that seemed troublesome would just fade away… it just didn’t matter anymore.

I now was a product of my own strength and effort, and the brutality of the workouts is what fueled my motivation to push even further, and it provided me with the motivation I needed to realize that some of the shit people think is a big issue, well it’s just not that big of an issue!

Essentially what I learned to do in all my years of being in the gym, was to know how to mentally cut loose and get shit done! Fortunately, this mentality transferred into my life outside of the gym as well.


The things in life that matter don’t happen when the time is JUST RIGHT. If you’re waiting for the time to be JUST RIGHT life is going to pass you right on by!

When my son was on the way, we lived in a small 2-bedroom house. One of the rooms was my daughters and the other room was mine and my wife’s room. The house wasn’t ideal for another child, but I made the formal dining room into a 3rd bedroom and turned the back of the living room area into a dining area.

I had never done sheet rock work before (and I won’t do it again, sheet rock work fucking sucks!) but I enclosed two of the pass-through areas of the formal dining room, mudded and sanded it… over… and over… and over!

You see, there was a time stamp to when I needed the room done, and my back was against the wall. So, what did I do about it? Easy, I pushed through the same way I pushed through the workouts when I subconsciously put a gun to my fucking head and said to myself, “Is this all you got? Is this where your effort ends or where it begins?”




The time is never, ever going to be JUST RIGHT.

“John, when is the right time to start cutting?”

How about now? How about you stop being a pussy and start cutting now! 

“One day my wife and I want to travel, I’m going to take out some of our life savings and buy a motor home!”

What makes you think that day will come? Why would you not find a way to start doing it now?

See, everyone likes to make these mind-fucks for themselves and these bullshit standards of what they must acquire in order to get started with something. I’ve found that when you want to do something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get started!

You’ll just find I was talking with a friend/coworker about fishing, and we had a conversation about going to the ocean to go fishing. We have had a few of these conversations before in the past. I finally woke up and asked myself if I wanted to be like everybody else that talked about it, OR IF I WANTED TO BE ABOUT IT!

I then said to him, “Let’s go then! Right now, we are going to pick a day and do it! Not next spring, not when I get my new center console boat, RIGHT FUCKING NOW WE ARE GOING TO PLAN A DAY TO TAKE MY SMALL-ASS 14′ JON BOAT DOWN THERE TO DO SOME INLAND FISHING!”

Now, obviously I’m not taking a jon boat offshore fishing, that would be suicide. But there’s no reason we can’t hit the harbor areas and still catch some bigger fish! So that was that and we planned the trip 1 week from the day we talked about it.

And if the boat sinks, then so fucking be it!

After that conversation life suddenly became more exciting for the both of us. October is supposed to be a great month for inland ocean fishing and I’m excited to start hitting up the saltwater rather than just the lakes!


Anything can happen tomorrow, STOP WAITING FOR IT!

Nothing is ever perfect, FIND A WAY TO GET INVOLVED!

Tomorrow you might be dead, SO LIVE FOR TODAY!

Never in my life have I ever met a penny-pincher with an exciting life! Someone could be talking about how cheap they live, and I’ll just be thinking to myself, “God, your life sounds awful!” Many of these type of people live in absolute fear all the time and if you ask me, it’s the way of the bitch!


When I say that the gym has taught me everything about life, I’m not saying that as some figure of speech. No, the gym really has taught me everything about life!

The gym isn’t just some hobby I partake in for an hour a day where I can blow off steam and get healthy. It’s my teacher in life, it’s my way of life!

When you get to a working set in the gym, what do you do to mentally prepare yourself before the set begins?

Usually, I begin with some sort of commitment to actually give a damn and try. Then I may have a minimum rep goal I want to hit. Now, I know it’s going to take effort and I’m going to be going through some pain to accomplish it, but it’s after I endure that discomfort that I reap the rewards.

This I know, there is going to be discomfort in order to reap the rewards!

People fail with their workouts because they do not want to experience discomfort. People also fail to live their lives because there is great discomfort in the fear of the unknown. There is even discomfort in the preparatory measures to go do something leisurely and fun.

When I’m loading up dirt bikes and camping gear it’s downright pain in the ass. I hate how the Jeep is always such a mess with stuff thrown everywhere and all out of place during the trip. It seems like I’m constantly digging through the thing to find something I need that’s missing or out of place.

A travel trailer or toy hauler would certainly be more ideal, but I don’t have that right now. I have a Jeep Cherokee and a tow behind trailer that I strap the bikes down in. But you know what? It works!

And before the days of owning trucks and a tow behind trailer, it was a Yamaha 50 cc bike thrown in the back of another Cherokee I had owned, and a tow hitch rack with a Kawasaki 125 on the back to ride behind my son. No, the bike wasn’t ideal for a guy my size, but it allowed me to at least get out there and learn to ride.

That smaller Kawi 125 with the cheap receiver hitch rack allowed us to go camping and ride together, it was enough for a father who didn’t know shit about bikes to get into it with his son.

I don’t look back on those times and think about how stupid I was or how things weren’t perfect for getting involved in dirt bikes.

But back to what I was saying, there was some discomfort in achieving the experiences and rewards. I’m lucky I didn’t tear my shoulder out of its socket fucking around with that receiver hitch rack! And the packing to go places always kind of sucked too.

But what if all I focused on was the discomfort of what I was getting involved with and not the overall experience and its rewards?


Stop thinking you’re never prepared enough! Just get that stupid mentality out of your head right now, because it’s for the weak. If there is something in life you really want to do, then ask yourself, “How in the hell can I do this?”

I didn’t have any knowledge when I began working out. I didn’t have any supplements; I didn’t know what foods to eat, hell I didn’t even know that I had to eat more to grow muscles!

But that didn’t stop me from getting started! It didn’t stop me from learning the ropes as time went on and enjoying what it was that I was becoming.

Sometimes I feel like it’s important for kids to see their parents take risks, even if they’re just small risks. I feel as a parent, if I have absolutely no clue about how something is going to go but we still go out and just do it, the kids learn that the reward is often in the journey.

Sometimes it’s this thing that’s just like, “Nah son, I don’t have an answer for that, but we’re gonna’ do it and see what happens!”

I honestly feel like this shows your kids adventure, and it shows them that nothing in life that’s great comes without risk and/or discomfort, but usually both! Even leisurely endeavors sometimes!


The last time I checked, most women aren’t exactly satisfied with a Mr. Play-it-safe jerk-off who takes no risks in life! A man that lives in fear is not really a turn-on for most women.

Living in fear could be anything from a guy who is a cheap ass that’s afraid he won’t know how to make a buck back if he spends a buck, or someone who worries about what everyone thinks about them rather than just having a good time.

I’ve even done some things before where I had to break out of my own comfort level to turn up the heat in my own relationship. Things like opening all the window blinds and pushing your wife up against the glass in a high-rise hotel in Atlanta or sneaking her into the men’s shower area in an underground spa and nailing her in the shower, yea I’ve sort of had to break out of my own comfort zone time to time!

To be perfectly honest with you, sometimes it just feels good to be bad. And I’m not talking about just an act here, I’m talking about actually turning your own persona into that of a BAD MOTHERFUCKER!

Bad motherfuckers take risks, and they aren’t fat slobs. Sometimes I ask myself, “if someone DID CATCH ME fucking my wife through the windows, would they turn away in disgust or would they want to watch me?”

I focus on being the person that people wouldn’t be grossed out by. Is this part of the article becoming uncomfortable yet?

It’s important to play to whatever ball field you’re playing on that day. What that means is that taking risks can be different things for different people.

At one time, taking a risk for me meant going out to clubs by myself and when people asked me, “WHO are you here with?” my answer was “just myself, it’s cool.”

Then the risks became larger over time, but the risks never made my life any worse, even when some of those risks got me hurt. I always gained something from taking risks in my life. I look like I’ve been shanked in a prison fight from my motocross wreck last year, but my wife says it turns her on.

I asked her, “what about these scars is exactly a turn-on for you?”

She replied to me,  “because it reminds me that you’re not some pussy that hasn’t been through some shit in life.”

Hey, I’ll take the wins where I can get them, right?

I feel like sometimes we can be afraid to admit when something is a risk, and this can often be stupid things like trying to do sheet rock work when you’ve never done it and you have a kid on the way.

It takes discipline to do things that are risky, but if you can challenge yourself by taking risks on a regular basis then it’ll only make life better. Not to mention, doesn’t the same old daily grind get old?

It’s like you wake up and make the coffee, whoop-de-do…

You go to work, and someone brought in doughnuts, whoop-de-do…

You made eye contact one time with the secretary or accidentally touched her as you passed her, OMG YOU’RE ON FIRE HERE!

Then you take your lunch break, go in the bathroom stall and jerk off, then come home and fuck around on social media or chit chat with some bitch who is afraid to actually meet you in real life.

Then you go to bed and wake up and do it all over again! If you ask me, that’s a shitty life!

Now, a better day would be to go through the discomfort of going to the gym before work, purposely making eye contact with the secretary enough to let it be known you’re going to fuck her brains out, then after bumping into her you actually start talking!

Who knows, maybe you’ll even skip the 1:00 pm bathroom jerk-off appointment and try to actually do something with somebody else besides yourself!

To sum this up, being scared isn’t exactly appealing to women! A guy that takes risks IS APPEALING to most women, even if they don’t admit it. Even if you’re going outside of THEIR COMFORT ZONE, it’s still appealing. You know why? Most guys are pussies nowadays and won’t do it.

So, you want to be boring? Then keep being Mr. Nice-guy, play-it-safe asshole! Enjoy your daily 1:00 pm bathroom stall jerk-off appointments… LOSER!


If you have trouble moving, then start moving. I want you to act like someone just stuck a .45 to your head and said to you, “Look motherfucker, if you don’t make something happen here then I’m gonna’ blow your fucking brains out!”

Stop talking about doing shit if you know you’re not going to commit and execute, it’s making you look like a bitch!

Know that there will be discomfort in almost anything, but like those grueling sets in the gym, that discomfort will bring reward!

Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from getting involved in something you’d like to try doing!


Failure is only true failure if you don’t learn another way around the obstacle!






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