The BASIC JDB Physique Coach Screening Process

Creating a basic JDB physique coach screening process has become necessary. Some people THINK that they want to make a change, but once they see the level of commitment and discipline required, their inner pussy takes over and doesn't allow them to make changes!

They then bitch and whine about their training program and get upset at how unrealistic and demanding it is for them to follow! I have decided to make a basic screening process for everyone to look at, and if the answer to any of these initial questions is “yes” then please do NOT hire JD as your physique coach!

  1. Do you HAVE TO HAVE FOODS that taste good to your little tummy on a daily basis?
  2. Are you unwilling to cook on a regular basis to prepare most of your meals?
  3. Are you some sort of fucking philosopher that believes diet foods aren't necessary for fat loss, that there has to be another way, and that the earth isn't round?
  5. Are you a hypochondriac that always worries about germs and thinks you must be sick all the time?
  6. Would you prefer to be a potter over a warrior?
  7. Are you considered a homemaker or a “stay at home Dad”? Does your wife fuck you up the ass?
  8. Do you blame your job for all of your shortcomings in life?
  9. Do you believe that the 2 most important exercises are 1/4 rep squats and placing a barbell on your nuts and fucking the air with it?
  10. Do you use a workout band around your legs while doing squats or fucking the air with a barbell on your nuts?
  11. Are you afraid of callouses on your hands?
  12. Does the perfect matching gym outfit matter to you?
  13. Do you HAVE TO HAVE chocolate daily like a chick on her period?
  14. Do you stop a set as soon as it begins to burn?
  15. Are you an alcoholic or a recreational drug addict?
  16. Do you have an issue with preparing your meals?
  18. Are you afraid of needles?
  19. Do you believe that somehow a plant-based diet yields superior results in the gym?
  20. Is your girlfriend/spouse physically abusive to you?

Now that those questions are out of the way, take a look at the next set of questions and ask yourself if any of these sound like you. If this next list of questions are fitting to you, THEN WE MAY BE A GOOD FIT FOR WORKING TOGETHER!

  1. Do you daydream about living in a time when warriors could decimate the weak if they dared to fuck with them?
  2. Would you rather eat a bloody steak instead of a salad?
  3. Do you ever get sick and tired of pencil necks preaching about plant-based dieting?
  4. Does the idea of wenching entice you?
  5. Can you push through pain to rise to new levels of comfort?
  6. Is hitting a needle a few times per week a small price to pay for God-like status?
  7. Do you enjoy destroying the weights?
  8. Does smashing hot ass = victory?
  9. Is your identity important to you?
  10. Is respect important to you?
  11. Do you enjoy knowing you have self-control and discipline in life?
  12. Do you still believe in a firm handshake over a knuckle bump?
  13. Does feminism piss you off?
  14. Is your word important to you?
  15. Do you believe this is a dog-eat-dog world?
  16. Are you willing to go through pain to accomplish things that are great in life?
  17. Does the idea of wearing a mask on your face everywhere you go ABSOLUTELY PISS YOU THE FUCK OFF?
  18. Does McDonald's taste like shit?
  19. Does the idea of “plus size” models in workout apparel seem ridiculous to you?
  20. Do you enjoy unleashing maximum aggression, power, and calling on the demons to help push you through a demanding workout?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, then we may be a good fit for working together!

I'm not going to train soy-boy pussies and I'm not here to just make sure you're going to the gym! If you fit into the first category of questions then I would suggest some videos to watch at home to get started (possibly the Brazilian butt workout or 7 minute abs). I would also begin with a diet such as Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, or Slim Fast.

As long as it's a diet with shit quality food that lets you pretend you're accomplishing something, then it's a great place to begin your journey!

If you fall into the second list of questions… THEN LETS ARM UP AND RUN INTO BATTLE BROTHER!



14 thoughts on “The BASIC JDB Physique Coach Screening Process”

  1. Awesome list. I am proof that your brutal workout plan and simple diet yield incredible results. Life and body changing. A+ brother!

    • Pretty much! Fuck pleasing everyone, that’s what’s wrong with the world now anyways, too many ppl worried abt offending someone. Thanks for reading my list! -JD

  2. I walked out of the grocery store and some guy asked me what I did to look the way I do because he wanted a physique like mine. It was some fat fuck sitting in his jacked up F-150. I told him and all he said was “Huh, I guess I’m lazy.” I said, “Pretty much…” and walked off. We are a dying breed…

    • Yea, from my experience most ppl that ask this stuff are looking for that magic, top secret answer. Busting your ass isn’t what they wanna hear. At least he pointed the finger at himself, that’s a good start. Most ppl wanna blame everything and everyone else for why they can’t get results. And worst part is they can’t seperate themselves from eating cupcakes and pizza because nothing else in their life is worth a flying fuck! Those cupcakes and pizza is the only source of happiness they can get anymore

  3. Hey John,
    I left a few comments here a while ago about ac impingement and it was busting my balls for quite some time. I couldn’t really do jack shit because everything would annoy it. I couldn’t find any good info online, just lots of clinics with bullshit advice I would expect.

    Anyways I found out what my problem was and I was wrong, I have supra spinatus impingement. The shoulder diagrams can be a bit complex to look at and I finally figured it out. I was always confused because it felt like it was at the top of the shoulder and other times it was more frontal in the meaty part.

    I’m finally getting better now since pushups were aggitating it. This has been a long one, almost 10months. I used a band and I stretched and used a lot of ice daily and I have full mobility and almost no pain but there is a bit of tendon irritation yet. My question to you is, is it alright to do pull ups in this situation?

    I’ve never dealt with such a long irritating injury before and I don’t want to go backwards. I would think that when you do pullups you hang but I’m concerned if that would pinch it at this point in time and re fuck it up.

    • Try them, of they hurt then avoid them. I honestly don’t know for sure as I’ve never dealt with an injury like that. Best of luck though

  4. Hi John,
    Do you have any experience with tbol, don’t see it mentioned on the website and wondered how you rate it?

  5. What’s up John , had. Question about primo. I know you love it and I’m running it for the first time test and 200mg a week , primo at 600mg a week and npp at 300mg a week. One thing I notice with other guys I know that do this protocol is their e2 crashes and no AI is ran. I have seen video , specifically derek from more plates more dates and others discuss hoe primo can lower E2 at 600-700 mg a week. Have you mentioned this anywhere ? And what’s your thoughts on this ?

    • It can, yes, it’s person specific. Some need to raise test up more and say 400/600 ratio or test to primo. Hard to just say everyone will crash, I’ve been there once or twice before.


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