Becoming The Bull


Part autobiography, part training/reference guide, Becoming The Bull is unlike any bodybuilding book you’ve ever read.

I take you through my first interest in bodybuilding as a teen, on to my first competition and upwards to adulthood as a family man. I lay out practical advice on training, diet, supplements, steroids, lifestyle and even dating.

If you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned bodybuilder this book has you covered. Whether you are interested in natural training or are curious about performance-enhancers you will find information directed at you.

Bodybuilder Level : Beginner – Advanced
Publication Date : August 31, 2014
Last Update : July 24, 2020
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Do You Want to Know Exactly How to Train and Eat to Build Gladiator-Muscle and Stay Ripped… without Being Lied to?

If you want to lose weight and build muscle each and every week like clockwork without ever feeling like you’re “on a diet” this may be the most exciting news you read this year.

FACT: Most diet and training programs will STOP working once you hit a certain point.

FACT: Your strength progress is not just determined by genetics but by the right plan (and sometimes drugs) at the right time.

FACT: The wrong training and diet plan will have you waste time you could be using to put on 15 lbs of lean muscle right now.

You go to the gym and ask around

Try asking any big and lean guy the following:

“Why am I not getting the results I want after all of this work?”

“What's stopping my progress?”

“How can I make my muscles harder?”

“Am I ready for gear? If so, what should I use?”

You'll mostly hear crickets.

So you go online…

You read endless pages of forums and blog posts for hours.

One person says this, one person says that.

Round and round and round it goes until you head is spinning.

“What cycle should I run?”

“How much high-intensity training should I so?”

“Why am I dieting so hard if I can't even see my abs?”

If only someone told the truth!

If only you had a big brother who would tell you the truth with no sugar-coating or stupid lies about what it actually takes to look like Hercules.

Haven't you always wanted a friend in the gym who could tell you everything you wanted to know?

Someone that had no ulterior motives, nothing to sell, nothing on the line but good, straight talk about fitness?

I searched for years to find that guy.

I had a lot of questions like you do, mostly stuff about:


“What should I eat to GAIN muscle?”

“What should I eat to LOSE fat?”

“What should I eat year-round to stay STRONG, HARD and LEAN?”


“How often should I lift once I'm not a beginner anymore?”

“What exercises are practical to sculpt a warrior's body?”

“How do I avoid injury year after year?”


“What is the perfect beginner's cycle and how much will it cost?”

“How can I lock-in my gains for life?”

“What steroids are the safest for continuous use?”

“What will happen long-term if I stay on gear?”

Enter the 60-year-old bodybuilding prophet who whipped my ass

When I finally found someone trustworthy who could tell me how to train right it was nothing like I expected.

I was training late one Friday night in an empty gym when in walked one of the biggest fuckers I'd ever seen.

He wasn't just big, but shredded, with garden hose veins and 22″ arms.

And he was pushing 60 years old at the time!

Not only was he a pro at bodybuilding and strong as an ox, but he was a real class act who cared about me and wanted to see me do well.

Fast forward a few months and this old geezer had me doing drop sets of curls so brutal that the last set we did with a broomstick.

He was that serious!

When I was coming up in the game I knew nothing. (This was before the internet.) I tried to learn what little I could, but most of the guys at the gym either didn't know what they were doing or were very secretive.

I couldn't figure out what they were doing that made them absolutely huge and some would tell outright lies and pretend they weren't using gear to look good.

Then this “bodybuilding prophet” (who became one of my closest friends) was the first guy to give me the straight truth.

The “bone-headed” tip that took me from a sack of bones to a half-respectable athlete

As I said, I knew nothing about bodybuilding. I only knew that I wanted to be big and strong.

So when the Prophet dropped this little tip on me, I was astonished.


Okay, that's obvious, right? But for me, getting this “dumb advice” at the right time skyrocketed my progress! I put on 20 pounds in the next couple of months.

Fast forward to now and I'm the one giving “dumb advice” that helps guys get huge and ripped. The guys I train look better than the Spartans out of 300… not just Hollywood V-shaped physiques but strong as an ox and as ripped as an alpha gorilla!

In fact, the guys I train have a hard time not recomping their bodies to their perfect physique, because not only are they the hardest guys in the game (I only take on very select clients), but they also have the right advice – advice that I've taken two decades to learn from the world's masters including Golden Era Venice Beach bodybuilders.

Buy why should you trust me?

Who is John Doe?​

John DoeI know, pretty silly name right?

But I chose it as an “online” name because I believe in bodybuilding for the everyman.

I'm a regular guy, just like you.

I grew up poor, in not the best circumstances.

I have worked blue-collar jobs all of my life. From laboring out in the hot sun laying bricks with Mexicans who called me “gringo” all the time, to building cabinets in a dusty machine shop for 10 hours a day. I've been there.

And I'm still at it. When I'm not at work, I'm either out with my two kids or putting in the time at the gym.

Here's my mission:

To be the best damn dad that I can be and help guys that I train to get the greatest physique of their lives.

I want to help everyone from the scrawny kid who can't play sports to the guy turning wrenches on cars all day.

Why should you trust me?

John Doe Bodybuilding website home pageI've been helping thousands of guys on my site, answer the hard questions they have about steroid cycles, how to recomp and preserve muscle and tons more.

Most guys are confused and need an older brother who can tell you the truth about training, steroids and diet.

I know because I too needed that older brother to figure out what the hell was going on.

Let's face it. 99.9% of guys in bodybuilding are liars. They've gotten so caught up in the ego that they'll tell you that walking around at 250 pounds dry is all from “hard work and dedication.”


That or they'll tell you they've been getting crazy pumps and slabs of lean mass from some new “Mega Gainz Stack” supplement that ain't worth they paper they printed the label on.

That fact is that 99.9% of bodybuilders haven't got the balls to tell you like it is.

So how am I any different?

John DoeI don't hide my steroid use.

I've been talking honestly about what it takes to be the greatest for years on my blog.

Now I've put together the best single resource to transform you from a meek little kitty cat to a bull ox!

Even guys who have been in this game for years come to me and ask for advice.

It's not because I'm the strongest or the biggest guy in the gym (well some gyms). 

It's because I always tell the truth (and I've tried damn near everything).

It's because I always tell the truth (and I've tried damn near everything).

So, are you ready to shave years off your learning curve and sculpt the statue inside of you into a lean, mean and strong hunk of iron?

You could waste a lot of time in the gym figuring out what plans actually work.

How do you know if your program is actually working or if you're just wasting time?

We all want gains bigger, faster and harder.

What if you had in your hands the blueprint to building a more masculine body, grabbing life by the balls and taking your confidence from the gym into the world to reach all of your goals?

John Doe standing on train tracks

Imagine that you have a big older brother who you look up to. He's solidly built, with wide, impressive shoulders and powerful legs. He walks with confidence, drive and determination.

Anytime you have a questions about life, training or girls he's there for you and tells you exactly what you need to hear without sugar-coating it.

He'll sit down with you anytime, anywhere, and not only listen to your problems, he'll actually have been through them before and help pul you out to the other side.

Isn't that the most valuable thing in the world?

Most guys are missing that big brother who always knows how to push them to their next level.

I get it.

Without and older mentor, it's easy to make tons of mistakes, waste a lot of time, and still not get to where you want to be.

When I was coming up in the iron game and didn't have someone to show me the common pitfalls and subtle tricks, I wasted a TON of time and money! 

I wasted hundreds of dollars on crap I didn't need that supplement companies told me was “the greatest”.

I wasted hundreds of workouts on exercises that weren't hitting the right muscles.

I ruined my health using steroids that made me big, but sapped my energy and only gave me crappy water weight instead of the hard, lean mass I wanted.

I wasted thousands of hours of my time trying to figure out how the heck to be big and ripped at the same time.

Now, I want to be that older brother for you.

Hundreds of guys ask me all the time on my website what they need to get strong, ripped, and use steroids safely.

Well, here it is…

I put it all into this ebook:

BECOMING THE BULL: Building Huge Muscle, Getting Ripped, and Taking Life by the Horns

This ebook is a combination of all I know.

Although I do my best on my blog to give personalized advice on nutrition, gear and training, I can't answer comments on my blog all day and I do like to see my kids every once in a while. :)

Download Becoming The Bull for only $19.99

Becoming The Bull

Listen, you could blow the cost of this book this week on buying a drink or two from some broad at the bar who won't even put out.

You could pay twice this price grabbing another bottle of crap from GNC just to see if you can eke out that extra 1% of progress.

Heck, if this book saves you from running one poorly planned cycle that you'd be out hundreds of dollars for, it would pay for itself instantly many times over.

You could pay a trainer at your gym $80 a month and he probably won't have nearly the experience I've had and you'll be lucky to get any personalized advice that will actually change your body. (The guys who know what they're doing charge more like $200/hour)

You could waste your food budget on stuff that makes you skinnier when you want to gain muscle, and fatter when you're trying to lean out.

Most importantly, you could waste your best growth years when your hormones are perfect for growing huge and powerful muscle while keeping fat to a minimum…

…wasting those years just fucking around, trying one new diet after another. Trying one new training plan for a month then switch to a new one.


You could follow a proven program that gets insane results.

  • One that gets you BIG if you're a small guy.
  • One that gets you RIPPED if you're big but need to lean out.
  • One that, once you're dialed in, keeps your body huge and shredded year around with extremely little effort.

BECOMING THE BULL includes everything you need to transfer you into a superhuman colossus, shattering the earth with every step while men gaze in awe and women flock to your feet.

If you're a beginner

BECOMING THE BULL will set you right on the path as early as possible, so you can grow bigger and stronger faster than you ever would alone.

You'll have the right diet, the right training program, and the right guide to throw muscle on during your best growth years, so you can have the strong, muscular body you want fast.

You'll also have ALL THE REST of the guides below when you're ready to compete at a higher level.

If you're an intermediate level guy

BECOMING THE BULL will show you my idealized “Fulcrum Point Plan” that carves away fat and shows the incredible sculpture you've built with all of your hard work. You can shoot past plateaus that have frustrated you for months to make gains while staying lean so you never have to worry about showing off shirtless at a surprise beach weekend.

In fact, you'll be proud to!

Instead of getting 2 or 3 pounds a year, you'll know how to gain 10 pounds year after year.

If you're an advanced guy

After 20 years doing this, I've got a few chops to teach even the most advanced guys.

I cover the ins and outs of steroids – what works, and what doesn't.

I'll tell you how to KEEP your gains when you come off gear, how to stay huge on a low-calorie diet, and how to still make progress after you hit your “limits”.

What this book is NOT

Listen, I know you've probably looked at books, guides or magazines telling you lies about how they'll make you a Mr. Olympia physique in 10 minutes of training twice a week.

I won't BULLshit you like that.

This book is valuable, yes, but it won't do you any good if you don't…


I want you to know that you are the key factor in whether this works or not. Even if you've got me on your side, if you don't do the work, you won't get the results.

And frankly, you should probably get back to reading Men's Fitness and playing with crossfit WODs and wondering why you never seem to look like a Charles Atlas.

You've got to do the work to get the results.

I've provided the best guide in the world to creating hard, lean pounds of muscle that make men quiver and women moisten their pussies, but you've got to apply it in the iron room to become the bull.

Alright, I get it. I'm a natural skeptic as well.

It's like I used to tell guys that trained me:

“Prove it. Show me it works, and then I'll give it my all.”

So here you go…

Why is BECOMING THE BULL better than the thousands of other weightlifting books?

You've seen dozens of other “guides” promising to make you big and ripped.

I'll tell you the straight truth – they even work for a while!

Fact is there's only one thing you need to know as a newbie that'll have you gain that first 20 or so pounds of lean muscle.

Here it is, the secret that is pretty much the only thing you're gonna learn in other diet and exercise books:

  1. Eat a lot of food and work hard at the gym.
  2. Eat a lot less food when you're ready to show off the body you built – underneath the fat.

That's all most books will tell you, because that's all they know. They think you can't walk around shredded at 200+ pounds.

I will show you how to do exactly that.

They don't know how to take you from a pretty good body to a He-Man cave beast body, because they've never done it before.

I've coached dozens of guys in-person and hundred more through my blog on how exactly to train, eat and juice your way to the best body on the planet.


In BECOMING THE BULL, I show you step-by-step the advanced stuff no other bodybuilding books contains.

Stuff like:

  • How to effortlessly carry around hard muscle while eating less by changing your physiological “set point”
  • How to kick-start a new routine and *prime your pump* for a massive anabolic response
  • How to eat tons of high-quality food as a broke teenage working part-time
  • The dead-simple “icing” for your body that most guys forget about (and can make all of your hard work in the gym worthless!)
  • The minimal 4-stage blast-off stack for huge growth
  • The absolutely “crazy” recovery diet formula that uses cartoon characters
  • How I can go 2-3 weeks without a cheat meal by catching a 100% legal buzz
  • The most dead-simple steroid cycle for younger guys with limited funds who want to add muscle fast
  • My Super Conjugate Training method (that I personally follow year-round) to stay at low body-fat while constantly building a small amount of muscle over time
  • My mental secret for adding mass while using dumbbells you could life with a single pinkie
  • How to train “intuitively” so that you always know exactly what body part to train, how many sets and reps to run, and how much to rest

This isn't stuff I made up or read out of a book

It's hard won experience from two decades in the gym.

I also break down steroid use like no one else before

I tell you:

  • When you should start your first cycle (how to know the exact right time)
  • How to “freeze” you gains and achieve that granite-hard look even after you've stopped your cycle
  • What I use now to keep progressing now at 220 pounds and 7% body fat
  • Exactly how awesome you can be if you stay natty
  • What too much look like, and how to use minimal gear for maximum progress
  • How to use PCT to keep your gains and restart your natural hormones
  • How to have perfect bloodwork (even after 15 years of frequent steroid use)
  • How to know when you are at your natural limit (and what to do if you're not there yet but still want to run a cycle)
  • My FAVORITE steroid that only gets better as you go on in the cycle (and will make you look like a Greek god)
  • What advanced guys use to make progress years after they've started

You won't find stuff like this anywhere else. There is NO comprehensive guide to gear on the internet… but I'm giving you a head start.

Everyone else is too much of a cowardly lion to share this with you.

That, or they will tell you that it's “all hard work and discipline” just like every other joker at the gym, all while snickering behind your back!

I break down the truth about steroids, because if you decide to use them (and you definitely DON'T have to, I train my share of naturals) you need to know how to use gear safely and most effectively so that you get the gains you want, the look you deserve, and don't spend a fortune doing it.

I'll show you the best deals in gear, where to find them, what dosages are best for your goals, and how to run them without compromising your balls, your wallet or your tits.

Nobody else will do that for you.

And you don't have to worry. If you have questions that aren't answered in the book I'm always available by email to help clear up things for you.

Are you making progress or just sitting still?

You've still got a few options…

Option 1: Continue what you're doing

You can spend the next few year struggling along trying lots of different things and getting few results, if any.

You might gain a little muscle here and there, drop a little fat once in a while, but elite fitness – the kind of body that men gaze up to and women drool over will remain outside of your reach.

Option 2: Hire a personal trainer

You can look around for a personal trainer that will show you how to get the body you want.

But good luck finding him.

Most trainers you've seen my have “okay” bodies, but if you ask them hard questions about High Intensity Training, when to start gear or how to diet without killing yourself, they'll just shuffle their feet and say, “Uhhh… I dunno…”

The guys with great bodies who do train everyday guys like you, who are committed to building elite physique, either are already full of clients or their charge so much your wallet will just be full of whispers and dust.

You need a trainer who looks how you want to look.

Option 3: Research for yourself

You can spend countless hours on the internet trying to pick out the best plan for your situation. Most plans out there will either get you a huge, fatty body or a slender, weak, girly body.

There are very few plans out there that will consistently add lean muscle to your frame and chisel out the hard, sexy look that you want.

My plans are simple, repeatable, and get the best results.

And good luck if you've got a more complicated like…

“How do I run a cycle if I'm already on life testosterone replacement?”

“How can I put more weight on the bar every session?”

“How do I do a cycle that give me true permanent increase in size instead of a quick, shitty 20 pounds of water weight?'

“How do I break through a stubborn plateau after years of little or no progress?”

Option 4: Buy BECOMING THE BULL today and accelerate your progress

If you want a truly “Herculean” body with impressive lats, powerful shoulders and hard, thick legs like tree trunks that you can build and sculpt for life, buy BECOMING THE BULL today.

This isn't just something shitty I slapped together in a weekend to put a product out the door. This is a sum-total of ALL my two decades of pain and experimentation in the weight room and you getting it for only $20.

I delve into the specifics of what I'd do as a beginner, intermediate, and now as an advanced trainer. I cover the exact, step-by-step way to take you from where you are now to having the killer, strong and mean look that will impress the hell out of everyone.

Whether you're a lean, bony guy just getting started with weights, a big lifter who's ready to show off the hard work you've put in, or an old-hat at lifting who's ready to see where steroids can take you BECOMING THE BULL will give you everything you need to grab life by the balls and become the warrior inside.


Here's a small sample of what you'll learn inside:


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