Old School Workout for Massive Forearms

Back in the day everyone trained their forearms, the forearms were just as important as the biceps and triceps. Now all you hear is the same shit over and over “My forearms get hit enough grabbing onto the weights.” NO THEY DO NOT ASSHOLE! If they did, then your forearms would look better than average.

Have you pulled up any photos of some of the old timers and seen those meat hooks they had? Jesus, they were huge! It was the type of muscle only a bunch of hard work could build, not some growth hormone.

Forearm training can trigger the biceps and triceps to grow as well, the body likes to grow in sync with itself. If one part is getting bigger, other parts like to follow suit. Don't neglect your forearms. Here is a simple forearm workout you can tag onto the back of another body part twice a week:

Workout A

Behind the back barbell curls – 3 sets of 20

Timed hold – deadlift a weight to your waist and go for a new best time holding it each week

Workout B

Reverse EZ bar curls with Fat Gripz – 3 sets of 15

Rope curls – 3 sets (This is where you curl a weight plate on a rope. Usually its a wooden dowel you grip, like a broom handle or something)

If you don't know what Fat Gripz are check them out. They are a fat rubber grip that you can put around any bar or dumbbell and transform it into a fat bar. I like them a lot. Go check them out!

Think about it. Your forearms are seen more than anything… more than the biceps or triceps. You get yourself a nice pair of muscular and vascular forearms and people won't need to guess what else is under the shirt. They'll know.

Train hard.


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  1. Hey man! You are so damn right about the forearms! I have been training them for just a while but maaaan they are starting to look good and i think it is really cool to have a pair of great forearms. I am thinking of buying a pair of fat gripz to increase my grip and keep building those forearms. Great blog!


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