Self-Promoting Fitness Industry Bullshit and Pipe Dreams!

You may find this hard to believe, but most bodybuilders and people in the fitness industry piss me off. Many of these people are nothing more than self absorbed dip-shits who think far too highly of themselves. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting awfully tired of this self-promoting fitness industry bullshit.

Every day brings a new idiot with a YouTube channel claiming to be some source of fucking knowledge and trying to make some dumb ass video. Most of them are yelling and jumping around on camera like some sort of meth head too, it’s getting a little ridiculous. “OMG, is he natural? No I don’t think he’s a natural, he is not natural and he pisses me off…” Random ass nobodies wanting to call people out and strangers retaliating against each other through the computer! Can we say spineless cowards with no lives? I’d like to know where they’re getting their money from, because I know it’s not that!

As I’ve gotten older people like this just piss me the fuck off. Do you know why?

Because they are too busy playing pretend to realize what a loser they’ve become and what kind of time they’re wasting. I’m out there getting it done and busting my ass to make some money and provide, and these idiots aren’t doing jack other than admiring themselves far too much and talking to a fucking camera! It’s almost like some sort of personality disorder or something.

I occasionally take photos as PROGRESS PHOTOS, that means I’m taking them as a reference point. But Jesus Christ, these dudes are taking pics everywhere they go, they are using Twitter and making their every move known. Guess what asshole? Nobody gives a fuck! Nobody cares about you in your snap-back hat in a grocery store holding a pack of cookies with your tongue hanging out of your mouth! Piss on social media, I do not have a Facebook anymore, I don’t tweet or twit or twat, or whatever the hell you call it now. I don’t care to have my life known outside of what I write here. But shit like this is one reason I hate people in the fitness industry, great bodies on the outside and losers on the inside!

Do yourselves a favor and spend less time self-promoting and more time self-improving. If you’re truly good at something then people will come to you, you don’t need to hunt for them. 90% of guys in the fitness industry are simply chasing a pipe dream, they are looking for something that simply doesn’t exist. Let health and fitness be a foundation to build off of, but don’t make it your sole reason to live. Life is so much more rewarding if you can see it the other way and leave the gym at the gym.

Go be a fucking man, lift some weights and eat some steak, but keep your priorities straight.

This isn’t the caveman days where women seek the biggest and strongest men because they’re the best hunters. The best hunters now are real fucking men who can provide and raise a family. You always hear that guy talk about the hot chick who ends up with the nerd, and he thinks it’s because the nerd makes money. Well you may be partly correct, but maybe the guy who looks like a nerd actually gives a shit about providing? Maybe the nerd takes his kids to the park or takes his family on vacation every year? But idiots want to keep bodybuilding and wonder WTF is wrong with them!

I will tell them what’s wrong, break away from your self-absorbed bullshit and start improving yourself for real, quit playing make believe!

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11 thoughts on “Self-Promoting Fitness Industry Bullshit and Pipe Dreams!”

  1. Hey John,

    Thanks for the writing and the content you put on your site. Something you wrote the other day dissapointed me a little so I wanted to seek your perspective on this.

    Ive been lifting for the better part of 6 years and Im just beginning to see consistent improvements. Ive been following the 5/3/1 routine and it works for me, but I understand that at some point Ill be risking injury. I like the program because its easy to know exactly what I have to do each day (weight/reps/sets). You wrote in a previous post that its better to go for higher sets to prevent injury and increase muscle “pump”.

    Can you suggest a high rep routine which is easy to follow and regimented? Perhaps something like 5/3/1 but 4x the reps and half the weight?

    • Go research German volume strength training. Although this no longer works for me now(because I’ve been in the gym for so long) the first time I did that routine I packed on a legit 12 lbs of muscle and all natural. It’s rough but it works. It’s simple, it can even be boring at times, but it works!!!

  2. Damn straight. No sugar coating it. Too many individuals trying to “be the man” or compare themselves with someone else. Instead get a damn life and do things for yourself not for the approval of others. Well Said.

  3. Haha. Nice post. Letting off some steam. I know what you mean. The world seems full of gym douchbags in pink golds gym vests that think because they lift weights it defines them as men.

    I can’t train in the evenings anymore. I had some steroid kid throw a dumbbell my way after chest flyes. No respect and no etiquette. I can’t get my head around it. These guys workout to become better versions of themselves yet fail to improve themselves as humans. Go figure.

    I’ll share this post on twitter.
    Keep up the great writing.

  4. Spineless cowards with no lives, LOL! Right on man!

    “Do yourselves a favour and spend less time self-promoting and more time self-improving.”
    I’m 100%with you!

    Yeah body-building is a good path to make a strong foundation, but there is way more beyond that! You still have to use your new gained confidence, discipline and strength to accomplish greater things than building more muscle!!!

  5. Hey JD,
    A very good though provoking article you have written here. I do see that alot, the so called experts hawking products that basically do not work all with an arrogant attitude.

    The real men are getting it done. I do not know if you have noticed, but, I see all of these panty waists not appealing to bodybuilders like you and I and the guys here commenting on your article, but they basically appeal to the metrosexual punk candy asses in our society. You know, the sissies.

  6. I’m replying to this post about 2.5 years late but just wanted to say there’s a reason why this is pretty much the only online resource I’m reading for motivation these days.

    It’s because I can read so many articles (related to either life or lifting) on this website and nod my head in agreement at the overwhelming majority of the COMMON SENSE points! Most other “personalities” and forums related to any area of strength, muscle and fitness are garbage IMHO.

  7. As a bodybuilder, and someone who has been in the fitness industry for over a decade, I completely agree with this. In fact, it’s getting to the point where I wonder if I should have even chosen this field. As much as I love it, and love the self-improvement aspect of it, the reality of the situation is what you said. A LOT of the people in this industry are self-absorbed pricks.

    However, a self-absorbed prick is basically nothing without some mindless sheeple following him or her. And THAT is what gets me. Men most pics of their abs with their crotch partially showing, and women post pics of their butts, and everyones LOVES it. In fact, that is basically what the majority of IG fitness people post. That and some motivational quotes. I can’t blame them, In fact it’s smart, because they are giving people what they want and profiting. People (sheeple) like pretty/good-looking things, and easy ways of obtaining results. I post a cute/pretty/happy pic of me flexing, it gets a ton of likes and followers. I most something that requires people to think – it gets a lot less likes and I lose followers. lol.

    Idk. Sometimes I wish I was also a mindless sheeple, or someone in need of approval. It was be easier to succeed in this field. lol.

    • nah man, def don’t follow the sheep!! And as far as photos go, I think there is a fine line between being self-absorbed and simply promoting fitness itself. I myself promote fitness and the health lifestyle, I stopped caring about compliments a long time ago. Physiques are a dime a dozen


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