Operation Mass Monster Update

So my last online competition “Operation Mass Monster” is coming to an end, and I just had to share with you guys how excited I am for some of the competitors.

I've heard everything from guys busting through strength plateaus, to seeing guys hit personal bests on video, to hearing about a marriage proposal (from a guy I don't even think had a girlfriend when he started with me during Project Shredded.)

I've spoken to some of these guys on the phone and you can just hear the motivation in their voices.

These guys sound hyped and alive and in turn it motivates me!!

Nobody had to put their life on hold for this competition and this is what bodybuilding is truly about!! It's all about adapting and overcoming, and making this a part of your lifestyle.

The deadline for final submission pics is January 7th, but as stated in the rules I am allowing a 5 day grace period on photos. So by January 12th I should have results.

I'm so proud of everyone who took part in this competition and also everyone who has trained under me!! I know I'm guilty of not throwing up testimonials and photos of my trainees, but maybe I'll start doing that soon.

2015 was an awesome year indeed. I had everything from a 54 year old guy who competed in his first Men's physique competition to guys who literally looked like different people after just a few months of guidance!!

I'm like anyone else, I have good days and bad days. But it's this sort of stuff that really puts a smile on my face and makes me happy to be doing what I'm doing.

I never started this to have the prettiest website or the best sales pitch; it was because I truly love this lifestyle and I love helping people.

You see, I know how it felt when I got involved with the gym and started making a new life for myself and moving forward. I never thought that when I was a piss-broke teenager doing pushups in my bedroom that I'd one day be coaching others to shred body fat, pack on mass, and prepare for competitions.

I never thought that when I was checking out muscle magazines that one day the guy in the article would be myself.

And who knows why the fuck I decided to trade my mountain bike in for a weight bench to put in a half flooded basement!!

But it's all been worth it guys…let me tell you it really has.

I never wanted the prettiest website and never cared for matching gym clothes and shoes. My mission with JDB is to teach, period!!

I'm not here to impress anybody based on my experience or knowledge with fitness and nutrition; there are a million people out there trying to impress people (and plenty of self-righteous assholes at that!!).

Fuck all that, I'm here to provide knowledge and show you the REAL DEAL.

So I want to give a big thanks to everyone who follows John Doe Bodybuilding.

Your compliments and emails mean so much to me, and you're the driving force behind my motivation to continue to go hard at this. I've had some rough days and sometimes I'll read just one email and say to myself, “Hell yea, this is why you're doing what you're doing!!”

Again, a big congrats to everyone in “Operation Mass Monster”. The results and awards are soon to come!!!

Train hard

– JD


5 thoughts on “Operation Mass Monster Update”

  1. Hey.. Ive been following your page for some time now..
    I like the way you tell it like it is.. and dont sugar coat the info you give out.
    “i like the cut of your jib” as us English folks say.
    Im a 43 year old who has just recently found the motivation to better my physique.. after a lifetime of being underweight and over tall…
    A bit late to the game i thought.. but no.. Hey m about as much in my prime ive ever been.. or ever will be…and i find your posts both informative and motivational..and inspires me to better things.
    My stats 4 weeks ago were 6ft 1..and 137lb.. I know i know.. thats pretty grim..
    But 3 weeks on im 146 and climbing.
    Im a total noob and the hardesr hill in have to climb is diet.. I struggle to maintain 3000 + cals a day.. but its getting easier the harder i work.
    Anyhow.. thanks for the kickstart i needed.
    Peace out..

    • Hey Clivos, congrats on your gains and starting your journey to bigger/better you. I was in a similar boat. I was 35 @ 155lbs, no definition (skinny fat) about a year after going through radiation and chemotherapy when I decided to get serious about self improvement. That was a little over 3years ago. I am now 38 @ 187lbs looking leaner and bigger than I ever have which includes my days in the military. If you train smart, supplement right and diet right you can definitely make big leaps fast! This is what John Doe BBing is all about.

    • I’ll see if he’ll do a testimonial on this so you can read about him. The guy straight busted his ass and did everything I told him and came into his first competition looking great!!!


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