Operation Mass Monster Fast Approaching!!

Operation Mass Monster  is almost here and it's time to get pumped up and start growing!!

Summer is over and now it's time to build some muscle and make it so the next time you cut up, you'll be a much larger and leaner guy!!

Maybe you don't need any motivation to do this and maybe you do, but in either event sometimes competition can bring out the best in us.

Imagine 12 weeks dedicated to nothing but growing.

What could you accomplish in 12 weeks if every single day the goal was to lift heavy weights, eat your ass off, and work towards becoming an ultimate beast?

I only want the ones who are willing to put in the work and bust ass.

If you're a pansy ass who cannot report to me and stick to something for 3 short months, then don't waste your time or mine.

But for the ones who are willing to fight to get it, I can help transform you in 3 months.

I am slashing my normal 12-week price of training from $575 down to just $399 for those who want to get in on this competition.

That is a pretty damn good deal for help gaining a new body over the course of 3 short months!!

No it won't be easy…but nothing in life that is worth anything is ever easy!!

The reward is in the struggle itself. The ultimate reward is knowing what the fuck you're made of when it's all said and done.

Isn't it time you pick yourself up off the fucking ground and start fighting?


A 12 week online competition limited to just 30 people.


Discounted price on my 12 week bodybuilding regimen and guidance, including diet and training routine.

Adjustments as needed to food and training.

Top 5 places are awarded prizes from a gift card to free additional training.

A new body.

Possibly a whole new life that includes women and respect, along with new personal bests in the gym and in life.

Initial contact and continued contact throughout the competition including but not limited to: an introductory skype session or phone consultation, and periodic consultations to help ensure your results.


1st place – $350 gift card to Strong Supplements, free T-shirt from Strong Supplements, shaker cup, and 6 months of free additional training under my guidance (over a $1200 value!!)

2nd place – $100 gift card from Strong Supplements, free T-shirt from Strong Supplements, shaker cup, and 4 months of additional training at no charge (over a $1000 value!!)

3rd place – $50 gift card from Strong Supplements, free T-shirt, shaker cup, and 2 months of additional training at no charge (over a $500 value!!)

4th place – Free T-shirt, shaker cup, and 6 weeks of additional training (over a $300 value!!)

5th place – Free T-shirt, shaker cup, and 1 month of additional training (over a $200 value!!)

There are going to be some rules for this competition to make everything fair and up front!!

Rule #1 – There will be an open registration period of no more than 30 days, and the competition will begin on Thursday October 15th and end on Thursday January 7th, 2016. This will put you right in the zone for shredding up for spring after you gain some major muscle mass!!

Rule #2 – Pics will need to be taken on October 15th, November 12th, December 10th, and finally on January 7th 2016. THERE WILL BE A 5 DAY GRACE PERIOD OF BEFORE OR AFTER THE SET DATES FOR PICS!! So for example, if you couldn't get your photos to me by October 15th but I received them by October 20th, you are still good. This will include the start date and end date as well.

Rule #3 – 4 photos will be required at the beginning and at each check-in thereafter: front photo, back photo, and side photo. The 4th photo required will be taken in dress pants and a dress shirt OR polo shirt. Front physique photo shall be taken with THAT DAY'S NEWSPAPER IN HAND!! The 3 physique photos shall be taken in either boxer briefs or something that shows your quads.

Rule #4 – Judging WILL NOT be solely based on the scale. Judging will be based on overall package and transformation. Weight gain will be taken into consideration, but ultimately the photos will be the decision makers. I understand that minor gains in body fat percentage are understandable when gaining, but someone who just packs on 30 lbs of pure fat WILL NOT be a winner of this competition!!

Rule #5 – Anyone who fails to make the check-in photos WILL NOT be disqualified from training with me, BUT WILL BE disqualified from the competition.

So if this sounds like you, you want to gain enough mass to work with by the time the new year hits and most people start cutting up in the gym, then take advantage of this opportunity and sign on with me today!!

Imagine having enough mass to work with that you'd still look huge even after you shed off the excess body fat.

I don't know about you, but fuck being average!!

I hate “average” and average is boring to me.

Living life like a warrior is so much more fun.

See what kind of monster lies deep within you, and bring it on brothers!!

Train hard!!

– JD


6 thoughts on “Operation Mass Monster Fast Approaching!!”

  1. Hey John,

    I’m definitely up for the next one, I’m travelling for the first solid month of your comp. but for the next one you start after November I’m in!



  2. John is the real deal! Worked with him on last one and got me results that exceeded my expectations, and crushed lot of my self limiting beliefs and views. Listen to him and bust your ass and you will see changes. I went from chubby guy to my friends pointing out girls opey checking me out in public. Literally a life changing transformation, do it!

  3. Hey John I’d really love to join the competition and win because I have an IRON WILL but I have a “somewhat unique situation.”
    I’m healing from a torn left bicep tendon surgery that I had three months ago. I’m working full time again (my job is very physical) and my arm will probably be 100% healed by december.

    So basically I’m not trying to do too many biceps intensive exercises but I don’t really think it matters because I can still squat my ass off, bench press, do push ups etc and grow, grow, grow!

    The other thing is that I want to do this completely natty as certain supps that get my heart pounding make me extremely uncomfortable. I don’t even like to drink coffee and pre-workout sups make me sick.

    What do you John? Should I join up and win this thing?


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