Stop Multi-Tasking and You May Reach Your Goals

stop sign

Every place you look now someone is multi-tasking. The world is full of people with no quality of life anymore. Just take a look around at everyone lately… texting while driving, trying to hold a conversation in person while texting at the same time, eating while working, trying to play with your kids while chatting …

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Downtime Dieting and System Reset

system reset

I’m sure many of you have read about “deload weeks” If you have not I will explain. A deload week is a week where you either use half the weight you normally work out with, half the sets (or both) or take a week off completely. Deload weeks are to give your body a chance …

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Adapt and Overcome

man checking blood glucose level

So right now I’m going through some major shit, I went to the doctor’s office for blood work and the results didn’t come back good at all. It turns out as of right now I am diabetic. My fasting glucose was 346, and my A1C was 10.4, very dangerous levels. Nobody wants to admit when …

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