What does your body say about you?

I don’t care what position you may be in right now in life, your body tells a story.

Your body is the first thing people notice, the thing that is presented front and center when you speak to people, and it clearly explains to people whether you’re someone of hard work and discipline or just another fucking slob!

I went to the zoo today with my family and I swear to God there were people walking around that were bigger than the largest gorillas the zoo had!

Just these giant fat fuckers walking around with bags of food and sodas and Icee drinks in their hands, because God forbid they’re without food and a drink for 5 minutes!

I saw these 2 ladies who were literally WADDLING because they had so much leg fat they could hardly walk!

Yea yea, genetics, thyroid problems, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Let’s be real, most people get that way from eating too much bullshit and not being active!

I examined them and tried desperately to find their fucking necks, but they had no visible necks!

They had 5 O’clock shadows on their faces and like most obese women they had their hair in buns, probably because they’re too lazy to mess with combing it. ”

I said to my wife, “I can’t believe this… they’re bigger than the fucking guerrillas we just saw!”

Now, call me shallow, but my gut instinct was saying, “I want nothing to do with people like that, I want to puke looking at them.”

And do you know what the worst part of it all is? SOMEONE FUCKED THEIR NASTY ASSES BECAUSE THEY HAD KIDS WITH THEM!

When you see this type of shit you just can’t help but say, “SOMEONE….FUCKED…THAT (GULP!)”

Listen, I understand that some people have had messed up childhood upbringing and their parents weren’t a good example, but I really don’t care because I see things in black and white.

I don’t want to deal with slobs.

I’d rather have an attractive waitress than a slob and I’d rather do business and converse with men who take care of themselves rather than slobs!

Sound harsh to you? Newsflash; it’s human nature! I’m just saying what everyone else thinks!


Was there ever a point in this persons life where they had hopes and dreams? Was that giant slob ever an athlete or an active kid?

Did a marriage or divorce destroy this persons hope and discipline and turn them into a whale?


Everyone is exactly the same as they grow older. They start living for everyone else and have nothing for themselves.

The highlight of their lives become vices such as alcoholism, and they love to plaster photos of them indulging in these sort of vices because it’s what “normal adults are supposed to do.”

Aside from photos people post full of the indulgences that have turned them into the sacks of whale shit that they are, they love to show you their kids.

You see, their kids represent hope and innocence.

Their kids are a way of saying, “You see, this part of me that still has hope! I mean, I turned into a sack of shit, but look at these beautiful kids!”

They mock bodybuilding and nutrition and talk about what you’re involved in like it’s some sort of sickness.

“Well I got news for you Jabba, you’re the sick fuck, not me!”

I believe that the most important part of growing up is to keep as much of yourself as you possibly can.

Don’t lose yourself in the struggle of adulthood and responsibilities, because then you end up living like someone waddling around the zoo who is bigger than the guerrillas! And I’m not talking about muscle here!


Have you ever thought about all of the distractions that we have over the stupidest shit?

Someone hacked my wife’s phone about a month ago and I had to call the cell phone company about it since they somehow ran up international calls on our account.

After spending an hour on the phone with the cell phone company and changing the #, I thought that it was taken care of. I was wrong.

The phone was hacked again and this time another $800 worth of charges was rang up. Again, I called the cellphone company, this time from the treadmill I was on!

They assured me that the problem was solved and that I wouldn’t be responsible for the charges.

Again, I had the number changed and also added a new SIM card. Surely this would fix the problem I thought. Nope, wrong again!

So again, the phone was hacked and more charges were rang up on my account. Again, I called the cellphone company.

This time I had suggested that they assign me a new account # as if I was signing on again. “I’m sorry Sir, we cannot assign a new account # to the same person within a year.”

Then I pretty much lost it and told them to fuck off.

You see, I didn’t care about the charges and I didn’t necessarily care about the hacking that much.

I was more upset that I had wasted a total of 8 hours of my time within a few weeks on the phone with a company that couldn’t fix the issue.

I had no choice but to leave, thank God for prepaid because you have the luxury of telling someone to fuck off at any time and walk.

So we go to Best Buy and get a different provider. We sit there far too long as the salesperson is trying to port everything over to the new service.

I almost dropped my head on the table like the criminals do in that show “The First 48” when they know they’re caught.

I just wanted done with this nonsense!


My time was being wasted on something as stupid as a phone service. Several hours of my time was wasted over a phone service.

This is just one example. But some people get lost in the motion of things and they fail to realize just HOW MUCH OF THEIR TIME IS WASTED ON STUPID SHIT!

There are little time wasters everywhere we go now. They exist to suck your life dry.

Grocery stores that only have self checkouts open but no cashiers will waste your time. Don’t shop at them.

Everyone wants to throw a survey at you like you have all the time in the world to waste.

Fuck, you cannot even pump your gas without entering a zip code for marketing purposes and answering the stupid pump about whether you want a “Ride and shine carwash” with your gas purchase.


But again, not everyone looks at this sort of shit as if it’s doing nothing but filling their day with bullshit.

This leads to eating out because we just don’t have time. This leads to not spending time with our families because we don’t have time.

This leads to skipping the gym and meal prep because we don’t have time.

Over-complicating your life will make it so you simply have no life!

What can you do to simplify your life?

Sometimes being all up in the mix of everything just sucks!

Take a look at the type of people who waste their time and energy debating politics.

I find it funny that the bulk of the people arguing over race relations and venting about politics are the same type of people who have shitty lives and aren’t in motion!

Go for a walk at a park, go camping, go to a tennis court or anywhere active people go and you won’t see this type of person!

People in motion are generally happier people that simply don’t waste time over meaningless nonsense that doesn’t enhance their own lives.

It’s true, the next time you go somewhere observe what types of people are surrounding you.

Are they doing something positive or is the environment you’re in a generally toxic environment?

You even get this feel in gyms nowadays. Sometimes you can be up in a gym and if you pay attention you’ll see just how distracted everyone is!

Nobody is getting a good workout because they cannot mentally put away the shit in life that is consuming them.

The gym used to never feel toxic to me, but sometimes it does now.


I’ve found that sometimes the best way to be is like a ghost.

I already know that I don’t want to be a follower, especially in this distracted and fucked up world.

I don’t want to be one of these people that is lost in the mix of nothing!

I have found that when I’m a ghost I can get things done and I can have more time to enhance my own life.

Sometimes noise can be distracting to me. When it’s quiet I can think clearly and see my goals in front of me.

I do not care about social circles online outside of the ones that follow JDB. I do not need to be up in the mix.

What does any of this have to do with fitness and nutrition? EVERYTHING!

You see, everything I’ve talked about in this article are things that are trying to take away from what it is you may truly want to accomplish, but have convinced yourself you cannot.

You can accomplish achieving a good build and a healthy body and mind if you eliminate as much excess nonsense as you possibly can.

Ask yourself, “Does what I’m doing right now really mean anything in my life? Is the person I’m wasting my breath speaking to really going to impact my life?”

If the answer is no, quit wasting your time!

Start doing for yourself.

Your body tells a story. That story can be one of discipline, self control, and hard work, or it can be a story of gluttony and turning into a disgusting slob!

Don’t fool yourself and think that looks don’t matter, because human nature says otherwise.

And it’s not just to please anyone else, it’s to actually feel good about who you are.

This whole “Love yourself no matter what” slogan is being ridden till the fucking wheels have fallen off.

You shouldn’t love yourself if you know you’re a sack of shit!

Your body tells a story, and the story is always better with a happy ending!

(Yes, happy endings happen more when chicks can actually see your dick!)


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11 thoughts on “What does your body say about you?”

  1. Dude, this is spot on! When I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s there weren’t very many obese people and there was the occassional “husky” kid. These days there are so many fucking obese people and fat kids in this country, doesn’t matter what state it is. Yes, genetics plays a part, but that can be overcome with discipline, diet, and exercise. I think people just self-medicate with shitty food and too much of it and lack the self-respect and discipline. Your body is a direct reflection of your lifestyle.
    I just retired from 22 years in law enforcement/corrections and I always took working out and eating properly very serious because it was a stress-relief and healthy, plus I love it. It also made my job easier: people looked at me and didn’t want to mess with this motherfucker….haha! So many of my co-workers just let themselves go after the academy and got overweight and even obese. They looked fucking ridiculous wearing the uniform and I felt so embarrassed for them and knew that the inmates made fun of them and could kick their ass if they wanted to. This is the case with a lot of the SWAT team members as well who are supposed to be the most fit and elite dudes in the department. Go figure.
    What’s funny is that those of us who bodybuild and have a decent amount of muscle mass get noticed and stared at like were some fucking freak when we walk into a restaurant, supermarket, or at the local swimming pool. Society is so used to seeing fat fuckers and beached whales in public.
    I have four kids, one of which is in the U.S. Marines. I stared taking him to the gym when he was 15 years old and taught him how to properly workout and it also taught him hard work and discipline. Now he’s kicking some fucking ass in all the physical shit and is way ahead of the pack. You pass on your lifestyle and work ethic to your children.
    Thanks for the good articles brother.

    • Appreciate the input dude! Yea, ain’t no way ppl should be putting on uniforms and looking like ass. The physical standards in our public service and even many military branches have become a joke

  2. Great read JD…
    What really pisses me off are the fat disgusting slobs (much younger than me) that can’t even walk around the grocery store to buy their chips and soda, instead they have to squeeze their fat asses into an electric cart to haul their asses around. Or the fat fucks that have to board the airplanes first because they are either to fucking fat to walk anymore or they have to use a cane or walker to support their jelly body. And I have to wait on these slobs to to waddle their way down the jet way. Hormones, Genes, my ass! They are lazy, disgusting, weak willed excuses for humans. Fuck em!

  3. Nailed it JD as always, posted to my facebook page for lols, was changing next to some dude yesterday who had a dick somewhere under his ‘gunt’, and could barely put his fucking socks on. I was just thinking ‘keep coming back bro your in the right place…..’ Big food and Pharma are caning us with their shit – time to start the reality revolution…..

  4. Haha, I sit at a buffet reading this article for like the 5th time in 3 days, live it and love it! Before you guys knock too hard on buffets , life is still about choices based on where you’re at. I can get a veggie omelette, cottage cheese with pineapple, skinless chicken breast, slice of ham, salad and a cup of black coffee for about 12 bucks. Not ideal, just mitigating my situation. This is where certain members of my family like to meet every now and then for a get together, I want to see them so I making the best of that situation.

    • This is true dedication to bodybuilding and family life. I agree with you. Enjoy life and don’t skip out on everything, just don’t turn into a tub of shit in the process rt?

  5. Spot on. The saddest place on earth that I’ve seen for people being horribly out of shape is Disney World. I’ve never seen so many fat people in my life. People in their mid 30’s too fat too talk. Everyone is on scooters just stuffing shit into their face. The more you look at them, the more you realize these people have just become addicted to a life of comfort. Sad state our society is in. Most of these people are also the first to say “that bodybuilding stuff is unhealthy”. Backwards society. Love the part about simplifying your life. It’s been my goal to do that this year and cut out all the nonsense and I am 100 % happier for it. Great post like usual bro!

    • Disney is one of those places that I just never had a desire to go to. I think it’s any amusement park or state fair actually, hahaha. Thanx for reading! -JD

  6. When I started lifting almost four years ago that’s when my trajectory at work started going up. I got more respect and was looked upon more seriously when my posture straightened up and my muscles got bigger. I looked better, felt better, and had more self confidence. I think it’s an innate evolutionary trait to perceive fit people as more capable and reliable compared to out of shape people.


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