Your Health and Time are Becoming Luxury Items and It’s Time to Wake Up!

When I first began bodybuilding it was easy. I was in high school and in my spare time I was in the gym, cooking, and spending time with friends. It wasn't hard to buy my own groceries working my part time jobs. It wasn't fair to my parents to buy as much food as I was consuming, and I didn't expect them to.

Therefore, each week I would buy my own eggs, ground beef, oats, and the occasional tub of protein. Gas was nothing, I never worried about the cost of gas or how far I could drive off 20 bucks. Minimum wage was $5.15 and between 15-20 hours a week making that, and an extra $100 a week cutting grass, I wasn't doing too bad for a kid trying to pay for part of his own way.

Fast forward 15 years to where I'm at now. The fucking minimum wage has gone up $2 an hour in the past 15 years! The cost of living is about 3 times what it used to be, maybe more. Americans are spending less money on health and more $$ on bullshit. Most families are trying to get by with the same grocery bill that would have been comfortable 15 years ago, but it's not comfortable now! Most are substituting shitty foods in place of quality home cooked meals just to get calories in them, and their children are getting fatter than hell. Marketing is through the roof on bullshit electronics and distractions that have taken people completely out of the realm of what happiness really should be about.


Consume, consume, consume, when will it end? Have you taken a good look around lately? Does the fat guy driving the new Corvette look any happier than the guy driving the old Chevy truck? People have gotten so busy and consumed in a plastic world full of distractions and bullshit that they can't even look up from their phone to talk to someone. These stupid fucks cannot even take the time to hold a door for someone, or be nice to someone, or help someone in some sort of way. People are becoming drones, and their kids are being punished for it and brought up in a world full of stupidity and endless consumerism. But the biggest thing people are missing, is their health and emotional freedom!

It seems harder and harder to stay with fitness and health now. The groceries have gotten so ridiculous that it's damn near impossible to bodybuild and try to have a family anymore. It really becomes a challenge trying to cut corners and still progress with it.

The one thing I've realized about my life and finding happiness is that I'm going to have to walk a totally different path in life than most in order to do it. Nice items will always come and go, but what is the price we pay for some of these things? We lose our freedom, our time, and our sanity!! And for what? For some hunk of metal that will depreciate quickly, a home that is bigger than what we need, or some new electronic device that will be outdated and replaced within the next year? It's time to wake up and go back to the old school way of living.

Do you know why social media is so big right now?

It's because we as people have lost a real social life. I repeat, WE HAVE LOST OUR SOCIAL LIFE! Did your friend Tim who posted his picture of his spaghetti and meatball dinner on Facebook really impact your life? Is this the type of fucking bullshit that is worth neglecting your children? Or coming home from work and not tossing a football with your son? Wake the fuck up already.

If you have Facebook or Twitter erase that crap and start living your life bros! Instead of coming home to bullshit around or play on the phone, go for a hike through the woods or something. Go fishing, go to the target range and pop some rounds, or go out and make it your goal to talk to 10 beautiful women before you drive home. Just do something different damnit!

People always talk about trying to make it. “I'm just trying to make it.” Make what? Make money? Make it through another day alive? Oh, you mean make the bullshit benchmark of what deems the majority of people as successful? Consumerism and bullshit! Voila!

But I often ask myself if most of the time we don't make life harder than it really is. Listen, I'm guilty of it myself sometimes, we all are. It's a struggle to try to be the one guy walking a different path when your surroundings are what they are today. People adapt to their surroundings, it's hard not to. This is one reason a lot of bodybuilders isolate themselves. It's not that the guy is necessarily an asshole; he just lives a different way and he feels like he has found purpose in life. Often times his purpose is so much a 180 from the majority, it's easier to just spend time alone than deal with these meaningless outside influences.

Physical fitness lifestyle

If this lifestyle of fitness and health (and spiritual health and freedom) is truly what makes you happy, then my advice is to drop the meaningless bullshit. A good way to evaluate your life is to ask yourself a simple question. If given the chance to drop everything right now and start over, would you take it? If you had a clean slate of no bills, no mortgage, no car payment, no headaches and pits you feel you cannot crawl out of, would you take it? Would you go through the trouble of building something all back over again and do it different this time? If your answer is yes, then my advice is to start dropping shit and make it happen.

Sometimes when we look at the big picture we become overwhelmed and it's so easy to just stay in the rut and do what the rest do. But let me ask you a question here, when you got into the gym did you give up because you couldn't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Did you quit trying because you could not pack on 20 lbs of muscle in a month? Hell no, you just keep at it. Part of what keeps you going is the little goals, the tiny obstacles. That is how you need to look at your life, it's little goals that you hit each week until your life becomes like your body, in top shape!

Sometimes we need to use addition through subtraction. Now, to some people I'm talking like a loser. They are reading this thinking that I have a reactive approach as opposed to a proactive approach. This is not true, I just don't place the same value on certain things that some do. A 5,000 square foot home means nothing to me because it's not what would make me happy. It's not that I don't think I could get it someday.

The more things we acquire the more headaches we have, the more shit we need to take care of, the more time we waste on meaningless garbage. This all takes away from time we could be spending on ourselves going places, seeing things, or spending that time with someone special. It takes away from my free time to cook food, go to the beach, be in the gym working on those abs, and whatever else.

If I have to work 70 hours a week to pay for all of my bullshit that I don't need, what kind of life does that leave me? This is the reason people are losing their health, raising kids they don't even know, and popping all of these anti-depressant pills while walking around thinking “Geez, why am I so depressed and why does my life suck so bad?” It's because people aren't living their lives right anymore!

Once you get your health, you're ahead of the game. Money will always come and go, opportunities will always knock at your door, but there are certain things we just can't get back in life. Those moments in life that really matter become a flash in a pan, and once they're gone they're gone! Don't lose them, get as many as you possibly can.


9 thoughts on “Your Health and Time are Becoming Luxury Items and It’s Time to Wake Up!”

  1. Splendid!
    Have you ever heard of Ted Nudgent’s
    “Bow and Arrow”
    pretty much like the essence of this post:

    If your kid’s in front of the tv set
    With no smile just a stare
    Shut it down you’ll have no regrets
    Take em outside for some air

    And give em a simple, bow and arrow
    Watch him aim for the sky
    He’ll find the spirit of the wild
    And he’ll stay there till the day he dies

  2. Thanks for this post! You speak a lot of truth that the most important things in life are not things and that our health and time are the most important. Thanks for all you do and for taking the time to write great content!


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