2017 JDB Fall Physique Transformation Contest Results

After a very grueling 8 weeks for the Fall Physique Transformation Contest I’m happy to announce the final placings for the top 3 competitors.

Making the type of changes that these individuals made in just 8 weeks takes a lot of commitment and discipline. There isn’t a lot of room for playing around when you’re trying to transform your body in just 56 days!

Most contests are around a 12 week time frame but I’ve found that it’s easier to see a light at the end of the tunnel when you know it’s just 8 weeks, and by the end of the 8 weeks a lot of people are motivated to keep going hard after seeing what they’ve accomplished in just 2 months!

All 3 of these guys are planning on sticking to this new level of development and continuing to take things to new levels by springtime.

I love when training clients finish up with these contests and tell me it’s not over yet. Man, that’s motivating for me to hear and it makes me want to increase my own game even further!

I’m not just a trainer but I’m a fan of bodybuilding too! I love seeing people rise up and defeat odds in their way.

Before I list the top 3 finishers of the contest I’d like to just congratulate everyone who managed to stick it out the 8 weeks and submit photos throughout the process.

It’s never easy to go your own way and be the odd man out, especially during the holiday season.

I’d also like to thank Proven Peptides and Red Supplements for providing quality SARMS and supplements to some of the competitors that allowed them to make great gains while dropping fat and retaining their strength along with strict dieting!

A big congrats to everyone and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

(Pics are initial photos, halfway through, and final pics)

3RD PLACE, Drew K, Nebraska

Drew has placed in every contest he’s entered with JDB and this was his 3rd one.

Not only does Drew commit to the fitness lifestyle and hard training and dieting, but he does it as a Chef cooking good tasting food all day long for other people!

Meanwhile, he stuck to the diet and put in the work to get the job done. It’s been very rewarding for me to see Drew transform not only during this competition, but from where he was when he first began training with me a few years ago.

He has packed on a lot of muscle and changed his look entirely. This guy doesn’t even look like the same person who first came to me a few years ago.

Drew would be my top pick for someone who can literally transform at the last minute. This guy has sent me photos where I saw good progress, but then the last set of photos every time was always like “HOW IN THE HELL?”

Congrats to Drew for a top finishing place once again!

Drew K. Beginning photos Drew K. Mid-comp photos Drew K. Final Results

2ND PLACE, Cody M, New York

Cody had actually gained weight while leaning out throughout most of this process. He didn’t lose much weight at all (only lost 5 lbs by the end of the contest) but as you can see from the photos he put on quality muscle while shredding fat!

Doing both at the same time is certainly no easy challenge. A big congrats to Cody for sticking it out and giving me his very all!

He made some amazing changes in 8 short weeks and my personal favorite shot is the back shot showing that new tricep development!

Cody M. Beginning photos Cody M. Mid-comp photos Cody M. Final Results photos

1ST PLACE, Erik S, Kentucky

Erik is a long time reader of JDB who had taken a break from training and eating clean due to life’s responsibilities.

But like all warriors do, he went back to the gym with a vengeance and went hard throughout the entire 8 week transformation challenge.

Look at the difference in the muscle density and definition from where he began just 8 weeks ago! He was 199 lbs in his beginning photos and ended up at 189 lbs in his final pics.

He ended up with a good combination of muscle to body fat level and I think he looks much larger than 189 lbs. Look at that lat development!

Erik S. Beginning photos Erik S. Mid-comp photos Erik S. Final Results photos


  • 1st place received a custom engraved sword and 12 weeks of JDB online training at no additional cost, $150 credit to Provenpeptides.com, and $150 credit to Redsupplements.com  (over a $1,200 value!)
  • 2nd place received a custom engraved sword and 8 weeks of JDB online training at no additional cost, $100 gift card to Provenpeptides.com, and $100 credit to Redsupplements.com  (over an $800 value!)
  • 3rd place received a custom engraved sword and 4 weeks of JDB online training at no cost, $50 credit to Provenpeptides.com and $50 credit to Redsupplements.com (over a $500 value!)

I hope that many of you can take something away from seeing these photos. A lot can be done when you put your back up against the wall and make the commitment!

There are always going to be those outside forces trying to pull you away from your goals. There is usually always a dinner someone is having, an upcoming holiday, and times when you don’t feel up to par.

There will always be the occasional cold or flu (which several of the contestants pushed through during parts of these 8 weeks) and there will always be responsibilities that we must put first while still trying to keep our nose to the grindstone and keep pushing forward.

Always remember that consistency prevails over all else.

There was once a time when I was on the phone with a lifelong bodybuilder friend of mine who is in his early 60’s now. I said to him, “yeah man, but you cannot look good your whole life.”

His reply to me was, “WHY NOT?” I never had an answer for that. He was right!

No matter what your age or what odds you have stacked against you, you can prevail!

Grab a weight and lose yourself in the moment. Learn to love the struggle.


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  1. Amazing transformation. Did they take and steroid or SARMs during their regime? I am vegan but won’t mind taking SARMs stack for reducing extra fats from the body. I read that the extra fats can be burnt and turn that into lean muscle mass using Stenabolic SR9009. How effective this can be if I purchase it. Well I am planning it from here – https://sarmlabs.com.au/products/sr-9009-sarm. Suggest you views.

    • Yes, I do. I haven’t done an online transformation contest in quite some time, maybe I’ll host another one. But in general train females also, thanks- JD

        • ok cool man, yea I’m planning on hosting another contest sometime within the next couple of months. I think the beginning of the year might work good for most people, after holidays are over


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