The Sharpshooter’s Guide to Getting Women

Most men want to build a better body to gain attention from women. Of course we do it for ourselves first and foremost, but a guy who doesn’t want to build his body to help get attention from the girls is usually a damn liar.

I’m here to share some real life knowledge with you about angles you can approach on getting women, and if you follow my advice it’s like taking candy from a baby.

First off, most women don’t like bodybuilders. It’s not just the size they don’t like, they don’t like the attitudes that come with a lot of guys who bodybuild. They act as if women were pieces of meat, they are horrible at conversation, and they think that their body isn’t good enough to score, so they are constantly fixing the outside to make up for what they lack on the inside. Well friends, many of those women are correct!

Now, let me let you guys in on some secrets to make life easy. If you follow this advice you will turn away more than you can take on.

What you first have to understand is the fact that some of the most beautiful women have the poorest self-esteem. They spend countless hours getting ready, trying to look pretty. They go to the gym, they go to other places like bookstores and coffee shops, clubs, you name it…all in the quest to get attention and desire. The problem is the way most guys approach them.

You cannot approach them like some piece of meat, you have to give the girl some sense of self-worth. Guys want to hit on the right buttons, but they just cannot articulate their words properly to do so. Let me give you an example of what most men would do compared to what I would do in a particular situation.

How to meet women at the gym example #1

You’re at the gym and you see this smoking hot girl you want to talk to. Here is the way most guys approach this which is wrong;

“Hey, you’re looking really good. What’s your name?” Right off the bat, it’s all about looks! You’re nothing but another gym rat, meathead who only wants to get in her pants. The conversation will be short and you’ll probably get shot down.

Here is how John Doe approaches it…

“Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve noticed you in here before and you’re making all kinds of changes fast. You must really be working hard because I can definitely tell! I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but I just wanted to let you know, nice work! What do you do for your workouts and diet?”

BOOM! You’ve asked her about herself and what she is doing, you gave her self-worth! Chances are this chick is just going to ramble on and on about how thankful she is to hear that, and how she has been trying harder lately. Then she is going to start asking all sorts of shit about you, your name, whatever. Keep it short, DO NOT TALK TOO MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF!

Constantly hit her back with more questions about her, then sit back and act interested in all of her bullshit rambling. Follow up questions are great, especially if you suck at talking to women. Just keep going on what she is saying. This will do 2 things, it’ll leave her intrigued and wanting to know more about you since you only gave her a little bit to go on, and it will also make her feel desired since you would rather know more about her than talk about yourself.

The meathead stereotype is now gone, she will not look at you like that anymore. At some point in time you need to give out your number. My approach would be “Well listen, I’ve been doing this a long time, and if you ever need any help at all feel free to hit me up. Maybe we could work out together at some point.” Leave the ball in her court, you’re probably going to get a text or call pretty fast.

What happens next? This chick is going to tell all of her girlfriends at the gym about what a nice guy you really are, and how you’re not some meathead, but just a super nice guy who was so sweet to talk to. Then all of the other girls will come out of the woodwork and want to talk to you, fishing for their own compliments and sense of self worth. I call it the magnet effect. It’s when girls see how well you talk to other girls and how you can make them happy, they are drawn to that.

Men seem to think that women do not want sex as much as them. This is totally wrong. They watch porn like men; they want it just as bad. They just get turned on differently. Women are turned on by intellect and your actual desire for them as people, not just a warm body. Take notice of everything about them, their hairstyle, jewelry, outfits, anything and everything. Now mention something about that…

How to meet women at the gym example #2

You’re in the gym, you see a girl with a nice ass and big tits. You desperately want to speak but don’t know where to begin. How average idiot approaches it…

“Hey, you’re looking good.” or “Are you single? Can I have your phone number?” Nope. Lame!

How John Doe approaches it…

Completely ignore this chick’s tits and ass. Pick out something different!

“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I think it’s great what you’ve done to your hair. It’s shorter, but it looks really good! Most women cannot pull that off, but you have just the right facial structure and look that makes it come together. My name is John Doe, and you would be?”

How to meet women in the gym TIP: Remember her fucking name!

Now, if you’re feeling it then take down the phone number. I would ask her what she does outside of the gym in conversation, then come back to it with “Well if you enjoy jogging, have you ever been to such and such a place? You want to go with me sometime?” If you’re not getting the vibes then YOU END THE CONVO with “Well, I don’t want to hold you up. I’ll let you get back to it…”

In the words of John Rambo. “NOTHING IS OVER, YOU JUST DON’T TURN IT OFF!” It’s just over for today, the next time you see her in there rest assured she’s going to be eye fucking the shit out of you, and when you run into her again you go right in for the kill my man! No bullshit this time, you come right out with it. “Hey, we should hang out sometime” You’ll probably get the number quick, because all she has been thinking about is you and how she wanted you to get her number so bad, but she didn’t wanna feel ambushed. She’s been ready for you to ask, the icebreaker is over with.

How to meet women at the gym example #3: The “Asshole with big plans for Friday night” Plan of Action

This one is a little bit different here, so bare with me. It’s Friday evening and for some odd reason this smoking hot girl is in the gym working out. Okay, why the fuck do you think she’s in there? Do you honestly think this chick has anything remotely interesting going down on a Friday night in the gym?

I like to call this one “FRIDAY NIGHT FAST TRACK FUCKING”. You gotta fast track this bitch! This is the one you can be a little more aggressive with. This girl has absolute shit self-esteem, is bored with life, and very impulsive. You can’t come off like some super nice guy here.

How dickless moron approaches it…”Hey, my name is Billy, whats your name? Do you come here often? Where are you from? Blah blah blah…fucking blah.” BORING.

How John Doe approaches it…

“What would a good looking girl like you be doing here by herself on a Friday evening?” The reply is probably going to be “I have no plans tonight” or possibly “Well I gotta work in the morning.”

If she has to work all the better! Chicks love doing last minute, dumb ass impulsive shit. Going to work with a sore vagina and a hangover just made her boring existence seem a little more fun right? She knew she had a reason to be in that gym on Friday! Now, this is key here so pay attention! DO NOT ASK HER IF SHE WANTS TO GO TO DINNER OR THE BAR! Don’t ask her what she wants to do, YOU TELL HER WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY GOING TO DO, AND ASK HER IF SHE WANTS TO JOIN YOU.

Make up some fucking place you were already going; your night is going to be kick ass with or without rejection from her!

By doing this she is going to see assertion, confidence, and a guy that knows how to take the bull by the horns. That’s what they all want guys, don’t let them fool you. A woman wants a man who knows that whatever entertainment he provides should be good and exciting enough, he just doesn’t give a fuck and he isn’t redundant! Don’t ask her what time is good for her, you TELL HER what time you’re going to be there.

Now onto the transition. You go into the bar and order her something like a sour apple martini. We don’t want beer here, beer takes too long and you have to deal with this chick constantly getting up to take a piss, and in that bathroom she is thinking “What am I doing, I can’t do this, I’m not some whore.” Nope, you gotta get her something a little stronger than that.

After a few stiff drinks, you tell her what a fun time you’re having with her (sense of self worth, remember?). “OMG, you’re like my twin! It’s crazy how we just met, but I feel like I’ve known you forever! I don’t do this much, but I’m getting us a shot, come on let’s do one together!” After the shot you immediately get another “Okay, okay… just one more!” Now cut her off! We do not want sloppy drunk here, we are just looking for enough to get her to do something stupid (like stick some roid head’s dick in her mouth she’s known a whole two hours, LOL).

Now, how do we transition from bar to your pad?

Easy, pay attention! “Look, I don’t want you to drive home. You’re too beautiful to get thrown in jail or in a wreck, and I’m really not drunk.” Or possibly get a cab back to your place with her…”I swear to God I won’t do anything out of line, we can just watch a movie on the couch.” Yeah, just watch a movie my ass!

But she feels safe with you, after all you care about her well-being and don’t want her to drive. And deep down, she wants to fuck you, she just doesn’t want to feel like a whore. So I’d never come out with something like “let’s go back to my place and have sex”. I guaran-fucking-tee this is what you’re going to hear; “Okay, but I don’t want you to think I’m some whore or anything. I never do this.” And that my friends is like a green fucking flag at the Indy 500!

Now when you get her back to your pad, start the lame ass movie and pay attention to things like her fingers and feet. If you see those bitches moving around a lot, or she seems restless, it’s because she is horny. This is when you go for it, one shot-one kill But chances are she’ll be grabbing for your dick the second you walk through the door. Consider Friday night, fast track pussy like deer hunting with a machine gun, it’s really just too easy.

Guys, don’t take this the wrong way here. These are just a few examples of how I’d handle things in situations like I’ve talked about. There are plenty of nice girls out there that really shouldn’t be objectified. But then there are just good old fashioned whores who don’t deserve to be treated like women because they don’t carry themselves like one. It’s just like a man with no job and living off his mother who tries calling himself a man.

In my last example there, I may be wrong. It might be a case with a really nice girl who is just shy (and if she is then assertion is all the better!). But from most experiences I’ve had that won’t be the case. Chances are she is some impulsive slut who constantly makes terrible decisions and doesn’t keep a guy around longer than a week. That’s fine, you can still get your rocks off, just be careful about it.

Remember guys, girls love sex! They just do not get turned on the same way we do. Mind fuck em’ first, then the physical part is easy.

Over and out! -JD

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20 thoughts on “The Sharpshooter’s Guide to Getting Women”

  1. Bro, bro.. this is shitty advice. Do NOT be the fucking nice guy. She IS a piece of meat. Good website otherwise but this, no no.

    • Hahaha, nah man. U gotta go back and forth between nice guy and Mr. XXX, and I’m gonna tell you why. When your a bigger guy she already has it in her mind your an asshole gym freak. Maybe thin fuckers can get away with the asshole approach, but definitely not bodybuilders!!! Your already intimidating enough, u throw asshole in the mix and it’s a fat chance. There is a difference between nice guy pussy and nice guy with a side of bad motherfucker, u gotta find the balance

  2. Don’t know where I heard it, but the only thing better than a real f*ck is a mind f*ck…It all begins and ends in the mind.

  3. good one!
    my pal’s a psychiatrist and in answer to the age-old question of “what women want” he says it’s perfectly summed up by sigmund freud who said simply “women desire mens’ desire of them” – and that’s why all chicks adore their shrinks, because they sit back, ask some pertinent questions, listen with interest and try to explore their minds.
    sure, you can give it the caveman approach, but that’s a dead-end road and at some stage you’ll either end up with a bad rep and get stuck with the desperate/ugly ones or the law of diminishing returns bites you in the arse as the lack of challenge gives you no progression or improved results – bit like working out, really.
    cheers fella, enjoyed this one, useful ammo!

  4. Funny article John Doe;) I;m a beautiful girl if I might say and I do agree about the part where beautiful girls have low self esteem, I have occassionally been to the gym on Friday nights and it hasnt been to get attention. I love your site, you keep it real and the reason I read it is because it intriges me and makes me feel Im getting advice from a real man. I definetly pick and choose what works for me, but bottom line its nice to know how men think. I do wish you would write some diet and workout advice for woman because Im sure (I might be wrong) that other girls are reading these as well!

    • All that John writes on fitness, training & nutrition applies equally to women as well as men. I’d be extremely disappointed if John gave watered down advice for “girls”. I train and eat pretty much as John advocates on this site and, as a woman, I’ve reached some kick arse goals, competed in figure division and got my dream job.

      It is refreshing to read your views, John. In a world of quick fixes, superficiality and plastic surgery-over-character building, it is reassuring someone else in the world believes in, and values, hard work and long term action.

  5. I like that this post is no-nonsense and separates the men from the meat-head bodybuilders. You’re a fitness writer who also tells hard life truths rather than some generic self-help, bodybuilding, or game guru. This is the only post I read on the John Doe Bodybuilding website about getting girls because you know that it’s simple to get girls when you have your shit together (as chapter 4 of “Becoming the Bull” tells us). With that being said, a lot of men (myself included) want quality girls who are also fit and toned.

    Two Suggestions:

    1) write a post about how to meet fitness girls. From my experience, it’s best to go for quality girls who understand hard work and are physically active rather than get some strange at the bar from some entitled slut with an attitude… especially when you’re the 3rd cock she sucked for the night, hahaha

    2) write a post about how to diet and exercise as a woman to get toned (not lose weight, too many of those online). This one is for the guys whose girlfriends are having a hard time sculpting the sexy swimsuit body they crave.

    Over & Out

  6. I lol’d at the ” this advice sucks comments” Doe’s advice is legit, let me break this down for guys.

    ( I approach 10+ girls a week , have done this for years. clubs, gym, books, coffee whatever)

    If you are

    1. In legit shape
    2. Have good style
    3. Decent looking
    4. Tall

    If you have a FEW of these traits, during the day you dont need to be an asshole.

    What so ever.

    Sure if your a shorter dude that weighs a buck and a half then maybe you need to show some more dominance.

    I’m 6’3 245, if I am an asshole to chicks they run in fucking terror. Why ? Because I am crushing their self esteem !

    Doe already has high value, look at the dude, if hes an asshole girls would run.

    The game played by the ” average man” and the game played by a fitness dude who had his shit together is 100% different.

    Sure in a club you will need to be more douchey, But during the day , if you have decent value as a man ( body/ status/ solid frame / killer eye contact etc) then being a douchebag will hurt you.

    For a few years I did all the normal ” pickup advice to the T” rarely got laid. Simply put I later found out if you have high value which doe does, then trying to fucking run game is a waste of time.

    If you want killer results and you have decent status ?

    Talk to the chick like you would a long term friend. You dont need to be overly nice or mean , just be fucking ” normal” . Most guys try way to hard to be uber nice or a douche, if you have the value just be chill.

    P.S. Club game is another story , but this article isnt about that


  7. Agreed with everyone else. This is not great advice. Sure, you might get more phone numbers approaching like a pussy (masking your intent and pretending to be interested in her workouts), but you aren’t going to actually fuck more of the girls. Honestly, your percentage will probably be exactly the same. You WILL however, get involved with a ton of time wasting chicks that aren’t interested in you sexually.

    Don’t be an asshole, that part is absolutely true. But don’t go in like a fag hiding behind the facade of “oh let’s work out some time you’re doing a great job”.

  8. most guys should know that the “direct” approach works ONLY if you are not muscular and actually look weak because it will look …interesting and ironic and this gets into women’s skin.

    That’s the same thing about the polite and indirect approaches above – coming from a huge muscular guy, muscular huge but talks like a gentleman? That has the same effect as a weak looking guy hitting on women directly.

    So I love this article, John you totally nailed it!


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