How to Rid Your System of Poisons

I'm going to change your perspective on eating in as little as 1, 2, 3 my friends. POISONS.  Every day you're taking in poisons. Chemically altered food, excessive salts, diet drinks, calorie-free flavored powders for the water, its poison!

Maybe your answer to getting stronger isn't more food, maybe it's actually feeling better and allowing your system to run cleaner. Everything we are brought up to eat and exposed to on a daily basis is a poison. Deodorant is a poison. Look at the chemicals in it and look where you rub it. It permeates the skin and into your body. Most soaps are horrible, they do nothing but dry out your skin and throw your pH balance off like crazy. Your skin would look better using nothing rather than using most soaps on a daily basis.

I'm not trying to sound like some die hard tree hugger here, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that when we change some of these daily habits and norms, we feel much better. The next time you walk into a gas station or a store, take a good look around you. I want you to think of foods, liquids, and body care products in terms of “pure vs. poison” and you'll realize that poison is all around you.

There is this restaurant that I frequent for sushi, and sushi is the only thing I'll eat there. It's one of these places with a sushi bar in the back, some fruit and vegetables, and the rest is Americanized Chinese garbage like sweet and sour chicken and pork fried rice.

I'm in there taking notice of everyone around me, and how miserable they look. They just keep shoveling plate after plate of food in them, and they don't even look happy to be doing it. Their kids are fatter than hell and will probably have heart problems by the time they're a legal adult, all because they have been led by poor examples and a gluttonous society. These people walk around half sick on a daily basis because of self-induced poisoning. Did you ever think of it like that? HALF SICK ON A DAILY BASIS.

Try going without meat

Let's talk about protein for a minute. I tried an experiment on myself to see if I'd feel any different and I have to be honest and tell you that I really do. I dropped my meat consumption to eating only 3 servings a week of meat and substituting lentil beans for the protein on the other days. I still take in a couple protein drinks a day, but I have not eaten meat every day this past week, and I feel incredible. I firmly believe that excessive protein can slow your system down and bind up your digestion. I have been consuming meat every single day for about 17 years straight and honestly it's just time for a change.

The problem with meat is that it's tainted in more ways than one. For starters, it's full of hormones that can throw your system off from the way it wants to function. The hormones are given to the animals to grow faster for increased sales profit. If someone gave you something to grow faster (such as steroids) then took you to a slaughterhouse, do you think your tissues would be healthier than someone natural? Absolutely not, and the dosage of hormones animals are given are a much larger amount than we take in, relatively speaking.

Here is something else to consider, when that animal is going to the slaughter house it knows it's going to die. That cow is in a line waiting for death, and he is seeing all of these other cattle dying in front of him. So you know what happens? An incredible adrenaline dump takes place in that cows body that taints the meat just before death. Organic meats aren't produced in the same manner, the animals are executed in smaller quantities and raised naturally. Most often the killing process isn't the same either, they aren't bum rushed down the execution line.

I don't believe in giving up meat altogether. Our ancestors thrived off of it and it provides nutrients and protein that is essential. But do you think our ancestors ate it every single day 3 and 4 times? I think not. There were probably even weeks at a time they went without it. I'm not telling anyone to go totally against meat, but try to be open minded enough to go for other protein sources rather than just meat and protein shakes.

Newer bodybuilders need to eat

Now, here is where it's going to sound like I'm going against my own advice. For a newer bodybuilder who is younger, your systems are still young and strong. They can process foods better and your metabolisms are faster. EAT, EAT, EAT. You are a different bird than I am right now. You need to take full advantage of your youth and your metabolism and eat your asses off. DO NOT be as nit picky as avoiding meat on a daily basis. DO NOT fear the occasional Big Mac or bowl of macaroni and cheese. You need to eat mass calories and physiologically change your body type.

Once you have walked around at a large size for an extended period of time, your body will hold it. It will not want to go back to 150 lbs when it's been 215 lbs for the past 3 years. This is when you can take more of my advice and put it into practice. If your metabolism is fast and you're younger, you're going to almost have to do it like this in order to grow.

Remember this, everything I write is from experience. If I didn't do something to feel better or get stronger I wouldn't share it, I'm all about helping guys live a better life.

Train hard


12 thoughts on “How to Rid Your System of Poisons”

    • I would cut it out after about the first 5 years of working out. Your going to gain 90% of everything you’ll gain within the first 5 years of consistent working out and eating. Unless you begin training really, really young, I’d say by age 25-28 you should be cleaning it up. For myself it was about 27-28 yrs old, I dieted for my last competition and kept right on eating clean for the 4 years after until current. That is if your a naturally slender guy with a fast metabolism. A heavier guy(endomorph) will need to be eating cleaner from the get go.

  1. Excellent post John Doe. Jack lalane said if you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin. This fit right in to what you were saying about the deodorants and such. As for meat, if I could do without it I would, but I really need it for building mass. I think, though, substituting protein drinks would help in lowering meat consumption.


    • Jack Lalane was on target with a lot. I really liked his perspective on healthy living and doing things to make you feel good and healthy, not just look it

  2. Great article, I’m realizing more and more everyday recently how much of an effect processed foods have on my system. I am trying to gain mass right now at 6’5 220 pounds so I’ve been throwing junk food in my diet occasionally to hit my calories. I’m going to lower my junk food intake to roughly once every sunday so I can feel like shit in peace at my home. I eat kraft dinner an hour after workouts for high glycymic carbs and I might even get rid of that.

    I am going to definitely be throwing in more lentils in my diet now. I’ve also had a problem with acne the last 5 years and I think lowering meat consumption will definitely improve my skin.

    The fact cows are in line waiting to die and seeing other cows die and sending an adrenaline rush through their body is something I never considered on top of the terrible hormones they are fed. That is some insightful shit.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Actually, they make the cow turn a corner before it is killed, specifically because they don’t want the herd to see and start freaking out and trying to jump out of the pens.

      As for the adrenalin, I was told by someone who lived in China that when they kill dogs to eat, the butcher will beat the dogs first in order to GET adrenalin flowing, the idea being the meat then tastes better. They then blowtorch their fur off before killing them.

      Evil cunts they are. How much truth there is in the dog thing, I don’t know. It sounds right for China.

  3. That’s where quality comes into play. Grassfed meats, wild game and fish etc are extraordinarily more nourishing to the body.
    Eating a variety of protein sources will also give your body more nutrients and you can cover more bases that way. I’ll have to try more beans and lentils.
    Good post!

  4. Been getting heavily into your writing in the past few days, and I must say it’s good to see you aren’t following the whole red meats 2-3 times a day dogma.

    I’ve cut my meat consumption down to only a couple of times per week for the past 4 months and it’s gave me much more energy in the gym and less time on the can…

    • It’s a good idea to throw it in a couple times/wk for the iron and natural creatine that white meats don’t provide, but not everyday. Another part of the equation is how much protein in the body is actually getting utilized. One of the major side effects of increased protein consumption is bloating and gas, that gas comes from protein that is fermenting and rotting in your body. You will notice that when you diet that gas goes away, it’s because you’re under maintenance cals and your body is processing foods faster.

  5. Great advice man, but what do you use instead of deodorant? Also, are you basically saying you should eat everything in sight from a young age instead of watching your nutrition during training (I’m 16 btw)?

    • I don’t do away with deoderant, hell no!! I try to go more natural on some things but I don’t skimp out on deoderant. Not getting women because you smell is probably more unhealthy for you than using deoderant.

      You’re going to find that as a hardgainer or someone with naturally slender build, you will need to eat a little “dirty” in the first few years. It’s just easier to get calories that way. As you get bigger and older and your metabolism slows down, then transfer over to eating cleaner. My honest and best advice for a young guy trying to gain size is simple; A. Make sure you get adequate protein, and then B. Everything else is fair game


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