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Shredded Ops is an “in the trenches” training routine that is like no other routine out there.

This program was developed based on advanced principles of weight training that involve WORKOUT INTENSITY, ROUTINE PERIODIZATION FOR GROWTH AND RECOVERY, AND A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE DIET STRATEGY FOR REAL RESULTS.

Bodybuilder Level : Intermediate – Advanced
Publication Date : January 1, 2019
Last Update : August 14, 2020
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Shredded Ops is an “in the trenches” training routine that is like no other out there!

This program was developed based on advanced principles of weight training that involve workout intensityroutine periodization for growth and recovery, and a simple and effective diet strategy for real results!

Over the years I've done many of the same workout routines that maybe you've already tried as well – German volume strength training, Arnold's beginner routine, Serge Nubret's high rep schemes, various HIT training routines like Dorian Yates' DC Training, Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty Training and so many other routines I probably couldn't even remember half of them!

One day, I began thinking about different styles of training and how I first began training myself.

What were the training methods that worked for me in the beginning?

Now that I'm advanced, was there any way that I could go back to including some of my beginning training methods into a routine that was suitable for a much more advanced physique?

How could I incorporate some of those same training principles into a build that was 90 lbs larger than my starting point?

I knew what I started with over 20 years ago worked well for me

Why would you go back to early training methods?

It got me started and I was building muscle quickly!

Why would you even consider integrating some of those early training methods with an all new workout routine?

The honest answer was that l FELT LIKE I HAD NO BOUNDARIES!

That's right, when I began working out and seeing the results there were no crazy rules or limitations!

Every day I worked out I truly felt myself growing stronger physically and mentally and that was a damn good feeling!

I wasn't just going through the motions; I truly felt that I was developing something great!

tracks 2

My journey down the rabbit hole

I eventually journeyed further down the rabbit hole of weight training and things all started blending together.

I began learning about all of the traditional training splits and mainstream stuff and I practiced all of it for several years.

Did the traditional weight training splits and mainstream bodybuilding routines get me results?

Yes, several pounds of muscle over the years were slapped onto my frame. At one point I had gained an additional 120 lbs. from where I started at (I started around 140 lbs., my biggest was 263 lbs.).

There were times when the gains were quality and other times when they were just excessive fat mass that just needed to be dieted off!

The big issue that I started to question was, “Were following all of the rules really necessary to build muscle and refine my physique?”

You see, I started to wonder if going back to the days of simply busting my ass and challenging myself more mentally held just as much merit as any type of “rule structure” I was supposed to follow as a bodybuilder!

I just started to feel this instinctive notion that something was missing from my workouts.

There was more that I could be doing to refine my muscular build and bring it up to the next level.

So I walked up into the gym one day and I did a workout that my gut feeling told me to do.

I let it all go; all of the little rules about not training certain muscle groups together for fear of fatiguing the others.

I ignored the need to fully complete a specific muscle group before moving on to the next one, and I began going back and forth with certain movements.

I began asking myself lots of questions like...

Why the fuck does it have to be exactly 8-12 reps per set? Why can't it be 50 reps per set? 

Why does it have to be exactly 3-5 sets per exercise? Why can't it just be one set or maybe 12 sets?

Why can I not continue to perform pushups even though I'm advanced? Can't I combine pushups with weights and get great results?

I'm going to tell you guys that I've met some monstrous bodybuilders over the years and the bulk of then would occasionally go WAY OUTSIDE OF THE NORM.

Many people without the experience would think some of these methods were inferior to staples that have been drilled into our minds on common workout structures.

But once I started playing with these sort of sets I began to see much better results and faster results.

The pumps were also much more noticeable! I'm the type of guy that calls it like I see it; this was working for me!

I approached the workout like a lion let loose from its cage to kill!

Lion roaring

FORGET BOUNDARIES! This workout was going to be all about going the distance and not overthinking everything!

What I began doing was the start of something that I would further develop and fine-tune over the next several weeks of training. I began doing exactly what I felt was working for me!

Now, the great part about getting lost in these workouts was that my ability to mentally challenge myself grew stronger and stronger, just as it had in the beginning of my bodybuilding journey!

That's right, there was no longer that feeling of, “I'm going to do this weight for X number of reps, and then use this weight for my next set, and then I'll probably fail around this weight at X number of reps…”

All of those mental blocks had gone away and training felt new to me all over again!

When I first began working out in this manner, I said to myself, ”Well, my old pushup routine was 5 sets of 25 reps, so maybe now that I'm more developed I could do a total of 250 pushups during the weight lifting routine!” 

So I began knocking out sets of 50-75 pushups until I did 250 pushups total, ALONG WITH HEAVIER RESISTANCE TRAINING IN THE SAME WORKOUT!

“Why do the weight workouts and calisthenics need to be separate?” I thought to myself. Everybody always has certain days for weights and other days for body-weight or “active recovery.”

Why can't I break the rules? And break the rules, I certainly did!

Within the next few weeks I was up to 500 pushups a workout along with weights.

A month after that I was up to 700 pushups a workout along with weights.

Now, call it over-training or whatever you want to call it, but one thing was for damn sure… I was looking better and better…quickly!

Eventually I got up to 1,050 pushups in a single workout along with weights! I felt like death after that workout, I'm not even going to lie on that one!

Never in my damn life would I have thought I would be hitting over 1,000 pushups in a workout, let alone on top of weight training!

It was working…it was working so damn well, that I had physically and mentally built myself up to dishing out 4x the energy output that I did from day one.

I was kicking out over 9x the energy output that I was doing back when I didn't know anything about weight training over 20 years ago, and that was 9x the energy output on just one of the exercises!

It's physically impossible to provide this type of intensity and force and not get results

Your body has to adapt. It has no choice!

There are inmates that are hitting 1,000 pushups a day before breakfast, which consists of not the greatest foods either, and they're building great physiques!

Just think if some of them had access to top of the line testosterone boosters during these routines!

Think of what they could build if they ran cycles of gear during these routines!

Scratching beyond the surface of HIT training

I got great results from HIT training over the years.

But the structure of HIT is to do a few warmups and then hit your one working set with all out brutality and intensity and then leave it alone.

Failure is somewhere usually between 8-12 reps in traditional HIT routine, and then HIT techniques are implemented such as static holds, RPT (rest-pause -training) and forced reps with the help of a spotter.

I felt that HIT training gave me great results but the windows of intensity and growth opportunity became shorter and shorter as I would occasionally go back to the programs.

I wanted a routine that was built on the basis of stimulating my body with weights and then carrying on the pump throughout the remainder of the workouts. I wanted to build the pump that was on top of the pump!

The type of pump where your skin gets thin and you can go look in he mirror and physically see a larger person! This program does just that too!

You can literally walk up to a mirror halfway into your workout and the person that you'll see staring back at you looks more pumped than you've ever seen before!

The Shredded Ops routine takes 3 chapters to explain

ipad chapters sm

There are so many training tactics involved in each workout that it took a bit of time to explain them and what you'll experience during the routine. 

The greatest part about the program design is that there are 3 different 4-week phases designed to annihilate a muscle, an active recovery phase to then allow the growth to take place rapidly during this time, while then stimulating another muscle group and providing the same situation for that muscle group.

HOWEVER, during this entire routine you'll always continue “touching” on muscle groups for pump and maximum stimulation.

The principles of HIT training such as max time under tension, recovery, and eventually even less frequency in the gym as you get leaner and further into the diet are all laid out for you, there is no guesswork.

The routine is also structured to be modified to suit you and exactly where your starting point may be right now.

It's a formula that is laid out and explained well so you'll know exactly how to challenge yourself to get the most out of your own workouts and to also build yourself mentally strong enough to handle more as the program goes on further!

The endorphin release from Shredded Ops is insane!

You'll be in the gym going through these motions and all of a sudden you'll get that “high on life feeling” going on! This is like that feeling when you're lifting and you start to feel like bullets couldn't stop you!

I'd be up in the gym just truly loving to train again! It was like this feeling of, ”I got this bitch. Bring on the pain! I'm ready. LET'S FUCKING GO!”

Don't be surprised if you have several people asking you what in the hell you're doing to look so pumped up.

I was getting so many compliments from my workouts and it was so hard to answer about everything that I was doing because it would literally take writing a book!

So writing this program is exactly what I did! I had to share this with you guys because I know how many routines I've tried over the years and I know that Shredded Ops is my favorite one so far!

Pussies need not apply for the Shredded Ops routine

I'm going to be honest here…it's brutal! If you're the kind of guy just “looking to get in shape” then not the program for you here.

If you're the type of person trying to just take it easy and just “trim up” this isn't for you.

If you're trying to do a demanding workout such as this on zero carbohydrates, you're going to hit a wall!

This is NOT a routine that you don't want carbs in because you won't take full advantage of the muscular pumps and nutrient shuttling.

The Shredded Ops routine is a little bit of everything and a LOT of some things at certain times!

Diet is an important part of this routine

In Shredded Ops there is a brief summary of diet where it's more of a blueprint for food choices that work well with the program!

If you're the type of guy that drops the weight every time it begins to burn then Shredded Ops isn't for you. This is hands down the most brutal and demanding workout routine I've ever developed.

But I will tell you this much; if you follow this program, and you follow the diet laid out in Shredded Ops program, YOU WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THE SAME PERSON WHEN YOU FINISH IT!

If you're looking to try something different, something that was designed to bring that muscular build, streamlined physique, that V-taper, and possibly that 3D look to your muscles together all in one, BROTHERS, YOU NEED TO TRY MY SHREDDED OPS PROGRAM.

Shredded Ops is just $29.99!

This wasn't developed overnight, it took a lot of experimentation and experience to bring you the newest and most badass routine that's available right now for extreme physique development!

You'll curse me, you'll question your own willpower, and then you'll thank me after you see what you develop with this superior routine that implements so many badass training methodologies all into one supernova routine!

Pick up Shredded Ops today and fuck all of the rules!

Where are my lions at?

Let's crush this shit brothers!



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