Anadrol 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Oxymetholone


Anadrol-50 (Oxymetholone) is a steroid I’ve only used on a couple occasions in the past and for me personally, I didn’t like it nearly as much as Dbol. I suppose some people respond better to different compounds than others, but Anadrol was one I just didn’t take very well to. My temper got pretty bad …

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Masteron 101


Masteron is primarily used to give your muscle a granite hard, grainy look to them that no other steroid can duplicate. I really would categorize Masteron as a pre-contest drug. Masteron is not very effective unless you’re already very lean. It’s not the type of compound you want to take if you’re over 10% body …

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DBOL 101: All About Dianabol

dbol dianabol

When it comes to steroids it doesn’t get much more old school than Dbol (aka Dianabol). Dianabol tablets (Metandienone or Methandienone) have been one of the oldest staples for strength athletes and bodybuilders for the past 6-7 decades!! I have done numerous Dbol cycles in the past, and although my body doesn’t handle the compound …

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Deca Durabolin 101: All About Nandrolone Decanoate

All About Deca Durabolin

[Disclaimer: John Doe Bodybuilding is not advising anyone use Nandrolone Decanoate/Deca Durabolin under any circumstances UNLESS it is under a doctor’s strict supervision.] Hypothetically, I love Deca Durabolin, I just fucking love it!! Why do I love Deca so much vs other steroids? Well, for starters Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate) is affordable and it’s rarely faked. Deca …

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