Bodybuilding and System Sync

Ask 90% of bodybuilders what you need to do in order to gain muscle and their answer will always be “eat more protein”.

Well my friends, unfortunately this answer is bullshit in most cases. It does not take as much protein to grow as most people think, .6-.8 grams per pound of bodyweight is adequate.

Mike Mentzer once said, “There is no such thing as super nutrition, only adequate nutrition”. Mike couldn't have been more right on than that, and it's never been scientifically proven that the body utilizes more protein than that in any event. There are drugs and supplements out there that claim to increase protein synthesis, but to what degree is uncertain and are most likely over exaggerated in any claim.

The difference between yesterday and today is yesterday was all about hard work, today is all about taking more. I can't even tell you how many guys have walked up to me in the past and asked me to recommend something they can take to give them a kick start in the gym. They are already looking for a pill to pop before they even step foot in the gym!

And it's no different with nutrition either, more is better right? Wrong. Sometimes more is not better, sometimes more can actually hurt progress, and I'm going to tell you why… I want you to think of your body like a car. The better your body, the higher performance the car is (I'd like to think I'm a Ferrari Spider). Take a Porsche for example; the Porsche may push out 500 hp but if you don't put any oil in it then it's only a matter of time before it falls apart.

Now, someone else may be like an older Honda with 300,000 miles on it, but he keeps it up and does all the maintenance. The Honda runs strong. It may not run 200 mph but it's reliable and runs great.

This is how your body is. Even if you're that exotic sports car in the gym, you may not be running right. By running right, I mean feeling good and not just looking good. If you cannot feel good then it does not matter what you look like.

When I would be within a month of competition it didn't matter who said what to me, I felt like shit. I had to push the envelope so hard that my body wasn't working in sync. I gave up one side of the spectrum to get a little more on the other, and this throws your whole balance off. You're no longer that car with the right mixture of fuel:air:oil, you're the high performance sports car that may have one more race in him, but is ready to break down at a moments notice. Too much protein can do this, it can bind your digestion, make you sluggish, and actually make more work for your body.

Our bodies do not like to do things they are not designed to do, and they fight back sometimes.

Too many carbs can do this, have you ever had a workout where you feel like you would have been stronger if you ate less? Well you are correct. We often make more work for our bodies by the way we eat. It's not always calories for growth, there comes a point when you are just dumping cals in your body with no added benefit.

The bottom line is simple. You either have the right chemicals and environment in your body to grow or you don't. Period. So try for a more balanced diet instead of just adding more and more. It may work for you.


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