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Hey guys, it’s JD here with the NO-BULLSHIT BODYBUILDING BLOG!

I hope you have all been well.

I have taken the year of 2019 to do exactly what I want to do in life RIGHT NOW!

Last year some things happened that really put a damper on my year.

I had to cancel a couple summer vacations due to a fall wedding I had to travel to back up north, I had a series of “pop-up” events such as auto accidents involving my wife and myself, and I was going to numerous doctor visits over a tricep tear just above my elbow region.

I said to myself late last year, “Fuck this, 2019 is going to be a good year and I’m doing everything I want to do! I’m taking the year of 2019 to enjoy my life!”

A few things I wanted to do were:

1.) Ride my mountain bike more (I replaced my old bike with a 2019 Cannondale Trail 3).

2.) Travel to the mountains more (I’ve been at least 5 times this year so far).

3.) Get rid of all debt besides my mortgage (and I’m planning on getting rid of that soon also, there are no vehicle payments anymore, no stupid cell phone financing, no other loans, no monthly auto-drafts for ANYTHING).

I once fell victim to the mentality of life not feeling normal if I wasn’t “juggling enough” every month.

I’ve been there and done it and my life wasn’t any better for it.

Luxury sedans brought me no more happiness than my 93′ F150 with 60k original miles on it! (The truck never gave me a headache like the stupid dash lights in the Audi’s).

Anyways, I thought to myself late last year about how fast life can speed by us.

I thought that I’d do something most people wouldn’t do; dedicate 2019 to having fun and simplifying my damn life!

And so far I’ve done exactly what I set out to do. I have very little stress in my life and this works very well with the gym lifestyle that I love so much!

I get laid whenever I want, I work out practically whenever I want, and I write and do the podcasts because I LOVE BODYBUILDING!

Even when I’m working I’m living my life!

I cannot believe that my son is already 10 years old and time has gone by so fast!

I know how fast life can be taken away from you. Any one of us could be dead tomorrow.



It has been highly rewarding to see some of my trainees making gains, losing fat, and enhancing their lives!

Many of these training clients have become friends and we communicate on the regular about much more than just training.

We talk about some of life’s trials and tribulations and we bounce feedback off one another when we kick life square in the mouth!

It has become very addicting for me to hear about the success of my training clients, therefore I have decided to host back to back online transformation competitions with prize money to win.

I’ve had some successful waves of competition in the past, but this current Spring into Shredded transformation challenge is bringing on the best client results I’ve seen so far, and these guys are only halfway into the challenge!

So when this wraps up in 6 weeks, I’ll post up an announcement for the next competition!

Some people just perform better when they have a deadline (I’m one of them).


It’s not a bunch of ways to skin a cat, but more of a direct approach to 1 kick ass workout routine that yields insane results in 16 weeks! No, it’s not easy!

Much of what I write is based on the evolution of my own training and dieting.

When something stands out and sticks in my mind, I know that it’s beneficial and could help many others out as well!

I’ve experimented and learned how to get results from all sorts of different training techniques I’ve applied and discovered!

Well, after I developed Shredded Ops, I began to do spin-offs from that routine and develop even more ways to generate intensity in the gym!

The results have spoken for themselves so far.

I have included some things in Shredded Ops 2 that other workout programs totally neglect!



Nutrient timing, up-regulating insulin sensitivity, and performance enhancement drugs and specific supplement stacks WHEN AND WHERE during the program are all laid out for you in Shredded Ops 2!

I can say with full confidence that Shredded Ops 2 will be unlike any other workout and diet program available online!

So look for Shredded Ops 2 in the near future!


The John Doe Bodybuilding Podcast was something I decided to start not too long ago.

I felt that if my readers had a voice to go behind the articles then maybe there would be more transparency to the guy writing them.

I would consider myself a better writer than I am a talker.

Many of my podcasts I have to do when I’m in the right mood and frame of mind to not stumble over my words and get scrambled with my thoughts.

Everyone has their own character flaws right?

Well, one of mine is that I have so much information I want to disperse that I often cannot do it fluidly without jumping around from one topic to the next too quickly.

I’m going to try for longer podcasts that cover more in the future.

Just under 30 minutes seems to be my average on podcasts and I think in the near future I’m going to try for more topics to cover in some of the podcasts and not be as one-tracked.

If any of you guys have any questions or issues that you would like to discuss then feel free to drop me a comment or email and I may make future podcasts discussing your issues.

I think that this will also help a lot of other guys and we can all help each other out.

John Doe isn’t just me here. John Doe is each and every one of us, it could be anybody!

Anybody can better themselves in life and bodybuilding is a highly effective way to do it!

When I first began writing about bodybuilding several years ago, I thought that being the most popular resource meant that you were one of the best.

Now, I realize the value of being a niche blog that is deemed “THE NO BULLSHIT BODYBUILDING BLOG”, and I prefer the way things are without trying to appeal to the masses and being a sellout!

For everyone who has followed the articles, the podcasts, and believes in what I talk about, you guys are the reason I don’t quit.

It’s not about having 10 million followers to me, it’s about the ones who read and listened from the beginning that have made this blog what it is today and what it’s going to be tomorrow!

I’m not close to being done yet, I’m just getting started!

It’s 11:13 am already, it’s time to go train and crush it!

Until next time…


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8 thoughts on “Updates from The No-Bullshit Bodybuilding Blog”

  1. Cant wait for Shredded Ops 2, im currently in the 8th week of shredded ops right now, and I have to say that its not easy but without a doubt it works, no gimmicks no BS just hard freaking work. TY JDB!!!!!

  2. JD… way to go! Living life must come first. Enjoying family & the short time we have on earth is heads above answering to the man, slaving each day at something you hate doing, and putting up with nonsense bullshit from the majority of the assholes out there. A year ago my wife and I said fuck it and we both retired (early), and we’re LOVING IT! Until you take the time to free yourself from the day in & out bullshit, you have no idea what your missing out on.
    Remember, it’s not just a 2019 Goal, but an everyday goal.

  3. Glad you are still going on strong man!

    I must say that although I prefer written words I also enjoyed some of your podcasts. But this is just me. I am hoping that your health is fine and that you can keep providing us top-notch bodybuilding information. Glad to be here from your beginnings. (Mostly a lurker then, but not now)

    Harry P


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