Operation Mass Monster: Sign Up Today!!!

It was suggested to me by a reader a few months ago to host another competition for guys who are trying to solely pack on the muscle mass.

Well ask and I shall deliver!! Fall is fast approaching and it's the perfect time to host my new online competition:

Operation Mass Monster

This contest will be focused on the beasts: the ones who pack on the most muscle in 12 weeks time!!

By signing up for this competition, I'm going to automatically slash the normal 12 week training price of $575 down to just $399.

And since I'd consider myself one of the best coaches you could hire (on top of saving an up front cost of $176), I'd say that is one hell of a deal!!

But not only are prices slashed for the competitors, I'm going to make it even sweeter with prizes for the top 5 guys this time!!

1st place – $350 gift card to Strong Supplements, 6 months of additional training at no cost, T-shirt, and shaker cup (over a $1500 value!!)

2nd place – $100 gift card to Strong Supplements, 4 months of additional training at no cost, T-shirt, and shaker cup (over a $1,000 value!!)

3rd place – $50 gift card to Strong Supplements, 2 months of additional training, T-shirt, and shaker cup (over a $500 value!!)

4th place – 6 weeks of additional training at no cost, T-shirt, and shaker cup (over a $300 value!!)

5th place – 4 weeks of additional training at no cost, T-shirt, and shaker cup (over a $250 value!!)

I only want the ones willing to put in the hard work and dedication that is needed to transform your physique in 12 weeks time.

Don't sign up with me just because your pansy ass was motivated for 2 days and then quit; I want the ones who are willing to tough this thing out the entire 12 weeks!!

There are going to be some rules for this competition to make everything fair and up front!!

Rule #1 – There will be an open registration period of no more than 30 days, and the competition will begin on Thursday October 15th and end on Thursday January 7th, 2016. This will put you right in the zone for shredding up for spring after you gain some major muscle mass!!

Rule #2 – Pics will need to be taken on October 15th, November 12th, December 10th, and finally on January 7th 2016. THERE WILL BE A 5 DAY GRACE PERIOD OF BEFORE OR AFTER THE SET DATES FOR PICS!! So for example, if you couldn't get your photos to me by October 15th but I received them by October 20th, you are still good. This will include the start date and end date as well.

Rule #3 – 4 photos will be required at the beginning and at each check-in thereafter: front photo, back photo, and side photo. The 4th photo required will be taken in dress pants and a dress shirt OR polo shirt. Front physique photo shall be taken with THAT DAY'S NEWSPAPER IN HAND!! The 3 physique photos shall be taken in either boxer briefs or something that shows your quads.

Rule #4 – Judging WILL NOT be solely based on the scale. Judging will be based on overall package and transformation. Weight gain will be taken into consideration, but ultimately the photos will be the decision makers. I understand that minor gains in body-fat % are understandable when gaining, but someone who just packs on 30 lbs of pure fat WILL NOT be a winner of this competition!!

Rule #5 – Anyone who fails to make the check-in photos WILL NOT be disqualified from training with me, BUT WILL BE disqualified from the competition.


Although this competition is sponsored by Strong Supplements, winners will not be required to use any supplements unless they choose to use them.

In my book 1st place is 1st place regardless of using supplements or not, and my integrity will not allow me to crown someone a winner just because they used something (if you go back and look at my past announcement on “Project Shredded”, you will see that Strong Supplements did not jump on board with sponsoring that competition until after the initial contest announcement was released.)

I will train everyone in the most efficient and effective way possible. Everyone who signs up will receive an initial skype session OR phone consultation (if possible).

*******By signing up for this competition, or any training under johndoebodybuilding.com you will not hold johndoebodybuilding.com responsible for any medical conditions or injuries that occur while training under my training and/or diet program.*****

Train hard!!



19 thoughts on “Operation Mass Monster: Sign Up Today!!!”

  1. John, I am interested in signing up for this competition however I have some concerns that I could use your input on. First of all, I am limited because of time constraints and work priorities to only training with what I have in my basement, two adjustable benches, one Olympic bar with two 45 lb plates, two 25 lb plates, four 10 lb plates, and four 5 lb plates. I have adjustable Dumbbells that can go up to 75 lbs. I also have an EZ bar, a chin up bar, and a treadmill, will this suffice or is a gym membership absolutely necessary?

    • you dont need anything fancy. I could get someone results on a deserted island if they had no equipment. Sometimes the best workouts are with limited resources

    • Srikanth,

      Just a thought to consider: Why would you sign up to pay John if you are not going to follow his advice?

      John Doe is the best bodybuilding coach. The gains I made in 12 weeks under John’s supervision were far superior to any gains I had made in 3 years of training!!! You heard me right! Before training with John, I spent years spinning my wheels getting nowhere. I packed on 20 lbs in 12 weeks, and was stronger and bigger than ever before.

      My advice would be to sign up and follow John’s prescribed training and diet. Even if you only follow it 80% I guarantee you that you will be bigger, leaner and stronger than ever before.

      I can’t think of a reason why anyone would not want to train with JDB! He’ll turn you into a beast!

      All the best,

      Ryan K.

  2. This contest is intriguing to me. I see there are no clear outlines on what can or can’t be used so harder “supplements” are acceptable?

    • I told you guys, it’s open season. Use whatever you want, I’m not coming by your house with a steroid testing kit or anything. The 3 months are yours, do as you wish :)

  3. John,

    I love more than anything to join this contest but, I am limited when it comes to spending. I have a family of four, one sole income, and I am on an extreme budget, if you know what I mean. But, I am dedicated as hell in transforming my body and this would help me get my but, into gear and win some free supplement’s and face time with you. I follow you avidly and take a lot of your advice that has worked tremendously for me. I just bought Ando the Giant, Super Mandro, and stacking it with Dermacrine. Like you suggested on one of your past post. so, my question is, is there anyway I can still join but, with the price knocked down a bit considering I already spent about a couple he=hundred bucks in these supplements? Let me know as soon as you can, I am excited to compete in this contest.



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