A Disease More Deadly than the CORONA VIRUS, that NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT!

It's everywhere now, the dreaded Corona Virus!

It has practically shut down the entire country of Italy, destroyed the stock market, left millions of people scared to death, and it's caused paper products to fly off the shelves making it very difficult for the ones worried about REAL ISSUES such as wiping their fucking asses!

“Oh my God, what will I do now that the scary Corona virus is in MY STATE?

Oh my God, oh my God, it's everywhere, the news says that there are 15 confirmed cases of it here!”

Well, your first problem is that you stayed glued to the fucking news and all of the issues you cannot change, STOP WATCHING THE DAMN NEWS!

Your second problem is that rather than taking care of yourself you expect everyone else to take care of you and prevent any harm from coming your way!

And last but not least, everything is frightening to you because you've been groomed through society to be AN ABSOLUTE PUSSY without any concern about your testosterone levels and grabbing life by the fucking horns.


I laugh about the “dreaded Corona virus.” Sometimes I wonder if it's not just the flu that some asshole gave a fancy name to.

I wonder if it's not some election year, bullshit scare tactic similar to the swine flu and ebola.

I'm pretty sure we didn't even hear as much about fucking AIDS as we are hearing about the scary Corona virus right now!

Now, I'm not here to make any ridiculous claims about being some sort of Superman or anything, but in all honesty, do you want to know the last time I got sick?

Do you want to know the last time I even had something as small as a common cold?

February of 2019! I haven't even had a common cold in over 12 months now, let alone the flu!

I've had the flu TWICE IN THE PAST 20 YEARS! Do you know when I stopped getting the flu shot?

I haven't had the flu shot now in over 20 years either!

Now, here is the thing I want you to understand; in the event that I am sick, I hardly know it anymore. I may feel more tired and run down, maybe I'll feel cold when I shouldn't be feeling cold or hot when I should be feeling hot, but the signs are pretty damn mild!

I DO NOT use a hand sanitizer throughout the day, I still shake hands with people rather than fist bump, and I TOUCH EVERYTHING AT THE GYM WITHOUT WIPING IT DOWN FIRST!

Funny, but it's actually pretty rare to see a jacked germaphobe in the gym isn't it? It's always Mr. Fight-the-germs-away who looks like some scrawny pussy!

Now, if I happen to sweat on something I'll be courteous and wipe it off, but I usually don't sweat like that unless I'm hitting cardio.

Oh yeah, and what really baffles me is that my sleep is usually ABSOLUTE SHIT and I still somehow just rarely ever get sick!


I never get sick because I FUCKING EAT!


When I wake up, I make my breakfast. When I'm done with the gym, I will eat a meal. When it's time for dinner I will eat dinner, and when I eat my food it's rarely bullshit junk food!

Avoiding sickness starts from the inside out!

It's not from using more Lysol, hand sanitizer, and tissues! Are people actually fucking dumb enough to believe that the more Lysol they spray the better their odds are of not getting sick?

Sickness is going to get your ass when your immune system sucks! NOT EATING MAKES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM SUCK!


Pussititis is a disease that made its mark right after World War 2. Baby boomers decided that it was easier to live on trust funds and others' success than it was to make their own way.

They started to see that when you didn't have a personality, a chest that stuck out, or strong and powerful shoulders that commanded respect, they could go out and buy material bullshit to replace their missing traits.

These were the types of men who I assume would watch their own children drown than to jump in to save them, for fear of getting their new slacks dirty!

These were the types of men to exaggerate about how hard their lives really were, or give people a bullshit reason for their drug and alcohol hang-up rather than admitting they simply had a severe case of pussititis!

Pussititis ran absolutely rampant throughout the United States from around 1946 straight through the Cold War, and it's made its way into the 21st century… AND IT'S OUT THERE LIKE A BONER IN SWEATPANTS!

Although pussititis found its roots in the United States, other countries soon followed suit of what was happening to the people in America.

There was a big convention right after the Vietnam war that went down in Washington, and people from many different countries were invited as guests to be made aware of the dreaded disease.

Although there was a major language barrier at the convention, the message clearly made its way to foreigners through a game of charades. The American males clearly conveyed the message.

They depicted make-believe acts of shoving tampons up their asses, looking at workloads on their desks and bursting into tears, and other acts such as patting each other on the back and giving out rewards for acting like estrogen-filled bitches!

Quickly, the message became clear to the foreigners –

“Their country seems to be doing ok with all this worry and fear bullshit, and it's perfectly acceptable to act like a pussy when you either have to work for something or are unhappy about it, so let's adopt this disease and bring it back to our own country and try it out.”

Pretty soon, all hell broke loose worldwide, with the “Great Pussification Outbreak of 2006.”

Men began staying home from work on a regular basis because their pussies hurt, and women had to go work 2 jobs to help pay for the long quarantine process that it took to get the fucker to quit crying and go back to work to actually support a family!

Women began pulling out tape measures every night to measure their sick husband's shrinking penis, while the women began documenting the growth of a new penis on their own bodies!

This penis would grow similar to the way Pinocchio's nose grew when he told lies, only it would grow from doing the man's job as he became sicker and sicker with pussititis.

Rather than going to work a little ‘under the weather', it was easier to stay home and feel like shit, and somehow more rewarding to feel like shit AND NOT GET PAID THAN TO FEEL LIKE SHIT AND STILL GET PAID!

Pussititis had killed all logical thinking and reason with the people it infected.

People had quit exercising for fear of germs and they wore dust masks everywhere they went.

Every time they sneezed they needed to be quarantined for periods of 2 weeks, making their entire fucking house look like the scene from the movie E.T. where E.T. got sick and several people in hazmat suits needed to break into the house and come and get him!

The disease gave people some sort of irrational, retarded-like thought process that cold and hot weather would make them sicker, so they continued to stay indoors and play Xbox and jerk off for decades rather than go out in public and interact with others.

The worst part following the Great Pussification Outbreak of 2006, was that the infected people could not stop looking at their cell phones for a better understanding of their disease.

They stayed glued to their phones all day long searching for a hidden cure for the disease. Somehow that hidden cure began with youtube videos of cats, sibling porn, and ended with reading article after article on WebMD.

The only problem was, the search for Pussititis's cure only made the disease even worse.

People began walking into telephone poles while looking at their phones and knocking themselves unconscious!

I personally had a man in a suit walk almost straight into me one day while staring into his phone, so I shoulder checked him HARD, and said “REALITY CHECK MOTHERFUCKER!”

But then I realized just how sick he was with pussititis when he replied back to me, “I'm gonna kick your fucking ass, give me 2 minutes while I watch an instructional youtube video on the proper way to throw a punch!”

This gentleman was VERY, VERY SICK. I told him that he needed to start wearing a dust mask to control his anger and immediately gave him directions to a local pharmacy where he could purchase one with some of his hard-earned trust fund money!

However, the pharmacy was apparently out of dust masks because some fucker had recently eaten fried bat soup and coughed all over everyone, so the supply was all gone!

From this point the sickness began running ramped across the world! All dust masks were no longer being shipped because the only place you could get them at anymore was the place where the disease actually started!

People began wrapping toilet paper around their faces for fear of catching Pussititis, and when no more toilet paper was available at stores they began wrapping used toilet paper around their faces!


The only way to cure any disease or avoid possible sickness in the first place is to build yourself up. You have to build yourself up from the inside outwards, not from the outside inwards!

When people have a problem with bad skin they want to use all of the most expensive topical skin care creams, makeup, cleansers, and whatever else they believe will suddenly give them magical looking skin.

But funnily enough, the real medications that do most of the work to provide healthy looking skin are medications that you ingest.

Furthermore, avoiding this issue in the first place largely has to do with the foods that you ingest!

The immune system in our bodies is the same way; it starts from the inside out!

You don't just wipe your hands 40 times a day with hand sanitizer and start knuckle bumping people because you're trying to keep from getting sick!

No, what you need to do is put a little effort into eating properly, exercising, and quit staying stressed out over all of the meaningless shit that you've convinced yourself is missing in life!

And by meaningless shit, I'm talking about people who are stressing out over which type of car they want to buy or what outfit they're going to wear to work tomorrow (it usually doesn't matter if your fat, nobody wants to watch a fat person talk despite how they're dressed!)

THE TRUTH HURTS. See, what I see lately are a bunch of weak people that expect someone to take care of them! Nobody should care about you more than you!

Pull the fucking tampon out of your ass and start taking care of yourself. Stop avoiding breakfast because YOU ARE A LAZY FUCK that has convinced yourself that “a fasting diet” is the perfect diet for you (of course you think that, it doesn't require the same effort!).

Basically, the point I'm trying to get through to anyone reading this is that when you build yourself up you will become stronger! You will become stronger in all aspects of life, not just physically.

When you continue to eat garbage and skip meals, skip the gym, your mind is weaker because your actions have confirmed that you're being weak.

But when you eat healthy foods, hit the gym, and take good care of yourself then your mind totally perceives a positive view of yourself and you know you're heading in the right direction!

Let me give you an example of what I mean here;

Would you be more likely to take off your shirt in front of people when you've hit all healthy meals the week prior, done your cardio and trained with weights?

Or would you be more likely to remove your shirt in front of people after a week of watching television 5 hours a day and eating nothing but bagels and cream cheese? Now…keep in mind here, it's only been 1 week.

Some people look better after a week-long break and giving their body time to recover.

But I want you to honestly ask yourself, what would your mind tell you?

Chances are you're the type of person who is like myself and you would feel better about removing your shirt in front of people after a week of clean eating and exercise.

So why is this such an influential factor in the way our minds think? Easy, our actions help confirm our thoughts… and this is with almost anything in life!

So when you act like a scared little pussy, and you continue to get more scared over stupid stories on the news, my question to you is,”What the fuck are you gonna do to try to stop it from happening to you now?”

The answer should be,

“Start taking better care of myself, start eating breakfast, have some fruit instead of muffins, go to bed at a decent hour instead of playing on the computer, get my lazy ass to the gym!

But no, that all requires effort doesn't it?

Well let me tell you something right now;

If you don't want to put forth any effort into taking care of yourself and building yourself up rather than tearing yourself down,





13 thoughts on “A Disease More Deadly than the CORONA VIRUS, that NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT!”

  1. Can we elect you for president?

    I wish someone would play something like that on a television.

    Have a good corona free year JDB

  2. JD, can you email a copy of this article to the soy-eating Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles? He just issued an order closing (among other public venues) all gyms and fitness studios in the city to “help stop the spread of COVID-19”.

    This whole coronavirus situation and the full-blown panic by the pussititis brigade brings to mind a quote from Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

  3. Truth Brother, The Funny Thing is We Have Idiots That Run The Country, State’s, and Cities…All They Are Worried About is Power and Control; So They Feed on This Shit…. They Are Controlling People Which is There Exact Goal!!! They Want to Tell You How To Live, What You Will Purchase, and How Much you Will Make a Year… Power and Greed, Pure Corruption….Fuck The Politicians and News Media!!

  4. Great article. They want us in, buying their junk food, watching their tv shows, jerkingoff, being scared, talking only about the virus while they make and pass new laws without anyone noticing. I am in Spain atm and you get 600eur-3k fine for staying outside – for public good. Can’t even go to the park to get some sun, can’t visit a friend, u need an ID when going to the groceries if cop pulls you over. This shit is insane as dystopian future and everybody is ok with it.

    Sure I don’t wanna get the virus but unless you’re like 80 years old imo its like a flu and this shouldn’t be such a big deal, there’s def something behind it. Maybe in the next podcast you can talk to guys like me in Italy, Spain, Slovenia, who can’t go even out, how would you train without weights or machines for 4 weeks of quarantine. All I do is pushups, squats, plank at the moment.

    Best to you and yours!

  5. EVERY YEAR, there is a new strain of the flu, and we are all told to get our flu shot.

    SYMPTOMS OF THE FLU: Runny nose, cough,, and fever.

    If you have the above symptoms, PLUS you’re running all over town screaming,
    “The sky is falling. The sky is falling’, THEN YOU HAVE THE CORONA VIRUS!
    Before everyone runs to Costco to get a 6 month supply of toilet paper,
    line up your family in the backyard, make everybody drop their pants, bend over, and give everybody’s ass a good blast with the garden hose. PROBLEM SOLVED>
    Relax people.

  6. Word dude.

    I told my daughter when she was a little girl that exercise is a key to life. That was 40 years ago and I believe it just as firmly now.

    • Great life advice rt there. I can remember parking in the furthest parking place from a store one time. My son had asked me ,”Why are we parking so far away from the store?” I told him ,”because all of those other people waiting on parking places are fat lazy fucks and we are better than that! Watch who gets in the store first, us or them. You see? You see how much time they waste because of being fat and lazy?”

      Hopefully my advice sticks too. Thanx for reading my friend -JD

  7. Great post as always!! Here in my country in Europe people have gone crazy! Everyone is scared, just talking about coronavirus,storming shelves like it’s apocalypse. All schooling institutions, many shops and cafés are closed. No one is one Street. People don’t shake each other hands. Me? I was doing cardio in forest all morning,then I had some fish I catched yesterday for lunch with my family. No stress,no worry.

  8. Amen. I read this yesterday and then saw an article today about a hard hit family in New York where seven are infected and 3 have died with no “underlying health conditions”. I looked at their family picture and OMFG, since when was obesity not an underlying health condition.? With “fat shaming” and the pussification you talked about, obesity is becoming “normal”. I bet every one of them fat farks has hypertension, type II diabetes, or are pre-diabetic. If they had to run for a doughnut, they couldn’t. And they expect to fend off an aggressive respiratory virus without complications? I’ll probably get it and die after writing this…😏

    • That’s tragic to hear abt in any event. Still a family and I feel for ppl like that. But yes, overall health is going to be a major determining factor in any sort of sickness. My thing of it all is that I’m gonna go when I go, until then I’m gonna go strong and try not waste a day away


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