Paper Tigers

I can remember being a kid and seeing all of my friends' fathers drinking and smoking every day. I can remember seeing my own dad come home from work and have to slam 3-4 beers. I always thought to myself “why do they do those things all the time?”

There was nothing worse than riding in the back of a country square station wagon having cigarette smoke and ashes flicker in your face. Or having someone's dad pick you up wasted and take a 35mph turn at 80, and you're wondering when the truck is going to flip. I always told myself that I was never going to be that way when I grew up.

Over the past several years I have fallen victim to caffeine and occasional tobacco use. I tend to start dipping when I'm cutting up and my caffeine intake increases.  Basically, because I'm restricting my food, I'm coming in with other habits to “help me.”

So how healthy is it?

This is putting health on the back burner for some cosmetic bullshit, that's exactly what it is! I've gone against my own rules, and completely against what I thought as a child. I often wonder how life would feel if I could live it more pure. I can't remember what it's like to wake up without coffee, and I would like to try eliminating it. I'm on day 4 without caffeine and it's rough. I've had headaches, I'm irritable to be around, severe depression, you name it. That tells me that I had become too used to caffeine in my body.

So I'm sure you're wondering what inspired the change? Well the other day I came to a realization, and that realization was that most people are nothing but paper tigers. Most people have to have some kind of crutch to get through the day, a drink, a smoke, coffee, whatever. It's in the gym too, god forbid someone doesn't have their “pre-workout”. Red bull, Monsters, Starbucks, 5 Hour Energy, you name it. This shit is being shoved down our throats everywhere we go! I just thought to myself how ridiculous it has become.

Then I thought back to when I was a kid and told myself I wasn't going to be like everyone else. So right then and there, I quit caffeine. I threw out a brand new can of wintergreen Skoal and I drank more water that day.

Fuck what everyone else does! I'm done with that bullshit. I'm stronger than that.

I think in general as most people get older they put on a better hard ass act as they become weaker. People are just weak, point blank, and I don't mean just physically.  So I'm trying to quit caffeine altogether. If there is anything that's holding you back then quit it. I think having a son makes it easier for me, because I really don't want my son looking at me like I'm some sort of pussy with a vice or hangup. I want to be superman, period. No limits, no boundaries, nothing to drag me down.

I won't be a paper tiger any longer.


7 thoughts on “Paper Tigers”

  1. Wow, the timing of this article couldn’t be better. Just yesterday on my way back from work I stopped at a convenience store. All day I was thinking of ways I could get my diet 100%, perfect, no junk. This is a bit of a habit for me. I’m always looking for ways to improve my eating and health habits, but here in my hand I found a tin of Cope and a Red Bull. It’s almost blind, some of the habits we build are built that way just through not even giving a second thought to what we do or eat. Needless to say it also went in the garbage for me, Thanks for being so relatable. I want to be a muscle and bones tiger not just a paper one!

  2. I just read this now . WOW. I said the same shit growing up about the losers on the corner. Guess what ? One day I became one too. It was a major wake up call. As well as a lot of other things . It all comes down to one thing to me at this point and it the reason I stopped lifting weights which I love for past few months . I only want to take a real good look at what are my motivates behind everything I do because the one muscle that needs to be trained harder and smarter the most to become strongest is MY MIND. Being mentally weak causes more issues than anything in life.

  3. I hear you man!
    I am basically ASLEEP THE WHOLE f#cking day without coffee!
    It aint fun!
    When I started doing shakes I kinda reduced my caffeine intake and dependence.
    I know caffeine is not taht bad but the bad thing is NEEDING IT TOO MUCH!
    being dependent upon anything is never good
    good post here man

  4. I’ve actually gotten stronger since cutting out the caffeine. I’ve had to have very small amounts here and there to combat the headaches, but I can at least go a few days now with none. Waking up in the morning is very difficult, but usually something physical helps. Even if its a brisk 20 min walk. Thanks for reading the blog


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