Anadrol 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Oxymetholone

Anadrol-50 (Oxymetholone) is a steroid I’ve only used on a couple occasions in the past and for me personally, I didn’t like it nearly as much as Dbol.

I suppose some people respond better to different compounds than others, but Anadrol was one I just didn’t take very well to.

My temper got pretty bad on Anadrol and it didn’t seem like the strength gains were relative to the side effects on it. But I’m not everybody and there are certainly many people who respond very well to Anadrol.

I know they say that when it comes to size and strength that Anadrol is the king, but like I said I felt like I got more out of Dianabol.

Anadrol Gains

Anadrol is Oxymetholone, sometimes called Anadrol 50 or Anapolon 50 or ‘Drol’.

When I was using Drol I felt like there was too much going on too quickly to feel right on it. Either that or Anadrol was so liver toxic that I felt kind of ill while using it.

I know a lot of guys who have gained up to 30 lbs in just one month on Anadrol-50, but I don’t remember gains like that when I used it a long time ago.

I wish there was more good things I could say about A-50 but I’m just not a fan of it. I’m more of a slow and steady gains kind of guy, and I’d prefer something my body could handle better and something I didn’t feel as lousy on.

But some may find a different experience on Anadrol, I’m just saying that it’s not for me.

All of these years I was using other compounds and holding off to use Anadrol because of how “crazy” people made it sound, then when I finally tried it I was pretty disappointed actually.

I just feel like there are other less toxic steroids out there that yield way less side effects and you can still benefit from greatly.

Anadrol Side Effects

Side effects on Anadrol-50 are pretty bad. Because of its extreme estrogenic nature side effects such as acne, bloating, negative effects on cholesterol levels, and lethargy are all pretty extreme and very common.

Water retention on Anadrol is about as bad as anything you could use and gains quickly subside when you discontinue using it.

Gynecomastia is also highly probable if you’re not using an aromatase inhibitor or at the very minimum an anti-estrogen such as Tamoxifen/Nolvadex.

Even those who aren’t gyno prone will want to use an AI or anti-estrogen with A-50 for the water retention alone.

Dianabol vs Anadrol

I suppose it all depends on who you are and how you react to it. Some guys respond better to Dbol than Anadrol and I was one of them!

I know guys who prefer Anadrol over Dbol as an oral addition to a cycle, and then I know guys who use both at the same time. This isn’t something I’d suggest, but that is just my opinion on it.

I know they say that when it comes to size and strength that Anadrol is the king, but like I said I felt like I got more out of Dianabol.

Milligram for milligram, Anadrol is just not as strong as Dbol. 100mg/day of Dbol isn’t nearly the same as 100mg/day of Anadrol-50.

Guys are using 150-300mg/day of Anadrol nowadays and I’ll tell you that there is no way you could handle the same amount of Dbol.

Sample Anadrol 50 Cycle

Anadrol Cycle Weeks 1-2: 50 mg/day Anadrol, 1/2 mg per day of Arimadex.

Anadrol Cycle Week 3: 100 mg/day Anadrol, 1 mg per day of Arimadex, dropping back to 1/2 mg every other day of Arimadex after week 3.

Anadrol Cycle Weeks 1-8: 200 mg/week Deca Durabolin, 500mg/week testosterone Cypionate, continue on with Arimadex at 1/2 mg every other day.

Anadrol Post Cycle Therapy

HCG @ 2500 iu per week weeks 9-10, ramp back up to 1/2 mg every day of Arimadex.

Begin Clomid at 50 mg/day 2 weeks after last testosterone injection and run for 20 days, continue on with Arimadex @ 1/2 mg everyday.

NOTE; Nolvadex or tamoxifen will be good enough for a lot of guys to use during the cycle as a replacement for an aromatase inhibitor but understand that this is not superior to an AI as this is an anti-e and there is a difference.

Anti-e’s prevent estrogen from binding to receptors while AI’s prevent the formation of estrogen to begin with.

If using Tamox or Nolvadex for PCT instead of Arimadex or Arimistane, then use 20 mg/day during the 2 weeks of HCG usage, then drop back to 10 mg/day for the following 2 weeks alongside Clomid.

I know many recommend a 40/30/20/10 pattern of Nolvadex/Tamox but I simply would not recommend that amount for a cycle of only 500 mg/week of testosterone with a 3 week front-load of Anadrol.

Sometimes the PCT products themselves cause more issues than normal recovery and you don’t want to overkill on them.

You’ll see the recovery ancillaries bumped up during the time HCG is recommended. This is because HCG can give some users gyno as well so it’s better to be proactive during times of heavier HCG usage.

I feel that 2 weeks of HCG at a blast is more effective than a smaller amount longer.

OPTIONAL; You can use HCG at 500 iu per week throughout the entire cycle and 2 weeks thereafter but HCG has a shelf life of about 30 days after it’s mixed and this is why I do not use it this way.

You need to pre-load a ton of insulin syringes and keep them in the freezer to prolong shelf life after the vial is mixed and to what extent the potency is I’m not sure.

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13 thoughts on “Anadrol 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Oxymetholone”

  1. My very first cycle was when I was nineteen years old back in 1993. I had already been training for a solid 3 years and weighed about 220 lbs. I was told to inject 1mL test cypionate every 4-5 days and take 50mg Anadrol per day for 8 weeks. OMG! I bulked up to 242 lbs during that time and my strength went through the roof! I remember how light the 130’s felt on incline DB presses. I made sure to eat like a horse and train heavy for those two months. When I came off the cycle I dropped about 10 lbs and settled at a solid 230 and managed to maintain decent strength with no PCT back then. I remember getting headaches, frequent nose bleeds and feeling like my head was going to explode during leg presses and squats. I’m sure my blood pressure was pretty high and I was retaining a lot of water, but no symptoms of gyno though. I guess I’m not very prone to that. Needless to say, Anadrol works very well for me, but the side effects aren’t worth taking it.

  2. Hey john, Got a few questions for ya,I have never taken steroids but will be starting my first cycle of anadrol next week,im 19 years old, have droped a fair bit of weight from depression, finally back on my feet and now im going for some mass gains, i was wondering if could explain to me more about the ai i should be taking, im going to do a 50mg a day with 500mg of test-e added in 2 weeks into my anadrol cycle as i cant afford all of it right this second, ill be running 4-6 weeks ana 8-12 weeks of test-e, my knowledge on all of this is limited as i have only been reading stuff online, How long should i run my pct after my cycle and What other things should i have alongside this just incase, i did just read this article but understand some of the terminology, so just a list of stuff i should have would be great, This will be a once off cycle as im doing it to gain the weight i have lost, Roughly 10-15 kg

    • sorry for late response, you want to be using an AI along with the Drols and test, use your AI throughout the cycle. I’d be looking into Red-PCT, arimadex, or aromasyn. Red-PCT, I’d use 2 caps per day during anadrol, and drop to 1 cap per day during remaining run of test. If you use adex then 1/2mg per day during Drol, drop to 1/2mg 3x/wk throughout remainder of cycle, if using aromasyn then 20mg/day during Drol, drop to 10mg/day throughout remainder of cycle.

      I’d also look into using cranberry extract and a liver protection supplement

  3. John, what do you think about high test cycles?? say 1000mg a week of a test e or test c? maybe even higher? say 1600 – 2000 g a week? this kid seth “spartan” on youtube seems to be a fan of these cycles, what’s your opinion ?

    • I honestly hate high test cycles. Testosterone at high dosages is a nasty compound that will give you a bunch of bloat and shit skin. It’s the cheapest way to get more milligrams in your body which is why many guys go this route. I’d rather keep test just enough and let compounds like EQ, deca, primo, anavar do the work. I did away with “fat boy cycles” many years ago. But that’s just me and how I run shit now- JD

    • When I got on TRT and started running scripted Pfyzer brand test at 200mg/wk I quit going any higher with testosterone altogether. This is when my body started to look sharper and more refined year round. AS God as my witness, I may have been over 200mg/wk of test once in the past 5-6 years

    • It’s easy, you pick up a copy of Straight from the Underground and you read about how to safely and effectively use performance enhancing drugs. Best of luck

  4. My second cycle
    Test e 600mg a week
    Npp 400mg a week
    Anadrol ed
    Arimidex every pin
    But I want to know can I preload test and npp first week and then week two start anadrol or should I just start them together

    • I’d start it together myself, then drop out the A-bombs and see what happens without the added water weight for the remaining portion of the cycle


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