Doing What Works For You and Taking Care of Your Body

Hey, you want to get big? I mean really, really big?

Well then, here is something you may want to try.

For every day in the gym you should take 1-2 days off behind it and use those days as what I like to call “therapy days”. Usually I will dedicate one of these days solely to some brief cardio, ab training, sauna, stretching.

This will help in your recovery and when you get back in the gym its like someone turbocharged you! You will bring a level of intensity you'd never be able to bring training everyday.

Sometimes it takes going against the grain to get good results. Take a look at all the guys in the gym you see in there religiously. In great shape? Yes! Do they make any changes? Very little.

As a matter of fact, there are only about 2-3 guys in my gym that I can think of, who will make marked progress that is noticeable, depending on what phase they are in with their training (building and eating, dieting and cutting up).

But everyone else? Same 175 lbs soaking wet physique year round. What is hurting them is an obsessive compulsiveness to be in the gym all the time. I love the gym, missing a day or two absolutely drives me nuts!

But when I walk around and hear all of these people asking me what I'm doing, I know my routine works for me. I had to realize that I have become so advanced with this, that it no longer takes me 4 or 5 sets to get what I need to get from an exercise. I can get it in a couple warm ups and then 1 brutal work set. This gives my body a chance to rest, and working in this fashion is just enough to stimulate growth, but not drive me into a deep hole of constant recovery all the time.

The goal is to recover and SURPASS your last workout, not be on par exactly where you were last time, you wanna be ahead. For most guys its like a football game where there was a 10 yard penalty. Every chance they could have to get ahead they knock themselves back. This isn't necessary, and a natural trainer would greatly benefit from working out the way I'm talking about.

Look at high school football teams. They are not hitting weights every day. They have a couple days a week in the weight room, and then they are running drills, scrimmages, and making plays. And those kids grow like weeds, on no special diet and no supplements (well most anyways).

Of course there are always going to be those people who like to use examples of people who train everyday for hours with big physiques. Usually they like to talk about inmates. Well, let me kick you the real deal.

While it's a nice little story to think inmates can eat like shit and get little calories and just be huge, it's bullshit. Most inmates have a shit physique. Of course there are always those ones who stand out, a very select few. But for the most part, they look like they have man tits and 20% bodyfat. They just like to take their shirts off and show off their tats and macho bullshit, but is it really a good physique? In most cases I don't think so personally. Go YouTube “inmate powerlifting contest“. I think the best squat I saw was in the 500's and bench was in the mid 400's. NOBODY in that video had a physique that impressed me, and those are the ones seriously into weights, not the majority of the rest of the gang bangers and neo-nazis.

Another point I'd like to make, is if you curtailed your training to just a few days a week, calories would go further! Now all of a sudden on a 3,000 calorie a day diet, you're growing! Too many guys are stuffing their faces 24/7 for absolutely no reason. I do not believe bodybuilders who claim 8-10,000 cals a day. OK, MAYBE they have hit that on a given day here or there, but I've been in the game long enough to tell you it's bullshit.

No routine or tactic I outline is the gospel, but maybe some things I speak of may work for you. The only way to know is to try it.


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  1. Hey John Doe,
    I just came across your site about a week ago and I have to say that you are a god send! I started juicing a few years ago and nobody I knew juiced so I just researched as much as I could and went with it. The info I got mostly came from forums where everyone is touting 500mg beginner test dose so that’s what I ran. To make a long story short, I stayed that way for a while but kept thinking more was better so next it was 600, 750 and then 1gm a week and the only thing I got was a thick ass body full of water weight, no definition, fatigue and decreased sexual ability! sure I was strong but strong ain’t shit if u don’t look good. Anyways I started following ur protocol of lower test (2-250mg) a week and I’ve shed 6lbs in a week and started looking more vascular already and energy levels are through the roof! Also had to learn the hard way that everyday workouts are BS and do not yield better results for everyone. You know your shit and your approach is solid advice. Thanks bro!


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